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Story was never ending loop for the Dianna.  Diana was afraid to get to close with her finance's family and set a wedding date with his family.  

She finds out that her finance was hit by a truck on his way home to her while riding his bike.  He was riding his bike that night because he forgot to gas it up before he got home the night before.  

Dianna has only one wish for Christmas - that Linis open his eyes so that she can set a date for the wedding. Little does she know is that the wish had many convolutions that she has to fulfill with her patients and one small child.  

It was an enjoyable story.
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For me this was a wonderful Christmas romance! I had a hard time at the beginning of the book connecting the main character, Diana, or even liking her at all. However, her growth throughout the book was so sweet and necessary in order for the ending to be satisfying. I thought the Groundhog Day type time loop would end up being too repetitive, but I felt the author did a good job of making each day different enough to keep me wondering what would happen next and how everything would turn out. Much of the book is filled with heartbreak and despair, and it evoked so many emotions as you are desperate for things to work out. Ultimately I found the end to be very sweet and satisfying, and I would recommend this for anyone willing to take an emotional journey to the happy ending.
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Finished reading - Through the snow globe by Annie Rains 

It’s a contemporary romance story with the Groundhog Day scenario and some enchantment. 
It’s a very heartbreaking and emotional story and a few tears were shed while reading this. 
It does have a happy ending though.
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The weather outside is cold and the perfect time to snuggle up with a holiday romance. Through the Snow Globe by Annie Rains, delivered a charming It’s A Wonderful Life meets Ground Hog Day romance that will leave you feeling fuzzy and warm.

I love the classic holiday movie, It’s A Wonderful Life, and admit to having watched Ground Hog Day more than once, so I was intrigued by Through the Snow Globe. The tale that Rains delivers was filled with the spirit of Christmas, hope, second chances, new beginnings and love.

Diana Merriman lives in the small-town of Snow Haven, North Carolina with her fiancé Linus. She is interviewing at her physical therapist company for a management position and isn’t exactly looking forward to the holidays with Linus’s enormous family. Her world gets turned upside down when her interview goes wrong and Linus ends up in a coma. Now all she wants is to see him for Christmas.

The tale that unfolds begins with a present found in the closet and an unexpected encounter with her neighbor. I loved it and nestled down under the covers as Diana began repeating that fateful day. Would she get a happily ever after? Find joy in her newfound family and career? The story offered some sideline stories about an orphaned boy, the toy store, and a teenager with cancer that will pull at your heartstrings and make you smile.

If you are looking for a feel good holiday romance filled with the magic of Christmas, I suggest curling up with Through the Snow Globe.
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This was such a sweet holiday read!  The characters were likeable, the story was fun and it had a great lesson about cherishing each day as if it were your last and taking nothing for granted
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Thank you so much to NetGalley and Kensington Books for my copy of Through the Snow Globe by Annie Rains in exchange for an honest review. It published August 22, 2023.
I loved the repeat in a time-loop theme throughout this book. It is one of my favorite Christmas story themes! I loved the character development and the way things progressed. I thought this was a fun, heartbreaking, interesting, and not predictable story. Perfect for Christmas, or December 4!
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I loved this magical and heartwarming Groundhog Day type Christmas book with a little twist. So much to enjoy! The character development was great and the introduction of Dustin, the child in the foster system, will just melt your heart. I loved that it brought awareness to fostering and it was a really touching part of the story that brought me to tears. A great choice to kick off your holiday reading. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for this eARC.
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Thank you Kensington Books for the ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own!

This story ties ground hogs day with a winter time story. Diana is a physical therapist who is struggling with commitments she has made to her long time boyfriend. Diana is scared to get married yet masks it by going for all the wrong things. She decides she wants to get a job promotion and puts all her energy into that. Which in turn her fiance feels less cared about and like Diana is putting their relationship on the back burner. However one night, gets replayed over and over. Can Diana get her priorities right or will she lose it all?

I enjoyed this one! I really liked that it wasn't just another cliche winter novel about a women who finds herself and dumps her boyfriend. I will not give everything away but I am glad that things work out the way that they do in this book. I enjoy the writing style. The one small part of this book that I did not love was the repetition. I felt like it got a little bit old after a little while having Diana repeat the same day. I really liked the growth that the character went through in this story.

