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Shari Lapena is a master at creating suspenseful story plots that keep you coming back for more. Filled with secrets and a fun mystery to solve, it’s a quick and entertaining read.
I did find the writing a bit weak compared to her other novels, and the lack of character development made it hard to connect to the story. There was a lot to follow which I found myself focusing on the storyline itself that it didn’t bring me back like her past novels have done. 
Overall, I did enjoy this novel, and recommend it if you’re looking for a quick and easy thriller to read!
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Told in alternating POV’s revealing secrets and evil were least expected, this domestic thriller was one wild ride of twists and suspense !!

On the surface William Wooler is a family man. But he’s having an affair that has ended horribly. Wanting alone time to process he goes home instead of work and finds that his 9yr old daughter with behaviour issues is home unexpectedly. He losses his temper. Hours later Avery is missing. The town of Stanhope becomes increasingly unhinged as witnesses come forward. Who took Avery? The lies and truth will shake you.

Highly recommended
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I love Shari Lapena’s books and this one was very good, but it didn’t have that wow factor like some of her other books have. It was a straight forward thriller without any of the psychological fluffy stuff (which sometimes I prefer) …but I still highly recommend it if you’re looking for a quick read that’s easy to follow! 

I recommend this book if you enjoy: 
- domestic thrillers
- neighbourhood/suburban thrillers
- lots of action with not much psychological thrills
- easy reads that aren’t confusing
- reading stories with many characters (but was easy to follow!)
- a lot of lying (hence the title lol) and unlikeable characters
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4.25 stars

This writer is always good for an interesting and unexpected story. This one might have been more mystery than true thriller, but I liked it quite a bit, and I couldn’t ever figure out exactly how the plot was going to wrap up, which I always appreciate. The colours of the cover are also beautiful; all in all, a successful read.
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I found tis to bit of a slow burn, but things ramp up at about 60% mark. When a child goes missing, everyone is willing to help up to a point. They have secrets that they don't want uncovered. This was a character driven story that didn't expand with unnecessary details. I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley and I am voluntarily leaving my review.
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I could not put this book down because I needed to know what was going to happen. I love that the author kept switching between characters and every time something else was revealed. It’s a quiet town in a quiet street but there’s an abundance of deceit lurking below the surface. One small action unraveled a host of secrets.

I kept changing my theories about what had happened and one theory was more prevalent than the others which ended up being somewhat accurate. However, I’m very much about the storytelling, and for this to capture my attention, it’s a decent read.

The ending is exactly what we wanted but I think I would have loved a little bit more. It’s like you know it’s going to crash but you can’t look away. Definitely a good quick read with plenty of twists and turns.

Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Random House Canada for the opportunity to read this book. All opinions are my own. 

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Thank you NetGalley and Penguin Random House for this ARC! 

This one unfortunately fell flat for me. Some of the characters were frustrating, and I found myself wanting to skip ahead (cardinal sin!). I wanted to love it, as I have with other Shari Lapena thrillers, but this one just missed the mark.
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My sister recommended I try Shari Lapena as I’d never read her, so I thought I’d start with this recently published novel. Meh. She’s a competent writer (at least her prose and plotting are tidy), but there was nothing here that stood out for me. Character development is shallow—the principal characters all seemed interchangeable to me—and the suspense never built for me either. There were lots of twists and red herrings, but essentially a nine-year-old girl goes missing, supposedly on her way home from school, and it turns out that almost everyone connected to the case is hiding something.
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This book was a very well written thriller with a lot of twists and keep the reader guessing. I have enjoyed many of Shari Lapena's books in the past and this one didn't disappoint. It took until about the last 25% of the book for me to figure our the twist. Looking forward to reading more Shari Lapena!
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Since I was familiar with the author writing, I knew I would enjoy the story. What I didn't expect was how much I would love this story. Everyone, kids and adults, looked suspicious, I wasn't expecting all the twists. I can't wait to read more from the author.

Thank you Penguin Random House Canada and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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4 tension-filled stars!

This novel revolves around a missing nine-year-old girl who walks home alone from school instead of waiting for her older brother.   Local detectives search for answers beginning with questioning all the neighbours.  

Shari Lapena is an amazingly reliable author. I can always count on her books to be a unique, entertaining and suspenseful treat. She writes domestic thrillers that have me on edge from start to finish.  This latest release grabbed me from chapter one and kept my curiosity and interest piqued until the very end.  

