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I love that this was a locked room situation that had great thrilling moments alongside a mystery. The creepy atmosphere that the storm brought made the characters even more on edge as everything started to go down hill. I could feel the tension and strong feelings this family had not only between one another but with Cal and Geoff as well. The different timelines and POV made me look at the information differently after almost every switch, but I was still able to piece a few things together before the big reveal. They all had their unlikable moments that really questioned some of their morals, which I enjoy in thrillers like this. The secrets, overall vibe, and pace made it a bingeable book.

Thank you @georginacrossauthor and @suzyapprovedbooktours for the gifted copy.

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It was a fast read and trust me the plot was good. It really got me hooked but it sort of didn’t stand out too much from all the other ones I have read this month.

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This is a delightfully twisty closed room thriller involving a mysterious invitation, family drama, and an incredible thunderstorm that cuts out any possibility of escape. The story goes from present to past and back again, slowly leaking clues, but ultimately keeping the reader in the dark regarding the jaw-dropping conclusion. This is my third Georgina Cross book and they never disappoint. I listened to the audiobook and the narrators did an excellent job bringing this novel to life.

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Thank you NetGalley and Bantam for the gifted eARC in exchange for my honest review!

WOW! One Night was WILD!! Georgina's writing was amazing as usual. The family drama sucked me in from the very beginning and I loved the locked-room mystery. Everyone was a suspect and I didn't know who to trust. I was furiously turning the pages trying to figure out what happened to Meg all those years ago. Tense and twisty read that you need to go pick up NOW!!

4.5 stars/5 stars rounded up for this review

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A family received an invitation to a house on the Oregon coast, hoping to find answers about the death of Meghan ten years ago. Meghan's ex-boyfriend, Cal, was found guilty of the crime.

Included are Uncle Geoff, who is Paul, Meghan's father's best friend, and Rebecca, who is Paul's new wife.

The remaining two arrive, which surprises the entire group when a significantly injured Cal is dumped to the floor.

There is a Gothic feel with a raging storm and a dining room set for a party. As the evening continues, suspicions will mount, and nerves will be tested. Several members will be pitted again the other until the twisted ending.

I enjoyed this story, and it kept my attention and had me guessing.

I received an advance reader's copy and voluntarily read and reviewed this book.

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Ten years ago, teenager Meghan Chisholm was murdered and her boyfriend convicted of the crime, even though some people were skeptical of his involvement. As Meghan’s parents and two sisters continue to deal with the trauma, they each receive an anonymous invitation to meet at a remote house where they believe the truth about the crime will be revealed. As they reluctantly gather they find themselves trapped by a deadly storm.

One Night by Georgina Cross has a great premise, it’s well-written, and is very atmospheric. Initially, I was completely engaged with the plot and its characters. But then, for me, things began to unravel and the story moved at a slow pace. It’s told from several points of view, with a fair amount of backstory that gives the reader a sense of the characters and their relationships. But this could be why it feels slow and somewhat cumbersome. Moreover, Meghan’s mother, Maureen, is an extremely unlikable character and at times seemed fairly unhinged. In the end, I found the book to be a disappointment.

I finished this book simply because I had already invested a good deal of time in it and I was happy to turn the last page. Although I’ve enjoyed other books by Ms Cross, this just wasn’t the book for me. NetGalley provided an advance copy.

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I have been walking on cloud nine since I received the approval for One Night.

I was first introduced to Georgina Cross by the Bookstagram group. Everyone was obsessing over Nanny Needed and there was no way I was going to miss out on what everyone else was swooning about so I hit request.

The book gods were working in my favor and my request was granted.

My eyes got big and I devoured the book in just a few hours.

HOLY SMOKE! Bookstagram got it right, this book was absolutely fantastic!

That was the day I fell in love with Georgina Cross’ talent. I have since read The Niece, The Stepdaughter, The Missing Woman and now… One Night.

How do I pick a favorite when I have loved them all so much? I cant do it. Instead I will leave it at that each one transported me into a different realm where I was left breathless with a pulse that could probably call for an ER visit.

If you have read a book by Cross, you know exactly what I am describing, if you havent, what are you waiting for? One Night was narrated with perfection, the plot was executed without being boring or dragged out and the characters were multi-dimensional and came alive before your eyes. The twist? Oh, well I cant tell you that without giving away the book!

Teaser :

The anonymous letters arrive in the mail, one by one: To find out what really happened to Meg, meet at this location. Don’t tell anyone you’re coming. In one night, you’ll find out everything you need to know.

