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Another engaging mystery by Mary Keliikoa. Two cases end up surprisingly entwined, bringing Sheriff Jax Turner and his ex-wife, FBI agent Abby, back together. When a local man winds up missing, it's clearly the result of some foul play. But who's behind it? His brother, his rival, the perpetrator of a break in gone wrong? Hopefully they can find the culprit before someone else becomes a victim.

Just as I enjoyed Hidden Pieces, I also loved this second installment. I feel for Jax and Abby, and root for them to find their way back together after the tragedy of losing their young daughter. The novel is tensely plotted, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the two cases come together. The ending did not disappoint. I look forward to future entries in the series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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We love a book in a series that can be read as a stand-alone!! There is nothing better than picking something like this up and feeling like you’re still getting all the tea you may have missed. When bodies or body parts start washing up on shore, who is making this happen! This was grilling and fast paced and kept me guessing until the very end!

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4 stars!

I absolutely love this cover and the brightness and vividness of the cover. I am delighted to see that the outside matched the inside! I thought this was a very fun procedural story. There was nothing I was extremely surprised by, but I thought there were a lot of strengths wit the description of the town they lived in. I do think there was a little too much emphasis on the main character's relationship with his ex-wife but besides that definitely very interesting!

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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This was pretty good..I didn't realise it was the second of the series until I was a little way into it. It made sense without having read the first book, but I really prefer starting at the beginning of a series. That being said, the relationship between the two main characters really got to me and I will have to keep reading the series as it comes out since I want to know if they sort it out or not. I did enjoy the mystery side of the book, as well. The ending surprised me which is always a bonus!

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Here is another series which gets better with each new book. Some of you might engender l remember that I had loved "Hidden Pieces", the first book of the Misty Pines series by Mary Keliikoa. I was deeply impressed and had a lot of expectations for the next book; I am glad to say the author has more than exceeded my expectations of her.

Last we had seen Sheriff Jax Turner, he had finally started coming out of his self-imposed reclusive sentence after the death of his daughter and was even trying to reconcile things with his ex- wife,FBI agent Abby Turner. Things take an unexpected turn when Abby's mom, who suffers from dementia escapes from the care center and is found with a human leg in her hand near the sea.

Thought to be done by the sea initially, the precise nature of the cut on the leg is later suspected to be that of a retired surfing legend who has been reported missing. Jax's investigation takes him onto the shady characters of their small town who have their own little agenda. Amidst all the lies and betrayals that surround the case, Jax and his team put in all their effort to find out who ended a good man's life deliberately.

I absolutely loved this book. Keliikoa is building a great story on the foundation she has already set up. Her characters are all very real and have been given a lot of depth. She has got a sharp and crisp narrative technique which tells a fast paced thrilling story, that does not lose sight of the psyche of the characters. Jax has come a long way since we last saw them and Abby has only become more likable to me as a character.

This is a series which has got its feet firmly planted with a lot of great places to go to and I can't wait to see where it goes after this.

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I didnt like this one! It was just boring to me and I couldnt get into it. It was probably due to the fact that I felt like I had read multiple books just like this one. It felt typical and not something I enjoyed.

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Interesting story that went back and forth between an ex couple both looking to solve missing persons cases and find out their cases are connected. Good story keeps the reader engaged.

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This book starts a little slowly but then it picks up speed. It's a nice twisty mystery about a serial killer in a small community. Jax Turner is the Sheriff of Misty Pines and his ex-wife Abbey Kaneoka is an FBI agent in the regional office. The grief of losing their daughter to leukemia split them apart. Neither has handled their emotions well. Professionally, they try not to let their history interfere with their work, although this becomes harder when their cases overlap. It's an easy to read book that does not demand too much of the reader.

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I absolutely loved the first book in this series and the second did not disappoint. Sheriff Jax Turner and the Misty Pines crew are favorites of mine, along with his FBI Agent ex Abby that he has not gotten over. The best addition to this one is Koa, a shepherd that is key in so many ways. I enjoyed the case and the unlikely cooperation of rivals from the first book, and while I did figure this out I doubted myself several times given the twists in here. I’m really hoping this series continues for a while, as I have grown fond of these folks that have a lot going on in their lives but pull together when they are most needed. Note that you can read this as a standalone but the experience will be better if you read the first book, Hidden Pieces, before this one.

