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Sadly not my cup of tea, even though I thought I would have liked it. I’d recommend giving it a chance anyway though

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It is hard to rank poetry – especially poems like this that feel so personal. I think that perhaps these were more repetitive than I was hoping, but I still applaud the work and the many moments that are captured in this collection of poems.
I didn’t love the commentary on the poems. It felt a bit trite, like it was trying to respond to the less than ideal emotions, let us know that someone knows those aren’t the right things to feel or they aren’t sustainable, and they felt unnecessary to me. I felt as though it was trying to hold our hands through the emotions and tell us what we should be thinking.
I really loved the art throughout the collection.

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I really enjoyed the last half of this book of poetry, but the first part was too heavy for me. It covers many topics centered around life and love. The book is broken up by the seasons which I thought was a really cool concept. I also liked the little notes included by the friend with the poems.

I think the reason the first part was so hard for me was because it was the same heaviness without much of a break other than the little notes included at the bottom of the poems. I think some might enjoy it though, so I would give it a chance if you like poetry.

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I’m so glad I read this but I had to spread it out over a month and a half because it was hard for me to read at times. I related so deeply to the poems about the author’s father because I also lost my dad a couple years back.

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"I think there are little parts of ourselves
that we leave behind
in all the things we love.

They are marked with us,
changed forever
while we continue on,
sometimes revisiting
to leave a little bit more of ourselves
like lilacs or lilies,
laid down beside a memory."

Maybe Today is a deeply personal poetry collection. With each season, it goes through the full journey from sinking into one's trauma to taking the steps towards healing. The poems, particularly those in the Fall and Winter sections, are very emotionally impactful, with Williams baring his vulnerability and traumatic life experiences to the reader. As the book progresses, he works towards self-betterment and acceptance, with the help of people surrounding him.

Perhaps one of my favourite aspects, other than the writing style itself, was the cohesiveness and flow of the book. Often, a poem would end mentioning an aspect of his life – where it was a certain emotion state, a person, or a life event – and the following poem would delve into that aspect deeper. It weaved a clear connection throughout the book. some moments also fall back into the grief, a reminder of sorts that healing isn't linear and fallbacks can occur.

Another thing that I think is worth complimenting is the art. Each season is preceded and followed by a landscape, and some of the pages are decorated with what seems to be watercolour illustrations. They added a nice touch and often seemed to match the emotion of the poems.

However, there's one thing that I believe will be a hit or miss for readers, and personally didn't work for me – the notes at the end of some of the poems (or, sometimes, in the middle of a poem but at the end of a page). I understand the intention of it, but for me, it just didn't work. Some notes would take me out of the flow and, in a way, cheapen the overall emotional impact of a poem.

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Wow. Thank you Andrews McMeel Publishing and SK Williams for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.
I read SO many poetry books and sometimes, they can get a bit repetitive. This is not the case with “Maybe Today”. This poetry book moved me and made me feel every emotion.
Feelings of inadequacy, self-deprecation, grief, estranged relationships, depression, and self-advocacy are all subjects of these beautifully composed pieces of poetry. Through it all, Williams shows that maybe today can be the day you are okay. More than okay, but ENOUGH.

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the art of this book is really beautiful, i just felt it got really repetitive and sometimes i was like tired of reading the same thing.

now, i know is a book about the personal experience of the authors and the mental health and grieve they had to survive. i really liked that.

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I'm not a poetry type of reader, but I really loved this one! This is not just a nice easygoing poetry, its more than that. Its a journey of finding self-acceptance, to find love. Its a journey to find the strength to move on and start again, with the new you. I was surprised that this poetry comes from the author's personal life. All the trauma, grief, emotions, self reminders in this book really touched me and I was feeling everything.

"..And whoever said tears were weak never had the strength to be vulnerable"
"you believe so much in me I'm starting to believe too"
"Their happiness cannot come at the cost of your own"
"I am not perfect but I am enough"

There are some poems that I really loved but i can't state them all. And I find it really beautiful to add the notes written by a close friend to the author (which is now his partner) at the end of some parts. I was really enjoying the fact that i'm seeing the author falling in love with his close friend throughout the book and how her love is shown in her notes too. Overall, I really enjoyed this poetry and how it ended.

Thanks to Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for the advanced copy for an honest review.
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This collection of poems written by "K" and annotated by "S" follow themes that express the journey of growth that are divided by experiences associated with each season. Many of the poems relating to loneliness resonated with me and I enjoyed the warm commentary by "S" - like the blurb says, I found it to be the affirming perspective we all need to hear.

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Maybe Today
By: SK Williams

I love that S.K. Williams is a duo. I feel it added so much more depth to the poetry! I am obsessed with the watercolor artwork; it is so beautiful! I love how it is scattered throughout the book. There are also annotations sprinkled in, also obsessed. I really like the style and format of this book. Some of these poems hit so hard and close to home. They are so relatable which I love when reading poetry. Good Kid hits so hard, 11 pages in and I’m already crying. The more I read the more I feel and relate to these poems. I as a person give so much to others and don’t think about how it will affect me. There is so much raw, powerful emotion in each of these poems. They are so well written. The use of the seasons to categorize the poems was great. It seemed that each section and poems went well together.
I will definitely be picking up a physical copy when it comes out.

Thank you to NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for providing me a copy of this book for an honest review.

