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I think this book provides a practical approach that's needed, but the focus is overwhelmingly on women. I expected it to be a little more inclusive as it discussed gender inequality.
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I greatly enjoyed reading this, and it's a great expansion of Kramer and Harris' previous books that tackle more from an individual perspective on how to improve things yourself. Beyond Bias is arguably more aimed at those doing the hiring as opposed to the employee, but is packed with facts and stats which whilst US-centric I found enlightening if not somewhat disheartening as a millennial woman with a Masters degree, who found it hard to get on the ladder within the sector I studied.
I also found the segment on the pandemic intriguing in the result of the gender gap widening and being associated with the second shift. Definitely a read to pick up for learning more about gender inequality in the workplace.
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The premise for this book is interesting - challenging the dominant 'equality and diversity training' approach. I think it's a hard thing to get right, doing this without pretending that structural issues don't exist. 
The authors have already written about how women can navigate a hostile system, so this is about how to change that system.
I can picture HR professionals finding it useful because it has practical steps to take, and the structure is laid out in a logical way.
In terms of the structural issues, they advocate for treating inequality in the home as a workplace issue, and this is in line with the direction policy seems to be going in.
All in all, there isn't much else out there like this. It's worth a look.
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