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Exhauted with California life, Cassidy with her daughter Nora move to England. She inheritance Beeswhistle Inn and discover that her father descended from English aristocrats. I really love new beggining story like this book. New life, new career opportunity, new love, countryside warmth, tight-knit village people who welcome her. There is drama and sabotage here and there is grumpy Ned who cant resist Cassidy. I love how Cassidy do everything to make Nora happy. I really enjoy the reading.

Thank you to NetGalley for provide this book, it is pleasure to review this book.

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4.5 stars.

I absolutely adored this book. I really needed some escapism right now and this book delivered it.

Set in a quintessential British town with the extremely likeable Cassidy risking it all by moving from Sacramento to start a new life with her daughter. The characters are wonderfully written, the story is very sweet and the setting is idyllic. Cate describes things in such a wonderful way that it makes reading the story such an enjoyable experience. I could really see the setting, the beeswhistle inn and the manor.

There aren't any huge plot twists but it's a genuinely good book to read if you want to lose yourself for a few hours.

Thank you so much to Netgalley and the author for the advance copy to read.

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When an American single mother inherits a modest financial bequest after her father's death, she also finds his research into their English ancestors.
She's disillusioned by her current life in the US and her 9 year old daughter is struggling to make real friends at school.
On a whim, she follows up her dad's ancestry and moves to a small Sussex village, where her life becomes very different.
It's the first book I have read by Cate Woods but it won't be the last. She has a similar style to Trisha Ashley, and I intend reading her previous books now.
I definitely recommend The Accidental Inheritance to anyone who reads books by Trisha Ashley, Cathy Bramley or Christina Jones.

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A well written fun read, interesting characters and some great descriptions. A book of fun and friendship. Thank you netgalley for the advanced copy

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Let's be honest up front- this is one giant trope- and it's a fun, funny, and romantic one. Cassidy is a single mom who picks up her kid and moves to the village of Dithercott in the UK because she just might be the heir to a castle but while that's pending, she buys a pub which she wants to turn into a foodie destination. Then there's Ned, the smoldering grump who will become her romantic interest, eventually, And the villagers, who will make you smile. Thanks to netgalley for the ARC. Woods is a good storyteller - this is one for a lazy day.

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After the death of her father, single mother Cassidy Beeswhistle is shocked to learn of her ancestral roots in England. Being a magnificent chef (and having a knack for making the most impulsive, life changing decisions), she decides to relocate from Sacramento to Dithercott, after buying the local Beeswhistle Inn. The situation and people there aren't exactly what she expected but can she deal with it and become a huge success?

I had few expectations from this book (I've no clue why), and was supremely pleased. No regrets picking this whatsoever.

Every single character was a delight, Cassidy, Angelina, the Flints, Ned, and of course little Nora. I even enjoyed the 'villain'- Sophie- for once. You can't help but love the sizzling chemistry between the characters and their lovely quirks.

The romance and scenery in this book is pure bliss and makes your heart flutter again and again. The cover is not bad, but is not a bit a reflection on what is inside. This is really so much more than just a Women's fiction. In the word's of one of the characters (I don't remember who) the story is like a dramatic movie with revelations. I don't think the title is very apt either because the inheritance was by no means Accidental.

If you're looking to branch out into Women's Fiction, or simply want a small twist in your regular rom-coms, this one is your pick.

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OMG! What a wonderful book! thank you Cate Woods!

This book gripped me right from the very start!

A huge move, across to another country, to a place that had significance importance for Cassidy, but with a hopeful heart for Nora her 9 year old daughter to finally fit in and have some friends. Also to follow her dreams in opening a gastropub in an old dilapidated pub that once belonged to her family many years ago.

Follow along with all the wonderful locals and how their welcoming attitude (from some) helped Cassidy and Nora begin their new life and the huddles they had to overcome along the way!

A great read from beginning to end!

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A fun read. Cassidy leaves the states with her young daughter and heads to England to take ownership of a pub. This town has a few connections for her, as her family came from here and owned the manor house years ago. The current owner of the manor house is Ned, and he is as grumpy as he is handsome. Needless to say the story does follow the expected outcome, but that is fine. I enjoyed this one and enjoyed the story and characters and would highly recommend.

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A good read. This story tells of an American mother and child who come to England to build a future in the village their family hailed from generations ago. A story of friendships, hope and love. Very enjoyable.

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The Accidental Inheritance is a story about a woman finding her place in the world. As a single mother, Cassidy Beeswhistle has to face sudden life changes that are out of her control. She then decides to grab life by the horns and buy a Tudor era Pub in England halfway across the world from home in Sacramento, CA.

With a history of rash decisions this is nothing new but what is new is the sense of belonging Cassidy feels almost instantly; even as she finds her new pub in shambles and her welcome to the village chilly.

As the seasons turn to Spring and Summer, Cassidy's welcome warms and she is embraced by the villagers. Well most of them. As the great-great-great-great grand daughter of the original owner Dithercott Manor she is at odds with the current family in residence. Her ancestor gambled away the estate but the rumor of a "lost deed" granting ownership back to the Beeswhistle family puts her at odds with the Bamford-Blighs.

Focusing instead on opening the Gastropub of her dreams, Cassidy works to restore the inn and develop a menu that uses local ingredients and suppliers. Opening a restaurant is not for the faint of heart and Cassidy deals with her fair share of hurdles; ancient plumbing, fire hazards and negative reviews.

