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Thank you for letting me read this book! I know I am a few months behind on writing a review, but this was fantastic. The characters were amazing, the passion was tangible, and i adored how realistic everything was. I felt for each of the women, and adored the ending. Thank you writing a wonderful story!

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Such a phenomenal book! It was emotional and fraught and lovely and full of tension and feeling and jsut overwhelmingly gorgeous in every way possible. Holy moly am I obsessed with this book!!!

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This book had me engaged from the very beginning and I could not put it down. Although the start of their relationship was unconventional, Nathan and Rachel were meant for each other. I’m so happy they both started to focus on their passion and stopped letting other people hold them back from their goals.

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Regina Black's debut is a sizzling romance filled with tension and drama, and it hooks you from the beginning. Thanks to NetGalley for the copy.

When Rachel's husband mistakenly sends her a dick pic during his fortieth birthday, she knows he's cheating even before confronting him. But after thirteen years of marriage and with his electoral campaign just around the corner, leaving Matt isn't that simple. A deal is made: she'll get the house and a million dollars if she stays with him long enough for him to be elected.

But Rachel didn't count on meeting Nathan, a younger man who reminds her of who she was before Matt, and everything she wanted and forgot about.

Flawed characters are my kryptonite. I'll always love books that feature them because, in the end, aren't we all just extremely flawed people?

Rachel and Nathan's chemistry is undeniable, and they're journey to getting to know each other. past that first attraction is so beautiful you forget that she's technically cheating on her husband throughout the whole book. Also... with a husband like that, even if their chemistry wasn't good, I'd still be okay with it lol.

Regina intertwines important discussions so naturally in the plot, that it feels like we truly are just watching the life of this brilliant woman unfold before our eyes. Themes like race, wealth, motherhood, family expectations are all found in the story and worked in an amazing way.

If you liked the TV show Scandal, you'll devour this book. And if you watched it but wished the show was better developed in terms of characters, you'll definitely love this book.

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Overall, this was an enjoyable read! Once I reached the halfway point though, it just didn't hold my attention as well. I did love the Scandal + Housewives vibes this book was giving!! I just wish the story had moved a little quicker. The characters were all so devious, sneaky, and rich & suburban and I loved that about them even if I didn't like their actions or choices- it made for an interesting time! 3.5 stars

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This was a good read - I really enjoyed this book. I'm so glad that I got the chance to read it early and will definitely be recommending it to multiple people who enjoy these types of novels. I enjoyed the characters and especially enjoyed the writing by this author. I'm excited to see what the author comes out with next as I'll definitely be reading it! Thank you to the publisher for my early copy of this book!

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DNF at 70%
It was nice and a messy contemporary romance with Rachel trying to find herself again. I just lost interest at the time but plan on picking up where I left off again.

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I was drawn in from the first few pages. The story hits the ground running. I spent the majority of this book shocked at the unmitigated gall of Rachels politician husband Matt and his handlers. I thought it was a tense slow burn romance. There is clearly chemistry between Rachel and Nathan from their first encounter. They try to fight their attraction because of their circumstances, age difference, families and society obligations but keep being thrust together. A story about family, sacrifice, self discovery, privilege, class, and love. Another reviewer described this as a crossover between Scandal and The Perfect Find heavy on the Scandal reference and I whole heartedly agree.

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Thank you to NetGalley for this ARC in exhange for an honest review!!!

I absolutely loved this book!!!!

The dual third person POV was fantastic. I loved how well developed and realized Rachel and Nathan were as characters. Their growth throughout the story was fantastic. The romance was beautiful and sexy. I could feel that intense love those two had for each other. Rachel and Nathan are two people that saw and found each other. I adored them. I also enjoyed the supporting cast of characters from Rachel and Nathan’s individual friends and families.

I highly recommend this to everyone!!!!!