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A human foot is found and a man who is an ex-pro surfer is missing on the small town of Mystic Pines. Sheriff Jax, and his ex-wife, an FBI agent both are investigating.

I don’t read the first entry in this series but that wasn’t a problem. I liked the police procedural elements of this as well as the story of Jax and his ex wife. I did get a little bored at times. I didn’t feel like enough flies were being turned up often enough to fully keep me engaged. Overall a pretty good book and I may read more of the series.

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This was a good story which kept me turning the pages throughout the night. Great mystery, writing and plotting will recommend to all my friends who love this genre.

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A missing person. A severed foot. Plenty of suspects in Mary Keliikoa's Deadly Tides. You wouldn't expect such heinous crimes in sleepy Misty Pines, but that's what Sheriff Jax Turner is investigating. At the same time, his FBI agent ex-wife, Abby, is also investigating a similar missing persons case in a neighboring town. Are the cases connected? Do the crimes have anything to do with competing surfboard businesses or greedy siblings?

While this is a detective novel, it's also a story about grief - grieving over lost loved ones and failed marriages - and what the grief drives a person to do.

This is the second novel in a series, and while I didn't read the first one, I never felt out of the loop. Keliikoa does a good job explaining the characters and their pasts while keeping you in the present, turning page after page because you just have to find out what happens next. I liked the cast of characters in the Misty Pines community and the group of police officers working tirelessly to protect the town and their own.

Deadly Tides is published by Level Best Books and is available to purchase now. I received an e-ARC.

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This one kept me hanging 'til the end. This is the second book of a series - I have not read the first book, but had no trouble catching up to the current events. There were a lot of interesting and varied characters in this story, but the author does a great job of keeping them all fresh and involved in the plotlines that the reader remembers who is who. The author is superb at making the physical locale a character in the plot as well, and really excels at creating a sense of place. Everything dovetails nicely together for the finale, yet leaves the reader ready for the next installment in the series. Looking forward to it myself (after I go back and read book #1). Thank you to the publusher and NetGalley for the free copy.

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I enjoyed this story. There are some really interesting set-ups that you just won’t
run into any place else! The Author has a great easy, to read style that carried on
from the previous book, and now I am eagerly awaiting the next installment
My thanks to Level Best Books via NetGalley for the download of this book for
review purposes.

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From the publsher:
A missing surf legend. Waterlogged clues. Can he trust his gut instincts to end the wave of murder?

Sheriff Jax Turner is learning to live again. Holding tight to the hope of reconciling with his FBI agent ex-wife, the wary man is determined to keep his focus on his coastal Oregon community. And after a concerned brother requests a welfare check, Jax is troubled to find the absent surf shop owner’s tracks lead to a pool of blood.

Now investigating a potential homicide, Turner chases a tip from his former spouse about a severed foot found on the beach. But when a torrent of leads links the victim to a politician's son, a jealous competitor, and a get-straight program for youth, the steadfast lawman fears layers of lies and secret agendas will keep him from stopping a vicious killer.

Can he unravel the fatal agenda before he’s the next corpse to wash ashore?

Deadly Tides by Mary Keliikoa was published October 24th, 2023 by Level Best Books.

My Thoughts: Sheriff Jax Turner and his ex-wife Abby Kanekoa are a good team up of characters, one working for Misty Pines and the other for the FBI. Even though they are exes, they still manage to work nicely together. Jax is the one that the book focuses on primarily with some of the story being through Abby's eyes. Both characters show personal growth over the course of the book. Makes me wonder what book 3 in the series will hold in store for them.

Plotwise, the book moves along at a good pace. Some of the settings are described more than others. Those that are, are written vividly. The house on the side of the mountain and the area around it that becomes a crime scene, for example, are described so well, you could practically be there. The overall plot arc goes well from the first foot washing up on shore until the conclusion. There are good twists. It kept me guessing and changing my mind on just who the killer really was. I was surprised because I had ruled out the character who turned out to be the killer about 3/4 of the way through the book.

I gave the book 5 out of 5 stars. It's well written. The characters are interesting and multifaceted. The plot is well done and has good twists. It kept me guessing right up until the end. There were some references to a previous case which I assumed was in the first book in the series. These were explained enough to not interfere with the enjoyment of the story. If you like a well-written mystery, I would suggest this one to you.

