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I’m not sure why but the first 40% of the book I was waiting for the time jump. I was saying to myself “okay, so we are establishing how these characters know each other and then we jump to five or ten years later when they reconnect.” It’s just the vibe I was getting. It wasn’t until 63% in that we get the time jump. By that time I figured we weren’t going to see a time jump until the epilogue. This was definitely more delayed than it needed to be, in my opinion. I would’ve welcomed the jump around 35%. I didn’t feel like the side story of Marlow and Sam was put together in the best way. The Kyland and Tenleigh storyline was quite a bit predictable. Overall I’m not really a big fan of the way this story was done, but it was a decent read. 

Thank you to the publisher for a gifted copy.
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Kyland, is there  hope for those seniors in high school is the Tyton Coal Scholarship offered each year. That scholarship is the ticket out of town. Teenage love can change everything you are willing to put others ahead of yourself even when your own life is slipping away, Fast forward four years and paths cross again. Where will these you love birds end up.

This was the thrid Mia Sheridan book in a row. I am a little unsure if I like her on a YA path. 

Thank you NetGalley for the advance copy,
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I just read my first Mia Sheridan book, Archer’s Voice, last month and fell in love with Mia’s writing immediately. I knew when I saw this one I needed to read it. Kyland is about two teens who have struggled with poverty most of their lives, but each strive for something better. Tenleigh and Kyland both are working towards earning a scholarship to get them out of their small town, with hopes of never looking back. But- the Tyton Coal scholarship only has one winner. After spending time together, becoming friends, and secretly falling in love with each other, they both struggle with who deserves the scholarship, to leave their town behind and make something of themselves. Once the winner is chosen, what happens to who’s left behind?

This was an emotional, yet heartwarming read and I loved it more than I can say. I was laughing one minute- crying the next. Such a beautiful story. 

Thank you Netgalley, Bloom Books, and Mia Sheridan for allowing me to read and review!
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This book was emotionally gripping from the beginning.

Tenleigh and Kyland live in a poor mountain town in Kentucky. At the beginning of the story, they know of each other but don't know each other. They soon learn that they are both competing for the same scholarship that is their ticket to freedom.

With a truce to let the best man/woman win, they form a friendship and a bond that is unbreakable until it does.

I loved the setting of the story. It is rare we get books on characters living in a lower social class. Kyland and Tenleigh were real. You could feel their heartbreak, their pain, and their joy.

The thing I loved most, though, was the journey of their friendship. Without doubling the word count, we were taking on a journey through the school year as they fell for each other. The love notes in the book were perfection. You felt their love for each other and that they truly enjoyed each other's company.

This is a book I wish I could read again for the first time.
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I, like many others, am a big fan of this author from my first impression with Archer’s Voice but imagine my surprise when I discovered that book was actually part of a greater series. Kyland has been re-released with this gorgeous new cover and revised story and yet it maintains all the classic and beloved elements of a Mia Sheridan novel, fans have come to expect after Archer and Bree. Kyland is this emotional and heartfelt story of two characters who live in a poverty-stricken community and both wish for the same thing that will hopefully hand them a ticket out of town. We meet two characters who face a tragic reality every day and have for years and yet their grit and determination to excel is inspiring. As these seemingly rivals blossom into young lovers, you can’t help but root for their love while also fearing for the inevitable heartbreak when only one of them win. 

Mia’s effortless ability to pull on your heartstrings with her storytelling are on display here in Kyland with the characters that inspire, a plot that shreds your soul, and a love story that pieces it all back together when you see them reconcile in the second half. Framed by a juxtaposition of nature’s beauty and human tragedy, Kyland is sure to give you another hero to swoon for after Archer and a heroine who’s resilience may even rival Bree, but most importantly this story stands on its own as a tale of success and love after many trials and tribulations.
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I thought I would love this, but it fell short for me. For the first half I just didn’t feel an emotional connection between Ky and Ten at all, lust sure, but nothing emotional. When the twist came in the middle I was ready to be done, what was done can’t be undone in my option. Then for the time jump to happen and there to be NO GROVELING??? I’m sorry but for there to have been any hope of that being forgiven, I needed a good grovel. There was none! Yes we got the why and an explanation for it but that does make up for the pain it caused. I didn’t see them working out and for it all to just be forgiven and her accept him so quickly just put me off.
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Mia!!! You’re amazing! This book, just chefs kiss! To have a love like they had, I couldn’t imagine. Both of the main characters have traumas from their past that they have to overcome to try to make something for themselves. This story showed so much forgiveness, love and hope for what the future holds. I couldn’t believe the things Kyland did to give his girl the world he knew she deserved as much as he could. He dropped his goals to support her. I get why he did what he did. But could you imagine someone doing that for you?