Ten years after her murder, the letters tell Meghan’s family exactly when and where to meet: a cliffside home on the Oregon coast. But on the night they’re promised answers, the convicted killer—her high school boyfriend, Cal, who spent only ten years in prison for murder—is found unconscious in his car after it slammed into a tree near the house where the family is sitting and waiting. Is he really the one who invited them to gather?

As a storm rampages along the Pacific Northwest, the power cuts off and leaves the family with no chance of returning to the main road and finding help. So they drag Cal back to the house for the remainder of the night. How easy it would be to let him die and claim it was an accident. Or do they help him instead? As the hours tick by, it becomes an excruciating choice. Half of the family wants to kill him. The other half wants him to regain consciousness so he can tell them what he knows.

But if Cal wakes up, he might reveal that someone in the family knows more than they’re letting on. And if that’s the case, who is the real killer? And are they already in the house?

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Ten years after Meg’s death, members of her family receive an anonymous invitation for one night if they want to learn the truth of what happened. Maureen, Meg’s mother, knows that it was her boyfriend Cal who killed her. He was convicted and sent to prison but was recently released. Her youngest daughter Sam encouraged her to attend. Her ex-husband Paul and his current wife Rebecca, her daughter Alice and Geoff, a family friend have also received invitations and are expected to attend. Maureen is sure that this has been set up by Cal. There are reminders of Meg, however, that only family would have access to. When Geoff arrives he is carrying a wounded Cal. There had been a crash and Cal received life threatening injuries. As Paul, Geoff and Sam try to save him, Maureen sees this as an opportunity to exact revenge. There is a major storm with trees and wires down. The lights are out and there is no phone service so no help is coming. Everyone has regrets and secrets from the day that Meg died. As accusations begin to flow, it becomes obvious that there was more to the death than what came out at the trial and an innocent man may have been sent to prison.

Georgina Cross’ One Night is darkly atmospheric. She alternates events in the present with scenes of the three sisters growing up, their interactions and differing personalities. After revealing the events around the death she allows Meg to tell her own version of what really happened, ending with a wicked twist. The story moves quickly and is hard to put down. There is some repetition as each character reveals their actions on the fateful day, but each revelation opens a new possibility to the solution. If you enjoy suspenseful mysteries then this is highly recommended. I would like to thank NetGalley and Random House/Ballantine for providing this book for my review.

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I don’t typically read locked in a room thrillers or should I say locked in on place thrillers but the premise of this book really drew me in. Georgina Cross did not disappoint with ONE NIGHT at all. This book made me feel claustrophobic and on edge which is exactly what you want in a thriller. I felt just as invested as the family in finding out the truth. You think that the answer to who the culprit is is obvious but it’s not. This book took me on such a ride! I’m so glad I was able to read an early copy of this delicious book! This book is perfect for every kind of thriller lover but especially for those that love the added perk of family drama and domestic suspense! Thank you to netgalley and Bantam for this ARC!

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One Night by Georgina Cross

Imagine getting a mysterious invitation to a beach house in hopes of finding out who caused the death of young Meghan. Family members are all invited, but by whom? Is the invitation from Cal, Meghan’s past boyfriend who just finished serving 10 years in prison for her death? Is it from a mysterious outsider?
This is a locked room mystery that is a slow burn. Most of the story occurs within one day, with flashes of the past to provide more insight. Meghan is the oldest of three sisters. She is the flashiest and the boldest. She tries to stir up trouble with her two younger sisters all the time.
There are 6 point of views throughout this story. It is very hard to like any one of them, including the parents, the two sisters, the stepmother and the fathers’ good friend Uncle Geoff. The story is very atmospheric, with a Pacific thunderstorm as the backdrop. The author’s description of the howling wind, the pelting rain, the thunder and lightning and the falling tree limbs made it all very real.
When Uncle Geoff shows up during the storm with an injured Cal, the mystery really begins. Who sent the invitations to the family? What really happened to Cal? Who played a role in Meghan’s death? At times, I felt like there was a spinner from a board game constantly being spun and pointing at someone different each time.
If you love a slow burn mystery, then this might be the book for you.

Many thanks to Random House Group and NetGalley for allowing me to read an ARC of One Night in exchange for my honest thoughts.

