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Snow Fairy by Tomo Serizawa
Thank you to NetGalley for sending me a free copy for an honest review
What's it about:
Famous wildlife photographer Narum has came to Hokkaido to take pictures of the elusive 'Snow Fairy. After getting stranded in a snow storm he is rescued by local farmer Haruki and takes up residence in his home. Each learn a lot from each other, Narumi a sophisticated and outgoing city slicker and Narumi a more reserved and simple county boy.
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This is a sweet BL romance, and I really liked it. Narumi and Haruki were great together and the story was cute. This is a sweet slow burn romance. The art is well done and very pretty and would highly recommend it to any BL fan or any one into romance manga. There is no smut as it is rated T for teen.
4 ⭐️
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First of all I want to thank netgalley for providing me with this manga.

this manga tells us the story of haruki and narumi, who meet by accident, since narumi was looking to capture the snow fairies, haruki thinks he is looking for real fairies and decides to help him since he has nowhere to stay during the winter and was dangerous to sleep outside, little by little they begin to know each other and love begins to emerge between the two.

The story is very simple, but that doesn't stop it from being beautiful, it's not rosy, since there will be problems of mistrust and it's mostly because of the fear of losing the other. What I liked is that despite being a single volume, it manages to cover many topics, such as losing a loved one, learning to depend on others. without leaving aside the romance.
I highly recommend this manga, it is one of my favorites to date and the drawing is beautiful, if I have the opportunity to buy it physically, I will.

I give it 5 stars out of 5
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This is a boys-love standalone title.  It is the middle of winter, Haruki is a native to the snowy land.  He has never lived anywhere else.  Akihito is a wildlife photographer trying to get an elusive shot of snow fairies.  But the winter weather is too much and Akithito is snowed in with Haruki.  They find friendship and eventually love.  This is a quite tale about a shy boy, finding new meaning in life through an adventurous boy.  This was a wonderfully lovely story that would put a smile on the readers face.
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This was such a cute story despite there being a dark and heavy back story for each of the characters.

Without revealing too much of the plot, I love that Aki is the surprising sunshine of the relationship dynamic and Haruki is the endearing grump. I would argue that they were all too trusting of each other, and things seemed a little too convenient for the plot development, especially in the beginning of the story, but it's so darn cute so I'll let it be. I also love the slight discussion on personal space + animals' boundaries. There's also some *tame* oogling in the viewfinder (bec Haruki is a photographer) and I absolutely fell for it!

What didn't sit well with me though was the age difference. Not because the gap is too big (it's not very) but bec i feel like having one of them be 21 is just too young to be super serious in the relationship. If he had been a little older, say 24(?) that might've been better for me. But no worries, the whole story is written in a way that I could force myself to mentally retcon the ages and it'll be fine.

"The longer you spend together with someone, the more you end up touching their scars." was my favorite quote. I really also liked Aki's painnnn when they didn't hold hands in the cold. And also, "I want to stay here a little longer"

THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT FOR BOTH MCs IS AMAZING! And I really loved the slowburn of it all in the last chapterrrr

I highly recommend this manga to anyone who likes a mid-intensity drama romance with a lot of cute moments + amazing friendships.
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I picked this book because I love a nice and warm love story, and this manga really lived up to it. The story was great, but it was the general feeling and connection between the two main character that made me fall in love with it. 

I love small town romances and if you do too then I think this is a great read to add to your list!
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This was a very sweet cosy and cinnamon roll of a book.. the overall tone of the book is lighthearted but there are a few difficult topics discussed here as well. The art is beautiful of course and depicts this slice of life story perfectly 
4 stars
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I really enjoyed this one shot manga, it was a very fulfilling story with characters that were great to read about. The story idea felt new, I have read a couple manga where one of the main characters was into photography, but I don't think I've read any where that was their profession. I also loved that the relationship between these boys developed organically and took place over the course of months, it wasn't rushed and I appreciated that, This story showed that you can have a cute and wonderful love story without showing us everything the characters are doing - their romance scenes were sweet and tender, which is a nice because it's great for all ages. Overall, I would give this book 4.5 stars.  My only real gripe would be how they started living together in the first place, but that's really only a safety concern not a real criticism on the manga or author. This is the type of manga that I love to read and wish there was more of it out there. 100% recommend.

