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Mia Sheridan is a growing author that TikTok loves and I have to agree. Mia Sheridan's books are have never done me wrong and once I start one of her books, I cannot put it down and if I must, my day is horrible until I have her book back in my hand. Her characters are representative of real people that you don't typically read about in many books because a lot of authors try to sell sex appeal and a rich façade that not many people truly experience...this book was spicy and gritty and at times, a tear jerker because it shared what some people experience in real life and in this case, it's being down right poor. Sometimes all you really do need in life is somebody's love to drag you out of the darkness. If Mia Sheridan had 100 book written I would make it my life's mission to have them all read in a month and I honestly can't wait to read every book she has published. 

Tenleigh Falyn lives in a mining town with her sister Marlo and her mother, who has her troubles with mental illness. They have nothing to their names, but Tenleigh is determined to change that by working her hardest to win a scholarship that will pay for her to move out and make something of herself. Kyland Barrett also knows a life of nothingness and has experienced loss unlike any other. He too has his eyes on the scholarship that will put his nightmares behind him. Tenleigh and Kyland's paths cross and the unexpected happens, but what will it all mean for the scholarship that they both want but only one can win and how will it affect their relationship?

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the free copy of Kyland by Mia Sheridan in exchange for an honest review.
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Drama. Good lord but this book does have the drama. Plot? Not much. Depth? Nope. The blurb was really interesting to me. I love a small-town romance, but I need to be guided into loving the community, and in this particular situation, I wanted to understand WHY they both wanted to leave it. Sure, I can infer that they want to escape a small rural life to see the world, escape poverty, earn money, etc., but there was barely any back story into the characters and no real driving force. The pacing is so choppy as well. It’s very jarring to me to time jump multiple times. Even if some were relatively short, it took me out of the story.
I tried to really see the slow-burn for what it was, but overall it lacked the romance building elements that I needed to feel connected. 3 ⭐️ 

Thank you NetGalley & the publisher for this gifted advanced copy!
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This book! I mean, this book ! Forget Archer’s Voice (I’m kidding, we all love Archer)
When my husband saw my face he said to me : oh no, you’re gonna be emotional for a week. 
And i am. Mia manages to make you feel so many things with her writing. I knew from the first chapter it’ll wreaked me. Kyland and Tenleigh background’s history is so… I don’t even found the word to express all the emotion I felt during my reading. You can’t help but fall in love with them, their family and the Appalachia of Kentucky’s country side. 
And the cover of this book ? Ok my version is grey, but in real it’s a beautiful shade of purple that bring you straight to the lavender field. 
If you love powerful love story, hope, sacrifice and selflessness, this one is for you.
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This was another book that I thought was new, but is just a rebrand LOL. But I was totally fine with it and loved to be able to read! Mia Sheridan has such beautiful writing and really pulls at the heartstrings.
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Thank you to the publisher and net galley for the opportunity to read this ARC. 

And Mia Sheridan does it again! I love loved this story. I thought the characters were great, their love was beautiful, the sacrifices were too. I loved that their love story was different than most, based around survival, and just being pure. Only my second book by here but another ( stars- need to find more of her stories!
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What a great slow-burn romance!  Kyland and Tenleigh were great characters and I really felt for them.  Having been to areas of Kentucky like this, I felt like it was very true to life.  The story was heartbreaking and the twists were well done.  This was my first Mia Sheridan novel and it definitely won’t be my last!
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Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher, and Mia Sheridan for the ARC of Kyland in exchange for an honest review.

This book was truly so good. There were times that the book did feel a little overwhelming at times, which is why I rated it a 4 star instead of 5 star. I loved the writing style and the story of coming from a tough background and trying to push through and persevere. Kyland's story was heartbreaking, hopeful, and a reminder that history doesn't always determine future.
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Kyland by Mia Sheridan is a novel that brings out so many feelings. Sorrow, loss, grief, love, sacrifice, and hope are just a few things I felt reading this book. I had high hopes going into this book because I loved Archer’s Voice also by Mia Sheridan and it did not disappoint. The story follows Tenleigh and Kyland who both live in Dennville, Kentucky. This is a town in Appalachia where most people live in poverty including our main characters. They know that the only way to get out this town is to win the Tyton Coal Scholarship which offers one student a full ride to the university of their choice. Tenleigh and Kyland are both front runners for the scholarship which gets complicated when they form a relationship. I feel like I had a connection with this story because I also live in Appalachia. I don’t live in a town as impoverished as Dennville, I am still familiar with the hardships that people in Appalachia face but also their sense of community. It could be difficult at times to read about Tenleigh and Kyland going without and the things they had to do to get by. I was almost more invested in them overcoming poverty then their romance. However, the romance is still really beautiful and by the end of the book I was really satisfied with how everything turned out. There were also so many beautiful quotes about love, sacrifice, and hardships that I plan to go back and mark them because they are so meaningful. Overall, I thought this was a beautiful story and has so much going for it including the romance. If you want a truly heartfelt novel this is the one to pick up!
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Wow. I didn’t think a book could have me wanting to cry and throw it across the room, but it did! The book is such a nice and cozy read for any romance lover. I am also so glad this is a stand alone book, with no cliff hangers or others in the series. As Booktok and Spicytok get popular, so does the demand for series, but having a slow burn romance novel is a treat. I would also say in it’s unique way, this is also enemies to lovers, as both Tenleigh and Kyland are competing for their one way ticket out of town. Readers will feel sympathy as they learn Tenleigh’s story, the author does a great job of making you feel through their writing. Although the plot twist was predictable, there is ANOTHER few twist and turns that has you saying ‘ What?! ‘, which was a nice surprise. For anyone who wants a southern book boyfriend, look no further than Kyland. ♥️
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A stand-alone romance in a series.  TBH I had no idea what I was getting into getting this from Netgalley.   But ….. a hot steamy romance where you fall in love with the characters and break when they break was a nice reprieve from true crime!   I will be reading another book in this series
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I love Kyland & Tenleigh. This author brings all the feels to the table. I'm off to Amazon to devour everything this author has written.
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Mia Sheridan has a way of reaching me emotionally with her writing and she has done it again with Kyland. When a book can just stop you in your tracks, break your heart, shock you, and put the pieces back together, that’s my favorite kind of book. 

