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Ensley James is determined to support her best friend through wedding events, even if it means dealing with a stepmother who makes Cinderella's seem like a paragon of love. Despite her best efforts, Ensley gets banished from the wedding, left stranded outside the country club in her picture-worthy bridesmaid's dress, enduring torrential rain. Enter Drew Daniels, her brother's best friend, who rescues her, leading to hopes of something more until he reveals he's a strictly one-night kind of guy. Undeterred, Ensley goads the broody veterinarian into giving her three dates.

The book features Ensley, a cheerful and supportive friend, and Drew, a broody veterinarian exuding hotness. Ensley's happiness and hope add a cute dynamic to the story, while Drew's moody and in-charge attitude complements her well. Their chemistry and banter create an engaging interplay throughout the book.
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Very cute wedding rom com and an appropriate amount of spice. Not much more to say here as it is slightly forgettable for the avid romance reader.
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Ensley James may be practicing positivity, but that doesn’t stop her feeling rage when her best friend’s wedding looks like it’ll be derailed by said bestie’s stepmother. When Ensley steps up, she ends up kicked out of the posh country club, but on the plus side she’s followed out by Drew Daniels, groomsman, Ensley’s brother’s former best friend, and Ensley’s long-time crush. When the pair get trapped in a small shed during a storm, it becomes apparent Drew is a one-nighter kind of guy. And following the wedding, the pair don’t expect to see each other again, until Ensley turns up in Drew’s vet clinic, and they really can’t seem to keep away from each other.

I love that the first time we meet Ensley she’s standing up for her bestie, though I admit it was a little frustrating when the bride didn’t have Ensley’s back in return, but of course this is just the inciting incident for the novel and we soon meet Drew – got to love a meet cute that involves one of the characters being escorted out by security! Ensley has not had the easiest life, but it’s clear Drew was a bright spot in a difficult childhood, and clear why she looks upon him as a hero who could save her. When the pair get trapped in the shed, the chemistry is practically sizzling off the page, and it was really sweet to see Ensley slowly draw Drew out.

Then we find out Drew is a grumpy, hates-people-loves-animals vet, who doesn’t (currently) have pets of his own because of how little he’s actually at home. As a boss, he’s a jerk, and his clinic struggles to hold onto any receptionists because of his attitude. But when he takes a kitten home for ‘just one night’ (the cat distribution system works), he starts to soften, even more when Ensley, visiting her sister, appears in the clinic.

I can’t really say more than that for the plot, except that Ensley challenges Drew’s one night rule and suggests they go on three dates, finishing what was started in the shed and to help him realise the world won’t end if he sees a woman more than once. I really love the way some writers can introduce an innocent sounding element to a story that plays a larger role when it’s considered – through the kitten, Drew shows a compassionate side, there are parallels between her and Ensley with their fierceness, and Ensley notices early on how Drew was adamant he would not adopt, but finds room in his life for the cat. Plus, it results in some really adorable scenes.

Yes, there are misunderstandings, yes both characters withhold information, which I tend to find a little frustrating, but with the way Ensley and Drew are set up, it makes sense with them and really allows them both to grow. Overall, if you enjoy fun, contemporary romances with loveable sunshine(ish)/grumpy characters, with some cute-as-hell animals thrown into the mix, I definitely think you’ll enjoy this one.
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I personally really liked this book. The author has presented it quite entertainingly. This is kinda feel good book, that comes with guaranteed happy ever after, you don't have to stress out so much. Plus, the ending was chefs kiss good.
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The Wedding Confession is a grumpy/sunshine and brothers best friend type of romance. I really enjoyed it although it was tough to read it at times due to the baggage of the characters. I liked the two of them together, they had strong chemistry and I was happy with the ending.
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My reading took a backseat to other things in life in the months leading up to pub date for this book and I was not able to read and review. I still haven’t fully caught up on my backlist, but I hope to get to this book in the future and I look forward to reading it. 

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher and my sincere apologies. Life is like that sometimes.
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I found this book quite good fun and well written, far fetched and steamy in parts but entertaining and amusing. Thank you Netgalley for an advanced copy
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I did not finish this one, it was not for me, I couldn't relate to the characters, and just did not care for the story.
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This is a good book. The two main characters are Easley and Drew. They have known each other all their lives. Drew was Ensley’s brother best friend. Easley works at a bank.  Drew is a veterinarian. They are both members of theirs’ friends wedding party. They start dating. They each have issues but together they work them out together and fall in love.
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The book opens up with some really good scenes that are very funny. Ensley James takes it upon herself to save the bride-to-be from the evil stepmother who was going to wear a white wedding gown, which was great for her. She did get thrown out though. She was a little saved by Drew Daniels and when it begins to rain the two of them end up in a shed at the country club. Later after that she talks to her sisters and decides to go see Drew who takes it upon himself to think she is going to work for him since he cannot keep a receptionist. There are times when Drew is just rude and not grumpy he is the only thing I don’t like in the book except at the end when Ensley has a new boss at the bank that guy is an ass. Of course, the ending works out, and overall a good book with good characters.
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This was a fun almost second chance type book, where the characters already knew each other but they'd never actually dated. I thought that the encounter for Ensley and Drew meeting each other after years apart was so funny and in some ways entirely awful, but I think that it allowed Ensley and Drew to bond and see each other in newer light. 

