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The writing get juvenile and flat and I didn’t get pulled in at all. The story was fine but not great.
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After having a breakdown on set, Hollywood actress Josie Ashbury returns to her small hometown in Ohio to recover. She begins to put her life back together by teaching drama at her old high school. When she finds one of her students dead, she tries to find out what happened. While dealing with insomnia that leaves her questioning what is real or not real, the truth might be closer to her than she can imagine.

A great story with compelling characters and plot. I really enjoyed this author and hope to read more from her.
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Josie Ashbury had been a successful actress until she had a breakup and felt that her time in Hollywood was over. She became a teacher at a local high school in Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland,  the place she decided to settle.

She has insomnia so she thought that she saw someone at the top of the local historic water tower. She chalked that up to her insomnia and didn't investigate further.

One day as she was jogging, as she usually does, she finds a young student Amber Oldman whose father is a Congressman and a prominent figure. The consensus is that Amber jumped although Josie does not believe this.

There was speculation that she was on Fentanyl and jumped, Josie finds that she can't let this go after the case was closed, probably because Amber's father was who he was.

Josie decides to investigate this case, she feels that Amber needs the truth to come out. Her friends are worried about her because of her insomnia. Josie is close to a previous significant other who is with the police. Josie also has a relationship with a fellow teacher. She thinks that he is the one.

This novel is a fast read, a book that you will want to finish quick. Some twists and turns in the story are well-written. I really enjoyed this first novel by Amy Young. I look forward for more by this author.

I give it 5 stars!
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This is a murder mystery involving an actress, Jose, who comes back to her hometown to get away from her life in Hollywood. She thinks she saw a person on the town water tower, that she can see out her window, in the middle of the night. The next morning she finds a student from the high school dead in the field. Jose decides to look into what happened herself and gets mixed up in a case of drugs, possible prostitution, and high school students who are dying of drug overdoses, even though they don’t do drugs. A plot twist at the end leaves the story with a possibility for a next book, as the reasons behind the killer committing the crimes isn’t totally resolved. I’d like to find out if the group behind the drugs ever gets investigated by authorities and if Jose helps with that case….
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I did not finish this one, it was not for me, I couldn't relate to the characters, and just did not care for the story.
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I loved the short chapters and the amateur detective that Josie became. I liked the writing style and the red herrings that were present. It was simple but well thought out. Although I felt bad for Joise dealing with insomnia it added a little of an unreliable narrator feel. I thought I had it figured out and I was not even close. Joise’s friend group was so supportive and I loved all the scenes involving them. They did not ask questions when she needed them to tag along. The believability was there even if some things were stretched a little bit and the ending shed a lot of light on the why while leaving it open to more which I enjoyed.

Thank you @amypcomedy @netgalley, level best books and @suzyapprovedbooktours for the gifted copy.
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A quick and easy read with a pretty predictable ending but with writing compelling enough to continue til the end. Would consider this a YA novel even though I don't think it is being marketed as such? 3.5 stars
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The Water Tower sounded like it could be a good read.  However, I thought the writing was subpar. This book was trying to be a murder mystery, but it had too many other strange variables that made it completely unbelievable. A famous actress with a mysterious past returns to her hometown after a relationship goes south. She takes up teaching acting classes at the local high school, and when a student dies, she begins investigating the death. The way in which she completely disregards the police investigation and begins her own weird investigation is just not believable. Who in their right mind is going to just let some random woman question them about things the way she does. Like I said not believable at all.
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An enjoyable mystery set in a small town after the death (accident, suicide, murder?) of a high-school girl. Because of all the teenage characters, it read more like a YA mystery.
I liked the premise, though, and the characters, while they could stand to be fleshed out more, were interesting. Unfortunately, the murderer was pretty easy to pick out of the crowd!
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The Water Tower was very descriptive. Characters were developed well, but I still felt a nigling feeling that something was off while reading. The main character Josie had a career as an actress, yet moved back to the small town she was raised in. She has major trouble sleeping and has issues developing due to this lack of sleep. Teaching acting at the local school. On her morning jog she comes across the body of a student and then proceeds to play detective.
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When you’re a famous Hollywood actress in a volatile relationship with your leading man and it implodes in a public meltdown, what’s left to do but go home again, back where it all started? Back in Ohio and teaching high school kids how to be creative, Josie Ashbury is far away from the pressures and stresses of Hollywood and able to piece her life back together. Or start to anyway.

Of course, that’s before she found the body. One of the high school students is found at the base of the water tower. It’s not been in use in years but is a popular hangout for the kids, particularly if a dare is involved. Without any evidence to the contrary, the police quickly close the case as an accident — but was it?

Josie’s always had insomnia and bouts of sleepwalking. After finding the body, those problems are magnified to the point she begins to confuse what she knows and what she dreams, or at least hopes is a dream.

The only way to know for sure what’s real and what’s not is to find out what really happened that night on the water tower, but will it ease her mind or put her in danger?