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Through the Snow Globe is a Groundhog Day type story which I really enjoyed. Diana Merriman is not looking forward to Christmas. Her fiancé Linus, was hit by a car while biking home from work at night. He is in a coma and the doctors have no idea whether he will recover. All she wants for Christmas is for him to open her eyes. She goes about her job as a physical therapist, but she is a bit cold and standoffish. When she finds a gift from Linus in the closet, she opens it and finds a snow globe. She shakes it and makes a wish that Linus will recover. What happens next is a repetition of the day, December 4th. Each new December 4th, she tries to make changes to keep Linus from being hurt, but it keeps repeating. Will she be able to save Linus from the accident? Will her actions change something else? What is she supposed to learn from these repeating days?

This was a great story, filled with magic, love, second chances, new beginnings and more. Diana is aloof and wants everything to be structured and follow a plan, but unfortunately, life doesn't work that way. I enjoyed seeing Diana grow as this story unfolded. She learned to care about her clients instead of just trying to make them better. She communicated for the first time and as she opened up to them, all their lives were affected. There are some coincidences in the book that I loved, but I am not going to share them in this review. This book had my emotions all over the place. There were times I was sad, others where I was joyful. I was angry at times and there were some characters that I didn't like all that much. I felt sympathy for one of her patients and was rooting for things to turn out for her with Diana's help. I love that it was set at Christmas and that a present was the catalyst for all that happened beyond the accident. This really wasn't a romance, it was a story of caring about others, love and new beginnings that I highly recommend.
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Through the Snow Globe was my first Christmas book of the season. I love the movie Groundhog Day, so when I found out this was a sort of Christmas retelling, I couldn't wait to dig in!

I listened to the audiobook version, and I thought it had a great narrator, so this is one I'd recommend on audio.

Diana Merriman is a physical therapist who has been devastated by the car accident that left her fiancé Linus in a coma three weeks before Christmas. She is not looking forward to the holidays in their small town of Snow Haven, North Carolina, where everyone else seems to be cheerful and festive. The only thing she wants is for Linus to wake up and recover.

But everything changes when she receives a mysterious snow globe of Snow Haven, a gift that Linus had hidden for her. On Christmas Eve, she shakes the snow globe and falls asleep, only to wake up the next morning and discover that it is not December 25, but December 4, the day of the accident. 

Realizing she has a chance to save Linus from his fate, she sets out to change the outcome of that fateful day. However, she soon finds out that she is stuck in a time loop, reliving the same day over and over again, with different outcomes and consequences.

As Diana tries to figure out how to break the cycle and save Linus, she also learns more about herself, her relationship, and her life choices. She reconnects with old friends, makes new ones, and helps others in need, ultimately recognizing that life is precious and unpredictable, and that every moment counts.

Through the Snow Globe is a heartwarming and magical story that will make you appreciate the people and moments that matter. It is a story of love, hope, and joy that will touch your heart this holiday season.
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This was a charming and entertaining Christmas story.  I enjoyed spending time with Diana on her road to self discovery. 
Many thanks to Kensington and to Netgalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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This is such a Groundhog Day meets Hallmark Channel Christmas movie.  Diana is a physical therapist in NC, who is called an ice queen by one of her patients.  Suddenly, just weeks before Christmas, her fiancé is hit by a car while coming home from his job as owner of a toy store and is critically injured.  It takes a snow globe and a visit from a neighbor to make some crazy Christmas magic that has Diana revisiting December 4th (the day of the accident) over and over again.  Can she stop the accident from ever happening?  It’ll have you guessing until the end.  Along the way, she learns what is really important to her and that is what makes this such a heartwarming holiday read.   It’s light, it’s sweet, there’s emotion and growth.   Very much recommend.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley.  Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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A magical snow globe starts a Groundhog day tale.
Has a good life, 
Diana Merrimack is a physical therapist on a mission for a promotion. She Has a good life, job and fiance Linus.

Now being vague things happen and she is stuck after shaking the snow globe in a seemingly never ending Christmas Eve time loop. The story switches from December 4th to Christmas Eve and back and forth.

So things are great then wham sad things happen.

Diana keeps going back and forth and I really liked cheering her on seeing her learn and grow.

I cried a few times but not always sad tears.

Initially Diana was all business focused more on just physically healing her clients.  She kept emotional distance. She has trust issues too. And control issues.
She kept trying to prevent something in time switching.
Overall I overcame my not so fondness for Diana and I always enjoyed the book.

The author is a favorite and I flew through the kindle to the end. 

