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I really liked this one. I‘m still deciding if I dislike how often tiktok was mentioned or used since I usually don’t care but it did happen a couple times.

I mostly enjoyed the storyline, however I‘m not the biggest fan of this whole 'I‘m not good enough for them' or 'they don‘t feel the same way' thing which seems to happen in a lot of friends to lovers books as well.

Anyways, personally the star of the book was Dash and I don‘t know if I could have finished it without him!
Lovedddd him

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Honestly, one of my favorite reads so far this year. I love Dash. His struggles are real and you feel for him. The way he loves Sophie is so pure. Sophie is a rockstar. She didn't flinch when Dash laid it all out to her. She is a solid rock and yes, she should have told Poppy about whatever was happening. Her sense of humor was a light and I loved it!

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I loved the health rep (pace maker) in this !
this was a really nice love story that reads low stakes, a good beach read. I liked the flow of the story, really easy to read in 1 sitting. I loved too that our MC was able to take a look at her failed past relationships and use them as her path to growth. Also there are some very good, steamy scenes <3

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Thank you Harlequin Publishing for the eARC in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own!

This story follows author Sophie Lyon with a rough bout of writers block. Who needs to get it together so she can afford paying for all her expenses of adulthood. Her landlord Dash Montrose is a recovering Alcoholic and former actor. When Sophie goes viral for a drunken moment in a bar Dash is tasked with bringing the video to her attention by his sister. Sophie is very much still having a rough time and throws up all over him leaving him no choice but to help her. As they get to know each other they realize there might be something more there. However, are either one of them ready to commit?

I enjoyed some of the sweet moments Sophie and Dash had between each other. I thought this was a great portrayal of imperfect characters coming together and falling in love despite their flaws. I did not love the sexual content in this book I skipped those parts since it is just a personal preference. So take that into account when viewing my rating.

Content: Explicit sex scenes, swearing, family manipulation, alcoholism

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Plot twist: I did not enjoy this book. all.

Here are my notes, since I'm writing this a couple days after finishing:

1. Right off the bat, Sophie is SUPER dramatic.
2. Ned is full of BS that he's moved on - he's being ridiculous.
3. I don't get why we're hiding the sobriety; also, the romance is moving kind of quickly.
4. Why can't they tell Poppy about the kiss? Are they not both grown ups?
5. If I had a dollar for every time Dash was doing something "he'd never normally do", I could buy a lot of books.
6. Cindy is WAY creepy.
7. I'm so over Dash's angst.
8. told someone about her eggs being frozen which is UBER PERSONAL, then you avoid her and now want to be hurt because she didn't tell you about the surrogate?! A. You don't get to be upset about someone else's choices in their fertility journey, and B. You literally told someone about something does she know you'd keep this a secret?
9. Dash's mom is a bunch of words I won't write here, and a legit roller coaster of emotions.
10. This storyline is all over the place; I seriously can't keep up.
11. Seriously: get together, don't, get together, don't...cheese and crackers.
12. Why are you (Sophie) upset about a TikTok account???? He was posting CRAFTING VIDEOS!
13. Childish much?
14. Kitty is a right B word.
15. What was the point of the stalker?

I wish I could recommend this book...but I just can't. I couldn't stand either of the MC's; they were both super dramatic and angsty and just ridiculous. The storyline didn't feel cohesive, and it was just...blah.

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Thank you to Netgalley for providing an eARC for review! Sophie is a romance writer wondering if she is a one-hit wonder after she encounters debilitating writer's block trying to find the right ending for her second novel. Her landlord and best friend’s older brother, Dash Montrose is a former child star trying to breakaway from his famous family and the acting industry. Dash is focusing on staying sober after leaving rehab; finding solace in the anonymous crafting TikTok. After an accidental viral moment depicting Sophie’s drunken love hating rant, together they team up to produce a TikTok series investigating why Sophie has never been able to say “I love you”. Dash and Sophie were a good match for each other; their chemistry was solid enough to keep me invested in their relationship. I do think that the pacing was a little of kilter, it was drawn out for a long time and then it was a lot of bouncing back and forth between the two that made me pull back my investment a bit.

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Plot Twist
by Erin La Rosa
3 stars
Jan 31st to Jan 31st
336 pages

Okay so read this to complete a bingo board and it took a lot in me to not just DNF it. Being said I did enjoy the writing of it but the story all together wasn't for me unfortunately.

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Plot Twist was a fun little read about love but with a social media and book trope twist. It had a small amount of spice and was a fun read but not necessarily enough for me.

In plot twist the main character is a romance author who is struggling with her second novel because she's never been in love. She starts posting on social media about this and decides that want she needs to do is meet all of her exes and document what went wrong to try and make sure that her next relationship is a happy ever after.

Enter the next door neighbor/best friend's brother. He's been her long time, forbidden crush and of course he has some problems. He's a recovering alcoholic.

Overall it was kind of a fun story but I don't know how well it addressed the alcoholism and the main character's self discovery. Some of the points seemed a bit rough around the edges and the romance tropes were a bit too on the nose. Though I did enjoy it I was hoping it would be a bit more than what it was in the end.

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Plot Twist is technically a second book in a series but i dont think the first is required reading. There is a lot of things happening in this book - from alcoholism to mentions of IVF to LGBTQ representation to a ton of different tropes. Most things were handled very well and it was a fast interesting book to read. I appreciated the dual POV and especially found Dash to be an interesting character, but I dont think Sophie was that well flushed out. I think there could have been more there to explore for her. There were a few cringy moments in the love scenes but overall I enjoyed it and would read more in the series.