Thank you to Mia Sheridan, bloom books and NetGalley for allowing me to read this book for my honest review. This copy of the book publishes on May 2, 2023 - give Mia a read and you won’t be disappointed
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I loved this book so much. I was completely captivated by their story and finished it in one day. It didn’t turn out the way I thought it was going to but I loved the ending all the same
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Mia Sheridan you've done it again, made me feel feelings (gross), ripped my heart out and put it back together!
Set against an impoverished Appalachian small town Tenleigh and Kyland reluctantly fall in love (ahh the turmoil and heartbreak of first love) in high school. They both attempt to fight it as they have plans to leave their hometowns and rough up brining behind to getter their lives. However the heart wants what it wants and these two want each other. Each willing to give up and sacrifice their individual dreams one to keep them together, the other to ensure one leaves and never returns to their hometown. The catalyst breaks them both and 4 years later they are reunited back in the Appalachian mountain town. 

Absolutely loved this second chance, small town, heart wrenching romance! Was rooting for these two characters to get the HEA, then I wanted one of them to drop dead, but thankfully Mia Sheridan restored my faith in love and Kyland. This book even though it mostly focuses on Tenleigh and Kyland, the story makes you care about the town and many of it's other residents, definitely not all though.
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Another amazing republish by Mia Sheridan!

Kyland by Mia Sheridan writes in such a way that you not only walk the journey with these characters, but you actually live it and go through it with them. 

Mia never fails, she always manages to pull me down this amazing road with these characters and leave me with a huge smile and happy tears streaming down my face every single time. 
This book is so good and once you start reading it you will not want to put it down!
A truly delightful story. 

"I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own."

Thank You NetGalley and Bloom Books for your generosity and gifting me a copy of this amazing eARC!
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The book Kyland is a tribute to the beautiful hills of Appalachia Kentucky.  A story of finding true love despite the heavy battles of both grief and poverty.  Tenleigh and Kyland are both high school students in the running for a life-changing scholarship for a full ride to the college of their choice and to get out of their hometown.  Each have plenty of valid reasons to have earned the scholarship and have a desperate need to get out of town.  But only one can win. 

<i> Life could injure you, but you could get up again if you were strong enough, and especially if you had the right person to help you out. </i>

This is a New Adult romance and it does have the "misunderstanding" trope, which would typically drive me crazy. However, this book is the one exception since it was masterfully woven into the storyline and for sole purpose of true love.  Kyland is the gallant hero and puts us readers through an emotional roller coaster!  Tenleigh is the strong heroine who is trying to keep her family together despite the many hurdles life throws at them.  I hope we get a sequel to this book with her sister, Marlo, whose pride and insecurity may have blinded her from what has been right beside her all along. 

<i> I do go to hell.  Every day.  For you. </i>

A bonus to this romance is how Kyland and Tenleigh's relationship builds in a small library that Tenleigh lobbied for and asked for book donations to build in a small shack.   I am always a sucker for a romance built on a love of reading and this one did not disappoint! I would recommend this book for adult readers who are not triggered by parental mental illness, claustrophobia, poverty, and grief.  

Please note: an electronic Advanced Reader Copy of this book was generously provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  At the time of this review, the book will be released on May 2, 2023.  Thank you!
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Thank you to Mia Sheridan, Bloom Books, and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review! 

First off, this new cover is absolutely breathtaking! I love it so much 😍 Ever since I finished Archer’s Voice (which is still to this day one of my all time favorite books) I have wanted to dive into Mia’s backlist, so when this was being republished I knew I had to grab it. I am SO GLAD I DID. As someone who grew up in Kentucky, this book was like coming home. Kyland and Tenleigh just own my heart. Second-chance is one of my favorite tropes and I absolutely loved it here. Tenleigh’s family dynamic broke my heart at times, but I loved how they rallied together despite how the odds were stacked against them. Kyland’s story broke my heart as well (it is safe to say they all broke my heart, I could just feel the pain through the words on the page). He has a heart of gold in the purest sense. Also, Sam was beyond precious and I loved how he loved Marlo. I seriously loved every second of this book, even the painful parts. Mia did it again and I can’t wait to keep reading her books!
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Loved it!   When I read the synopsis I thought it may be a little cringey and predictable.  It was anything but. 

Tenleigh and Kyland are growing up in a poor impoverished small town in Kentucky.  Both have been dealt difficult cards in life but are working so hard against the odds to do better and find success.  Tenleigh and Kyland are both competing for the same scholarship, with only one winner, when they start to develop a friendship.  Both being made of grit and determination they refuse to fall in love knowing only one of them will win the ticket out.  