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Sometimes I really love a good messy book and I sort of wish I'd waited until I was in the exact perfect mood for that before I picked up The Art to Scandal because talk about messy!!! Rachel realizes her husband is cheating on her at his birthday party. She takes off and finds her way to a local drive in theatre where she winds up having a connection with a much younger man, Nathan, and their lives start to become entangled. Rachel's husband is a politician with his eyes on the White House and as a white man with a Black wife, he likes his chances. Unfortunately for Rachel, Matt's love has a) faded and b) become stifling, but she's having a hard time trying to figure out her next steps because her life prior to their relationship was a little rocky and returning to a life of financial instability is not really calling to her. Meanwhile, Nathan doesn't have a great relationship with his dad and he also doesn't really have much ambition, though he is simultaneously passionate about his art. He's an interesting character.

Anyway, this book is just full of mess and the fact that it's a debut is wild to me because Black's writing is really quite stunning and the pacing of this book is really well done. Ultimately, this book is a four star for me because despite the quick pacing, I did wish that certain parts of the emotions were a bit extended. Or that Matt had disappeared from this book more quickly (which is why I know if I had just waited to be in the perfect mood for mess, this book would have been a full five star for me). The good news is, I can re-read it whenever that mood strikes so that's exciting!

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Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, this story follows Rachel, who transforms from a seemingly traditional trophy wife to a woman realizing her own strength. When she discovers her husband, the mayor, is unfaithful, Rachel decides she won't walk away from the marriage without securing what she deserves.

In an unexpected turn of events at a laundromat, she encounters Nathan, a young and charming man, and the two are irresistibly drawn into a passionate affair. The catch? Rachel is still married, adding an extra layer of complexity to their burgeoning relationship.

This narrative unfolds into a sizzling summer romance that, unexpectedly, you didn't know you needed. Rachel's journey, coupled with the dynamics of her entanglement with Nathan, makes for a compelling read. If you're craving a tale of empowerment, unexpected passion, and the complexities of love, pick up a copy and dive into this captivating summer escape.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a complimentary ARC. All reviews are my own.

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I loved this book! No further review necessary.

I liked the characters, setting, the story and how Rachel was able to get her redemption. I laughed, I cried, I swooned. I loved Regina's writing and the world of these characters and am anxious for another story in that world...maybe Mia's!?!?

Thank you to Grand Central Publishing and NetGalley for this arc in exchange for my honest review.

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Give me more please I loved this entire book!

Rachel receives a text from her husband Matt during his 40th birthday party and she quickly realizes the text was not intended for her. Rachel is furious, but feels some level of dependency on Matt and the life they’ve built over the years, he has all the money and she has changed into a hat she thought was the perfect wife for him. It doesn’t help that everyone looks down on her because she’s black. They strike a deal as Matt can’t afford a messy split right now with his election season approaching. When Rachel meets a young artist named Nathan one night her world changes and he’s younger than her. Nathan who comes from a wealthy, well-known family, his family is full of tension, some of which he feels like he’s responsible for creating especially when he had decided to take a different route than the other men in his family by pursuing his artistic dream. We see how Rachel feels like her self around Nathan and how he truly loves her, I was holding out hope for both of them to find their happy ending!

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This book by Regina Black was one of my top reads of 2023. Insightful, hilarious, and moving, I cannot wait for Regina's next book!

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I received an advanced copy of The Art of Scandal by Regina Black from the publisher Grand Central via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

What It’s About: Rachel Abbott is in the midst of hosting a party for her husband’s 40th birthday party when she receives a sexy, explicit text from her husband that she realizes is not for her. Rachel wants a divorce but she signed a pre-nup and she does not want to leave her marriage with nothing. Knowing that her husband, a rising star mayor with bigger ambitions, cannot have a scandal in the midst of his reelection campaign, she strikes a deal: Rachel gets one million dollars and their house, as long as she keeps playing the ideal Black trophy wife until the election. Then Rachel meets Nathan, a very handsome, very lost twenty-six year old and their connection is electric and might just get in the way of Rachel’s bargain.

What I Loved: This premise is so good for a romance book. Talk about high stakes! I found the plot totally intriguing and I wanted to see what happened. I really thought this book was such an imaginative and unique book and I would absolutely love to watch this show. This book would be a great bingeable show ala Scandal. Can we get Kerry Washington on board?

