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Just A Fling is a amazingly beautiful second chance romance with love and loss. Dawn is in school studying for a degree in the field of law along with currently being in a student exchange program in law. During this time she meets a cute solar developer named Callahan. Callahan is adoringly cute, tall and  hunky brit with an amazing accent. He is known for not committing in relationships and self sabotaging himself by refusing to let himself be happy. Callahan dumps Dawn after a summer filled with love and passion. Dawn and Callahan's future after not speaking to each other comes colliding through their current jobs. Just a fling has a dual  timelines current time as well as flashbacks. This was such a great steamy, addictive, second chance romance. I loved every minute of reading this novel.
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I was taken aback at how it started but once I kept reading I was sucked right in and couldn't put it down. Good flow to the story of Callan and Dawn with some good supporting characters who definitely added humor all wrapped with some good spicy bits as well. I really enjoyed how the story came together and how all the interesting parts that I scratched my head on, all fell into place. I would absolutely recommend and will be reading again.
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This is told in third person. Callan and Dawn meet each other in england and had a summer to remember with her and then dumps her. They run into each other again can they make it work a second time around. I love second chance romances and this one was incredibly cute and sweet also seeing them work through it all.
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I absolutely loved this book from the get go. From the first chapter I adored Dawn. She was funny, smart and so relatable. Callan is our broken charming hero and at times I felt like yelling at him but at times I felt Iike hugging him too. 
Dawn and Callan meet in Cambridge where she is taking summer course for law and he is attending his best friends' wedding. They had sizzling summer fling and Dawn fells head over heels in love with him but Callan due to his baggages breaks her heart and lets her go. One year later, fate brings them together again, when Callan visits New York for his business. Once again they get a chance to rekindle thier love but is Callan willing to let go his baggage and hold Dawn. 
This book is so much more then a second chance romance. Definitely a must read !
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Rating : 2.5 stars

’Just a fling’ is a contemporary romance that I have very complicated feelings about. The thing is, there were fleshed-out characters, a good writing style (but not at all atmospheric), and a good plot. But there also were tropes that I hate and that was miscommunication and insta love. Both of these appear very tiring to me. And the book was too spicy for me, being spicy is not the problem, but they got into all the spice part without even knowing each other enough and they think they are in love🤷‍♀️. I thought getting steamy followed by some sort of emotional connection would’ve been more interesting or the other way around. I’m not a smut reader but I also happen to like romance books, so as usual I skipped over those and it was like 1/4th of the book😶. Instead of these many intimate scenes, emotional scenes may have contributed to some sort of bonding between FMC and MMC. It actually gave me the vibe that they both have been confused lust as love- to keep it plain.

The story follows Dawn Mathison, who is a law student and is in England for a summer program. She stumbles into Callan Marlowe in a coffee shop and it is something like love at first sight? Anyway from there they start dating and they are very much into each other. Dawn wants to make this relationship work but Callan cannot commit to a relationship. He has a dark past which he is running from and Dawn was supposed to be a distraction. Now that he has fallen for her, things are getting out of hand and he doesn't know how to handle his emotions. Just a Fling is a story about heartbreak, and trauma and shows you that facing reality can make all the difference.
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I’m all for second chance romance, however, the whole plot seem to have highlighted more the flaws and the red flags of both leads.

The starting chapter built up much anticipation - why do the characters react that way when they met again? Then came the juxtaposition of the occurrences in their respective lives as individuals - how they changed much of themselves and their plans (in life) after their first encounter and how they changed all of these yet again, when they parted ways. 

I shared the pain and hurt of the female lead that for the most part, I also am wondering about this big trauma projected by the male lead - going about they cannot be together because “he doesn’t deserve it”. Not to invalidate the trauma in itself, but the male lead may have done and not have done things that could set a bookworm’s heart swoon. This guy raised much red flags.

Somehow, in this process of push and pull between the male and female lead, again, because of the male lead’s “trauma” may have changed the female lead into a red flag herself.

While in the end, I could it all ended well, somehow, how they came to be was too turbulent, messy and toxic. Rather than feel good that they ended up together, somehow there’s this feeling that they worked out because they both became red flags and being with each other kind of “neutralize” them as such.
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Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for this ARC in exchange for my honest review. 

