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This is a really interesting book for a really specific type of magic and rituals. I've never seen a book about this before and I think the information was good. I also liked the inclusion of the personal stories of different people. Every New Moon in the year is attached to a specific sign and topic in the book. There are 13 chapters, 12 for every month and the thirteenth moon; discussing things like divination, technology, art, etc. I found it really insightful. It is a bit dense with a lot of text, but if you are interested in this topic I 100% recommend checking it out
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I think maybe I’m not the target audience for this book. There were definitely some empowering quotes about being a powerful person and witch, but not as much on how to use your tools to do so which is what I was expecting. It’s filled filled with a lot of history. I’m not into history at all so I wasn’t really enjoying those parts. I guess I was looking for and expecting more practical/functional knowledge on using tools within your craft. I do like the writing voice the authors use and it’s filled with some very useful, inspiring quotes that I took notes of.
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An insight into moon magic from an angle I didn’t expect. Packed with thrilling history and intertwined stories, I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. 
I would like to revisit it at the new moons in order to harbour its magic and remind myself of these new patterns it encourages. 
While the topic of manifestation is popular at the moment, it’s hard to decipher what to read to get the best info necessary. This book is a great place to start, while cutting through some crap and highlighting issues within the craft from unexpected orientations.
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For me the dark moon represents endless possibilities and new beginnings. I automatically and immediately think of black moonstone and labradorite, of Vetiver and Oakmoss. In this book, encouraging us to weave together the living embodiment of our ideas for collective reenchantment — there is hope and wisdom. 

“The tools you’ll find in this book might not be able to change lead into gold or water into wine, but they can transform the mundane into the sacred. They can transform us, our lives, and—with the rippling effect that we know magic has—our culture as a whole. As above, so below. As within, so without.”

Anti-capitalist and quick to convey that we don’t need to buy a damn thing to be magical, to own our inherent and phenomenal personal power. I like it! And simultaneously yes, I own many metaphysical tools, and work with tarot decks, crystals, oils — but, do I need them? Do I need these to manifest my best life and go boldly? To be a women who runs with the wolves? No. 

Each chapter has some storytelling woven with historical figures (from Beethoven to Tesla), quotes and more ancestral stories — obviously well thought out and researched, including rituals and incantations.  As a leader of women’s circles, I particularly resonated with the new moon in Scorpio chapter.
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I love history and the craft is full of it.  This book really went above and beyond and knocked it out of the ballpark with their historical research and the book that came to fruition as a result of their work.

If you read this book and don’t feel empowered by the content, we can’t be friends!  Seriously, this book really, REALLY delivers and is a must read for anyone interested in the craft, whether practitioner or someone with just an interest in the topic!
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Magic From a Different View

The authors have definitely provided and discussed some very different views, tools, and techniques worth noting. As they discuss each moon phase, a different ritual is provided with the introduction of a tool for each moon phase and ritual. As readers will come to realize, not all ritual tools are tangible, some are intangible, such as in the case where dance is discussed as a tool of magic.

This book is quite interesting and it offers various rituals to be performed during the different phases of the moon, in which one can connect or reconnect with their ancestors. Very good read.
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Full of great information and beautiful quotes, but I do wish it was laid out differently. 

Perhaps some headers for the incantations and spells offered, so they are easy to find and reference later after reading?

Great to read front to back, but doesn't make a sensical reference book. Which is really what I need from my books, so that they continue to be useful moving forward.

I love the concept and the ideas presented here though, and I will be recommending it to other witches.
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This was such a good and unique read. New Moon Magic is very different from the usual witchcraft book and I thoroughly enjoyed it because of that. Often times I feel like a lot of one's own inner magic gets lots in aesthetics and expensive tools we see others use on social media so this book made a great point of how we can return to harnessing the magic that is already within us.
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New Moon Magic is a phenomenal book of magic and scholarship designed to help readers create meaningful change. The forward, written by Dr. Christena Cleveland, likens the book to the “magic of Gestalt psychology” which teaches that the “whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Cleveland, “enrobed in a Black and female body”, grew up feeling pressure to break down her sacred intersectionality into its simplistic parts, and she upholds this book and its magic as an antidote to harmful reductionism. Dickens and Torok, creators of the podcast Missing Witches, show readers how to liberate themselves from tyranny by fully embracing their identities and forging connections to each other and the bountiful world.

The book is divided into thirteen sections that correspond with the astrological new moons and the meanings of the earth, air, water, and fire signs. The introduction defines the word “witch” not as a person but as a discursive space, “a meeting point of politics, spirituality, and art.” The writers chart “a path beyond the violence of capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy” by hearkening to the voices and stories of marginalized people. Each month’s new moon offers readers the dark space to explore a new way of living as they contemplate what “our worldviews and world will look like when we reintegrate marginalized, obscured, violated, missing wisdom.” 

I absolutely loved this book. Although it is full of thought-provoking ideas, it is easy to read and can be digested over time as each new moon rises. The book covers the magic of the body, the garden, song, dance, storytelling, geometry, and divination, pairing simple rituals and incantations with historical information and complex philosophies. In the section on the 13th moon, the writers issue a call to action, urging readers to understand that personal strength is political strength and that our greatest calling as humans is “to build a shared house of wisdom in community with all creatures of the earth.” Heartfelt, informative, and inspirational, this book reaches into a shared past to envision a brighter future, showing readers that true magic lies not in tools or aesthetics but inside ourselves. This beautiful book is full of ancient wisdom, personal stories, and innovative tips that will help readers to enchant their lives and, in doing so, change the world. 

Thank you to Netgalley for a free copy of the book in exchange for a fair review.
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This is a profound piece of work on how capitalism has caused us to become disconnected not only from nature and the universe, but from our ‘whole’ selves. It is structured very differently from the ‘typical’ witchcraft texts these days in that it is not a linear guide or list of ingredients/spells, but rather it is an encyclopaedia of knowledge and stories. The storytelling is impactful and it reminds us that although we live in a traumatic and oppressive society, there are infinite opportunities for us to reclaim our power and to turn our trauma into magick that moves us forward and heals us. It paints a picture of the harsh realities of racism, post-capitalistic society, oppression, and new-age spirituality. We are reminded that we are the magick - not the tools we buy or the content we consume for our practice. Capitalism has taught us that we need the ‘next new thing’, the best tools that are available on the market. In reality, the tools we need for our practice are more often than not right under our noses, free, and readily available. I definitely would recommend this book for someone who is interested in learning a different perspective on what it means to be a Witch, a perspective that is often not amplified enough within the witchcraft ‘community’.
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This unique and profound book invite the truth that we are one with our bodies, others, nature and the universe. It contends that capitalism disrupts this unconscious harmony by inducing us to conquer our bodies, each other, and the earth. This book, although it is structured on new moon and Zodiac motifs, is not linear but an encyclopediac spiral of autobiographical materials, biographies of historical and current figures, research findings, provocative messages and instructions for magical rituals. Discusses how witchcraft can be a leading force in collective re-enchantment and political change. Illustrations. Notes. References.
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