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This is a good book the two main characters are Emily and Saul. Emily owns the the flower shop. Saul runs the family barbecue restaurant. Saul has been flirting with Emily for awhile. They start dating it it is hard with their busy schedules. They each have issues but together they work them out and fall in love.
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Emily loves her shop and her life but when Saul starts flirting with her Emily is completely ignorant of it.  Saul finally just comes out and tells Emily he wants to date her.  Emily soon learns her family is bigger than she thought and she has the love of a lifetime with Saul. 

Saul finally has Emily but will she accept his new found charge Beck.  What a beautiful story of family!
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This story will make you want to live in Cemetery (mostly because of Saul but he’s now taken – sigh).  If Emily and Saul’s romance doesn’t give you all the feels, there’s Beck.  You will endear him to your heart.  Everyone will fall in love with Kathleen.  I’m delighted with the increase in her appearance and her role in the outcomes.  I think Betty is my long lost aunt with her sneaky meddling and her absolute control.  Mabel and Sullivan are awesome secondary characters and their romance is darling.  Absolutely Delightful!
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We are back in the small town of Cemetery, Indiana where everyone knows your business if you like it or not. The town mascot is a mannequin named Kathleen and she shows up in the craziest places with the craziest props and we would not want it any other way! Emily owns the town’s florist shop and Saul owns the BBQ joint and together they have been dancing around some feelings. Well enough is enough and it is time for these two to come clean and start their lives together. They both love their town, family and friends and it’s time for them to show their love for each other. These two have an undeniable connection and great banter. Emily could be a little awkward, but that makes her banter so much more enjoyable. This was any adorable read with a cute story with a few emotional moments. The characters in this town are larger than life and leap through the pages as they tell their stories. The one thing I can always count on when reading a Lori Foster book is the story within the story. Boy oh boy did Gentry and Mila have their own story to tell. Gentry really stood out for me and I really enjoyed his strong character and loved him for Mila. I have really been enjoying this series and as always as each book ends, I look forward to seeing what Lori will be writing for us next!
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What a great book. Emily runs the flower shop in town, thinks she is perfect.
To Saul, she will always be perfect and has been chasing her for a long time.
When Saul tells Emily he wants them to date, Emily is so happy.
Emily has taken Gentry under her wing at the flower shop, and he has proved he is irreplaceable.
When the town mannequin-Kathleen shows up with fun statements it makes the Cemetary Facebook page news.
Emily decides she needs to change some things as she has been stuck. Saul is the guy to make her want change.
Emily has a past that she is grateful for her aunt and uncle.
When Saul makes a change to raise his best friends son after a tragic accident, Emily is there to help.
This book shows the love of family, friends, flowers and a town of friends makes life happy.
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The Little Flower Shop was a charming, fun, low angst small town story that I found very entertaining.  While at times I got frustrated with the heroine in this story, the hero made up for it by being just a wonderful man in all ways.  With small town shenanigans (I’m looking at you Kathleen or rather the people who move you around), a town matriarch who shows everyone there is more to her than meets the eye, and a colorful cast of supporting characters; this book was a perfect way to spend an afternoon reading.

Emily Lucretia owns the flower shop in Cemetery, Indiana and is known as “the flower lady.” Emily love for flowers came from her Uncle Sullivan who got her interested in flowers when she came to live with him and her Aunt Mabel after her parents died. I liked Emily but she was very hung up on the fact she was 41, it seemed like that was mentioned way too often because honestly, who cares? And I don’t quite believe anyone who lived through a bad relationship, a divorce, and works with the public is so naive she doesn’t realize when men are flirting with her, especially Saul who apparently has been doing it for awhile.

Saul Culver owns the local barbeque joint and is a respected member of the town. Saul is one of those good guy heroes that I adore. He works long hours and many days but he’s hired some new people because he needs more time off.  He wants nothing more than to date Emily but he worries that what he’s worried that he’s been working on might not be in her plans.

When Emily’s Uncle Sullivan is injured, Saul jumps in to prove to Emily that he’ll be there for her if she’ll allow it and she does. Just as she lets go and allows her employee, Gentry, to take on more responsibility at the shop.

While there was a romance between Emily and Saul this book was about relationships of all kinds, about “found family,” and finding a place you belong.

