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A Walking Tour of the Gospels

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I love learning about the historical and geographical context of the Bible. This book walks you through the gospel stories and provides that context with lots of images. The information is provided in a devotional format.

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Such an interesting way to read the Gospels! It’s nice to see the places where the stories take place and grasp the meaning in a different way. Great gift idea!

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I enjoyed this high-level, semi-devotional-style overview of the Gospels and their setting. Of most interest to me was the photography--a great reminder of my own trips to Israel, and inspiration for future trips to biblical locations I haven't visited yet, both inside and outside the country. I do wish there were more pictures included--not every devo had one (which is fine, of course; the topics--genealogy, for example--didn't always lend itself to inclusion, but I do think others that didn't could have merited).

The writing style also wasn't entirely my cup of tea--a bit on the simpler side--but others may appreciate it more..

Still, a beneficial and inspiring read.

I received an eARC of the book from the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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A Walking Tour of the Gospels, Experience the Life and Lessons of Jesus by John A. Beck is a book that is informative, easy to read and downright interesting. There are more than 150 stories with cultural and geographical context. I enjoyed viewing the full-colored illustrations as a well as the maps that were part of the book.

Not an in-depth study of the life and lessons of Jesus but certainly one that provides an overview and has thoughts to gleam from it. I have recently visited some of these places, still this book gave new insights and different perspectives on the area.

The publisher through Net Galley provided a complimentary digital copy. I have voluntarily decided to read and review, giving my personal opinions and thoughts.

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I give 4.5 stars (rounded up to 5) to this thoughtful and concise book. I would estimate about 2/3 of the entries in the book met my expectations in terms of being a "tour" of specific locations in the Gospels. Most of the entries had analysis about specific locations in the Gospels' stories, but some entries felt more like summary of the Gospels. That could just be my interpretation though; I was raised in the church and so might have more familiarity with the stories than someone who is newer to the faith. I appreciated that this book clearly presented the good news/gospel: that we must repent and depend on Jesus to save us and to have a restored relationship with God.

In the "What Does This Text Teach?" section, there were also some interesting points of analysis of Scripture that go beyond just summarizing the story - e.g., why it was important that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, or parallels between the Old and New Testaments. Those were often as insightful, or more insightful than, the commentary on the locations of different Gospel stories.

I also appreciated the style of the book, which is organized, clear, and to-the-point - approachable for any reader.

This book will be helpful to new and mature believers alike.

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I would advise anyone who has future plans to travel to the Holy Land, or maybe who just wants to be an armchair traveler there, to read this book, A Walking Tour of the Gospels! It is layed out in easy to read chapters, as you follow Jesus steps. I enjoyed it immensely!

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This book does a lot of telling. I believe it would be more beneficial if it showed and was a guided study walking through the gospels. This book has short chapters and beneficial pictures which are even in colour. This book however is a fabulous resource which would be better used to answer questions the reader studying the bible text could pull out to gain further knowledge and understanding. This book would be more useful with an index attached at the end to aid study. I would be interested in purchasing this book to have as a simplified resource to answer bible study questions.

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I loved this book! It was like having a guide show you the places Jesus walked and connecting that to the verses in the Bible where they were mentioned. I thought it was easy to understand, easy to follow and had just the right amount of information so as not to overwhelm you. Author John Beck did an excellent job with this book. I look forward to gifting this one to as many people as I can. A++ rating from me!

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Thanks to NetGalley, John A. Beck, and publisher for the ARC!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to read this book, it provided so much geographical and historical context so that I have a deeper understanding of the Gospels. The maps and pictures included are also extremely beneficial- it's thrilling to now have an idea of where Jesus walked! I also love how the ebook has linked scripture that you click on and read the associated passage easily. Please do yourself a favor and read this book!