The title is perfect!  There are several characters in this neighbourhood and they each add a layer of mystery and suspense.   My suspicion flew from one person to the next after every few pages, each guess a believable possibility.  It was impossible to know who to trust in this community.  

Overall, a well-written, fast paced, easy-to-get-lost-in book that I highly recommend to domestic suspense and drama fans!    Thank you to the publisher for my digital review copy!
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I received an advanced copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Dr. William Wooler is known as a married family man and great doctor. However, he has been having an affair with someone connected to him. This affair abruptly ends one day and this causes William to return home instead of work. He returns to find his daughter unexpectedly in the kitchen. William and Avery get into a fight which causes William to flee the home. Hours later, Avery is declared a missing person.

All of the neighbor's on this quiet street are on edge, trying to figure out the truth of who kidnapped Avery.  The story does include a bit of the police investigation but the finer details are left out. 

I found the real suspect(s) believable due to the motive and desire for revenge. It went in a direction I was not expecting.  I would recommend this book as it was a fast paced thriller with a solid ending.
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I loved this!  Could not stop turning pages!  It was so addicting and typical Shari Lapena!   I love this stuff and will pick up anything put out by this author!  If you love your thrillers and wants something that keeps you guessing and makes you want to stay up all night to get to the bottom of it Everyone Here is Lying should be added to your TBR list!
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After a short affair Nora breaks it off with Dr William Wooler. She is having second thoughts, with both of them having families and the thought of hurting her kids seemed to be weighing heavy on her.

They leave the motel that afternoon earlier than usual. William goes home hoping to have some time on his own to process what has just happened but when he arrives home Avery, his difficult nine year old daughter is home. She isn’t supposed to be there and certainly not by herself. That’s the rule. When William asks why she is home from choir practice early and without her brother she gets smart with him and he losses his temper and backhands her. He then leaves the house, leaving her home alone. Or does he? Next thing he knows his wife is calling him in a panic…Avery is missing.

This is my first time reading a Shari Lapena book and I don’t think it will be the last. I enjoyed how the book moved along. I was hooked almost immediately. Several twists along the way kept me wondering and wanting to keep reading. It seems that the small neighbourhood of Stanhope isn’t what everyone thought and it seems everyone has some sort of lie they are hiding. Will Avery be found? What harm has come to her? Who’s to blame?

Overall, I really enjoyed the book, the ending though? It just seemed too quick for me. It was a book I didn’t want to put down, unfortunately life didn’t allow me to read it as quick as I hoped.

Thank you NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book and the chance to read a book by this author in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Shari Lapena is right. Everyone in this book IS lying! When 9 year old Avery goes missing, all eyes are on her father as the prime suspect, until an anonymous tip points the finger to another neighbourhood teenager. William swears his daughter was fine when he left the house, and the neighbourhood kid swears he didn't do it. Who is lying? Okay well if you read the title I'm sure you know. Literally everyone. I'm not sure a single person in this book tells the truth lol. 

This was a fun book and I really enjoyed the twists and turns. Like Lapena's other books, it seems like everybody is sleeping with everybody else and hiding phones, lying, and involving their kids in the drama.... Nobody's marriage is any good and most people are secretly wishing the downfall of someone else. I think this is her best book yet.
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This book was great company for a day of sunshine and pool. Have you read this new release?☀️

Everyone Here is Lying is a neighbourhood thriller. 9 year old Avery has gone missing, the last person to see her was her Dad. The police jump from one suspect to another, causing division and chaos in this small community. What the police don’t know is that everyone is lying, they keeping important facts from the police. What they’re hiding can possibly save Avery.😳

I’m definitely a fan of this author and this book was easy reading It starts off fast and keeps you going to the end - the ending is bit rushed but overall, I had a hard time putting this book down even with all the unlikeable characters. Recommend for those that love a good neighbourhood thriller. ⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

Thank you to @penguinrandomca for a copy of this book. I actually couldn’t get the e-book to ever work so was lucky enough to get a copy from my library. Library for the win!

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This book is a definite page turner! You never go wrong with a book built on lies in a neighborhood that’s supposed to safe. The type of place where in reality bad things happen all the time. Very twisty and psychological and I highly recommend.
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Loved how this plot gave all the twists and character POVs! This was a really enjoyable read (mostly fast- with the exception of loads of characters and keeping them all straight 🤣)
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Shari Lapena is one of my favourite authors ... EVER! 

Her writing style keeps me hooked until the very last word. 

The trauma, and mystery is everything in this boolk.
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I absolutely loved this book!! I couldn’t put it down.  
I just loved all the characters. I highly recommend this book.
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