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Have you ever lost a piece of yourself you thought would always be there?
Some days it is hard to be.
It’s okay to be a little selfish every now and then. Maybe selfish is the wrong word.
I am not perfect, but I am enough

Fav Poems:
Good Kid pg 11
Unnamed pg 20
Unnamed pg 31
Ragdoll pg 38
Unnamed pg 79
Unnamed pg 81
Unnamed pg 85
Unnamed pg 103
Unnamed pg 111
Unnamed pg 118
Self-Reminder #2 pg 123
Second Chances pg 124
Unnamed pg 136
Unnamed pg 155
Unnamed pg 166
Self-Reminder #6 pg 169
Unnamed pg 178
Unnamed pg 205

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I absolutely adored this poetry collection! I loved how it was split up into the four different seasons, fall, winter, spring, and summer. The watercolor artwork was beautiful as well! I was able to relate to a lot of the poems and liked how on some of them there was also commentary from his wife on what was written and how supportive she is of him. I can’t wait until I can get a finished copy and can put in my own annotations for later flip throughs.

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Maybe Today is a poetry book that explores grief and mental health issues... and I wasn't ready for this!

The format of the book is amazing, we have the poems in a journal, and in some of them, a close friend of the author left some annotations. The poems are divided by seasons: fall, winter, spring, and summer, and some of them are similar, but I think it makes sense because it's normal to feel the same way for so long... especially if it's about grief or any kind of trauma.

This isn't a light book. The writing is raw yet necessary, and that's what I liked most about it. Some of them really affected me and made me think about things in my life!

Some of my favorites quotes:
"Have you ever lost a piece of yourself/ you thought would always be there?"
"Some left scars/ that will take my whole life/ to heal./ They are all gone,/ but I am still right here."
"I'm done living everywhere in time/ except the present./ From now on,/ I'm living for today."

Thank you to NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book for an honest review.

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This was a stellar collection of poetry. I thoroughly enjoyed the down to earth language used and the way I could really relate to the author. I felt myself having been in many similar situations to the ones he faced and is facing.

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Thank you to NetGalley for early access to this title in exchange for a honest review!

Such a heartfelt and raw collection that tugged on my heart strings. I loved how this book was put together and you can slowly see the shift in the author’s mindset and I found it to be very well written and honest!

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Maybe Today is a collection of poetry that explores the struggles and joys of life through the lens of the four seasons. As someone who loves poetry and nature, I was immediately drawn to this book.

Williams eloquently captures the difficulties we face in life, from societal pressures to grief and loneliness. But even in the darkest moments, the author reminds us that there is always hope for growth and change.

The illustrations throughout the book were delightful and helped to enhance the mood of the poems. I especially loved how each section had its own unique artwork to complement the themes explored in the poetry.

One of my favorite aspects of Maybe Today was the annotations from a trusted friend at the end of some of the poems. It added an extra layer of intimacy and vulnerability to the already heartfelt writing. It was heartwarming to see the support and love that the author's friend had for them.

Overall, I found this book to be relatable, touching, and beautifully written. It is a wonderful reminder that even in the midst of difficult times, there is always a glimmer of hope. If you're looking for a book of poetry that will hit you right in the feels, I highly recommend Maybe Today.

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Currently in my poetry-girl era.

From start to finish, Williams' work captivated me with its raw emotion, lyrical beauty, and poignant observations on life, love, and the human condition.

The collection features a range of poetic styles, in the four sections of the book, each carefully crafted with impeccable attention to detail. Each poem flowed effortlessly into the next, creating a tapestry of emotions that bring the reader along on a journey of hope, self-love, and longing.

One of the things I appreciated most about "Maybe Today" was the way in which Williams tackles complex issues with a delicate touch. From the pain of loss to the joy of new beginnings, each poem is infused with a sense of vulnerability and authenticity that is truly inspiring.

As a beginning lover of poetry, I have read many collections over the past year, but few have left such a lasting impression as "Maybe Today." Williams' work is a testament to the power of language to heal, to inspire, and to connect us all in our shared humanity.

Final Thoughts: Overall, I cannot recommend this collection enough. Whether you are a longtime fan of poetry or a newcomer to the genre, "Maybe Today" is a must-read that will leave you breathless and deeply moved.

Disclaimer: Thank you Netgalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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This poetry collection is raw, dark, and deeply personal. While it was broken down into four parts for the seasons it reads more like a personal poetry journal that just happens to have been fill up over a year, especially with the secondary voice and how those parts were reactive to the main poems. It was unfortunately not to my liking, I can appreciate what the authors were going for but the poems started to feel repetitive and the secondary voice would through me off since they came across overly chipper.
Content warnings for: grief, loss of a parent, alcoholism (from a parent), death of an animal, suicidal thoughts, mental health
Thank you NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for early access to this book in exchange for an honest review.

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This book is raw and deeply personal.
There are poems in this collection that made me stop, put the book down, and just process it for a little bit. I think everyone can connect to different pieces of this story and hopefully find some strength from it.
Even though at times I think the poems were a bit too on the nose or the metaphors were not the most original, overall it was extremely beautiful.
If you want to read this book, please be aware that this book handles very heavy themes and articulates dark thoughts, so take care of yourself.

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I really enjoyed this poetry collection! However some of them felt a little repetitive, I liked how easy and accessible they were for new poetry readers! Would recommend it to those who are dipping into poetry!

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The cover is what starting me on the journey of reading this poetry.... Did i relate to this, Yes! did i cry, Yes! I am also stuck in life, YES!! Did i start thinking i need to start getting out of my funk, Also YES!!! I absouletly loved this and plan to buy a physical copy to annotate myself.

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