This story was sweet, sad, and funny at times.  I understood the pull they had towards each other and enjoyed reading how their relationship developed through their love of books. My heart ached for the conditions they were living in and the story of their families and small town.  The character development was fantastic and I felt like I really knew their hearts.  

There were some “twists” at the end.  One I saw coming but the last two I didn’t and was a nice uplifting surprise.  

✔️ small town romance
✔️ dual pov
✔️ soul mates
✔️ second chance romance 

TW : mention of sexual assault without graphic details.
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Heartbreaking look at what you do for the person you love.

Tenleigh knows exactly who Kyland is. You have to when you both grow up on the hill, otherwise known as the poor side of town. But it's not until she puts herself on the line for him do they begin a friendship that blossoms into a love to last a lifetime. 

This book had so many things to like. First, Tenleigh and Kyland's relationship is so beautiful. They both put forward a strong front but they found a way to open up to each other. That is what made this book for me: the way they found solace in each other. It wasn't just romantic love. 
There were a few times that the angst was super strong in this, but I did figure out what was going on pretty early. Even with that, it still had me hooked to see how these two came together again and again.

On a separate note, this book did something (I don't want to give it away!!!) that other books don't do that made me happy. I have a huge pet peeve dealing with something happening (or not happening) when the FMC and the MMC are separated for a long period of time. This book didn't have it done and that made me sooooooo happy!

Rerelease date: 5/2
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Thank you @read_bloom for a copy of Kyland. This first love story between Kyland and Tenleigh is tender and so heartbreaking. They both live in poor remote town in Kentucky and both have been raised in such an adverse life. The story is about surviving despite the life given and how driven they are to get out of town. The story is told mainly in their teenage years and then jumps to 4 years later. I would have liked more development of their relationship as adults in the story and less of their teenage love. Overall, a sad tone romance and I enjoyed seeing how the brought joy to each other's life.
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Thanks to Sourcebooks Bloom Books and Netgalley for providing me with an e-arc for an honest review.

This book was a fast read, even with some of the heavier topics in it. There was poverty, dealing with mental illness, and sacrifice. I did find that the second part of the book seemed to be rushed a lot, and it could've been drawn out a little more.
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This is a very touching and emotional look. I thought the setting of the Appalachian area was very different and suited both characters very well. It was interesting to see how they both had such hopes and dreams to get out of their hometown, but when they fell in love, they are priorities changed. The sacrifices made were touching and understandable as well. All in . The sacrifices made we’re touching and understandable as well. All in all, if you are looking for a very touchy and emotional story with fantastic characters and an interesting location, this is the book for you.
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This book is so emotional, and made me cry  more than once. It was such a heartbreakingly powerful book with such incredible characters. It's a touching story that I just couldn't put this one down. Small town romance, second chances, super emotional. So, so good.
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Thank you to NetGalley & Sourcebooks Bloom Books for this ARC. 

Mia Sheridan is an incredibly beautiful writer. I read Archer's Voice years ago and was blown away with the prose and way Mia writes. Tenleigh Falyn and Kyland Barrett were no exception. I loved their relationship and the way they navigated it. Both were equally strong characters alone, but together they were such a force of nature. I love being put through the ringer with these characters. It makes me love and appreciate them so much more.

Mia is a go to author for me, and I'm glad I loved this book as much as her others. I can't wait to see what she does next.
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17 year olds, Tenleigh Falyn and Kyland Barrett live in the small, poverty stricken town of Dennville, Kentucky. They are both fighting to win the one Tyton Coal Scholarship to get a free ride out of town and to make something of themself. Tenleigh and Kyland find themselves becoming friends and helping one another. They end up getting too close and realize that one of them will be leaving and never looking back. What will happen to the one left behind?

I cried more in this book than I did in Archer’s Voice. Mia Sheridan sure can write an epic love story.

If you come from a background of poverty, frugality, having nothing, growing up starving, then this book will resonate so deep with you. I didn’t know whether to put a trigger warning for it or not just because it makes up such a big part of the story and can really cause strong emotions.

If you grew up “raising” your parents or grew up with parents with mental illness, this book will resonate hard as well. Mia Sheridan touched so many topics that I feel, aren’t seen so much in romance books. It just shows the harsher reality for a lot of individuals. 

I loved every bit of this story. It sucked me in from the start. There was never a lull. The story was just so touching and really makes you thankful for what you have. If you enjoy small town romance and second chance romance, this book is for you. I highly highly recommend everyone read this book!

I’d like to thank NetGalley and SOURCEBOOKS Bloom Books for the opportunity to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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