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I loved playing this thrilling guessing game 🎯 as to whodunnit with its twists and multiple revelations that came to light 😮🤯. Georgina Cross kept me curious to find out who was involved in what OR WHOM that lead to the murder in the first place! 👀

I will only write I had so many theories running through my head while reading!! For a while, I was beginning to think I was crazy, reading chapter after chapter. I couldn't see the light at the end of that tunnel. Finally, all the pieces came together and left me SHOOK!! 😮‍💨😮‍💨

An absolute must read for all thriller lovers!


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I think I've said this before but it bears repeating, Georgina Cross is a master story teller!

One Night will draw you in from the very beginning and make you question every character written. It will even make you question the dead.

Full of secrecy, underhanded people, and misplaced hatred, this story will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

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This book was absolutely brilliant!! I loved every second of this! I read the book in one night and just could not get enough!! You'll definitely want to put this book on your beach read list!!

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I loved the premise of this book when I first read the description and while some parts were a little predictable, I enjoyed it. It didn't disappoint when it came to the setting/atmosphere. A good read for a dark and stormy night.

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Review of eBook

It’s been ten years since Meghan Chisholm’s murder. Now everyone in the family received an anonymous invitation to meet at a home on the Oregon coast with a promise that they will find out what really happened to Meg. Is the anonymous sender Meg’s one-time boyfriend, Cal, who spent ten years in prison after a jury convicted him of her murder?

As a storm brews, Geoff finds Cal finds unconscious and brings him into the house. Should they exact their revenge for Meg’s death and kill him? Cal has always proclaimed his innocence; what if he is telling the truth?

What did happen that night ten years ago? And what will happen to Cal on this night?


Told from multiple points of view, all of the characters have truths they’ve hidden away, some secret they’ve kept all these years. But none of them are particularly likable and the teen drama from the past reinforces that dislike. Meg, who certainly did not deserve her fate, was a mean, manipulative girl who bullied and tormented others. But she was also a daughter and a sister, and her loss shattered her family.

As backstory admissions give way to present-day revelations, the twisty plot keeps readers guessing [although astute readers, having taken note of the hints along the way will not be surprised at the final epiphany. Readers should note that sections of the story are extremely difficult to read and are sure to be particularly so for readers who have lost a child. [But the author got it exactly right.]

For fans of domestic Sturm und Drang as well as those who enjoy locked room mysteries will find much to appreciate here.


I received a free copy of this eBook from Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine, Bantam and NetGalley
#OneNight #NetGalley

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Gliding on the top, paddling like crazy underneath
Need I say more?

AUG 10, 2023
This week my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary which happened to coincide with the near anniversary of our condo flood of 2022. Though this year’s damage was far less than the month-long displacement we experienced last year, it’s still no fun to have your shit in disarray.

Fortunately, we had already planned a staycation during the initial demo days. But now, with the reno a few days delayed, as it seems to always be, we are taking up residence a few miles from our home.

With any luck, by this time tomorrow, we’ll be only a few hours away from me lazing around on my bed, catching up on my shows. The way life was intended to be.

Yellowface by R. F. Kuang

Woo boy, want a satirical look at the inner workings of the publishing world? Kuang has a doozy for you. I picked up Yellowface at Yu & Me Books in NYC, a charming Chinatown bookstore, which is currently undergoing renovations due to a building fire earlier this summer.

I held it on my physical TBR for several weeks before picking it up for a day by the pool. I raced through it, nearly finishing it before I got home, and then, polished off the last few chapters before I went to bed. It was binge-worthy, clever, and a bit wicked.

There are several parts of the book where I feel the author sends a wink, wink, nod, nod to the reader about the social discourse happening in America today. The book covers a bit of everything: writer envy, scandal, race relations, misogyny, privilege… what more do you need?

As heavy as the topics are, the writing is sharp and fast-paced, and I’m putting this as one of the few books I’ll reread. Sometimes when a book gets such major hype, I worry the actual read will be a letdown, but fortunately, for this one, that wasn’t the case.

One Night by Georgina Cross (NetGalley)

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for an advanced reader copy of One Night

Pub date: August 2023

Book description:

“One night. That’s all the time a family has to decide what to do with the man they believe murdered their daughter. Do they forgive him, or take justice into their own hands?”

Give me an atmospheric setting, and I’m there. This one takes place on the Oregon Coast, which if you’ve ever been in fall/winter, you know how ominous those waves can be. That’s what I pictured as this book unraveled.

The setting was ideal and the family drama woven in is usually a winner in my book (Daisy Darker by Alice Feeny is a recent favorite that uses the two), but the drama got to be too much.

