Cover Image: The Book of Innocence: A Channeled Text

The Book of Innocence: A Channeled Text

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This whole series is a blueprint for the spiritual seeker. The Book of Innocence is filled with wisdom, truth and guidance for those who want to awaken—or already have.

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Book 2 of the Mannifestation Triology,this book consist of unrefined challennelings from a spirit guide, Paul. General subjects include reconciliation,sin, the new age and true mind. Like much channeled material, it vague and rambling.

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Once again, Paul's Guides kick up a notch, and explain the value of seeing everything as of The Monad thru presence and being. Most readers of this book will likely have read other books with Selig's name on them. But those that haven't will certainly benefit, although starting with his first book might be best. Highly recommended.

I really appreciate the free ARC for review!!

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