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For me, time travel stories can either make or break my interest in them. 

This story starts with how and where the story begins, and the setting of Covid in Kansas City. I am not sure how I feel about the Covid Storyline seeping into Contemporary stories.  
The story follows Etta Wilmont, who finds herself stranded in Kansas City during the Covid shutdown. While searching for a safe place to stay, she meets an older man named Henry, who invites her into his home. Henry offers her a job taking care of him and his vast collection of books and artifacts from Kansas's history. Etta quickly becomes intrigued by Henry's collection and feels at home with him until she can find a way to return home. 
One night, while sleeping, Etta finds herself transported to the Old West in Kansas, where she meets a man named Max. She eventually marries Max and wakes up feeling like she has truly experienced everything she dreamed of. The story switches back and forth between the present and the past, with Etta sharing her dreams with Henry, who is writing a book and wants as much information as possible.
As Etta's relationship with Max in her dreams becomes more real, she begins to search for clues in the present to find him. Another aspect that I struggled with is how the transition from present to past is made and what the conclusion will be.
The story's progression and revelations kept me reading, wondering how it would all come together and if it would work.  The story is ok with me. The conclusion comes together but I did not love it. There is something about it maybe it was Max maybe it was the Covid pieces.  I just wanted or needed more from the story.
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Jude Deveraux's My Heart Will Find You was an entertaining time-travel romance set during the pandemic. A woman on her way to visit her sister discovers that the county has entered a lockdown from covid upon her arrival. She cannot go forward to her sister's home or back to her home. She finds a place to stay and a temporary job with a widowed writer though she learns there is much more at stake when an old shawl transports her to the wild west as a mail-order bride. As our heroine struggles to co-exist in two worlds, she learns that her happy ever after is right at her fingertips if she is brave enough to follow her heart.

Fans of Deveraux's time travel romances will enjoy this one. A likabe cast, a nicely flowing storyline, wit, charm  and of course, a happily ever after though it did end a little abruptly for my taste.  Some may find some strong similarities character and scene wise in here to Legend and A Kniight In Shining Armor.
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I love time travel books and I really think no one does  them better than Ms Deveraux. This book grabbed me from page one! I loved the story, the characters and just really wasn’t ready for it to end. Definitely recommend this one!
Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the early copy
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There is something about time travel reads that can make or break it for me. First is how and where it starts. Covid and in Kansas City. For me it becomes personal because I live in Kansas City and all of us have lived thru Covid. During Covid, my husband and I explored the hiking trails of Kansas. Some of what was in the book. That make it more exciting. I also am pulled in how is the transition from present to past made, and what is the end.

Etta Wilmont is stranded in Kansas City where everything is shut down. Trying to find a safe place to stay, she is walking thru a neighborhood in KC where an older man Henry seems to be waiting for her, invites her in. They become acquainted and Henry offers her a job to stay and take care of him. Henry's house is filled with books and artifacts from the past. Especially from the history of the state of Kansas. They seem like old friends. Etta is intrigued and seems like this is a good fit until she can make arrangements to go home. It is when she sleeps, she goes to a scene from the Old West in Kansas and meets Max. In fact she marries him and when she wakes up, her body feels like it went thru everything she had dreamed.

The narration goes back and forth in time. When Etta is in the present, she shares with Henry her dream and he seems intrigued by it all. He is writing a book and wants all the information she can provide. Everytime Etta is in her dream, her relationship with Max becomes more real and to the point that she never wants to wake up. When she is wake, she looks for clues in the present to find her Max.

I loved how it progressed and how it revealed more. It left me thinking how does it bring it all together and will it work. I am happy to say that it did. Loved it.

A special thank you to Harlequin and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest revi
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Another fantastic read by Jude Deveraux.  I loved Etta and Max. This was a time travel story but a little bit different than normal. Etta traveled back and forth and changed the course of History. I also loved the secondary characters and Etta’s match making skills. I highly recommend this book. It was one that was hard to put down.
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Ah the master returns with still another must read novel to her credit. Time is a character in many Jude Deveraux works of art and do not kid yourself they are masterpieces. MY HEART WILL FIND YOU captured my heart immediately. Difficult to put down a book once you are hooked and in true Jude Deveraux fashion you will be enthralled with the story told in her newest gem. 

Jude Deveraux has us jumping back and forth between two vastly separate times in the USA. Etta has devoted her life to taking charge of the household consisting of her sister and father. There was a big adjustment when her sister married and moved away from the home. Etta is on her way to visit her sister just when a pandemic hit making it impossible to get there or to get back home. She is truly alone in a strange place but luckily meets Henry, an elderly gentleman who gives her an opportunity to find shelter while becoming the babysitter his son had arranged. 

They are both relying on strangers. Etta falls right into her comfort zone of helping people. That comfort zone has been becoming lonely. Etta is aware that she is alone and at her age the chance of meeting a special someone is getting quite unlikely. 

While staying with Henry, Etta enjoys the many interesting items in his amazing house. And then the dreams begin. Question is which world is real and which is just a dream. Vintage Jude Deveraux pens this dilemma with her usual panache and humor. 

Etta finds joy in the time she visits in her dreams. So much so she wishes she could stay there. She is no longer alone. What world does Etta truly belong in. 

Jude Deveraux excels in transporting her characters to other dimensions and the reader is fortunate to be aboard for the adventure. And quite an adventure it is. As always Jude Deveraux has many surprises for us as we traverse time periods with her characters. When reviewing her works of literary art it is a challenge to avoid exposing the plot. This review of the journey of MY HEART WILL FIND YOU is purposely vague. MY HEART WILL FIND YOU is guaranteed to win this wondrous author more fans and entertain her followers. Be prepared to be enthralled and swept off your feet. References are made about folks reliving their past lives in their present choices. I have a deep regard for cowboys and Indians. Especially Indians, MY HEART WILL FIND YOU made me think of that. This is an exciting voyage. If you are fan of time travel and willing to suspend disbelief, there is no one better equipped to construct a novel like MY HEART WILL FIND YOU. Enjoy.
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Although this is one of my go to  authors, I do not enjoy time travel.  Although this author is talented and gifted, the story did not totally work for me.  Those  who like time travel will enjoy this story.  The present part is great.  The main character is adjusting to the virus lockdown yet dreaming of a different life. This book was sent to me electronically by Netgalley for review.
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Thank you to Net Galley for the advanced copy of this book. I enjoyed this book once I got into it. It took me a while to get into the time travel and sort out the characters between the past and current day. Once into the story it was interesting to read how Etta went back and was able to change history. Once I had the characters sorted out between past and present I love the way Etta was the matchmaker that brought the same couples together in the past. It was a lovely and heartfelt thing to have Etta's mom return in the past. The characters were well defined and you grew to like all of them. In particular I loved Henry. He was such a character but at the same time was a great manipulator. If you like time travel books then you should pick this book up.
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