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The Ones Who Are Buried (A Whitecliff Bay Mystery Book 3)

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I’m enjoying this series. Good reads with an interesting premise.  Quick easy reads with some humour thrown in. Good storyline with likeable characters. Enjoyed the series so far. 

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for an ARC in exchange for an honest opinion
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC. 
This one has to be my favorite of the three books. This one could even be read as a stand-alone. 
Looking forward to more of this series.
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This is the third book in the ‘Whitecliff Bay’ mystery series by author Kerry Wilkinson.

Two boys disappeared thirty years ago and ever since their teacher Kevin Ashford has been in prison. Up until now he has never told where their bodies are, but is now finally ready to talk. Ashford is only willing to talk to amateur sleuth Millie Westlake and journalist Guy Rushden. The pair are led to a spot on the moors above Whitecliff where they expect to find the bodies of the two boys but to their surprise they discover something more terrifying.

Millie speaks to heartbroken families but what she discovers changes everything she believes about Whitecliff and the people who live here.

Another good cosy read, good characters and a decent plot. It took me awhile to connect with the characters in book one but now I can fully appreciate them. Looking forward to the fourth book in this series.

I would like to thank both Netgalley and Bookouture for supplying a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.
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Unfortunately, I didn't finish the first of the series, so didn't read this book as looking at other reviews its very much in the same style, sorry
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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my copy of this book. 

Kevin Ashworth, a primary school teacher, was convicted of killing two young boys, more than 20 years ago. Despite the lack of bodies, Kevin has spent a long time in jail and has missed out on his own son, Nicholas, growing up. 

When Millie and guy are asked to accompany Kevin and the prison officers to the moors, they are shocked at what he leads them to. Our dynamic duo then investigate. 

This is my favourite of the three books in this series. I really enjoyed all the characters and how they have changed and progressed over the series. Especially Eric. He is my favourite, for reasons seen towards the end of the book. 

This was well written with so many mysteries. It really had me hooked. Looking forward to the next instalment being released.
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Yet another good follow on or standalone.  This one felt a bit close to home at times.  I grew up in the era and area of the Moors Murderers - I was about the same age as a couple of the children and my wings were clipped when they started going missing.  Still, well worth pushing through and reading to the end.  Millie learns more about herself and her son too.  Understandable but not excusable actions - like going to your ex-husband's wedding for the sake of your son, and holding another mother to account on behalf of her child.

Loved it.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher I read a free advance review copy of the book.  This review is voluntary, honest and my own opinion.
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Thirty years ago, Kevin Ashworth was jailed after two boys in his care went missing. Their bodies were never found but Kevin was blamed for murdering them. When Millie and Guy are called to the moors regarding the case, they wonder if the bodies will finally be found. What follows is a confusing mystery that will be tricky to solve.

Another brilliant entry to the series, I am loving these books! Millie and Guy are great. This one was tense and thrilling and I couldn't wait to find out the truth. Fantastic! Can't wait for the next book!! 

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an advance copy of the book in return for my honest feedback.
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Another brilliant edition to this series...and what a ending. Makes me want the next one already 
This is a must read for anyone who loves great little mysteries
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I'm so gutted this is over and the next installment isn't available yet!!! This is yet another amazing addition to the new series and its absolutely not letting the precious two books down. 

The characters are as vibrant as ever and come alive off the page. The book is full of twists and turns and you are taken on a winding adventure to find out what happened 30 years ago. I always worry when 3 books are released simultaneously that maybe they'll all just be rehashing the same thing or they'll all feel too similar and there will be no progression since they're all released as a one but clearly that's not the case here and they are as well written as any series you'd wait years between new releases for...just without that aching wait..... I'm looking at you GRRM!!! 

I'm in love woth this little village and with these people. It is like somewhere I know now but it's not at the level of the old "everyone is super suspish and make even crossing the street seem like they have an anterior motive for".... these are all normal people in a normal little town brought to life and it just so happens, things are weird from time to time! It all feel very organic and natural though and not like the author os forcing new plot lines where they don't fit for the sake of getting another book out. These aren't dark and twisty, they're light easy reads but most enjoyable
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This is Book 3 in the series and although certain questions have been answered many have not.
Twists and turns galore with the odd red herring kept me reading into the night.
Oh what an ending!
Please Kerry Wilkinson don't keep us waiting to long for book 4.

My thanks to netgalley and the publisher for my advanced copy.
Fabulous read!
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A teacher was charged with the murder of two young boys 30 years ago. He never disclosed where the bodies were buried or what happened. Now he is ready to talk, but only to Guy and Millie. The grave they were led to does not contain the bodies of the missing boys.
They have to get to the bottom of this to give a grieving mother closure.

Another amazing book by Kerry Wilkinson. The third in the series. I have been fortunate to have been able to read all three books. 
When is the next one being released?? Leaving us on a cliffhanger is cruel, to say the least!
I recommend this book and indeed, the series.
I hope that Millie manages to sort her custody battle out, I am definitely NOT a fan of Rachel, she is the evil stepmother! 

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This one is my favorite of the 3 books I've read in this series so far. There are so many twists and turns and the case of the missing boys kept me on the edge of my seat as Millie is trying to put all the puzzle pieces together
 We've gotten to know Millie in the previous books and in The Ones Who Are Buried, she gets pushed even further out of her comfort zone when she goes with her friend Guy (the journalist) as he accompanies a convicted killer to what the police hope will be the bodies of his victims. There is more than one mystery at play here, not only where Kevin buried the bodies, but why he chose Guy to accompany him and the police to the spot, even though Guy swears they didn't know each other that well. When they arrive they don't find what they expect, instead, they have more questions. 

Throughout the story, as Millie and Guy are trying to figure out how to get Kevin to talk, we see Millie investigating a case on her own. A musician had something stolen and refuses to go to the police.  
I think were getting closer to a resolution regarding Millie's son Eric, and I'm hoping she gets custody from her ex and his new wife. Millie could have a new love interest which Im excited about, and toward the end, we get a couple of big bombshells that could change everything going forward. I can't wait to see what is in store for Millie in the future!
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I feel a little bamboozled. I was expecting a mystery/thriller, but I got a cozy mystery. This was definitely advertised wrong.
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We are back in the village of Whitecliff Bay with even more residents.  Two boys have disappeared.  Where are they?  Who has them?  What has happened.  Red herrings keep the reader from finding the answers early in the story.  This book, written by a talented author, third in a series, was sent to me by Netgalley electronically for review. Thanks to the publisher and the author for the copy.  I enjoyed going back to Whitecliff Bay.  I enjoyed getting to know the characters who come alive on the pages of this book.  Enjoy.
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I’m enjoying this series and this is the third book.  The premise of this book sounded interesting from the very beginning. It was a quick, easy read and if you are looking for a quick, entertaining read then this is a great book for you! I received a free copy of this book from netgalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review. Overall 4 stars.
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