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The Hawk's Shadow by Diana Palmer,
Nemara is summoned to examine a skeleton discovered in the small town of Benton, Colorado. Gil, recognizing his lack of expertise, enlists her help. Despite an initial sense of conflict, Gil discovers Nemara's surprising insights into overlooked details, leading them to collaborate on unraveling a twelve-year-old crime. As they interact with individuals who recall the victim, they realize they share unexpected commonalities, forging an unexpected connection in the midst of their investigation. Sweet and geeky, their partnership blossoms in unforeseen ways.

Rancher Style by Rebecca Zanetti  
Tara and Greg, once high school sweethearts, faced heartbreak when Greg proposed post-graduation, joined the Marines for a year, and returned changed, ending their relationship. Tara, now an English teacher, encountered Brian during college, marrying him after Greg's apology. Amidst this, Greg inherited half a ranch and his deceased brother's three teenagers. The story takes unexpected turns as they navigate challenges, including a custody battle initiated by Greg's brother's second wife. Full of twists, this narrative stood out as my favorite in the anthology of three.

A Cowboy Kind of Romance by Delores Fossen
A tale of rekindled love, Brenna and Theo's second chance at romance is fostered by their families and the supportive community of Loveland. High school sweethearts, Brenna was left heartbroken when Theo abruptly left to pursue a career as a rodeo bull rider. Now, after a career-ending injury, Theo returns home, coinciding with Brenna's transition from the Army to join the police force. Both aware of matchmaking efforts, they attempt to resist, but as they collaborate on their siblings' wedding, old emotions resurface.
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This is a good book. This book has three stories. All the stories have cowboys, families and romance. Families can be related to you or who you choose to be in your family. They each have issues but together they work them out and fall in love.
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An emotionally thrilling, heart-racing and action-packed set of adventures filled with engaging charters, witty dialog, heart racing twists and undeniable passion.  Really enjoyed this highly entertaining journey from beginning to end.
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If you’re looking for a box set of cowboy romance that will have you thinking about packing up your car and moving to find your own Stetson wearing guy this is the read for you! I found these to be the perfect summer day reads. They are fast-paced read that are just perfect for the beach or poolside. Overall, this boxset had me entertained this summer. And as summer comes to an end filled my heart with longing for next year.
Hope you enjoy it too!
And as always Happy Reading!
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As usual Diana Palmer wrote a good story. Didn't realize it was an anthology. Put the book down but a week later I picked it up to read the other authors whom I was not familiar with. I must say they were good stories and will check these authors in the future. If you are a Diana Palmer fan you will enjoy!
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Isn’t “must love cowboys” the original romance readers’ creed? These 3 separate stories are very different, except they have 3 strong, intelligent female main characters and 3 yummy cowboys! And if you think these are your grandmother’s western romances, well, you’re in for some surprises!
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We should all live in the West…

If these characters and their stories are the norm!

Whenever I see Diana Palmer’s name on a new book, it’s an insta-click for me. The Hawk’s Shadow was exactly what I expected and another solid read from a long-time favourite author. While I know the story will follow a certain pattern, often including the dynamics of the characters, that isn’t a bad thing. Straight up, salt-of-the-earth people with a bit of drama and mix-ups thrown in to spice up the courtship? You know I will be up for that any time…

Rescue: Rancher Style by Rebecca Zanetti was a complete surprise for me. I have to admit to having read a story (maybe two) long ago and remember them with little fanfare. This one, though, this one grabbed me and never let go. Family is everything and watching Greg and Tara’s second chance amidst all the chaos was a sweet, funny, rollicking reading treat! It’s a gem and part of a series so you know where I am heading next…

A Cowboy Kind of Romance by Delores Fossen rounded up this cowboy anthology. The main character’s unique ‘re-meet cute’ was different and paved the way for some heartache and rediscovery. Another solid read.

Overall, I really enjoyed this set, with an entertaining, mixed bag of suspense, rom-com and small town family romance. I hope this trio comes together again as I will definitely be in line for more.
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He’s My Cowboy by 
By Diana Palmer, Rebecca Zanetti & Delores Fossen

Two second chance romances with another story with skeletal remains and a murder mystery to solve sees three cowboys connect with the perfect woman for them…eventually. 

THE HAWK’S SHADOW by Diana Palmer
Gil Barnes and Nemara Landreth have don’t smile and play nice when they first meet but as they spend time together working the mystery of the bones found in town, realize they have more than a few things in common. I really enjoyed this and loved Nemara’s first meeting with Gil’s pet. Still smiling about that and how the story ended. 

RECUE: RANCHER STYLE by Rebecca Zanetti
Tara Webber and Greg Simpson were high school sweethearts that get a second chance at romance in this story. Greg stepped up to take on his son’s teenage children and is doing his best, but things are not always easy. This is one of my favorite authors and I had to read this book – so glad I did – now wonder when the next book about the Cattle Club group will show up to read.

Brenna Sullivan and Theo Cameron were also high school sweethearts that broke up at the end of their senior year. They, too, get a second chance to get it right and have their families and the entire town working together to match them again. 

Did I enjoy this book? Ye
Would I read more by these authors? Yes

Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington-Zebra for the ARC – This is my honest review. 

4 Stars
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A bundle of 3 Short stories from all great authors. 
4 Stars for Dianana Palmer interesting story about who did it; 5 Stars for Rebecca Zanetti the best one love them Cowboys; and 3.5 stars for Doleres Fossen her story was for me the weakest one.
I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
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The Hawk’s Shadow by Diana Palmer
3 STARS A short story with an intriguing storyline and good characters.

