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As someone who has dipped in and out of wanting to learn more about Buddhism I found this book to be quite insightful for its size. It gave me some very basic but relevant information and left me interested enough to want to continue with my learning on the religion as well as using some of the teachings included to add to my everyday life.
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An informative primer on Zen Buddhism. It doesn't beat around the bush and gets right into it. 
Sometimes, it did feel a bit repetitive. I also tried to disentangle what was actually Zen Buddhism and what was New Age philosophy right from the first couple of pages. The author attempted to do this as well, but really failed to differentiate what Westerners have coined as Zen and what Buddhists consider Zen. That being said, Zen Buddhism itself is not a religion. Buddhism is. Zen is just an aspect of the spirituality. The author did a pretty good job explaining this, but again, it gets super confusing trying to decipher what is New Age stuff and isn't. The author also focused primarily on the Japanese terminology (...even though Buddhism didn't originate in Japan, the terms are more commonly used and recognized in a western audience). 
There was a lot of information here about Buddhism's history and the spiritual teachings. At times, it felt like too much information.
All in all, this book is an encyclopedia of Zen Buddhism. Skip the Wikipedia page and come here.
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I really loved this book.  It felt inspirational to me and gave me such a good handle on buddhism..  Answered several of my questions and it did not feel just like a book "of dry data and information".

Very well presented and very well researched.

Not sure this is a book for people who have no interest in buddhism.
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A lovely first step into the idea of the belief system of Zen Buddhism. It definitely isn't comprehensive, but it is perfect as a primer or introductory text.
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This book was a straightforward introduction to Zen Buddhism and I believe everyone can find something in this book that they can use. I particularly loved the exercises in this book and the easy-to-understand breakdown of the different tenets of the Zen Buddhist faith. I definitely aim to take some aspects of this book and apply it to my own everyday life moving forward. 

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I am not a fan of organized religion, but I like to read about them while trying to gain an understanding about these different aspects. One of the most interesting religions is Buddhism, and I believe that Zen Buddhism is a good way to try to understand Buddhism. 

This is a very comprehensive overview of what Zen Buddhism is, its history, beliefs, everyday practice, and a good how-to-guide. For such a short book it gives the insights you need, and I especially enjoyed the way it was written to the everyday person who might be curious about Buddhism, but might for example think it is "too out there for me". Recommended!
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A very informative look into Buddhism, Buddhism rituals, meditation, and more. Very interesting. Will definitely help you in your day-to-day life even if you don't practice Buddhism.
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This was very interesting to read about and I learned so much that I had not known. I highly enjoyed this. 
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Very interesting book on an overview of Zen Buddhism. I enjoyed reading it nd learning about different viewpoints however the concepts are just not for me.
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I really loved this book.  I'm a spiritual seeker (my husband calls it not sticking to one thing!) and this book brought buddhism to life, giving small little pieces of information in boxes on some pages, but also giving more detailed information.  I was pleased to learn that this is a series, with other spiritual practices.  I'll be reading all of them.
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An excellent introduction to the teachings and practices of Zen Buddhism. This book provides a concise and accessible overview of Zen Buddhism, including its history, key teachings, koans and rituals, making it a great resource for both newcomers to Zen Buddhism and those who wish to deepen their understanding of it.

Whether you are looking to learn about the history of Zen Buddhism or how to apply its teachings to your daily life, this book is an excellent starting point.
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I picked this book up out of sheer curiosity as to what Zen Buddhism was. I can see that this book provided a great overview and was well presented, it just turns out I’m not as interested in the content as I thought I would be. That’s no criticism of the book nor the author.
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I will definitely need this book in my collection when it comes out. It has all the answers I was looking for regarding Zen. The book looks extremely beautiful inside out. Love the cover. Love the content presentation and how concise yet detailed the information provided is.
It has enough information on the origin of Zen Buddhism, its respective areas of teachings and their approaches.

A definite recommendation. 

Thank you, Quarto Publishing Group- Wellfleet Press, for the advance reading copy.
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I found this book super interesting. I learnt a lot.
There was loads of information in here, but it never felt overwhelming.
The book is short and concise, and everything is broken into neat distinct chapters. The illustrations are beautiful too.
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