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The Ones Who Are Buried (A Whitecliff Bay Mystery Book 3)

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A brilliant read that had me hooked right from the very start, I couldn't put it down. The twists were so good too
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An enjoyable holiday read and I had a three box set, so one after the other as the sun shone.
With Kerry’s books you know what to expect and are rarely disappointed.
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This is the 3rd book in the series. Once again I was hooked from the very first page. Great characters. Loved the ending.
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The Whitecliff Mystery series by Kerry Wilkinson was a must read for me as he is one of my go-to authors. If he releases a book, I need to read it. I was looking forward to this series as soon as I discovered they were being released.
The One Who Fell introduces us to Millie Westlake. A woman whose life has fallen apart in the last few years. She is a volunteer at an old people's home and when a resident tells her she saw a girl on a roof during the night, Millie takes it upon herself to attempt to get to the bottom of what she has been told. Will she discover if there was truly a girl who fell from the roof of if it was a figment of the residents imagination. 
The story starts slowly as we get to know the characters and their back stories, particularly Millie’s. It's as always so well written and the characters so believable. Millie herself is an intriguing woman who I was fascinated with. I can't wait to see how she develops over this series.
The interwoven mystery was one that made me keep picking this book up. The twists made it quite a thrilling read that did have me wondering throughout. The fact that I couldn't guess what happened resulted in a surprise ending for me. 
The One Who Was Taken picks up after the events of the first book and I was really happy to be able to read it straight after the first. 
By the time I had read two chapters I was feeling like I was back with a friend. Although it's a friend I'm still getting to know. Millie is such a complex woman but as the story unfolded, more little bits about her are revealed. The characters are all so well described and the settings too. I could picture Guy's home so clearly. He is now a friend of Millie and I revelled in the way their relationship is growing by the chapter.
The plot is again another gripping one. That again hooked me from the start. I just wanted to know how it would end, and how these events would affect Millie herself. I am quite fond of this woman now. That's the skill of Kerry Wilkinson. He can create fictional people who the reader feels invested in so fast.
I am still reading the third book, The Ones Who Are Buried. It's another quality read. One that I'm thoroughly enjoying. Again the characters are so vivid and the mystery is keeping me on my toes.  
 The Whitecliff Mystery series is a departure from Kerry Wilkinson's previous books. It's also a series that slowly grips you from the first book and does become an addictive read. I'm hoping book four comes along quite soon as I will be bereft when I finish the book I'm currently reading! Great stories  with multi layered characters and twisty plots. 
Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for the gifted ARCs. I REVIEWED ALL BOOKS TOGETHER.
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Kerry Wilkinson, The Ones Who Are Buried (A Whitecliff Bay Mystery Book 3), Bookouture 17 April 2023.

Thank you NetGalley for providing me with this uncorrected proof for review. 

The Ones Who Are Buried continues the partnership between Millie Westlake and Guy Rushden and begins a new investigation into the disappearance of two school age boys. The investigation begins with Kevin Ashworth, former teacher and football coach found guilty of their abduction, leading the way over cold and wet moorlands to recover a small wooden box. It is too small to house the remains of the missing boys on whom the expedition has focussed but will become an important part of the story of their disappearance. Millie is intrigued by the demand for Guy’s presence, and the background to his and Ashworth’s story is partially revealed. Moving well away from cold and wet expeditions is Millie’s interest in unravelling a mystery associated with a film star, and their visit to her opulent but decaying house. 

At the same time as Millie and Guy investigate, their domestic circumstances are further revealed. Millie’s ongoing battle to remain calm in the face of her ex-husband’s and his new partner’s provocation; her relationship with her son who is in his father’s custody; her friendships; and then, a new introduction to the series, more about Guy’s domestic life. 

Kerry Wilkinson brings to the distressing scenario of the missing boys his usual sensitivity and understanding, making this third book in the series another absorbing addition to the Whitecliff Bay mysteries. He combines the investigations; the ongoing domestic concerns of the two major protagonists; and the burgeoning friendship and relationships between Millie, Guy and the other major characters mysteries well.

As with the first two novels in this series, the mysteries are solved, but these are not the whole of the work. The way in which they are solved is far from the victorious summary of events and denouement. Rather, people’s feelings are exposed, and their motivations developed. Through the investigations wider social concerns are revealed and considered. It is this added layer that makes the Whitecliff Bay series one to be appreciated.
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Truly enjoyed this installment and the atmospheric setting.  Twists and turns kept me guessing until the very end.
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This is the third instalment  for the Millie Westlake and The Whitecliffe Bay Mysteries'.  Each book gets better and better. The character development within each book is fabulous.  A perfect book to escape with.
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This is book 3 of the Millie Westlake mysteries, and they just keep getting better.
Convicted killer Kevin Ashworth has finally decided to tell all about where the bodies of two young boys are buried. He is released for a couple of hours so that he can take the police to the site, but ony on the condition that Millie's sluthing partner, Guy is present.
What mysteries will they find? There are multiple twists to this tale, and the story highlights the love someone can have for another.
Another excellent read, roll on book 4!
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The third book in the Whitecliff Bay Mystery series and these books just keep getting better,  I can't wait to get stuck into the fourth. I always enjoy his storytelling style, so easy to follow.
Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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The Ones Who Are Buried  is a Whitecliff Bay Mystery and it’s book 3! 
This was my favorite to date and I thought it was so good. It can be read as a stand-alone, just saying. 
KW wrote a marvelous mystery and I had to know what happened. The characters development was on point. Great writing. This odd relationship with Guy and Millie was part of why I liked this so much. And KW took me through so many scenarios. It really made me think. I liked all the characters (except two) and didn’t want to put this down. It’s good and I highly recommend this one. If you love a good mystery then you have to read it. 
Thanks Bookouture via Netgalley.
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Thanks to NetGalley, publisher and author, for the free copy of this book. The Whitecliff Bay Mystery series is just awesome. Each book brings a mystery to be solved but Millie, the main character, has a mystery that has not been solved yet but we get a little bit closer to the truth in every book. This one particular story, I may have guessed a little bit what really happened to the missing boys but, there were elements that surprised me. I always enjoy the author's storytelling style in every book I have read from him: easy to follow, interesting and super engaging. Loved this book and love the series!
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I found this twisty, fast paced, and heart breaking at moments. There's a lot of victims in this novel, there's a solid plot that kept me guessing, and we learn more about Millie.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher for this arc, all opinions are mine
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I kept a small gap between the Books 1 and 2 and it helped me to enjoy this
story more.