I enjoyed the story and the characters and this book was the perfect escape on a rainy winter day. I wish the romance could have unfolded a little more throughout the book but I loved Cassidy's journey so much that I didn't really mind until I finished the book.

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I loved everything about this book. The close-knit community of the English countryside, the loveable characters, the original plot and the romance. The plot was interesting and kept me up late into the night, to read "one more chapter". My only disappointment was that the ending felt too abrupt. I would have been interested to see what happened later.
I can recommend it to everyone who wants to read a heartwarming story.

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Ever been given less than promised?! We all have at one time or another. Channel that frustration and you’ll understand how Cassidy Beeswhistle feels once she arrives in Dithercott. Cassidy has bought a pub in this quaint little village after seeing the listing online…you’re smiling. Right? You know what I’m going to say. Yes, it isn’t as promised. In fact, it’s dilapidated. Can she put her anger aside and make the most of a bad situation for the sake of her daughter?

Throw into the mix and grumpy Lord of the manor, Ned Bamford-Bligh, and some lovely, kind-hearted villagers, mix it with a little romance and you have a perfect feel-good story that will capture your heart and entertain you for ages.

I loved this examination of what constitutes a home; is it where our heart is or is it where we are living at present or can it be both? I felt that the author’s personal experience with single parenting and examining her own identity gave this story authenticity. The message about love coming knocking when we least expect it was clearly delivered and padded in a sweet story.

I was gifted this copy by Bookouture and NetGalley and was under no obligation to provide a review.

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A charming read that is so beautifully written. Would happily recommend this book because everyone will absolutely love it.

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I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump lately, but this was the perfect book to bring me out of it! I started it in the morning and didn’t put it down until I’d finished it a few hours later! We meet Cassidy Beeswhistle and her young daughter, Nora. Through various reasons, Cassidy decides to move from California to the quaint little English village of Dithercott where she has bought the village pub. As Cassidy is a chef, she hopes to bring the pub to life with her food, but is totally unprepared as to the condition that the pub has been left in by its previous owners and the animosity she faces from some of the local people! Has she just made the biggest mistake ever?!

I absolutely loved this book and was hooked on it from the very beginning. I liked Cassidy’s character and was impressed by her impulsiveness on moving from America to England – she’s certainly braver than I would ever be! Things are never straightforward though, and the condition of her new home turns out to be one problem in a long line of problems! Cassidy does however have the backing of a village full of wonderful characters who are ready to help her, although of course there is always going to be some out to cause trouble!

The storyline flows along wonderfully and is so easy to read! There are plenty of light-hearted moments which will make you smile and laugh alongside the complications of Cassidy’s love-life where she must work out which villager has captured her heart. She’s a fun character and her relationship with her daughter was heart-warming! The little village sounded delightful and Cassidy’s easily formed friendships with the other villagers made me wish I could move to Dithercott just so I could be part of it all!

This was a fabulously fun and romantic read! The characters are lovable, the location is perfect and even Bertie Beeswhistle’s story of the missing deeds had me on the edge of my seat! My first book by this author, but it certainly won’t be the last! Loved it!! Would recommend!

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A sweet story about taking chances and finding home. I really enjoyed the characters and backstory of this one. A very quick read.

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I enjoyed this novel as a quick and satisfying read. Set in a quaint English village, one meets Cassidy, a chef who has plans to renovate and open an inn. With the help of newly made friends, her dreams become a reality. A feel good book that I probably would not have read, however I was looking for an easy read and this meant my needs.

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This sweet cozy story is set in a village in the English countryside. Cassidy moves from America to Dithercott to refurbish and open the local inn as a restaurant. The townspeople are delightful and rally round Cassidy and her daughter offering help, support, and friendship. Except for one local resident, that is. Sophia Quill will stop at nothing to force Cassidy to flee back to the US. Cassidy must decide whether to give in or to stay and fight for the life she’s building.
The romantic aspect of the story wasn’t as developed as the rest of the plot. There are actually 2 possibilities for Cassidy to choose from - the local pastor and the Lord of the Manor, Ned. She didn’t actually spend much time with either of them, which made her eventual decision and attraction a bit rushed and forced.
Otherwise, this is a quick easy and fun read with a satisfying ending. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4.
Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the eARC to read and review. All opinions are my own.

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“The Accidental Inheritance” is a rom-com by Cat Woods. I found this to be a quick light read, not requiring a lot of attention with a pretty good story line - which was what I needed after a number of heavy reads. First - a huge shout to Ms. Woods for mentioning a minor league baseball team - the Sacramento River Cats! Any time an author makes a shout to to a MiLB team, I’m all for it. The plot of this book is a bit predictable, but I did like how things did work out in the end for our heroine. The parts I weren’t too thrilled about were minor - a local person *won* GBBO and he’s supplying treats - why isn’t that advertised anywhere? That alone would be a pull! Online reviews are bad, but word of mouth trumps them often (as does staying on top of the negative reviews and contacting the review site to get them removed). Overall, this was a cute story and I could easily see it being a Hallmark movie, if so decided.

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First book I've read from this author. I was initially drawn to it by the absolutely stunning cover design.

I enjoyed this book, the characters were likeable and the plot held my interest throughout. I liked the setting.

Fairly basic writing style (I'm also not a fan of flashbacks but that's more of a personal opinion and not a comment on the author). Nothing ground-breaking but a fun, quick & easy read for summer.

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I enjoyed this story, it was well written, had good narrative and good pacing and the characters were well developed and relatable. I read this quickly and would definitely recommend it

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