The Little Flower Shop was a feel good story I enjoyed greatly.
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I got hooked on the quirky little town and its residents as soon as I read Honeymoon Cottage. Needless to say, Cemetery, Indiana is a unique destination. 😉

I’ve mentioned more than once that I adore pretty much everything offered by this author, but I tend to lean more toward her romantic suspense. There’s something appealing about a light romance with witty characters and a small town full of quirkiness. And who can resist a town mascot that seems to take on a life of “her” own?

I think what I like most about the Indiana Summers (Cemetery Indiana) series is the way that everyone seems to look out for each other. That’s actually the new theme for the town. It’s kind of a refreshing concept to see businesses actually working with each other instead of trying to compete and one-up each other. That alone makes this a true “feel good” series.

I’m pretty sure that the series will continue and I can’t wait to see what the residents of this special close-knit town get into next. ❤
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3.5 stars rounded up: The Little Flower Shop is the second book in Lori Foster's Indiana Summer series. Emily Lucretia is known as the flower lady. Since her divorce, she has put all her energy into her flower shop in Cemetery Indiana. She is also trying to take care of her elderly aunt and uncle who raised her after her parent's death. Saul Culver, the owner of the local barbecue joint, has been interested in Emily for a while, but she is oblivious to his attraction. She is also attracted to him, but afraid to let him know. When her uncle falls and ends up in the hospital, Saul takes the plunge and lets her know how he feels. Thus the fun begins. The whole town becomes invested in their relationship and there is a lot of fun there, until they finally give in to their feelings.

Although I enjoyed this book, it didn't have the same feel as the first one. There was a lot of humor in this story, especially with the social media aspect. Betty Cemetery, the matriarch of the town gets involved and we see her in a very different light than in the first book in the series. I liked the characters and thought the older ones in the story were wonderful, adding some humor, but also love and wonderful feelings of family. As well, Kathleen, the town manequin plays a humorous role in the story. I'm not sure what it was about this story that didn't draw me in as much as the first one, perhaps it was the pacing. Some of the situations seemed forced and that they didn't quite fit smoothly. I did enjoy how the story played out and the fun they had along the way. I liked that their relationship took time and flowed easily, without some huge angsty situation. I liked that there was a secondary storyline and romance with Emily's co-worker and Saul's employee, which unfolded nicely within the book and introduced new characters to the series. Overall, this was a sweet story that ended with two happily ever afters and made me smile. Many others loved this one, so perhaps it was just me. If you enjoy an uplifting story with humor and romance, this might just be the one for you.
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A sweet read that could be many people's romantic journey.  Emily is gun-shy about falling for another guy, namely Saul, after her X did a number to her mind making her feel less than.  
Living in Cemetery, the citizens all know each other and their business too, even upcoming business, which makes for some pretty funny reading.  Kathleen, the dummy, plays a huge part again when Emily and Saul, and several others decide to use her to their advantage.  
A fun read to take the reader out of their own world, dropping them smack dab in the middle of Saul and Emily, and Cemetery.  
New characters entering making it doubly romantic, and full of surprises.  
I received an early copy.  I am giving my own honest opinion of "The Little Flower Shop".  
Well worth reading.
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I really enjoyed this book.  Katherine is my favorite.  I hope there are more books.   This book was just what I needed an easy read to escape into for a while.  I highly this book.
Thank you Netgalley and Harlequin for allowing me to read this book for an honest review.
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Emily Lucretia is the Flower Lady in Cemetery, Indiana. She grew up with her beloved Aunt Mabel and Uncle Sullivan after her parents were killed when she was seventeen. With her sweet, empathic nature she's loved by all and most think she's perfect. Emily knows she's not perfect, her failed marriage is a perfect example. At forty-one she's feeling old and wants to shake things up a little. 

Saul Culver took over his father's barbeque restaurant, but now he's ready to go after the lady of his dreams and make time for the important people in his life.

Gentry McAdams struggled growing up, unwanted by his mother he was raised mostly by his loving Grandfather. He came to Cemetery to start over with a clean slate. Gentry loves his job at the flower shop and his amazing boss. He's friendly but reserved, not wanting to make any mistakes in his new town.

Mila Nash came to Cemetery after a bad break-up but one look at Gentry has her hooked. She's an out-going go-getter who embraces life, willing to take risks to find happiness.

The Little Flower Shop has not one but three couples from three generations to fall in love with, each have suffered loss. Saul has been trying to catch Emily for years but he's about to change his subtle approach for a more direct one to convince her and another special someone a chance. Uncle Sullivan and Aunt Mabel get a scare after Sullivan takes a fall but it doesn't stop their love for each other from shining through and making people smile at their loving antics with each other. Gentry wasn't looking but Mila bowled him over and they are both enjoying a second chance in their new home.