The setting of Whitecliff and its environs are mediocre, the characters seem
also a bit drab and grey. Millie and Guy in this story are there purely to unravel
the mystery of two boys presumed murdered. The only person who can give the location is 
Kevin Ashworth in prison who has decided to reveal any information only to Guy and
Millie much to the local Police Chiefs anger and chagrin.

Murder destroys on many levels and we see lives twisted with pain on many levels
not just the victims families alone. This is a particular feature in this story.
The murderer was a victim too here. His actions were purely to protect his son. This 
is revealed only towards the end, it changes the entire tenor of the read.

Very stark, quite an emotional read.
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The third whitecliff Bay mystery, this series gets better with each book. Kevin who is serving life for the murder of two boys who's bodies have not been found, thus Guy and Millie get involved which leads to plenty of twists. Characters grow with each book. Roll on book four. I received this book from Bookoutre and Netgalley for a review.
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. The story opens on a bleak and spooky moorland. A journalist and his companion join police and professional diggers as a prisoner leads them to a spot where it is thought he deposited the bodies of two boys decades before. The question is: what will they find there? As in real life, often these types of criminals don't always deliver.

This is the third book of a series about a hobby journalist and his assistant (who is actually a dog groomer and has no journalistic nor detective skills). The journalist knows everyone in the small fictional seaside town of Whitecliff and they trust him, as in this case where the convicted murderer will only speak to him. Sometimes this is information about the crime and sometimes simple messages to pass to his estranged son.

The sleuthing duo is a quirky one. Their working relationship is told through the perspective of the younger woman so her personal life plays a part in the story. She is divorced with a young son, whom she does not have custody, and there is some manipulation from her ex-husband. Running alongside this is a story about a former pop star who has had something stolen from her home and asks for help in finding the missing item while keeping it all on the quiet.

The story is witty at times, slow with domesticity at others and sometimes tense and atmospheric. But the three strands keep on turning up clues and share themes of what it is to be a parent that surreptitiously build suspense. The book should have ended with the penultimate chapter, which is a powerful conclusion. However, there is a sequel and so a link to the next book is needed in that respect, which is a bit of a shame as means the ending is disappointing. Lots to think about in this unusual mystery.
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In this book Millie accompanies Guy on a case where a convicted killer is taking the police to the site of the burial. Things aren't what they seem and it appears that the killer is playing mind games. Guy finds out why he wanted them along. She's also tasked with finding a missing painting from a pop stars house and she really feels her investigation powers are coming into their own.
Her personal life and relationship with her little boy are explored more, as her ex husband is getting remarried. You really feel invested in her life, and wondering whether the gossip about her had any foundation.
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Straight away 5 stars
I absolutely love this series 
Decided it is because I am nosey and want to know more
The storyline is gripping 
You feel you are friends with the main characters 
Your writing is brilliant

Going to start number 4 now
Hopefully there will be a 5 

Thank you netgalley, Kerry Wilkinson and Bookouture
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A disturbing mystery brings Millie and Guy together, rooted in the past; it has many twists and makes Millie realise that the seaside town where she lives has a dark side. The character development is good, and Millie's life has more substance, with deep friendships and a definite purpose. The overarching mystery remains. 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.
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Thank you NetGalley and Bookouture for a copy of "The Ones Who Are Buried" in exchange for my honest review. 

This is book 3 in the Whitecliff Bay Mystery series and this in my opinion is the best one yet. It is the gripping thriller that I associate with Mr. Wilkinson. Once again the story involved Millie and Guy (and his dog Barry) and a decades old disappearance that had many twists and turns to it before Millie put all the pieces in place. 

2 decades ago Wesley and Shaun were being driven to a football match by their teacher/coach Kevin Ashworth but they never made it. Kevin was found 3 days later hiding out but the boys were not with him. They were never found but Kevin was sent to prison, sentenced to life for double murder. 

Kevin asks for Guy to be brought to the prison because for some mysterious reason he will only talk to him. He's willing to tell the whole story but only to Guy. Guy agrees as long as Millie can go with him. We also learn about Kevin's son Nicholas who is in hospice care with not long to live after a leukemia diagnosis. This is a huge piece to the puzzle which leads Millie and Guy to find answers that the police have not been able to find for decades. 

There is a side story of a former popstar who had something stolen from her home, whom Millie agrees to help but the main story is Kevin Ashworth and what happened on the Moors so long ago. The book ends with a surprise revelation that makes the 4th book in the series very intriguing.
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The Ones Who Are Buried is the third book in the Whitecliff Bay Mystery series. I am really enjoying this series and finding all the books to be quick page turners and yet again I could not put this one down.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for my ARC.
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