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In the second book in the Misty Pines series, Jax and his ex-wife catch intersecting cases. After falling into a depression after the death of their daughter, Jax has re-gained his focus on his sheriff job and must track down a missing surfboard designer, On top of it all, he's trying to reconnect with his ex-wife who is contending with her mother's increasing dementia as well as trying to rebuild her own credibility in the FBI.

A promising series, you could read this as a stand-alone, but you'll appreciate it more if you start with book 1.

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Thank you to NetGalley and Level Best Books for an advanced copy of this ebook.

I was so excited to see Deadly Tides on NetGalley. I read the first in the series on NetGalley as well and was immediately captivated by Jax and his team. This has become a must read series for me.

Mary Keliikoa writes complex characters that you can’t help but root for. The plot is extremely level, the pacing is steady throughout, it’s not full of wild twists and turns but it holds your attention and keeps the story going. This one had me guessing until the very end!

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Excellent book, very well written and with great characters. The plot is interesting and makes this a police procedural with a good mystery.

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For my book readers out there, I have the ARC of Deadly Tides by Mary Keliikoa.

Deadly Tides take place in a fictional town in Oregon called Misty Pines. Jax Turner is investigating a missing person, Terry, who is a famous surfer. Jax's ex-wife Abby, who is an fbi agent, ultimately lets him know that a foot washes up on shore.
While Jax navigates through the evidence to uncover the truth, him and Abby must deal with the death of their daughter, which led to their divorce. As time has passed, Jax has healed enough and wants his wife back.
This story has enough twists and turns fit those who love suspense and thrillers but isn't too over the top for those who are turned off by it. I had to finish the book quickly to find out how the story ended.
This book has a good storyline and character depth, but I do wish they went into more of the characters' back stories.
If you're looking for a good read, then I think you'll enjoy this book.

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Deadly Tides is fast-paced and held my interest.
The loss of their child was too much for this couple to bear. An FBI agent and her ex-husband, a sheriff in a small town, now have something in common once again. A foot has turned up in the town where they live prompting an investigation by the sheriff. Another foot out of the Sheriff's jurisdiction has pulled his ex-wife into a similar investigation. I like the flow and format and that all of the loose ends were wrapped up nicely by the end.
No sex. Nothing too graphic, Very mild language.

There's not a lot of backstory about the characters, which made it hard for me to relate to them.
Another thing I found difficult was figuring out who was speaking at times.

Overall, I would recommend this book and I look forward to the next installment in the series.

Thank you to Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.

Deadly Tides tiene un ritmo rápido y captó mi interés.
La pérdida de su hijo fue demasiado para esta pareja. Una agente del FBI y su exmarido, un sheriff de un pequeño pueblo, ahora tienen algo en común una vez más. Un pie apareció en la ciudad donde viven, lo que provocó una investigación por parte del sheriff. Otro pie fuera de la jurisdicción del alguacil ha llevado a su ex esposa a una investigación similar. Me gusta el flujo y el formato y que todos los cabos sueltos quedaron bien cerrados al final.
sin sexo Nada demasiado gráfico, Lenguaje muy suave.

No hay mucha historia de fondo sobre los personajes, lo que me dificulta relacionarme con ellos.
Otra cosa que encontré difícil fue averiguar quién estaba hablando a veces.

En general, recomendaría este libro y espero con ansias la próxima entrega de la serie.

Gracias a Netgalley por la oportunidad de leer y revisar este libro.

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Deadly Tides by Mary Keliikoa - I did not enjoy this book pretty much from the beginning. An example of my disappointment is the shiver he felt when his shirt rose up. Geez. I also knew the killer the first time she was interviewed by the FBI and I still had three quarters of the book left to read. Obviously not my favorite. Thanks to Net Galley for the chance at the early read.

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4.5 stars.

Thank you so much to Netgalley, the author and level best publishing for the opportunity to read this advanced copy.

Before I read it I went and purchased the first in the misty pines series to read which I really enjoyed.