I received a copy of the book from the publisher through NetGalley. This did not affect my opinion of the book.

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The disappearance of Terry, a surf legend, a shoe found on the beach containing a severed foot and a police department that is short staffed are only a few of the problems faced by Sheriff Jax Turner. He is still dealing with the death of his young daughter Lulu and his subsequent divorce. Abbey, his ex-wife, is an FBI agent working a separate case involving similar circumstances. Jax suggests that the cases may be related, but Abbey is not ready to work with him. There are still feelings there and Jax is hoping to reconcile, but the arrival of Margot complicates things. She was the nurse who worked with them during their daughter’s illness. Now she has moved to Misty Pines and has her eyes set on Jax.

Mary Keliikoa provides a number of suspects who can be tied to both cases. Margot had seen both men socially. A rival surfer was after blueprints that Terry had created. He had also been involved in an accident with the other victim. The only possible witness to events is Abbey’s mother, who suffers from dementia. As Jax and Abbey tie their cases together and are closer to solving them, Abbey is placed in the path of a murderer. With twists and misdirections Keliikoa keeps her readers guessing to the end, pleasing her fans and new readers alike. I would like to thank NetGalley and Level Best Books for providing this book for my review.

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I found this to be enjoyable mystery. Well written and developed characters that you felt like you were involved. Missing people, found body parts added to-the story.. sheriff Jax has to deal with his small team and large crimes in their quiet town. This is book 2 in a series but I did not read book one yet. A recommended author and read.

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Deadly Tides, by Mary Keliikoa, is an intriguing, fast paced police suspense with a lot of heart. Though there isn't a lot of romance, per say, there is plenty of love in this story. Though the main focus is on the interconnected mysteries.
A surf legend is missing and Sheriff Jax Turner is on the case. He's been a little preoccupied with doing the work so he can reconcil with his ex-wife. Despite the challenge, he's working hard and keeping a sharp eye on his community.
When a worried family member alerts Jax's precinct about his missing brother, Jax and his team go to his house. They're alarmed at when they find the house open and a pool of blood. Now it looks like they're investigating a possible homicide.
Will Jax be able to solve the mystery before they find more unsettling evidence.

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Loved the two main characters. Loved the last few chapters.

Unfortunately, while the story was well written, it didn't truly capture my imagination. Therefore, it took me a long time to complete it. That happens sometimes, so for someone else, this might be an amazing story. I just wasn't hooked until those last few chapters.

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I was drawn into the mystery by the cover for Deadly Tides by Mary Keliikoa. Isn’t it gorgeous? And, the man is silhouetted on the beach. Oh yeah, I’m in.

Abby has a lot on her plate. Her grief over the loss of her daughter to leukemia and her mother’s early onset Alzheimer, at times overwhelms her. It is her job with the FBI that keeps her moving through the days.

Jax is the Sheriff of Misty Pines. When his and Abby’s cases intersect, they struggle to keep their personal lives separate from their professional lives. This is where I feel I missed out by not reading the first book in the series, Hidden Pieces. Does this affect my review? Yes, it did, so keep that in mind.

Abby’s mother had found a shoe…with a severed foot in it and wanted to keep it. I remember seeing TV shows with this as the subject and I even surfed the web to find out more. Do you ever do that? Read something in a novel, then have to do your own research to satisfy your curiosity? That’s a definite plus.

I love when Rachel comes into the picture, with her failed K9 partner, Koa. She wants a job, away from her parents. She is gay and her father thinks he can fix her. I love that Jax supports her and calls out his friend, her father, about his opinions. After all, Jax had lost a daughter, and Jameson still has one, if he would get over being so judgmental. I love a character like Rachel who marches to her own drum and makes the best of a bad situation.

We have lots of suspects…and motives, so solving the mystery is not simple.

I found myself picking up the book and putting it down. Was it too wordy? Too all over the place? Was it me? The pace and tension picked up near the end of the book and that left me with a feeling of satisfaction. I did waiver between a three and a four rating and I think that’s because of my confusion from not reading Book I, Hidden Pieces. So, if you are interested in the series, I highly recommend beginning with Book I.

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