The fact that Drew it felt like almost deliberately misunderstood what Ensley was doing at his vet clinic was frustrating but it was also hard seeing Ensley let people walk over her because she didn't think she deserved more. 

I'm so glad that they figured everything out and I thought the ending was set at the perfect place. 

Thank you so much to NetGalley and JJ Knight for letting me enjoy this wonderful book. 

4.5/5 ⭐️
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This was a light, cute and funny read. I enjoyed the banter and the overall story, it was fast paced and quirky. I wanted more depth out of the story and characters so it didn’t hit me in the feels like I was hoping. The animal parts were cute and I loved little Sasha and her shenanigans. This story was 3.5 stars for me. 

Thank you montlake and NetGalley for my arc in exchange for my honest feedback!
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A delightful and fun romantic comedy.  A new twist on finding love at a wedding - or finally getting your long lost crush!  Ensley is saved by Drew after being kicked out of her best friend's wedding... and things get... flirty.  Ensley dares him to a 3 date challenge - which leads to loads of confusion and misunderstandings... but all lead to one thing - rooting for them to figure it out and get together for good!  This is a fun and flirty read - perfect for wedding season!
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Funny & light-hearted💕❤️✨

Thank you soooooo much netgalley, the author and the publisher for the advanced review copy if this book💗
"I voluntarily read and reviewed the book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”
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Thank you so much to NetGalley and Montlake publishing for this advance copy of The Wedding Confession by JJ Knight in exchange for my honest review.

I absolutely adored this one - Drew and Ensley are both so wonderfully written, and watching them reignite a childhood crush (one sided at first) was so special. I liked that Drew was written as a half-grump, because anytime you have that grumpy sunshine trope, it can straddle grumpy and asshole-ish. Luckily Drew’s sweet personality made it totally believable that he was just a little guarded. I loved watching these two fall in love, and found the spice to be pretty solid! I see that there’s another book in this series staring Ensley’s sister Tillie, and it’s giving me Part of Your World/Yours Truly vibes with characters from the same universe. If you’re a romantic comedy fan, you’d love this one. Troupes throughout: Childhood friends to lovers, mild grumpy sunshine

Thank you again to NetGalley and the publishers for this copy in exchange for my honest review - this one is available now!
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She sparkles. He growls. Baring their true feelings could be the start of a wild love story―or the end of it―in a sexy romantic comedy by a USA Today bestselling author. One spilled glass of wine and bridesmaid Ensley James is ejected from a country club wedding in the rain. Ensley looks on the bright side. That would be her longtime crush Drew Daniels. The moody, broody, skin-pricklingly sexy groomsman is tossed out with her. Waiting out a hot spring storm in a cozy shed for two, it’s time for Drew’s he’s strictly a one-nighter. Ensley’s dare? Give her three date nights and see where it goes. A veterinarian like Drew is great when it comes to puppy love, but he has his reasons for his rules about no true feelings, just flings. So why agree to Ensley’s three-date challenge? Easy. Miss Ray of Freaking Sunshine is absolutely irresistible. Night after night, Ensley and Drew can’t ignore the heat, the growing intimacy―and the unexpected complications. Drew’s walls may be crumbling, but Ensley’s still at risk of being another tryst. Especially with Ensley’s final confession. This one could be their rockiest challenge yet.

A great cutesy read that will help chase away the blues. Really loved the chemistry between Ensley and Drew. Will recommend to others.
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Drew and Ensley met in the past but meet up again when at a wedding.. Can Ensley get Drew to find that there is more to life than the one he is living.  how do things work out ? you will have to read this to find out.
4 stars

Thanks to Netgalley and publisher for this ARC
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4.25 stars - Such a cute and funny book.

You'll really route for Ensley to get a HEA. She's sweet and kind and deserves someone to love and appreciate her generous heart. Drew is a grump and needs someone to pull him out of his shell and appreciate his good side.

The story had some great LOL scenes and Ensley always tries to be positive and not let life, despite all her obstacles, get her down. A great book when you need a pick-me-up.

I would defnitely read the next book in the series. Thank you to NetGalley and Montlake for the ARC
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A fun, low-ish angst story perfect for a day at the beach or by the pool.  Ensley and Drew knew each other’s when they were kids and are brought back together when they are kicked out of their friends wedding (don’t cry over spilled wine). After Drew’s one-date only confession and Ensley’s dare for three, they beginning spending more time together. 
For all that she’s been through, Ensley’s sunny disposition keeps grumpy Drew on his toes and wondering if there could be more to living one date at a time. 
I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the next in the series.
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Drew and Ensley reconnect at a wedding. He only has flings, can she convince him that there could be more? I liked how it was told from both points of view.
A great read, looking forward to more books from this author.
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