Highly recommended 4 stars
Thank you to Net Galley the author and publisher

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"Through the Snow Globe" was my first experience with an Annie Raines novel, and I found it thoroughly enjoyable. In this novel, Diana is careful not to form close bonds with others, always finding a reason to keep her distance. This behavior doesn't go unnoticed, even by her fiancé, Linus, who confronts her about her reluctance to set a wedding date. After their argument Linus has a horrible accident on an icy evening while riding his bike.

For three agonizing weeks, Diana waits, hoping for Linus to awaken. Then, she stumbles upon a snow globe that Linus had purchased for her as a Christmas gift, hidden away in his closet. On Christmas Eve, a neighbor pays a visit and "enchants" the snow globe, claiming that it allows her to relive a day from the past, albeit with an unchangeable outcome.

Diana awakens the next day to find herself back on the day of Linus's accident. Desperate to prevent the tragedy, she tries to keep him from riding his bike, but the accident still occurs. Each time she wakes up, it's December 4th, and she's trapped in a repeating loop. Despite her efforts to alter the events, nothing changes – except for Diana herself. With each repetition of the same day, she comes to the realization that perhaps her habitual closed-off approach to life isn't the best way to live.

The story beautifully unfolds as Diana makes small daily changes that gradually improve her life. Even though Linus remains unconscious, Diana learns the profound value of allowing others into her heart.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Through the Snow Globe was probably my favourite Annie Rains novel to date!

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher.
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3 stars

Ah yes nothing says Merry Christmas quite like re-living the day you bombed a job interview and your beloved fiance got hit by a truck because you shook a magic snow globe and made a Christmas wish. Who wouldn't want to see how many different ways that delivery truck can hunt down Linus (aforementioned fiance) to run him down and put him in a Christmas coma?? After failing the same horrible job interview for a promotion at work?? Not me, that's for sure.

I had fun reading this book because after the first groundhog day loop Diana went through I wanted to see just how much more horrible it could get. And boy did it. Linus ended up in a coma after being hit by the delivery truck while riding his bike, as a passenger in a car, while walking, and while standing outside all at different times and situations. That truck had it out for his ass. 

The rules of the snowglobe groundhog day loop also made ZERO sense because Diana, Linus (while comatose), and a little boy they end up fostering (???) are all in the same loop. And how did the loop break? Was it by Diana oversharing with her patients and nailing the job interview and defeating the evil delivery truck trying to kill Linus? Of course not, it was by shaking the snow globe upside down this time! What a wonderful resolution! Diana learns nothing, fosters some kid, quits her physical therapy job, and runs Linus's toy store while he's indisposed all in a matter of two weeks. At Christmas. When stuff is definitely open and it's easy to fast track things like becoming a foster parent.

And of course Linus wakes up from the coma and is super ok with the surprise Christmas baby of an 8 year old boy they are now fostering. Because of course.

Merry Christmas! Hope you don't get run over again!
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Through the Snow Globe is a change from Ms. Rains’ usual genre.  This is her first women’s fiction book and she knocked it out of the park!

Diana is a physical therapist who believes in being professional at all times.  She is very good at her job, but she comes off as being aloof and detached in her patients’ opinion.  She does her job with very little conversation.  Her patients, especially sixteen-year-old Addy, don’t find her very friendly.  The one patient who filled out a review card, aka Glow Card, said that she was “abrupt”.  Perhaps that is a result of being abandoned by her mother and raised by a very stern grandmother.  She just doesn’t know how to share her feelings.  

Diana seems to be in a time loop, repeating the worst day of her life over and over.  Her neighbor, Maria, advises her that maybe it is because she needs to change something.

I enjoyed following the lives of Diana and her fiancé, Linus, as Diana tries to change what she thinks might be the problem and failing over and over again.  I look forward to seeing what Ms. Raines writes next.
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I absolutely loved this book. Incredibly written, I felt all of my feels, and sometimes all at the same time. The Groundhog Day trope was done so well, and I could feel and relate to the feeling of giving up hope after trying so hard. Diana is such a great character, I love all of her flaws and seeing her grow and rediscover herself was fantastic. Can’t recommend this enough!! 

Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for the digital ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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thank you to netgalley for the advanced reading copy. I really enjoyed this and will be getting copies for my shop.
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This story truly is Groundhogs Day meets It's a Wonderful Life.  A lovely story about finding yourself and what's important in life. Diana, relives the same 24 hours in different variations of what could've happened that day. Each time she relives the day she learns something new about herself and her friends. This was such a sweet Christmas story.
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