What I Didn’t Like: I unfortunately didn’t buy into the romance or the connection, sometimes this falls through the crack on audio but this made it less of a hit for me. I also didn’t really love our leading man. Oops!

Who Should Read It: People who love a romance set amidst the threat of looming scandal. People who loved the Good Wife and also love their romance books.

Summary: A woman betrayed by her husband makes a bargain to be a goodwife but romance might get in the way!

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This was a book on the slower side, but oh it was SO! DAMN! GOOD! I loved it, and I can't wait to read more of Regina Black's writing. I think I've just found a new favorite author.

Rating: 4.5 stars

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Honestly this wasn’t as scandalous as I wanted it to be 🫣

All the components for a messy, passionate & tension filled reading experience were there: a Black trophy wife discovers her white politically ambitious husband has cheated on her and demands she continues to play her role as the perfect politician’s wife, so as not to ruin his reelection campaign, in exchange for the house, money, her intact reputation, etc. But then she finds herself drawn to a younger man in the same DC suburb of the rich and think they’re famous & this new relationship threatens to unravel everything.

These are pretty high stakes! But it’s like I was told all the emotions and hardships that Rachel (FMC) was experiencing, but I felt next to nothing. I wanted more despair, more of a reckoning, more of a revenge plot, more angst, more theatrics—something.

There were many side characters and storylines that were dropped in without much explanation. On one hand I wanted to know more about them, but on the other hand I felt like they distracted from Rachel and Nathan (the younger love interest). I got their insta, forbidden & lusty relationship bonded through their art in theory, but in reality I just didn’t feel all the feels I expected to feel.

It was clear that cheating Matt didn’t love Rachel, but did Rachel even love him? There were some flashbacks to their early relationship days, but in the end I got the sense that she was more embarrassed by her potential tarnished reputation and time wasted with him than any actual heartbreak. I mean he was the worst, and it’s obvious he was with her for his own political ambitions, but why was she with him??

I picked this up in the mood for some drama, but in the end, I wasn’t satisfied. In many ways I think this suffered from showing rather than telling. Since the book was so short, it left me wanting more.

As this is Regina Black’s debut novel, I’m interested to see what else she puts out.

Thank you to the publisher for this eARC in exchange for my honest review.

Rating: 3.75/5 ⭐️

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Regina Black’s THE ART OF SCANDAL (Grand Central, 292 pp., $28) is a gorgeously soapy debut where a mayor’s wife takes up with a young artist as her marriage goes down in flames. Rachel Abbott’s learns her spouse is cheating during his 40th birthday party, when he texts her a saucy picture clearly meant for someone else. An upcoming Senate run means it’s poor timing for a messy divorce. Rachel’s price is high: “One million dollars,” she tells him. “And the house. I won’t say anything about your affair or file for divorce until the election's over.”

While she’s wearing the mask of the proper political wife and cozying up to local donors, Rachel comes into the orbit of Nathan Vasquez, an artist and the black sheep of one of the town’s richest families. Their chemistry is off the charts — but chaos also spurs creativity, and both Nathan and Rachel are ravenous for that even more than for sex. They find their better selves through trial and a lot of error.

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I went into this book almost completely blind, and honestly I’m glad for that because I had no idea what I was expecting, but what I read was better than anything I could have guessed. This was book was deep, and so multi layered, and I had the time my life peeling back each layer chapter by chapter. Rachel and Nathan were both just such fantastic characters. Flawed, and real, and vibrant they came alive off the page, hooking your attention and not letting you look away. Their chemistry was a live wire and the way they both learned and grew throughout the story, becoming stronger and better versions of themselves was an inspiration to see.

Regina Black is 100% a new favorite author now, and I can’t WAIT to see what she writes next.

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- thank you to netgalley and the publisher for an arc to review!

- a story filled with sultry, secrets, and characters who are cunning in getting what they want. Regina Black explores her characters with nuance, allowing them to feel human but also allow us to either root for or despise their actions, in turn crafting a story filled to the brim with drama and moments that made my jaw hang open in awe.

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