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Whew this isn’t chill out and zen meditation for sure. I’ve only tried a couple and ended up bawling. I ain’t ready for the hard stuff. 

 My favorite part was the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. The author did an amazing job picking them out. (As well as the rest of the book I’m just emotionally raw right now, so I’m irrationally mad at them. Ha)

 This is not for the faint of heart. It’s not easy to confront feelings you’d rather compartmentalize.
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This book is for fairly advanced meditators. The gist of the book is that you need to face your fears, pain, and suffering head on, If you don't, you'll bottle up stress and be the worse for it. With techniques for doing "reverse meditation," this book offered something truly new in this field of study and interest.

I appreciated this book, especially as I read it while suffering a severe tooth ache and then a root canal. I can honestly say the book helped grow as a person and get through a bad time. The style of the writing was a bit repetitive and difficult to read, but overall, this was a book worth reading.
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I have mixed feelings about this book. I found the meditation instructions very helpful and would recommend them to anyone starting or having difficulty maintaining a meditation practice. Some other aspects of the book I had trouble with, such as the Buddhist concept of no self and the idea that master meditators should have no preference for pleasure over pain.

I particularly liked the author’s discussion of referential and nonreferential meditations and his explanation of reverse meditations. The exercises give the reader a chance to practice these meditations in a natural progression.

Thanks to Sounds True for providing me with an unproofed ARC through NetGalley that I volunteered to review.
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A Thought-Provoking Exploration of Reverse Meditation

Andrew Holecek's Reverse Meditation is a thought-provoking exploration that delves into alternative approaches to meditation. While the book's initial parts may be wordy and repetitive, the later sections offer practical "reverse meditations" that prove to be invaluable. It is a worthwhile read for those seeking to deepen their meditation practice and explore new perspectives on mindfulness.

The author's clarity and articulation shine through in conveying critical aspects of meditation. The book explores topics that can deepen one's meditation practice and foster personal growth and transformation.

While Reverse Meditation offers valuable ideas and approaches, the book's organization and repetitiveness may be challenging to get through. At times, it can feel drawn out. However, the insights shared within the book make it a valuable resource for individuals looking to enrich their meditation practice.

Thank you to the author, Netgalley, and the publisher for allowing me to read and review.
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I read this book as a pre-release e-book obtained through NetGalley, provided by the publisher.

We construct our suffering. We can deconstruct it. In fact who are "we" - or specifically who am I? The reverse meditations are clearly follow-ons to the "who am I" contemplation I encountered decades ago. Who is suffering?

This book, at the end, gives a set of “reverse meditations” which are gritty and real. The first part of the book were a number of instructions and techniques, borrowed from various world faiths and traditions, but not completely, and in ways that would be offensive to those from some parts of the world.. Thus, parts of the beginning were very much New Age-flavored cultural appropriation with some mistakes in the scientific explanations – and I had trouble finishing the book.

Yet, I decided to finish. At the end, I encountered the real, useful, and useable “reverse meditations” which I had not encountered anywhere else after decades of meditation. It’s how to keep thoughts and external distractions from “sticking” to you – paradoxically by running straight into it.
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Highly recommend to anyone wanting to deepen there meditation practice, or pair with their yoga meditation practice. The author is articulate clearly and it’s easy to understand, and deep dives on several topic that are critical to meditation.
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Very good ideas and approaches here. There are many exercises and many of them build on previous ones resulting in a gradual change/improvement. This is info that everyone can benefit from, and we're lucky to have access to such information. Recommended.

I really appreciate the free ARC for review!!
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Andrew Holecek’s book Reverse Meditation is a treasure, to be slowly digested and revisited, as it imparts salutary wisdom and valuable ways to use meditative practices to go within and experience openness and transformation.  The guidance offered in the book is practical and clear. It is a beautiful exploration of how suffering can be viewed as a sacred gift to be opened and embraced.

Andrew’s book resonated with me in a profound way.  I appreciate the depth of knowledge and experience being shared in the book as well as the extensive references to relevant authors / teachers and research that has contributed to the material included. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to read it. 

I highly recommend Andrew’s book and will recommend it to others. 

Thank you NetGalley and Sounds True Publishing for the ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Former Tibetan Buddhist monk explains an alternative to traditional Buddhist mediation practice. Reverse meditation is not about feeling good or chilled out, but about confronting the reality of difficult situations as opposed to contracting, that is retreating from realiry.. Three core form the axis of this book:: mindfulness (referental meditation, open awareness (nonreferential meditation) and reverse meditation. Interspersed through this book are contemplation and meditations to be used on the spot in difficult situations. This book challenges the intellect of the reader, but it's profound insights are valuable for the advanced practitioner of meditation.
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