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The Ones Who Are Buried (A Whitecliff Bay Mystery Book 3)

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Wonderful. The third instalment in a great great series. Loved this one so much. I just cannot wait for the next. Just wow.
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Thirty years ago Kevin Ashworth, popular teacher & football coach took two boys home from a football match. The boys were never seen again & Kevin was found alone on the moors. He has never revealed what happened or where the boys are buried. Out of the blue he says he will reveal their burial place, but only to Guy, retired reporter & now local blogger. When the police, Keith, Guy & Millie arrive on the moor he leads them to a spot. Digging reveals a small box- far too small to contain the remains of two young boys. There is obviously more to this story. Millie is also trying to find out who has stolen a revealing picture of a once famous popstar- this not being something Guy decides to leave with her!

Along with these two main events we also follow Millie's struggle to keep contact with her son in spite of her obnoxious ex & his poisonous partner. Millie's best friend Jack is struggling with being a father to adopted son Isaac- having always been less keen that his partner Rishi! It is the skilful mixing of these strands along with the mysteries that make these so addictive- can't wait for the next one!

Thanks to Netgalley & the publisher for letting me read & review this book!
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I just had to start this one as I enjoyed her last one so much. This one was even better and I couldn’t stop reading until I finished. A real twisty page turner. Highly recommend. My thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review.
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As a good thriller will ratchet up the tension as you move through the chapters, so has Kerry Wilkinson racheted up the mystery/ thriller/ tension/ OMG moments as we move into this 3rd book in the series.  Yes, you could read it as a stand alone but.....who are we kidding......reading the first two books will set the readers up for the outing of the evil that haunts this small town.  Whitecliff is not the small, safe town that Millie has always believed it was.  So many things have happened....we still don't know why her parents committed suicide.....that you have to be relieved that you don't live here.
The Whitecliff Bay series revolves around Millie and her VERY small group of friends as they work together to investigate the darkest parts of the town's history.  And book 3 is soooo good.  I'm not sure how to give you anymore clues without revealing any secrets.  Twists, turns, surprises, it's all in there.
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I am loving this series!  Millie and Gus have formed a good partnership and once again team up to find out what really happened in the disappearance of two young boys many years ago as the bodies were never found.  This book ends with more unanswered questions!
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The Ones Who Are Buried by Kerry Wilkinson is the third book in this new excellent  A Whitecliff Bay Mystery series and this book was another 5 star read. It's full of great twists and turns with lots of secrets that will have you gripped. I ended up reading it in one sitting again I loved it and looking forward reading more of A Whitecliff Bay Mystery series.

I highly recommend this books.

Big thank you to NetGalley, Bookouture and the author Kerry Wilkinson for my ARC of  The Ones Who Are Buried in exchange for an honest review.
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Thanks to Kerry and NetGalley for allowing me to read The Ones Who Are Buried before the publication date.

This is the third book in this quirky, cosy mystery series and there are 3 storylines.

Millie Westlake continues to show remarkable restraint as her ex-husband, Alex, having weaponised their 8 year old son Eric, continues to taunt her and pull her strings on an almost daily basis.

Her friends Jack and Rish are now the adoptive parents of 4 year old Isaac, who has already worked out how to play them off against each other.

30 years earlier, 2 young boys were last seen getting into the car of the youth football coach, Kevin Ashworth.  Neither the boys nor the car were seen again. Ashworth was found days later and following a trial, was convicted of the 2 murders. 
Since then, he has refused to talk about that day, leaving the boys’ parents to live with the pressure of not knowing how their sons died or where they were buried.
Now Ashworth wants to talk, but much to displeasure of Chief Superintendent Baker, only to journalist Guy Rushden and Millie.  Baker’s character is somewhat stereotyped. 
Will Ashworth finally tell the truth?