Thank you to #NetGalley and LovexLove E-ARC of #Snowfairy by Tomo Serizawa to read and review.
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Thank you so much NetGalley, Independent Publishers Group, and LOVE x LOVE for this wholesome and beautiful arc!!

5/5 stars!!

This was just such a lovely, wholesome, and heartwarming read, absolutely what I needed. Narumi and Haruki are just so so kind and thoughtful towards each other, and watching their friendship develop into something more was just so sweet. This is absolutely going to be a comfort read for me <3
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I enjoyed this book and look forward more work from this author. The cover is beautiful and I really liked the art style. Will definitely continue this series #SnowFairy #NetGalley
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Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read an ARC of this manga!

I liked this a lot! The art was so pretty, like the cover, and the story was pretty good as well!
Sadly enough I read this while I was on very strong pain meds for my chronic pain and I barely remember any of the story because of it... I still have 5 days before this gets taken away from me again, so maybe I'll read it again?
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Thanks to Tokyo pop for giving me the ARC of this manga through Netgalley in exchange of a honest review.

Tomo Serizawa is a new to me mangaka so i went in practically blind when i requested this manga on Netgalley. And what a surprisingly cute story this is!

The premise is about a wildlife photographer who goes to a remote village in winter to photograph various birds and has an especial interest on capturing a 'snow fairy'. On his way there he runs into a young man from the town and asks him if he could stay at his place until he finds a snow fairy. From there on these two get to know each other and bond over photography which helps them realize the feelings they developed for each other.

It's fairly paced and we get to know some people from the village.

The artwork is beautiful and captured the winter environment very well.

I love stories set in winter so i found this to be a cute wholesome read :)
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Firstly, thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with an eARC of this book to review!

Man, this book. This book! There are some stories that are so wholesome and just turn you into a puddle of goo inside. This is one of those books. The art was absolutely beautiful, the story was wonderfully done and tugged at your heartstrings, and the length was perfect. This is definitely a new favorite of mine and I will be purchasing it for my collection. 5/5 stars; I highly recommend this one, especially if you love photography!
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This wonderfully designed and well-crafted manga tells the story of two men who are polar opposites who fall in love. The key topics of the love story are the winter season and photography. Every aspect of the story is flawlessly linked with one another. The artwork is exquisite. One of the best yaoi (boys love) mangas I've ever read.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Independent Publishers Group, Love x Love for providing the ARC of the novel for reviewers.
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Haruki  finds Narumi, a wildlife photographer looking for snow fairies, while he was out. Feeling bad if something happens to Narumi if he sleeps in his car, Haruki offers him to stay with him. During this time, Narumi and Haruki learn more about each other and enjoy every day tasks together. Their feelings for each other start to change and when they start to realize it is love Narumi is about to leave for his next location. 

I was satisfied with how it ended and it didn't feel rushed like one shots sometimes feel. The art was beautiful and their eyes just draw you in! We do get some side characters who all care for Haruki and were happy to see he was genuinely happy being around Narumi. 

Both the main characters are just so wholesome! I absolutely loved this bl from the characters and story to the art.
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This adorable BL slow burn is a perfect winter read to snuggle up to a partner with hot chocolate. It was super sweet and left me cheesy smiling the whole time. Lots of cute symbolism, references to photography, and just overall lovable characters.
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Great story! Loved the characters and the plot. It was so sweet and cute! I really liked it. Definitely want more!
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This story is as soft, pure and gentle as the cover.

Hokkaido-born Haruki is a kind individual with a traumatic past making him lonely. Haruki has wonderful friends and family but he still fears the winter as it always seems to take something from him. When Akihito joins the picture, things start to become warmer and love starts to bloom like the flowers in spring.