Kyland and Tenleigh are two kids growing up in small town Kentucky hidden away in the Appalachian mountains, in the same poor neighborhood, who are trying to get out by any means possible. Things get complicated when for the first time they both have something to fight for and something to lose.
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Lately I've been super into reading all of Mia's works. I am grateful to see that this once self-published book is now coming out again in a re-release. I loved the story of Kyland and Tenleigh and their love story. Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC. I was fully invested in the characters and the setting and plot were great. Five star read.
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Thank you Netgalley and Mia Sheridan for the ARC 🙏 Mia Sheridan writes the most beautiful love stories. While this was difficult to read in the emotional sense, it was also so moving. 
It’s rare that both MCs resonate with me in the same story but Mia does it every time. Tenleigh has such a good heart. I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to finish this book if she didn’t get a happy ending, she deserved. But omg I would die for Kyland. 
Side note: Sam was such a great character. We all deserve a Sam. Someone who will stick by your side expecting nothing in return ❤️
I can’t recommend this enough. The realities of poverty in America, the importance of community, the beauty of love and kindness; it’s all there. I can’t wait for more from Mia Sheridan.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing an arc in exchange for an honest review.

Kyland is a novel set in a desolate town in the Appalachian mountains of Kentucky. The world Tenleigh (our heroine) and Kyland (our hero) live in the bleakness of poverty and hardship with the only escape being a full-ride scholarship to college that is only given to one student. The odds and their upbringings are against them. Tenleigh with her heart on her sleeve, and Kyland who will do whatever it takes to escape. What will happen and what sacrifices will be made when their worlds intertwine?

With this being an older romance, I had a different set of lenses on while reading! I've read a couple of Mia Sheridan's more popular novels, Archer's Voice & Most of All You. So, I knew going into Kyland - I was signing myself up for an emotional love story. Boy, it was emotional. It's the type of romance where your chest feels tight and as a reader you're like "what.. will they ever catch a break?" But despite the heart breaking moments, Mia weaves in many tender moments that I loved: the library notes, watching the sunset, bob cats & princesses, the lavender field and Christmas Day. It's what truly made the book special and I think Mia did a great job at displaying the innocence and naivety of young love.

There were a few things I wished were a bit different. Being mainly a romance, the plot line was predictable so I knew the formula and where the story was heading which I didn't mind. However, I wanted to see a bit more character development and I think that would have helped if the adolescent/teenage years were cut back a bit. There's a time jump, and I wished we got a bit more on both characters during that time which would have improved the pacing especially towards the end. In addition, there were a handful of grammatical errors/odd sentence structure that was a bit distracting.

With that being said, I read this book in less than 12 hours. It's a very quick read and if you're looking for something emotional, pick this up!

"Sometimes my life felt so small. And I had to wonder why those of us who were given small lives still had to feel pain so big. It hardly seemed fair.”
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The way Kyland and Tenleigh story is brought together in this book is beautifully captivating. I love how strong female character is portrayed as well. Read in just a few hours because the way Mia writes every book is so easy and captivating that you can't manage to put the book down once you start.
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Tenleigh and Kyland are two teens that live very difficult lives. They live in a town that never quite recovered from tragedy, where they struggled to stay warm and have enough food. Their stories mesh together throughout this book in a captivating way. 

There’s always something special about books that allow characters to rise up from tragedy. Mia Sheridan does a great job of putting you into their shoes to enjoy the entire story. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC. These opinions are 100% my own.
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Mia Sheridan

Genre: Romance
Rating: 5/5 ⭐️
Recommended: Yes!

Amazing. From start to finish this book took me on so many emotional rollercoasters and it was amazing. I think after Most of All You, this is my second favorite Mia Sheridan book. I love how strong the female main character was in this.

Read if you like…
* Small Town
* Hurt/Comfort
* Insta-Love
* Plot Twists
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This is fairly typical Mia Sheridan. Definitely over the top soap opera, but I have a soft spot for a hard luck story, so I was satisfied!
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Lovely coming-of-age story with genuinely kindhearted characters. There’s just this little more I expected and found missing, something that would have glued it more together or made it less predictable. Of course, the love story was, as always with Mia Sheridan, beautiful, yet with all that grime and soot, it felt—to me anyway—a little “too good to be true.”
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