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Since I like to add handwriting to book page covered canvases I was hoping to get this book to review and put what I learn into practice.  BRUSH PEN CALLIGRAPHY by Hamane Higashi.

This book takes you through every step you need in order to start doing calligraphy yourself.  It shows you how to properly make the letters and numbers, in several font options, and includes a lot of pages for you to practice on.  There’s also tips on how to hold the brush pen and how to sit to give you the best outcome.  It gives layout tips so your work will come out beautifully.  5 stars!!

At first it seemed this book was just teaching basic cursive but then I remembered that a lot of people never were taught that skill so it is a good thing to start with.  It’s more informative that that though and gives great advice for anyone wanting to further their calligraphy skills.

Thanks to NetGalley, Rowman & Littlefield, and Stackpole Books for allowing me to review this wonderful book.
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What a great book for anyone wanting to learn lettering and calligraphy. This book walks you through the basic steps but then also gives you lessons how to take those steps to the next level. There is room in the book to work on the exercises or you could just copy and have extras to practice. Well done book and would be wonderful gift for yourself or someone wanting to learn the craft of lettering.
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I loved this book about calligraphy! I've always wanted to try it, but never knew where to start. This book goes into a lot of detail for beginners, and the detailed steps for each stroke, pressure, and angles will be very helpful when practicing. 

I liked how the introduction gave a few ideas of when and where to use calligraphy, and the sections on types of pens, which I wouldn't have thought of before. 

Overall, the pictures really made the book, and including so many is definitely key for the average reader. I'm sure anyone interested in calligraphy would love to read this book.
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Awesome resource for those starting or interested in brush pen calligraphy.  Basic to advanced tips are helpful for all stages of learning.  

The instructions are easy to follow and photos clearly show the references.  

This would be an excellent gift idea for those with the interest in calligraphy or for personal reference.  

I would have enjoyed a few different font ideas and practical uses; however, this can easily be researched after learning the basics the book provides. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher Stackpole Books for the opportunity to read and review Brush Pen Calligraphy by Hamane Hiashi.
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Thank you NetGalley and Rowman & Littlefield, Stackpole Books for accepting my request to read and review Brush Pen Calligraphy by Hamane Higashi.  

Published: 05/05/2023

This is a homerun for me.  I enjoyed the tidbits of history.  I was limited only because I didn't have a pen.  There are three sections, you decide your skill set.  I would have to start at step one, never having done Calligraphy.  That also limits my ability to review the third level (nonbeginners).  

I used my index finger and my stylus to emulate the movements necessary.  I feel like there is good instruction.  

Personally,I see myself purchasing this book, the physical copy.  As far as gifting, you need to know the person has an interest.
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Brush Pen Calligraphy s an easy excellent tool for both learning and practicing the techniques you need to produce beautiful cards gifts and notes. I have always loved the art. My Aunt us absolutely pro at calligraphy and I’m in awe of the beautiful things she can create. I personally have atrocious penmanship so I gave some skills to master lol. But this book gives me hope that I can learn. I definitely highly recommend reading this book if your interested in this beautiful art form.
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rush Pen Calligraphy by Hamane Higashi is a beautifully done book on how to use a brush pen in black and white and color and how to learn many different fonts while doing so.

It is beautifully photographed and felt like a labor of love.

I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher Stackpole Books for the opportunity to read and review Brush Pen Calligraphy by Hamane Hiashi.
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