The story is crafted with careful consideration and thought. There are multiple time skips; both short and long and side characters aren’t focused on for long. However with the scenes we do receive, we can understand the importance of each character, their warmth and importance in Haruki’s life. The romance isn’t rushed but similar to falling snow; slow yet piling with each encounter.

The artwork is absolutely beautiful. From the cover to the end, the artwork doesn’t disappoint. Each page has a good number of text bubbles to express the conversation and emotion while not over doing it. I enjoyed how the expressions were displayed in the characters themselves instead of in text. The characters’ expression, their position standing next to each other and their thoughts expressed a lot. Also, Akhitio’s photography really speaks for itself.

Overall, this was a wonderful read. I didn’t like the long distance relationship but that’s just me being selfish. Akihito and Haruki’s relationship is wholesome and adorable. With a balance of respect, romance, growth and acceptance this is a great manga. I hope it gets adapted into a live action or special because it would be a lovely story to witness.
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One day, on his way home, Haruki comes across an animal photographer by the name of Akihito. While he's confused about why anyone would want to spend so much time out in the cold (and snow), he's immediately curious about the man.

So when he finds out that Akihito doesn't have a place to stay, Haruki quickly offers him a room at his place. It's the proper thing to do, right?

My Review:

If you're looking for a sweet m/m romance, Snow Fairy is the one for you. For starters, the artwork is stunning. Then there's the romantic plot, which is highly endearing. Okay, the whole "inviting a stranger to live with you" plot isn't ideal, but since this isn't reality, we can overlook that bit.

Opposites attract meets insta-love and a variety of forced proximity in this story, making it perfect for fans who love a combination of tropes. Best of all, the chemistry between Haruki and Akihito is legit. There's no need to force yourself into enjoying this plot, as you'll be swept away by it. Promise.

Forced Proximity (sort of)
Opposites Attract
M/M Romance
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ARC was given by NetGalley & LOVE x LOVE in exchange for an honest review.

This review is being published before the release date (April 11, 2023)

Content/Trigger Warnings: Mentions hospitalization (in the past), mentions loss of loved ones (in the past), automotive accident (off page, in the past)

“Because if you don’t pour your love into your subject when you click the shutter… the photo always feels empty.”

I’m still super soft and squishy about this manga. I wasn’t expecting to love this as much as I did. Though I may be a little bias because there’s a lot of talk about birds and you know I get sentimental when it comes to birds. There’s a theme of found family and the theme of finding healing from the most unlikeliest of places or in this case, people. This was a beautiful small town romance between a farmer and a wildlife photographer who are both experiencing different kinds of loneliness in their lives. In this manga we see both perspectives, our reclusive farmer, Haruki Homura, who continues to feel the loss of his parents even more so when it snows, and our famous wildlife photographer, Akihito Narumi, who’s been traveling so long without ever finding a loving home to come back to. When these two come together, it might as well be like fire and ice, but as time gradually moves on, the two discover they’ve found something precious with one another. I truly loved this and if you’re looking for a small town, grumpy x sunshine romance then I definitely recommend picking this book up on release. Plus, I pulled so many quotes from this manga and I still can’t get over how stunning the cover is!

“You know… I love the world as you capture it, Narumi. So no matter where you go, I’ll be rooting for you. But whenever you need to rest your wings… promise me you’ll come back here.”

The quotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication.
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4.5 stars. This was such a cute self-contained BL manga. I absolutely loved the art. it is one of the best  art I have seen in a while in manga. The lines were dark and clear, with perspectives and layers easy to see with the good use of dark and light tones. In recent manga, the art is good, but everything was the same tone, so it was hard to see the background and differences between characters. The story itself was well-developed for a one-volume story. Both characters felt real, with wants and desires and chemistry that slowly built between the two of them. I was invested in their future and how they would work it out. Overall I very much enjoyed this manga and would recommend it to others.
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