Step right in and enjoy the sweet warm town of Cemetary with fun people, sweet romance, a mannequin who gets around and animals to fall in love with.

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Emily hasn't had the easiest past, from her parents dying when she was young to her marriage and then divorce. Her ex made her think she'd never find love again, so she concentrated on her business which is now quite successful. Saul starts to show an interest, but she's certain she's too old for him because she is a couple years older than he is. He could care less about the age; he's interested in Emily the person and all the wonderful things about her. In fact, the word perfect is used to describe her too many times, so she decides she's going to shake things up and make some changes. Saul's determined to win her over and his patience and support are heartwarming. He just may convince her that she's worth someone else's love and affection. This is the 2nd book in the series, so we get to see some of the other cast of characters as well as being introduced to a couple new people that are in Emily and Saul's circle. I received an ARC and am voluntarily leaving my review.
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Fun, light read. Read about Saul , the local restaurant owner and the small town of Cemetery, Indiana, try to fix up Emily, the local flower shop owner with a love life. Cute story.
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The Little Flower Shop is the second book in Lori Foster's "Indiana Summer" series.
I loved being back in the small town of Cemetery and revisiting it's wonderful characters.
This story focuses on Emily and Saule and their slow burning romance until they reach their happily ever after.
Love, laughter and tears make this a wonderful heart-warming read!

Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin Trade Publishing for an arc of this novel in exchange for my honest review.
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I really enjoyed this book. The lack of confidence that Emily has on herself is sad. By the end of the book, Emily finally comes into her own. I love the town of Cemetery and all the quirky people in it. Emily and Saul are of course perfect for each other and a few other people find their forever too in this book. You don't have to read the first book to enjoy this one. I am glad I read this book as it put a smile on my face reading it.
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There was something about the Emily character that didn’t work for me. It was an okay story of romance for forty something Emily but she seemed to be too oblivious even for someone in a small mid-western town. I did like the Saul and Gentry characters as well as Mabel and Sullivan and I fully understood the behavior of the cat Lori described. However, the Lawson Salder character struck me as creepy for some reason. All and all it’s an okay story for summer beach read with a happy ending!
3.0 Stars
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THE LITTLE FLOWER SHOP is a warm, hilarious read by Ms. Foster that falls in the same world as her previous book, THE HONEYMOON COTTAGE. 

Written by Annetta Sweetko for Fresh Fiction
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Welcome back to the town of Cemetery. This time its Emily and Saul's time to find their happy ever after. Emily runs the towns florist as well as taking care of her aunt and uncle. Saul is the owner of the towns barbecue joint. Both are well like by the towns people. Saul has had a romantic interest in Emily for a while. But she isnt getting his hints. The little Flower Shop is a heartwarming read. Lori Foster writes engaging characters. The antics of a cat and dog will have the reader smiling.
The relationship between Aunt Mabel and Uncle Sullivan is so sweet. Kathleen the mannequin is back for more fun. Another 5 star read from Lori Foster, i can't wait to read what happens in the next book from this series.
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I have read books by Lori Foster for years and they are always a good read. A heartwarming story set in a small town with the two main characters who  were first introduced to the readers in the first book of the series.
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Foster has to be one of the most consistently good writers ever.  You know picking up her books that the story will be good, the characters great and it will leave you feeling good.

The Little Flower Shop is another visit to Cemetery, Indiana.  Not only do we get to know Emily and Saul so much better in this book but we get to see our favorites from The Honeymoon Cottage, especially Betty Cemetery and Kathleen.  OMG Kathleen. I'm laughing just thinking about her.  If you don't know yet, you have to read the book to find out why!  The characters in this book are not only wonderful but the story is sweet and enjoyable.  I could totally see myself living there and weaving into the resident's lives.  Saul and Emily are wonderful.  I loved that Emily has always been liked but a bit apart from those around her but Saul doesn't care.  He's had an eye on her for awhile and sees his chance to pursue a relationship.  He's also quite the opposite of her ex=husband who shook her self-image.  Saul's quiet confidence in their match is heartwarming and perfect for snagging Emily.

I highly recommend this book!

Thanks to NetGalley, Canary Street Press and the author for the ARC.
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