In parallel, Zoe, a member of a girl band which is past their sell by date, has asked Guy to investigate a theft from her home.   Guy points out that he is not a detective but despite Zoe and her family being arrogant and self-important, Millie offers to do some sleuthing for Zoe.  This will lead to some unexpected outcomes.
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Here we are with the third book in the Whitecliff Bay Mystery series.  And, I have to say, with each book I get more and more intrigued with main character, Millie.
Millie is asked to help a man who is in prison.  He says he will only speak to Millie and her companion, Guy.  
Another interesting and intriguing installment in the series.
Looking forward to the new book in the series!
Many thanks to NetGalley, Bookouture and the author for the opportunity to read this book for my honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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Another great book by Kerry! I really love the character development of Millie! I love that Millie is always helping others. I’m interested to find out if Millie killed her parents or not. The story line was really interesting and I just couldn’t put the book down! I’m looking forward to the next book!
Thank you NetGalley, Bookouture and Kelly Wilkinson for the ARC!
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In book 3 of the White Cliff Bay Mysteries Millie and Guy gets called to investigate a missing picture the one who called them name is Zoe and she was once a singer and a girl band called Girlster she doesn’t want the police involved but rather just keep it hush hush it’s a huge nude pic of herself and once Millie starts to investigate should not only start to really like Zoe but totally dislike her crazy family. Millie is ask to tend to Erick the closer it gets to the wedding and even invited to the wedding which turned out about as well as her other interactions with her ex family members. The main story however is the Moore’s Monster who’s real name is Kevin and it’s been 30 years since the two boys he’s conducted of murdering have been missing and he’s finally ready to talk but only if guy comes with him when he points out where the bones are but the bones he points out aren’t up to eight year old boys but the bones of a tiny baby in a wooden box. He also wants guy and Milly to do him a favor His son Nicholas is in hospice and at the end of his life and he wants the duo to let him know that he was always proud of being his father and that he loved him with all his heart. Die in Millie or dubious of the journey but OMG if this isn’t a tearjerker of a storyline. Oh yes before I forget Milly goes on a date with Lucas and OMG… OMG! I love this book because instead of gruesome serial killers they investigate crimes that don’t tally up moldable dead bodies in this book is a great example of that. I also was very disappointed in Jack because they have their adopted son Isaac who is for and Jack is regretting it.  I love these books and can’t wait to read the fourth in the serious I can’t get enough of them and want to read more. I love Nelly and guys relationship and her relationship that’s newly started with Nicola how she’s really growing her emotional support system But oh my goodness almost forgot with Jack Richie and Isaac come over for Christmas little eyed it find a Heidi hole in Millie‘s living room and what’s in it may cause Jack the question Millie‘s involvement in her parents death. I absolutely love these books they’re so many great supplies and plots and it’s all so very freaking good! A definite five star read. I received this book from NetGalley and Bookoucher but I am leaving this review voluntarily please forgive any mistakes as I am blind and dictate my review.
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In a place where everyone knows your name, your secrets, and your mistakes, things can get a little a little tense. I found this book to be a gripping, solid and captivating start to a new mystery series. Millie Westlake knows all about rumors and people knowing your business. She is constantly talked about in town, not only for how her marriage ended but there are those in town who believe she killed her own parents!

While volunteering at a local nursing home, Millie is told about a young girl being pushed off a roof. Naturally this piques Millie's interest and Millie wants to learn more. Most believe that Ingrid, the woman who mentioned the girl being pushed is confused and not to be believed, but Millie knows all too well what not being believed feels like and decides she is going to get to the bottom of what was seen.

She soon teams up with Guy, a former journalist and now blogger, and as they investigate what Millie was told, it becomes clear that they are making someone nervous. Feeling as if she is being watched and being followed, adds to Millie's concern, and adds tension to the book. Who was the girl on the roof? What happened to her? Was Ingrid, right?

I enjoyed the twists and turns along the way. It is clear that someone knows something and is hiding something. This book starts slowly and gradually the pace builds as readers learn more about Millie, her past, her current life, and the mystery of the missing girl. I enjoyed this aspect of the book as it continually piqued my interest and kept me fully invested in the plot. I enjoyed the writing, tension, drama, and twists and how the plot unfolded. Kerry Wilkinson knows how to write small town/village dynamics. He captured the rumor mill, the way everyone knows your business (or think that they do) and how people are treated by judgmental people in their community. 