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A walking tour of the Gospel
By: John Beck
Pages: 336
Release Date: June 5th, 2023

✨this is not like other arcs I have received from NetGalley this is a devotional so I will be reviewing it differentl✨

I thought this was a great devotional/ Bible companion and it was easy to follow along. This is a great devotional for people who want to understand the gospels better in an easy to understand way. This book starts with the birth of Jesus and goes through to his resurrection! There is also photos and maps so you can better understand what is being explained. This is also a further reference section where you can go to even more of the sections of the Bible to understand.

Thank you @netgalley and @ourdailybreadpublishing for this ARC.

No detail is insignificant!
Let's be honest. Parts of the Bible can seem . . . well, uninspired. What's the point of a boring genealogy? Why did this nameless bystander appear in the best-selling book of all time? What difference does it make that a certain meeting with Jesus took place in one location instead of another? 
With a warm and easy tone, John A. Beck helps us to look more closely at the people and locales of the Gospels and see the unexpected and profound significance of seemingly unimportant details. By leaving us with practical application in every powerful scene, Beck provides life-changing lessons that will help us remain humbly focused on Christ. 
The truths unpacked through 150 readings don’t just inform us of the who, what, and where of key events in the life of Christ; they help us accept our role in continuing the work of Jesus in building His geographically and culturally diverse kingdom. With full-color photographs, intriguing history, and biblical wisdom for life today, A Walking Tour of the Gospels is perfect for individual study or family devotions.

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Absolutely amazing! Great resource to enrich your Bible study and this will definitely improve your knowledge of the Bible.

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A Walking Tour of the Gospels is an excellent book authored by John A beck. if you have plans to visit the Holy Land - Israel, this book is an easy to understand the location guide for you. I wish I had a copy of this book during my visit to Jerusalem during 2018. I visited most of the places like the Nazareth to Capernaum, I have been on the wooden boat sailed on the Sea of Galilee were Jesus walked on water, ate the Peter Fish, Bathed in the dead sea. Capernaum is my favorite place too as I had taken a tour with my family learning about the synagogue that was built in which Jesus regularly taught his disciples.

This book not only demonstrates the geographical and cultural locations that Jesus build his diverse kingdom, John the author gives life to who and where the events in the bible happened and what scriptures like Mathew, Mark and Luke teaches us. The content and the locations are rich that we can feel and see in this book where Jesus publicly ministered. It's amazing that the author has talked about Jesus conducting his miracles like healing the sick, forgiving sinners, feeding the hungry and how as Jesus followers we can spread the Good news - the Great Commission in the Bible. This book help us understand how Jesus taught his followers about forgiveness that keeps no record of wrongs by being compassionate, restorative and persistent in quality. This book has maps and pictures that are easily understandable. I remember visiting the upper room in my Pilgrim trip to the Holy land where Jesus makes his appearance to disciples after his crucifixion and resurrection which is of vital importance. Mount of Olives, the peter's denial location - Caiaphas's home and Gethsemane Garden are other locations I had visited. Very enjoyable read. I highly recommend this book for Christian travelers. Thank you NetGalley and Our Daily Bread Publishers for an ARC Copy for my honest review. I just reviewed A Walking Tour of the Gospels by John A. Beck. #AWalkingTouroftheGospels #NetGalley.

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This book was so interesting to read and see actual photos of places talked about in the Bible. It really helped to put things into perspective and made you look at the events in a different light. I definitely recommend this to any Christian!

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If you're interested in the history of Jesus this book is for you!
This is more of a brief overview and not an overly in depth book. However, it follows the life of Jesus and explains the Bible verses, who is involved and where, what the text is talking about, and what does it teach. It then goes on to explain a little more in depth and links other Bible verses that are relevant. It can become a lot more in depth if you choose to study the related verses that are listed at the end each story. There are plenty of beautiful pictures throughout this book as well.

The layout is in chapters and each chapter has multiple stories. There are over 150 gospel stories discussed. They are each quick reads. If you are looking for a specific item it may be a bit harder to find. I think this is meant to be read more from cover to cover.

A great addition to add to your Bible reference collection.

Thanks to Netgalley and Our Daily Bread Publishing for a digital ARC.

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