Just a Fling is a story about a second chance at love, forgiveness and learning to coup with your past. Dawn and Callan have a meet-cute at the coffee shop while she’s studying abroad. He’s a bit of a grump at times and they definitely have a rollercoaster love affair. He broke her heart the year before and then he suddenly is back in her life again through work. I was definitely rooting for these two characters. I enjoyed the plot and overall it was a good read.
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For the love of romance books, this one was so tedious. The potential was there but the execution wasn't it.
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This is a good book. The two main characters are Dawn and Callan. Dawn goes to England for the summer for studying abroad. There she meets Callan at a coffee shop. There is an instant attraction. They start dating. Then at the end of summer Dawn went back to her university. They meet up again in New York after Dawn graduates. They start dating again. They each have issues but together they work them out and fall in love.
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I love a good second chance romance! The characters were very likeable I love Dawn and Callan's relationship
I haven't ever read anything by this author and I was just scrolling through net galley and stumbled upon this book and I am so glad I did. It was a very enjoyable second hand romance. I got sucked in and went on a rollercoaster of emotions, which I love when that happens when I am reading.

Such a cute good romance you should definitely give it a read! 
Can't wait to see what the author does next!
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Dawn Mathison had an enticing summer romance with business owner Callan Marlowe. However, it felt like she was the only one that felt the connection after he left her hanging at the end. Years later, they run into each other again and it seems like he wants to talk, but Dawn isn't interested in listening. 

Just A Fling was a pretty short and fast read. There was an instant connection between Dawn and Callan that just felt rushed, almost like instant love. Instant love has never been my thing because of how intensely mushy the execution is. This book was less on the mushy side, but it still gave off the instant love vibes. Callan and his past trauma played a significant part in their love story, and I like how it was represented. The ending did seem a little rushed though. Overall, it was a light and easy read.
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This was a beautifully written second chance story about dealing with tragic loss and letting yourself heal. Dawn is a law student and goes to England for the summer through her student exchange program. While there, she meets Callan, and they have one amazing, hot summer fling and fall in love, but then he just leaves her. Dawn had really thought he was the one. Dawn's heart has mended now, but they meet again when she is back in New York, living her best life with her dream job. Callan is a broken man with a tragic past, and he just doesn't do relationships. He hasn't told Dawn any of his past, but he thinks Dawn is the one for him. Callan wants Dawn back and is motivated to work through his issues with his past. Their story gets more emotional as they break up and get back together a number of times. Dawn can help him heal and move on, but will he let her?
A great story with interesting characters that had me engaged from start to finish. Glad to have had the chance to read this.
I received a complimentary copy from Netgalley and am voluntarily leaving my review.
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Just a Fling
Written By Katherine Grace
Publisher The Wild Rose Press
Release Date April 15, 2023

Overall Enjoyment:

A modern second chance novel….. hmmm. I am not normally one you will find reading a romance.genre book, but when I read the blurb for this book, I just really wanted to read it. I am so glad that I did. 

Dawn Mathison and Callan Marlowe have had a summer of steamy fun with their fling relationship. Then something happens….feelings. She believes that Callan is the one she wants to be with forever. That is until he breaks things off and breaks her heart. That was last year!

Dawn now lives in New York City and has a job that every Lawyer wants and as far as Callan goes…..she has never looked back an he is just a memory. The thing is, Callan does not really want a serious relationship. Especially not after the last girlfriend he hadr. He knows that Dawn was hurt and angry by what he did but… luck would have it he enters her office and that spark is ther again. However, Dawn certainly does not want to see him. Callan knows he made a huge mistake but can he win her heart back and right the wrongs that have occurred between them? 

Grace has taken a heartbreak and turned it into an amazing love story that proves that if you just give a little bit, you could get a whole lot in the end. I was rooting for this relationship from the start because you could certainly feel the connection the two characters had and the build up from the start is what makes this book even better.