This is the beginning of a series and I look forward to more Millie (and Guy) in future books.

Gripping, mysterious, and tense.

Thank you to Bookouture and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All the thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Book 3 starts off a few months past book 2.  Another old mystery.  This one seems to take even more of a backseat to the drama as in the first two books.  It’s an interesting and far less personal crime than in the previous book.  A convicted murderer leads police to a field.  The bodies of his victims have never been found.  So when something is discovered buried deep everyone is shocked by what it really is and scrambles to find out what it means.

This was a much sadder tale than the previous two books.  The murder mystery seems to run parallel to Millie’s own life.  Of course, the drama is high since her ex is getting remarried.  Weddings.  Always so peaceful.  There wasn’t as much of the relationship building in this story as the last.  Instead, we seemed to be world building.  It makes me thing that we will be settling in for another installment soon.  I can’t wait.
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4.5 Stars
Everyone in the small seaside town of Whitecliff knows the name Kevin Ashworth. Two boys disappeared thirty years ago – and although local teacher Kevin never admitted to knowing where their bodies are, he’s been in prison ever since. Now, Kevin is finally ready to talk: but only to amateur sleuth Millie Westlake and journalist Guy Rushden. Guy and Millie are led to a lonely spot on the moors above Whitecliff. They certainly didn’t expect to find what was there. The pair are also helping a local popstar find a stolen print. Then there’s the approaching wedding of Alex & Rachel
The third book in the series & the author is certainly getting into his stride with the series & each book better than the previous one. I'm really warming to Millie now, I like Guy & Jack, I find Alex & Rachel to be nastily petty & loved it when Eric had his revenged but I feel it will cause problems for Millie. More of Millie's backstory is being revealed & this time it's a large surprise. There's also a possible love interest for Millie in Luke. The case of the two missing boys is harrowing & again there are surprises& I found the denouement to be tragic & emotional. The book ahain ended on a cliff hanger but there's not long to wait until the next
My review is for a special copy I voluntarily read
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4 Stars 
One Liner: Bleak but interesting 

Kevin Ashworth is a known name in Whitecliff. A teacher, he was arrested thirty years ago when two schoolboys disappeared during a trip with him. Their bodies haven’t been found yet, and Kevin is in prison. After all these years, Kevin wants to talk but only to Guy (and Millie goes along). 
What they find on the moor unleashes more questions, and Kevin decides not to talk. Millie feels the fear of losing her son to something similar and wants to uncover the truth of what happened in the past. The more she digs, the murkier it gets. What happens next? 
The story comes in Millie’s third-person POV. 

My Thoughts: 
Book three is better than book two in terms of the mystery and Millie’s character arc. We have two cases in this one as well. Apart from Kevin’s track, Millie is helping Zoe, a small-time celeb, find an important missing item. The tracks are independent of each other. 
While there is hardly any danger in the book, there is a lot of fear and panic as Millie continues to think of Kevin’s story and worries about Eric. She almost edges on paranoia in this one. While that’s a little annoying I can see the reason for her fears. 
I like the contrast in both cases dealt with in the book. Without giving spoilers, I can say that it’s a poignant observation of interpersonal relationships between family members. There’s no preaching. It’s up to the readers to consider, analyze, compare, and draw conclusions. 
It’s good that Millie has something to do with her life instead of being a pushover with the bare minimum existence. I hope she learns to be proactive with her life rather than hide in the shadows. There’s only so much of a pity party I can read. 
The book ends on an intriguing cliffhanger (not related to the mystery), so I’m glad book four is available for request. I also hope the ex and his new wife get their due. Not sure how many books I’ll read if Millie continues to be a doormat in this issue (yeah, it’s a threat). 
Am I the only one worrying about Millie’s lack of appetite? She hardly seems to eat anything in most of the books. Maybe making her assertive about her life would bring back some love for food? 
There’s a bit of development in the mystery of Millie's parents' suicide. It does create some interest. Luke seems to be a decent guy, though I’ll wait to confirm it. 
Jack and Rishi seem to be dealing with a new set of issues. I like how Rishi’s rep is dealt with a light touch. Book two mentions he is a vegetarian and has a loving/ supporting family (a relief to read). The bit about Rishi’s parents not celebrating Christmas but his mom cooking Indian food to feed the entire street made me smile. This is so on point. 
 Guy is who he is, though there are some secrets he isn’t ready to share with Millie (just as she doesn’t want to tell him certain things). I’m curious to know more. Let’s dig into the past. 

