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I thought that this was a really nice story.

I loved the inclusion element and that the child in the wheelchair in the end got to see the most of all of the children, that was a lovely touch.  

My niece has cerebral palsy and she does has to wear a cast which can at times also hinder her and she has used a wheelchair too when recovering from associated surgery so this is a great book to show that you can still get involved and be treated the same – that you can and should be treated with dignity and the positive message about friendship and working together too

I loved the illustrations too that brought the book to life – it is 4 stars from me for this one
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A heartwarming tale of friendship, self-discovery, and acceptance, Leigh's journey teaches us to embrace our differences and find joy in unexpected places. With courage and determination, Leigh finds a newfound appreciation for nature and himself.
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Leigh faces a daunting challenge when assigned a nature study project at school. Despite feeling intimidated by his more physically capable classmates, he perseveres and discovers a unique connection with the natural world.

Great read with a great story that children will love.
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This book follows three friends, Leigh, Tara and Cosmo as they make medieval costumes for the school fair. They struggle with what to dress up as before ultimately deciding that they can be brave and strong and silly at the same time.

What I Loved: The illustrations in this book are beautiful. I love the message that kids can be many things at once. Being silly doesn't mean you can't also be brave and strong! The wheelchair representation was amazing, and a great way to visually illustrate that all kids are different and can have different emotions, but that all kids are still awesome!

What Didn't Work: Kids don't always understand that sometimes when they are goofing off and making jokes that another kid can be hurt by their words or actions. Leigh was negatively affected by Cosmo and Tara putting a cardboard box and plastic barrel over him and his wheelchair. While I understand that is the action that leads to the message of the story, I wish Tara and Cosmo would have apologized after Leigh apologized to them. After all, Leigh had every right to feel upset and didn't necessarily need to apologize for feeling that way. I know Tara apologizes before Leigh goes outside, but if there was remorse shown from Tara and Cosmo after Leigh apologizes, I believe the overall message would be stronger.
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