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The Accidental Inheritance

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An enjoyable light read, one to pack in your bag for the beach this summer and wish your village had a pub like this
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A great story. Begun in America and ended in a quaint English village. Lots of twists . Two good love elements. The things you do for your children to be happy . The pub sounded amazing as Cassidy did it up. A great read with a perfect ending. Loved the history that brought Cassidy to England in the first place. Read it
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A romance set in the UK, this story would be suited to become a Hallmark movie of the week. Plot wise, there was nothing ground breaking or innovative, but I did like the humour of the last page. The story was well balanced and sweet, the townspeople were likeable, and the setting lovely.

However, for me the dialogue and much of the phrasing in this novel was a bit OTT British and archaic. If felt as though my 90 year old MIL, Margaret Turnbull (she seems to have made a cameo in this book) was consulted for the selection of much of the phrases featured. 

This novel is still charming in it's own way, but it was too lacking in character development and clever dialogue and unique events to work successfully for me. Also, word of mouth reviews for Cassidy's cuisine would have made up for much of the bad reviews online, so that didn't sit well with me.

Thank you to Netgalley for the opportunity to read this.
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This is a fun cozy romance written by a talented author.  The characters come alive on the pages.  The protagonist is quirky and keeps the story moving. Secrets abound.  The Lord of the manor is a gruffly character but soon mellows.  This book was sent to me electronically by Netgalley for review.  Thanks to the publisher and the author.  Enjoy this  quick fun read and be transported for an afternoon.
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