Maybe that was the point?

Stuck in a house together, sharing anxieties, and in some cases, dislike for each other, all waiting for the man accused of murdering their family member, it’s all enough to make anyone go mad, including the reader.

Though I’d deem this a mystery, complete with anonymous letters and clues sprinkled throughout the house, I figured out whodunit pretty quickly, as I’m sure others who regularly read thrillers/mysteries also did. This let the sails out of the story for me, although the actual reveal doesn’t come until later in the book.

Once the suspense dissipated, the family drama made me start to feel claustrophobic, which again gives to the atmosphere, so bravo on that account. Otherwise, I felt the rest of the book left me wanting more.

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Summoned to a vacation home with the promise of learning the truth about a murder a decade old, the victim's extended family gathers. Already on edge, the group becomes even more uneasy when a raging storm leaves the with no escape.

Overall, I really enjoyed this one. The characters are interesting as is the family dynamic. It sets up to be a creeped locked room mystery which I absolutely love. I also liked the end and the twist about what actually happened. For some reason, for me, this one dragged a lot in the middle. I don't even feel like there was anything that could have been cut necessarily but for whatever reason the middle just wasn't as impossible to put down.

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I ended up enjoying this because it was a well-written plot with interesting points of view and dialogue. It was really suspenseful and action-packed, but I felt that the ending was much too predictable and much too soon in the story. I also didn't like any of the characters at any point in the book so I felt that made it easier to doubt any testimony and trust my gut on what happened and I was correct. So, overall well-written, just too predictable for those who have read a lot of mystery/thrillers.

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Closed door mystery surrounding the death of the oldest daughter in the Chisholm family, this book has a lot of atmosphere and tense family drama but could have used more elements of danger and suspense. The book takes place ten years after the death of high school senior Megan. Megan's boyfriend Cal was convicted of killing her and served ten years in prison and was now free. Megan's family receives mysterious invitations printed on red paper inviting them to a house on a cliff in rural Oregon. Once they are there, the invitation promises they will get some answers as to Megan's death. I found it hard to believe these people wouldn't just turn this over to the police but they arrive to the house to get some answers. There is mother Maureen and her daughters Alice and Sam, Maureen's ex-husband Paul and his wife Rebecca and Geoff, a friend of the family and considered an uncle by the girls. Paul never believed that Cal was guilty and Maureen only wants justice for her daughter. Everyone is this family has secrets.

The group arrives to a table set with beautiful china and place cards and Megan's homecoming dress which she never got to wear. A huge storm begins and Geoff arrives carrying Cal (the ex-boyfriend) who was hurt in an accident and is unconscious. As the storm rages, the family begins to suspect Cal and each other and when a tree goes down on the road they realize they are trapped. There are some little scares but they never amounted to anything, things like: They hear a thump and Paul says it was probably a book falling but Maureen remembers there are no bookshelves and Sam screams and it takes her father a few minutes coming down the stairs, does this mean something? With all of the thumps, doors opening and glass breaking I was looking for something exciting such as an intruder or something but nothing happens beyond discussions.

The author does a good job veering between the viewpoints of Maureen, Rebecca and Sam and also in giving us flashbacks to when the girls were young and Megan used to tease them and play tricks. I did guess the ending but I think the story wrapped up in a way that made sense. Thank you to Random House and NetGalley for a copy of this ARC in exchange for a review.

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Book Review

One Night by Georgina Cross

This was a surprise hit for me. I love any remote setting but add in a storm and it is catnip to my little kitty heart!
Sisters Sam and Alice lost their beautiful vibrant older sister, Meghan, to murder ten years prior. Her boyfriend, Cal, has just been released from prison, charged with her murder yet he’s professed his innocence all these years.

When each member of the family, including a close family friend and Cal, receive invitations to a remote oceanside estate, they can’t pass it up. The invitation promises to let them know exactly what happened to Meghan that night. With a storm rapidly moving in and one injured possible murderer, the family is left at odds about what to do. Seek revenge or let the cards fall where they may? After all, everyone of them has a secret but only one of them is a murderer … so far!

Alternating POV and a rapid pace keep this twisty thriller moving right along. The storm sets the scene as each character is forced to reconcile with both the past and the present along with each other.
Darkly atmospheric with an eerie remote atmosphere that I loved. Creepy house and storm do it for me every time!

My thanks to Random House for this gifted copy!

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