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When Stars Arise

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A lovely little bedtime book, written in verse, and filled with gorgeous, soothing illustrations. All [involved in the reading] will be enchanted by this book and I can see it becoming a quick favorite amongst any littles in one's house.  Well done. 

Thank you to NetGalley, E.G. Alaraj, Martyna Czub - Illustrator, and Orca Book Publishers for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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What a sweet and beautifully illustrated bedtime story. It reads with the lyrical repetition of a lullaby. Loved the ending, too.
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This was a book whose title attracted to me and the sweet illustration on the cover along with the description that this is meant to be a bedtime tale. 

 The tale itself is simple and as it is being told the reader follows two children as they start to make their way home. The story is a bit of a tug-of-war since it provides the young reader/listener with scenes that are homey and snug while just making you want to snuggle down along with the rest of the world before then scolding you that cannot go to bed until the stars arise. 

 The book is illustrated at the same time with water paintings that provide a lulling tone of warmth and coziness as well as color. Meanwhile the reader will be able to see so many other animals as they also ready for the end of day.

 As much as I can see the usage of reverse psychology I am just not sure how well this would translate out in the real world, especially when certain children need to be asleep before the stars arise. And also the fact that certain parts of the world see the stars much sooner than would be a healthy bedtime or no stars such as those areas with the midnight sun would also make this book's usage be slightly unfeasible.

 In the end it was cute and it would most certainly have its place on some shelves for a bedtime story but that would be up to the parents'/guardians' discretion as they know their own children the best when it comes to bedtime.

  **I received a free copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**
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The transition from bright sky to inky stars really works in this lovely lullaby. Easy repetition for young readers or babies learning the cadence of the  English language.

Highly recommend for parents with kids like mine. Each page offers a delightful look at anticipation on getting ready for bed.

Thanks to Netgalley and publishers for a copy on basis of honest review. One I will be adding to my daughter's library.
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This is a cute little book for kids to begin reading and looking at pictures. I love the watercolor illustrations that are beautifully done.
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The illusions were beautiful! The story was sweet and calming. I loved all the different animals. 

My grandsons loved the book so much that they asked me to reread it.
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The artwork is so dreamy. The writing rhymes & has a nice rhythm. A lovely book to read before bed with your child. I would get this for a friend or my toddler
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This is a cute rhyming picture book, perfect for bedtime. The simple language and subtle colours are great for lulling teeny weeny people off to sleep.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an electronic copy to read in exchange for an honest review. 

I love love love this book. As a parent and teacher it is an incredible book for children. The rhyming story is engaging and the patterned text will allow for beginning readers to read it on their own. The illustrations are so colourful and bright - there is a lot to look at here!
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What a beautiful board book! The watercolor illustrations are absolutely stunning and with sweet depiction of a nameless child as they go through the day before drifting off to sleep. The text is repetitive and babies will love listening to the repetition and the rhymes. The rhymes are lyrical and flow perfectly. Absolutely gorgeous board book.
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This beautiful meld of gentle lulling verse and a cozy build of images gives structure and security to a young child at bedtime. The author knows the mind of children so well -- urging them not to sleep yet while making it all but impossible not to. It made this adult smile. Martyna Czub's whimsical watercolors have the soft blur of bedtime that pair perfectly with E. G. Alaraj's deceptively simple verse. I'd give this book six out of five stars if I could.

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Cute book and story.

The stars coming out at night is our indication that our day has come to a temporary end. Author E.G. Alaraj, and illustrator Martyna Czub uses poetic rhyme, rhythm and beautiful art to bring young readers to a place of rest and peace with this story of preparing to end their day and lie down to sleep before the stars arise in dark sky. The author not only focuses on how we prepare but she brings together how nature also prepares to rest and what happens before their day ends. The pictures are simple and colorful with the expression of human activity of a child’s life but some of the words may be a little more advance if reading this to a child of age three, four or five years old.  I liked the story and I would recommend this book to others and I give it four out of five stars.
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When Stars Arise by E.J. Alaraj is a bedtime story that promises to lull little ones to a gentle sleep with its soothing cadence and repetition.  Beautifully illustrated by Martyna Czub, it is sure to become a nightly favourite that children will reach for again and again. Recommended.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Orca Book Publishers for an ARC.
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This is one of those children's books that appears amazingly simple on the surface. When you look again, really look, however, you'll realize how much thought and effort went into crafting both the story and illustrations. True, living in Alaska, land of the summertime midnight sun, I had to chuckle thinking that this wouldn't work here, that slow buildup to the inevitable dark, well, unless your bedtime is in the wee hours of the morning. Even then it doesn't get that dark. That aside, I enjoyed the depth of this book.

The words are a rhythmic, repetitive read, designed to soothe and prepare the child to relax and sleep. Yet, ironically, throughout most of the book, each page ends with the caution not to go to sleep yet. Why? Well, if you've ever had a child determined to do exactly the opposite of what is asked, it makes sense. The dreamlike illustrations are lulling them in, however, as the setting moves from wide-open daylight settings to the growing darkness of the day with the world about them slowing to a slowly relaxing pace.

I particularly liked how the artist tied it all together with not just the repetition of rhythm and words but with reappearing motifs, such as the deer and cat. The illustrator even manages to create a sense of floating as the stars appear, finally signaling it's time to sleep. The subtle use of not just the words but colors, lines, and repetition is excellently handled. Reading the book aloud, I couldn't help but smile. Thanks #NetGalley and #OrcaBookPublishing for letting me share this dreamy world between wakefulness and sleep. Lovely book.
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