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This biography is haunting and important, especially for anyone interested in the haute food scene. It's important to know not just the food you are being served and where it comes from, but of the people making it for you. This is so much more than just a story about food- it tackles inequity, the migrant crisis along the US-Mexico border, why locally sourced food is so much more expensive, and many other issues that cross the border of food and humanity. It definitely caused me to think. Thank you to the publisher and author for my copy.

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Delighted to highlight this new release in “Food for Thought,” a round-up of new and notable epicurean cultural history and food-related titles in the Books section of Zoomer magazine for April. (see column and mini-review at link)

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This is a great biography of a man who became a world-class chef despite his very humble beginnings. The author spent 5 years researching Lalo and it shows: this is a wonderfully written biography that reads as easy as a novel ... you know for all those non-fiction-loathers in your life.

There is a lot in this book about how he overcame inequalities and that was inspiring: this is a definite MUST-READ for Hispanic Heritage Month!

Highly recommended to those interested in biography, social justice or someone just looking for a great read.


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