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I loved for Butter or Worse. This isn't a sequel but it takes place within the same universe as this time our Main Female Character is Nina's sister. I really enjoy Erin La Rosa's writing but I don't think this story/characters were for me. I found Sophie to be a little bit emotionally immature, and that's part of her story arch but I found the emotional immaturity to be more childish than young audutish if that makes sense. I thought Erin La Rosa did a good job tackling the subject of addiction and showing the struggle that it can be in her male protagonist. It was nice to see a character whose sobriety journey wasn't perfect. Overall it was an enjoyable story though I thought it fell short in trying to get me to connect or sympathize with the characters.
Though this one wasn't my favorite, I enjoy the author's style and characters for the most part and can't wait to see what she writes next.

Special thanks to Harlequin Trade Publishing, and Canary Street Press for the ARC provided.

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This book was just “meh” for me. I felt like I was reading it because I had to finish it instead of reading it because I wanted to finish it. I can’t quite put my finger on what it was.

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I loved that this book covered many serious topics, like self discovery, sobriety and mental health. Overall, the plot was fun and well paced. I did however, not find any of the MCs very intriguing. Sophie especially got on my nerves with her inconsistency and behavior that bordered on immaturity (especially given that these characters were in their 30s). It made parts of this book almost impossible to get through with how much I rolled my eyes and got annoyed all the time.

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When romance author Sophie goes viral online for posting a video about how she’s never been in love, she finds herself embarking on a journey to see what her eyes have to say about their failed relationships. She takes up with her hot landlord, a former teen heartthrob who’s trying to live a quiet, and anonymous life.

This book had about five plot lines all going simultaneously and none of them seemed to mesh well with each other. I wanted the romance between Sophie and Dash to be stronger and for everything with Dash and his… online friend… maybe to not exist in the story at all. It felt so wildly out of place and like it belonged in a different book entirely.

I really wanted to like this story more than I did. There were some good things in here that I really liked. Unfortunately, this book didn’t do it for me.

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It had a LOT OF POTENTIAL, but it did not give.

It felt like the tropes were randomly thrown in, the characters kinda felt childish and also the “kinda cheating trope” umm. Like I said better it had potential, the plot was so interesting.

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I read this book as a pallet cleanser between two fantasy books, and it was definitely a good light read. The characters were interesting, the plot was funny, and it was just an easy, romance book.

Our main character, Sophie, is a romance writer, who has never fallen in love, so she goes to revisit her past exes to figure out what went wrong. She is a very flawed character, as we go through book, we see her, realizing that she has a lot of responsibility when it comes to her failed relationships.

Our mail, love interest, dash, is a former teen heartthrob, who is 18 months, sober, but hasn’t told his famous family yet. Oh, and he’s also Sophie’s landlord and her best friend’s brother.

I do think that we could’ve done with less tropes, I felt like almost every single book trope imaginable was somehow represented in this story, and I would’ve rather have a few done well rather than so many.

Overall, this was a cute and fluffy read, definitely not my favorite romance book, but I would recommend it to others just cause I think it’s fun!

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"The Plot Twist" by Erin La Rosa is a delightful exploration of unexpected turns in life, both in and out of fiction. La Rosa's witty and relatable writing style adds charm to the narrative, making it an engaging read. The anecdotes and insights shared offer a fresh perspective on navigating life's uncertainties. While some sections may feel slightly predictable, the overall delivery and humor elevate "The Plot Twist" to a four-star-worthy experience.

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First of all, I LOVE a grump/sunshine trope and a bestfriend's brother trope! And it made for a perfect combination here. I loved the dimensionality of the characters in this book. They were well developed and faced what I think of as real-life issues we rarely get to see in traditional romance. And the HEAT was perfect! Erin La Rosa knocked this one out of the park, and I loved it!

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When romance author Sophie Lyon admits in a video that she has never been in love, it goes viral.
Sophie is on a mission to turn things around, with the help of her best friend's handsome brother, she sets out to meet up and speak with her exes to determine why they broke up.

This book was a fast and cute read, however there was nothing about this story or these characters that really pulled me in.

Recommend this book if you want a fun, albeit forgettable read.

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I'm getting tired of all these immature characters who seem to know absolutely nothing about themselves and the world in which they live. Sophie's big issue is that she's a romance writer who has never been in love and she has writer's block. Apparently, it's the end of the world. Dash has actual problems, like a new tenuous sobriety, yet he's attracted to Sophie because of course he is. Meh.

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Sophie is a romance writer who has never been in love. On deadline for her second novel, she has writer's block. With the support of her teenage crush now landlord, Dash Montrose she begins a journey of self discovery to discover what she needs to do to fall in love.
This is cute novel and Sophie and Dash were vulnerable and likeable characters. I found the first half of the book a little slow and it seemed a long time for the story to really take off. The last half of the story picked up and had a satisfying conclusion. This is a good choice for fans of modern contemporary romance novels.
One note. I'm fine with spicy scenes but they can make or break a novel. Sophie and Dash's first encounter was so unrealistic -- naked, daytime, outdoor sexy times --that is it was distracting and pulled me out of the story.
3.5 stars

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