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Book 1 of this series did not win my heart, but I decided to give book 2 in the Transformation series a go. And you know what? It got better, so I'm happy that I decided to follow up with this story.
This story would not be for everyone, as our main characters are in separate locations for a preeminent part of this story. Quinn got herself a friend in Octavia and followed her to Paris where she will be discovering her own and deciding what to do next with her life. It had so much potential but it lacked something to me - I think the depth or more opening from Quinn's side or her pursuing her goal (as she seemed like she was not going in any direction).
This story is like growing up for Quinn when she is trying to figure stuff out. I hope Book 3 will be even better than this one.

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•What did I think of this book? (Third Person, Duel POV)
This book was better than the first. I found this book to help solidify Quinn and Jonathan's feelings with more emotion than physical attraction. Yes, there's lots of spice, but it's more than that.. Quinn discovers more about the club life, and Jonathan makes bigger decisions in his own work life. I would recommend this book.
~"There's never enough time when you're in love." -13%

~ 'But it's not an engagement ring, it's a vibrator.' -18%

~ 'Not only a marionette, but a ventriloquist's dummy, too.' -86%

~"I'll be happier being terrified with you than without you." -96%

~'Love, Risk' -98%

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This is book two of the transformation series, you have to read the first book (Silently) to understand the characters and their development. This book had more development in it than the first book did, however this one it isn't just for Quinn and Joshua, there are other characters in this book that get some more development to them as well. We also learn more about the other characters in the friends group. I do think that the end of this book happened as perfectly as it should have. While there was a lot of two steps forward - two steps back between both of them, in the end they both made very conscious decisions about their lives and their futures not only together but as individuals as well.

I don't think there is anything about this story that I would change at all, or anything that I didn't like.. There is a bit more of a wilder side of the BDSM revealed in this book compared to the first one. This is definitely a slow burn romance that has the relationships grow on more than just sexual activity. That, I personally think, is key to writing a good slow burn romance. There HAS to be more to the story than just the sexual component, and this book delivered just that.

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Secretly is the 2nd part in the Transformation Series and to really understand the characters, reading the first part - Silently - is really a must. As the series title suggests, both Jonathan and Quinn are going through changes in their lives and it is literally one step forward-two steps back for their budding relationship. So this is a slow-burn romance with steamy sexy times, a number of hot dungeon scenes and some interesting developments for side characters that will hopefully get their story told as well, ending in not quite a cliff-hanger, but a happy-for-now crying out for more.

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This was my first time reading one of Talya Blaine’s books. I think I would have liked it more if I knew what had happened in the first book. So I was a little lost at times but it was a good book overall.

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This is the 2nd book of Transformation series, You need to read previous book (Silently) to understand the story. This series is good, playing with my emotion. I completly annoyed by Jonathan and Quinn also feel sory for them. Quinn still coping with bdsm thing and Jonathan want to keep relationship with Quinn right now as friend. Quinn still confuse with her feeling to Jonathan, it is right loving someone new when she still think about her late husband? Jonathan try to fix his iofe, closure with his exwife, new direction in his career and try to win Quinn. Quinn and Jonathan story continue in bext book, Entirely.

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