To summarize, The Ones Who Are Buried is the best of the series until now. The writing is easy to read, and the character arcs are steady. Looking forward to reading the next book. 
Thank you, NetGalley and Bookouture, for the eARC. This review is voluntary and contains my honest opinion about the book.
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First of all - I love the titles and the covers of this series! 

I feel that this third installment of the Whitecliff Bay Mysteries really showcases Wilkinson’s talent. He’s found the groove with this series and his comfort level is obvious, allowing readers to experience all they love about this author’s writing style! It’s like working in a new pair of shoes; when you finally get them where they need to be, the sky’s the limit! 

The tension was ramped up in this one, making it more enjoyable for me. In addition, the fleshing out of the backstories added to my connection with the characters and I really was invested in what happened to them. All the things I mentioned in book two review are applicable here, too. The series has gained steam and I can’t wait for book 4! 

Although I’m not a fan of character-focused novels, I’m really enjoying the little community at Whitecliff Bay. I promise you, they’ll grow on you and you’ll be eagerly following their relationships and watching their growth. Eric stole the show in this book and Rachel elevates cruelty to the next level! The teacher within was glued to the investigation and the eternal optimist in me was hoping for a positive outcome. 

I was gifted this copy by Bookouture and NetGalley and was under no obligation to provide a review.
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More than 20 years ago 2 young boys went missing and were never seen again. Since then, their teacher has been in jail, convicted of their murders. All these years he has refused to say anything about the crimes but suddenly he wants to tell his story but will only speak to Guy..You might want to have a large box of tissues nearby because this is an emotional read. And be prepared for a long night're reading this in bed, there's no way you will be able to put this one down before the very last page.
Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book
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★★★★ 4.5 stars

The third in Kerry Wilkinson's new Whitecliff Bay mysteries series, THE ONES WHO ARE BURIED is so far my favourite of the three as each one has progressively gotten better. Maybe that's because the characters are evolving more and we are learning a little more about them or whether the mysteries are more interesting...I don't know. But this one also ended on something of a cliffhanger. And one I'm itching to find out more about...

Millie and Guy have been asked to accompany the police, a killer and the prison officers guarding him up to the moors in the hope that Kevin Ashworth will finally reveal the final resting place of the two boys he went to prison for killing nearly three decades before. He's never told them where they are buried and their bodies have never been found, leaving the families without closure. But now Ashworth wants to talk...but only to Guy Rushden.

Ashworth leads them to a remote clearing on the moors where a discovery is made. But not one they were expecting. Millie and Guy continue to ponder over the mystery and what this latest discovery means and if Ashworth will ever truly reveal the whereabouts of the missing boys' bodies.

Meanwhile, Guy and Millie have been tasked with a delicate investigation of sorts for a former girl band member, Zoe. It seems a very large and very revealing photo of her has been stolen from her house and Zoe doesn't want the police involved as that will surely mean publicity which is the last thing she wants. Guy doesn't do investigating, he reports but Millie steps up and offers to help find the missing photo. She keeps Guy updated but in the end proves her worth and that she really is a natural when she acts on a hunch which proves right. Well done, Millie!

The ongoing saga of Millie's acrimonious relationship with her ex Alex and his horrid fiance Rachel continues but in this installment they up the ante. Their wedding is finally going ahead...on Christmas Eve, of all days...and what a spectacular event that turns out to be! In more ways than one. But I can't help but feel things have only been made worse for Millie who, actually, hasn't done anything. Rachel is just purely spiteful for spite's sake and just couldn't resist having the last word which I fear will come back to bite Millie.