5 stars

Thank you to NetGalley as well as the author and publisher for giving me a copy to read in exchange for my unbiased and honest review.
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Second chance romances re not up very high on my usual favorite trope list. That is unless it’s done right. This one… was so right! I finished this book in record time. I never got bored, my attention was laser focused. Simple and understandable writing. It is real and relatable. So many real life issues are portrayed in this book and I feel like it just made me connect so much easier, and so much better with the characters. It’s not far fetched at all. This literally would make sense as if someone named Dawn were telling you their past romance history. I laughed, I cried, I rode out those highs and lows as though I’ve lived them. Katherine Grace had a way of showing her readers a way to relate to these characters and their traumas, experiences, and emotions. I felt so much while reading this book and I just could NOT put it down. Bravo! I absolutely recommend!

I received this book for free from NetGalley. This review is honest, unbiased, and completely my own.
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Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to receive this book for an honest review.

What a good story.

I love second chance romances. I love to go on the journey with Callan and Dawn and followi them through their ups and downs. I am sure everyone can relate. I wonder whats next for these two.
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I loved this book! I loved how they fell in love in the beginning but then he couldn't do it because of personal reasons. I loved learning about his secrets and the ending was a twist but it was amazing. 

Thank you to the publisher, author and netgalley for allowing me to read this arc. All opinions are my own. 

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This book kept me on my toes, cheering for a "happy ending." Through the twists and turns of character development, I very much enjoyed this easy read. I appreciate the mentality of the main character being strong enough to be okay without Callan, opposed to the traditional mindset that the heroine will fall apart without her male counterpart. It may have just been the platform I used(Kindle), but there were some formatting issues on the first page(Chapter 1) and spelling error of best in chapter 7.
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I received an ARC of Just a Fling from NetGalley and The Wild Rose Press in exchange for an honest review. The story follows Dawn, a law student, and Callan, an entrepreneur, as they navigate their turbulent romance filled with ups and downs. Callan is a broken man with personal issues, and his reluctance to open up puts a strain on their relationship. Can Dawn help him heal, or will Callan push her away?

Initially excited to dive into a new romance, I found myself increasingly disengaged as I progressed through the book. Just a Fling had its moments, but overall, it failed to captivate my interest. The writing and storyline were not subpar, but they lacked the spark that would have made the book truly enthralling.

One of the main issues for me was the lack of connection to the characters. I failed to fully invest in their journey, which hindered my emotional involvement in the story. The only exception was the heartwarming letter at the end, which managed to strike a chord with me.

As a reader who has indulged in many romance novels, I'm starting to grow weary of the "broken male protagonist" trope. Callan's complex past and emotional struggles felt like a recurring theme that didn't bring anything fresh to the narrative. Furthermore, the fact that Dawn had to give him multiple chances raised concerns. Having experienced similar situations in real life, it was difficult for me to fully support such a dynamic.

Despite my mixed feelings, there were some commendable aspects in the book, particularly the well-crafted dialogue during the heated fight between Dawn and Callan. It felt genuine and portrayed the raw emotions of the characters effectively.

Ultimately, Just a Fling left me with conflicting thoughts. While it wasn't a bad read, it didn't stand out as a remarkable one either. If you enjoy traditional romance tropes and are willing to overlook some predictability, this book may still hold some charm for you. However, for those seeking a fresh and emotionally gripping romance, this might not be the ideal choice.
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Whether you're a fan of romance novels or just seeking a poignant and beautifully crafted story, thisis a must-read that will leave you with a warm and hopeful feeling, even after the final page has been turned.
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Thanks to Netgalley for providing me a free e-copy of the book to read. 

I expected it to be a light and fun read on the basis of the name. Guess what, it's not! 

- Since I'm a sucker of emotional books it was a treat to read.
- The main characters are so realistic, relatable and matured that it's not possible to hate them or their decisions. 
- Loved the character of Jane (the best friend of the FMC). 
- The epilogue is so heart-touching. 
- Glad that the author mentioned issues like child trafficking, mental health etc. 
- I found some chapters being unnecessarily landy, specially those containing the feelings of the main characters, repeating the same things that had been mentioned 2-3 chapters earlier. 

Overall I loved the story and had a great time reading it.
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