"Rescue: Rancher Style" by Rebecca Zanetti
4 STARS "Rescue: Rancher Style” is novella 3 in the prequels to the Redemption Wyoming series but can be read as a standalone. I just loved this story and it was my favourite in this book. Greg and Tara are fabulous characters and the story is well written and engaging throughout 

A cowboy kind of romance - Delores Fossen
2.5 STARS A cowboy kind of romance was an ok read for me.
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This is three Short Stories/Novella Cowboy Romance/Romantic Suspense. The first story in this book is The Hawk’s Shadow by Diana Palmer which I would give it 5 stars, and this one was my favorite of the three. I loved the characters. This is a fast paced Cowboy Romantic Suspense, and there were some really funny quirky moments in this book. I love the connection that both the main characters have to their pets. The story itself unfolded nicely, and some of the reveals I did not guess which is always nice. I really enjoyed this short story. The next short story is Rescue: Rancher Style by Rebecca Zanetti, and I would give this one 4 stars. I would call this a cowboy romance with a fake dating twist. I enjoyed all the characters, but I did not like that Greg never told the other characters what he was feeling or what he wanted. There was a lot of drama because Greg did not share his true feelings. I did enjoy the ending of this book. There was a little suspense. The next book was my least favorite which was A cowboy kind of romance by Delores Fossen. I feel this book just needed more. It felt rushed, and I think it was too short to really develop any story or character connection. I was kindly provided an e-copy of this book by the publisher (Zebra Books) or author (Diana Palmer, Rebecca Zanetti, and Delores Fossen) via NetGalley, so I can give an honest review about how I feel about this book. I want to send a big Thank you to them for that.
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This western anthology contains three stories from three different authors. The stories are connected by location as they take place in Redemption Wyoming, but really they could be taking place in AnySmallTown USA.

The first story from Diana Palmer involves a twelve year old missing persons case and one straight-shooter of an investigator from the state crime lab. I really enjoyed Nemara Landreth and her direct and her somewhat unconventional methods and thought she was a good match with Gil. This is a workplace,slow burn romance that made me smile at the end.

Rescue Ranger Style is a second-chance story between a a man who is way over his head with new responsibilities and the women who really never forgot him. Three teenagers provide lots of drama to this story and I really enjoyed this one.

A Cowboy Kind of Romance is a sweet returning home romance that fits nicely in this trio of stories.

I find these three story anthologies to be perfect for those times when you want a low-conflict sweet romance in a perfect size for reading in an evening or two and a great way to experience some new authors.
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This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy.

Loved that there were three stories in one book!

Each book was enjoyable and the only thing I want to know is on the second book - Rescue Rancher Style by Rebecca Zanetti - are we going to see more of these characters?  I want to know what happens with the baby that is coming, as well as the silent admirer for the cafe owner - don't leave us hanging!

The first book was a bit of a romance with a mystery thrown in, the second was more action packed, and the final book was a second chance romance.  

Great reading and could not put the book down!
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This trio of tales has it all: mystery, suspense, romance and alpha men to the max. I so enjoyed this book and especially Rebecca Zanetti’s contribution. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for an adventure ride with some added sweetness.
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This is 3 stories in one.
 The first one was a little plain. I really couldn’t connect with characters because of all the perfectness.
 The second story was wonderful. I loved the characters and making of a family.
 The final story was a light, fun, quirky read. Made me giggle some.
 Thanks to Netgalley for the chance to read and review this one. I enjoyed it.
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I did not get this read before you archived it, even though I had it loaded to my kindle account I thought. So I have no review to submit to you....I'm sorry.
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HE’S MY COWBOY offers three authors, and three different stories but all with cowboys, hometowns, sassy women, and romance! Something for everyone!

Reviewed by Annetta Sweetko for Fresh Fiction
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He’s My Cowboy, three novellas by Diana Palmer, Delores Fossen, and Rebecca Zanetti. The first, The Hawk’s Shadow by Palmer, was disappointing, which is unusual. She is typically a good read. It had a good premise, Gil Barnes who was undersheriff and a cowboy in Colorado was studying forensics in school. I guess the major error was describing repeatedly as forensic archeology, which as we all know is incorrect. She did sprinkle a few of the correct, forensic anthropology throughout the story, though. Bad editing? The other two stories were engaging, with good cowboy heroes. There is nothing better than a cowboy romance that has a good plot to go with the romance. Both of these fill the bill.  

I was invited to read a free e-ARC of He’s My Cowboy by Kensington Books, through Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions were mine. #Netgalley #Kensington #DianaPalmer, #DeloresFossen #RebeccaZanetti #HesMyCowboy
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I cannot tell a lie…I follow these anthologies for Rebecca Zanetti’s cowboys!
I love Redemption and the shorts on these guys finding love. Rescue: Rancher Style, written by Rebecca Zanetti was my favorite story of the 3. I liked the characters, the second chance Romance, and how Rebecca Zanetti connected this story with her Redemption, Wyoming series. Having previous characters in this story was awesome and I enjoyed reading about all of the characters including how Greg and Tara are thrown into a situation that helps them realize what they truly need in life.

I really love that I can get through the story in one sitting without having to experience all the crazy, overdone angst usually found in contemporary romance stories.
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This was a good collection of writers. I always love  Rebecca Zanetti’s stories. Diana Palmer usually takes a macho man approach that hits the “alpha male” spot. I had a little trouble getting into Delores Fossen’s story. I wasn’t too sure about the chemistry (or lack there of) between the main characters. 
Overall, I like slipping from one author to the next and switch up the writing style. 
4 stars!!
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