I like that Josie wasn’t a diva once she returned home and works to find her way back from the final scene with her co-star boyfriend. Her friendship with Nikki, an investigative reporter, adds to the story. This is a debut novel, and I’m looking forward to the next offering.
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The premise of "The Water Tower" by Amy Young is compelling, weaving together a Hollywood actress's journey of recovery, a mysterious student's death, and Josie's own struggles. As Josie investigates the student's death while grappling with personal challenges like insomnia and memory gaps, the story promises a mix of suspense and self-discovery. The revelation that the truth is intimately linked to her hometown adds an intriguing layer to the narrative, keeping readers engaged in unraveling the secrets.
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A curious story. I figured out the who, what, and why of the mystery very early on, but I had to continue to know if I was correct. 

This story was fast paced and interesting. I was able to devour it in one sitting.
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Thank you so much to NetGalley for the eARC of this riveting release! It is the debut novel of Amy Young-- who definitely impresses with a flowing narrative style both as calming as a lazy river in parts but fantastically heart-racing as a spot of unexpected rapids. She has written a very likable protagonist in Josie, and delivers a mystery that will keep you up at night. There's action, intrigue, and shady characters galore. You never know where it's going to go next.

We meet Josie, a retired young actress who has moved back to her hometown to teach drama, as she discovers the body of one of her students that presumably fell from the small town's water tower. Though suicide is of course the gut reaction-- Josie begins to get suspicious when another teen death strikes the usually quiet burgh. She winds up taking it on herself to investigate these tragedies as the local law enforcement seem to be too busy or too apathetic to put the pieces together. This journey coincides with a struggle through insomnia; bouts of sleeplessness hinder her mental faculties as a whole and because of this, she becomes a somewhat unreliable narrator, which I absolutely love.

This book does well to marry aspects of YA drama with the mystery of adult whodunnits, and I found myself drawn to the way the story ebbed and flowed. I'm also very intrigued by the hint of a sequel from the last chapter-- I would love to see how Amy grows in her writing from here. She did a wonderful job of weaving the X-Files motto throughout: 'Trust no one". From Josie to the seedy underbelly of an otherwise pristine seeming settlement, readers will wonder what is hiding in their own lives that they can't be certain of. You know it's a good book when the impression lasts beyond the pages!
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I liked this book but I couldnt say I loved it. For me it was more suited to YA and I dont tend to read those books.
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-hooked from the beginning- clear descriptions of scenery, characters, what is happening, and lots of clues throughout storyline
-plot thickens as the story progresses
-a little predictable, but kept me guessing until end
-Ends on a cliffhanger; sets up for next book in series
-I'm looking forward to reading next book
-themes: mental health & opioid epidemic

Thank you to NetGalley and Level Best Books for the ARC in exchange for my honest review!
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After a devastating breakdown, Josie Ashbury has left LA and her very promising career to head to her small home town in Ohio to recover.  Teaching an acting class in the local high school, Josie is slowly piecing her life back together, but she still cannot sleep.  Each day she is drained and fatigued.  On an early morning run she discovers the body of one of her students at the bottom of the towns water tower.  The case is quickly closed and the death is considered a cut and dried suicide.  Josie starts to have memories of that night, but are they real?  She doesn’t believe that it was a suicide and starts her own investigation,   one that might put her own life in danger.  I was on board for most of this book, although I would say it reads more like a YA novel, the ending was a bit on over the top, and I knew the perp from the moment of introduction.  Young did do a nice job of setting up for a sequel and  I would have no problems reading the next one in the series to continue on with the story.  Thank you to Level Best Books and NetGalley for an ARC of this book.
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The Water Tower is a good thriller and summer read.

Josie is a famous actress who is taking some time to heal after the death of her parents. She moves back home to Ohio, a suburb outside of Cleveland, and works as a high school drama teacher. She spends time with her three best friends, her cats, and her new boyfriend, Jake, who also is a teacher at the high school.

When one of her students, Amber, falls off the water tower, and Josie is the one to find her, Josie can't let it go. She hasn't slept well in months, and sleepwalks. She also has hallucinations. But she feels like maybe she saw something that night when Amber died, and she doesn't know if it was a hallucination or real. She doesn't know how Amber's jacket ended up in her closet. And she notices that things aren't where she left them in her home - is she moving things at night, and not remembering, or is someone coming into her house?

Thanks to Netgalley for the advance copy of this book.
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A wonderful debut novel. 
When Hollywood actress Josie returns to her small home town in Ohio after suffering from a mental breakdown she takes on a role in the local high school , teaching acting lessons. 
She believes that the slower pace of life will help her recover and with her three best friends from high school there to support her she feels so much better. The only downside is her consistent insomnia which has plagued her for years.
After another night of not being able to sleep she decides to go for a pre dawn run to help clear her head.
Nearing the end of her run she stumbles upon a student of hers and it looks like Amber had taken her own life by jumping from the historicall water tower. 
When things about Amber's death suddenly take a dramatic turn and not for the better. Especially when the police shut the investigation down.
Can Josie and her friends find out the truth to what really happened to Amber without putting her own life at risk?
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The. Water Tower is a readable story: interesting concept and pretty well-plotted. It ended leaving the door wide open for a sequel, a sequel I will most likely read. However, there is room for improvement and I hope the author ups her game a bit next time out. The main character felt a little Nancy Drew-ish, interpersonal relationships weren’t developed enough, and clues were dropped a little clumsily. Plus more information about Josie’s mental illness throughout the book would have helped flush out her character and. explained some others. I look forward to the next book. 3.5 stars
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