But in the midst of all this, Millie meets someone. Someone she thinks she could like...that she may even like, should she dare. Luke is down to earth, funny and isn't at all bothered by what other people think or what they think they know. He likes Millie, and it's as simple as that.

We see more of Jack and Rishi, who have now adopted a four year old boy Isaac...which comes with a whole new set of problems. And then there is the mystery of Millie's parents' suicide. Did they really make a pact? Or was Millie somehow involved? The water continue to be murky in this regard but more questions are raised leaving the reader pondering if she really is guilty or innocent. There are loads more secrets that we are drip-fed, including the cliffhanger ending. Didn't see that one coming...which totally blindsided the questions that were raised leading up to that moment.

So now having read all three books this one is my favourite of them so far. I love the character development between them all - the love, the hate, the laughter, the angst. And of course Kerry's witty prose keeps me coming back for more. I love that Guy featured more in this story. He really is a loveable character. While Millie is still an enigma.

For new readers, I recommend beginning with the first book "The One Who Fell" followed by "The One Who Was Taken" before delving into this one. While each one has a standalone story and mystery, the underlying themes throughout continue to develop and readers would miss that without starting from the beginning.

So now I have a conundrum. Do I move on to my next read (which is not by Kerry) or do I go with the fourth installment of this exciting new series (of which I do have a copy already)? And if I do, will I finish it in time before I need to finish my next read? Decisions decisions...

I would like to thank #KerryWilkinson, #Netgalley and #Bookouture for an ARC of #TheOnesWhoAreBuried in exchange for an honest review.

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This is the third book in the series, and hats off to Kerry, he keeps ỏn surprising the reader with more revelations!  I think it could be read as a stand alone, but, I think it’s such a good series, and to get to know all the characters it’s best to read ít chronically.   

This time is about a teacher who is in prison for the disappearance of two boys and he’s never said where they are.  He will only confide in Millie and Guy and along with another case that Millie is investigating it’s quite harrowing and of course close to home for Millie as she has a young son herself.  

What follows is an exciting plot, the outcome of which surprised me, and I did feel terribly sad by it all. 

Then, we have the “wedding of the year” and what a laugh, I think I would have polished off the delightful Alex & Rachel myself, and I’m hoping as the series goes on, someone somewhere will get one over on this despicable pair.   

I have to say, I’ve read all of Kerry’s books over the years, Jessica Daniel and Andrew Hunter being my favourites, but this series is excellent, and I’m hoping that there’s a lot more books being penned as it is just a fabulous series without being too gruesome 

My thanks to Kerry, the publishers and Netgalley for the ARC.
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Another great addition to the Whitecliff Bay series, in fact probably the best one yet. I like the main characters and their interaction with each other despite the big age gap they make a formidable duo. I really hope she gets her wish with Eric so they can be a happy family. Some twists and turns of sleuthing and family everyday life make for an enjoyable read. I can't wait to read the next book.
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The third in the Whitecliff Bay Mysteries and for me the best so far. I have now got to know all the main characters who are all interesting in various ways. Their back stories are revealed gradually and leave you wanting to know more. In this story Millie and Guy find themselves involved in the disappearance of two boys that happened many years previously. Their notorious perpetrator is in prison but has never revealed where the boys are. He then asks to see Guy and to show him something buried on the moors. The request is granted and an unlikely group are shown to a spot where the digging starts. More questions than answers then begin a complex and frustrating investigation to finally uncover the truth. Meanwhile Millie has a mystery of her own when Zoe, a former pop star asks her to find a very personal item that has gone missing from her home. In the lead up to Christmas Millie especially has some difficult moments to deal with but seems to be growing stronger and more able to cope with all her previous traumatic experiences. This stand alone story should be read as part of the series to have maximum enjoyment but previous books are briefly referred to which makes it possible to read as a single book. However, I’m really enjoying these delightful new mysteries and can’t wait to read what Millie, Guy and the others get up to next time.
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