But I loved this second book in the series. I really enjoy the main character Jax. I also loved that you saw more of Abby in this book.

The story is fast paced and well written. There are lots of possible suspects to keep you on your toes. I won't give away who the culprit is but it's cleverly exposed at the end.

If you like a good crime book look no further.

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I would like to thank Netgalley and Level Best Books for an advance copy of Deadly Tides, the second novel set in the fictional Oregon town of Misty Pines to feature Sheriff Jax Turner.

Jax is investigating a missing person, former surfing legend Terry Chesney, when his ex-wife and FBI agent, Abby, alerts him to a human foot found on the beach. With several suspects and motives Jax must wade through a tangle of evidence and conflicting stories to find Terry.

I thoroughly enjoyed Deadly Tides, which combines an engrossing plot with some good characterisation. The novel is mostly told from Jax’s point of view with the odd contribution from Abby as she conducts a tangential investigation.

I admit that a severed foot is a fairly wild plot twist, but, on the whole, the novel isn’t full of excitement and action before the final chapters, where things heat up, and has a fairly level tone. The author holds her reader’s attention with her plotting and storytelling and that is enough to make it an engrossing read. There is intrigue, conspiracy, hate and jealousy as Jax tries to unravel what happened. Everyone is lying or being economical with the truth and the more he asks questions the more tangled the story gets. I couldn’t put it down, before knowing the who and the why.

The novel is as much about the characters as it is the plot. Jax and Abby handled their grief over the death of their daughter so differently it led to divorce. Jax wants Abby back, now that he is in a better place mentally, and she is playing her cards close to her chest. Who knows what she wants, although this is actually a good thing for the reader, because it allows for a good, warts and all exploration of Jax’s personality. No, he’s not perfect, but his heart and, now, his mind are in the right place. I like him a lot as a protagonist, Abby I’m not so fond of.

Deadly Tides is a good read that I can recommend.

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This is fast becoming one of my favorite series. Deadly Tides by Mary Keliikoa is the second book in the Misty Pines series and it was great. I couldn’t put this book down, had to keep reading to see what was going to happen next. All the characters were so well written with plenty of twists to keep the reader’s attention. I highly recommend if you are a mystery and suspense reader, you won’t be disappointed. Can’t wait for the next book to find out what is in store for the characters next. Thanks Netgalley for this Arc.

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Such an exciting read and kept me guessing until the very end! I love a good thriller with so many twists and turns. Although I’m new to this author and series, this book can work as a standalone, although I’m planning to catch the one I missed and continue on. Great characters and small town relationships. Thanks to NetGalley and the author for an ARC of this book. I enjoyed it so much!

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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my copy of this book.

This is the second in the Misty Pines series.

Sheriff Jax Turner is called into investigate when a surf shop owner and ex surfing legend goes missing. A huge blood pool is found but no sign of the missing man. When his ex mother in law Dora finds a severed leg all signs point to things being related.

Wow this was a good one. It kept me guessing right until the end and just when you thought Jax had the guilty party there was a twist in the tale.

I loved the relationships in this story. Firstly between Jax and his ex (and FBI agent) Abby. The will they won’t they was a big theme and you can’t help but hope for a happy ending.

I also liked the dynamic between Jqx and his ex partner Jameson. Someone who really did not want Jax to employ his daughter Rachel as deputy. I look forward to seeing how Rachel and her dog continue to be involved in the next book.

5 stars!

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This book was sent to me electronically by Netgalley for review. Thanks to the publisher and the author. Mystery and intrigue…the characters come alive on the pages of this book. This talented and gifted author has written a cannot put down novel. Love and friendship are themes in this book…pain and loss also. A mother who wanders off and the pain of losing a child. A marriage on the rocks…red herrings abound in this book…try to unravel the mystery.

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Good book! This book had a bit of everything! It had suspense, intrigue, action, murder, mystery, A great who done it and so many crazy twists and turns! The storyline was very interesting and had me glued to my Kindle! I will definitely recommend reading this book as it was well worth reading! Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for sharing this book with me!

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