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♦️Georgia Williams was only seventeen years old when she was brutally killed by her friend Jamie Reynolds. The case was so disturbing that it had made headlines during the time and had almost shook the country. During that time, her father, Steve, was a detective in the murder squad of West Mercia Police. The saddest part was, during the process of investigation, it was found out that Georgia's murder could have been prevented. The same force with which Steve worked, had previous knowledge that Jamie was a sexual predator but had allowed him to slip out of their hands few years before Georgia was killed. In this book, Georgia's mother, Lynnette, describes the events before the murder, the investigation, the trial and how with the help of Steve she exposed the shortcomings of West Mercia Police. 

💥It is a heart wrenching memoir which is bound to shake any human being. To lose a child is a loss which can never be compensated, but to lose one in such a horrific way is indescribable. While reading the book, one can well understand the pain Georgia's family and close ones had gone through when she was brutally murdered. The knowledge that psychopaths like Jamie exist amongst us can make anyone feel unsafe. 

💥I was awed at the author's strength to revisit her traumatic moments in order to put to words the injustice she and her family had faced when Georgia was killed. 

💥This book taught me that even in developed countries like the United Kingdom, unprofessionalism and corruption exist in the police force. I would highly recommend others to read this book to know how one incident can plunge a whole family into darkness.
               I would like to thank NetGalley, the author and publisher for a DRC of this book.
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I had not heard Georgia's story before. It was a sad story, the pain and heartache that the family had to endure - not just because of losing their daughter and finding out that she knew her killer but also because of how the police handled the aftermath and knowing that the whole situation may have been prevented. This book truly pulled at my heartstrings.
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Thank You NetGalley for the free eARC.

I loved the cover. It showcased Georgia as her family described her in the book.

The setting is Great Britain not the USA. Georgia was a lovely girl who was sassy, feisty, hardworking, determined, and knew what she wanted to do with her life. She had a close circle of friends that was ever growing. She never dreamed that one of those friends was not who they said and acted like they should have. We soon find out that Georgia was murdered, not by some unknown person, but someone who was supposed to be a friend.

As we read the book, we discovered the friend was in love with her and she kept rejecting him as she nicely told him repeatedly she wasn't interested in him. He could not and would not leave her alone and disguised a way for her to be his. After that event, we come to learn what the police knew from various locations, parents, or others. Only to soon to realize that people didn't do their jobs correctly and this death as well as others could have been prevented. 

This story may be triggering for some as it talks about sex, abuse, death, tragic death, hanging, stalking, torture, snuff films, etc. and may not be a great fir for all readers. The parents are raked through the mud and try to find a way to get out of bed. It was well written and there was some Kleenex needed.
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Our Georgia is a very moving book about a family's fight for justice after the murder of their beloved daughter Georgia. It's a well-written book exploring the terror of having a teenage daughter going missing and the grief of her body being found. Finding out that she was murdered by someone she knew was heartbreaking to learn, and I just felt so much compassion for Georgia's family. This book is written by her mother and you can feel the love and the bond that was between them. The book follows before and after Georgia's murder, and also the aftermath of the court case. This was a hard read but it is one that I would recommend.
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I love my true crime and this was an emotional one. I felt for the parents. I cant recommend this book highly enough.
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Thanks to Ad Lib Publishers, Netgalley and the authors for an ARC of this book.  I am unbiased leaving this review voluntarily. 

I've never read a book like this before - a brutal crime and its consequences told by the mother of a victim.  The style is almost conversational and Lynette's voice comes through clearly.  I can hear her Welsh accent in the words (no idea if she has one but that's what I heard in my head while reading).  

This is an extremely raw account of an unimaginable tragedy and I felt my heart go out to Lynette, Steve and Scarlett and Georgia.  Having said that, because of its emotion, it was sometimes difficult to read.

In any case, this book provided a unique perspective and it's one that should be read.
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What a heart-breaking story. I cannot begin to imagine the pain Georgia's family went through after her murder and then the fight that the family endured for years after her death. I cannot put into words how this story made me feel as I felt anger for the family.
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Our Georgia is a true crime story about the brutal murder of 17-year-old Georgia Williams at the hands of her friend, Jamie Reynolds. What makes this story even more gut-wrenching is that this death could have been prevented had West Mercia police investigated Reynolds properly previously. 

As well as being a true crime story. Our Georgia is a beautiful memoir to Georgia, as Georgia’s mum, Lynette Williams, shares beautiful memories of her daughter growing up, and portrays her beautiful, vibrant, community spirited personality. On the night she was killed the fact she was helping someone who she believed to be a friend is a testament to her personality. 

Lynette shares stories about their family right up until the night they lost Georgia outlines the gruesome details of this horrifying crime, whereby her daughter was killed at the hands of a monster.  

As if that is not enough of a tragedy for one family, the police investigations uncover details, which suggest Georgia’s death could have been completely preventable. Despite her father, Steve, being a serving and commendable officer at this force, the lengths they are prepared to go to cover their own mistakes is alarming and unforgivable. 

Overall, a very difficult read. Thank you to the Williams family for sharing your beautiful memories of Georgia, I am sure she is incredibly proud of the lengths you have gone to for justice.
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'Our Georgia' is narrated by Lynette Williams, Georgia’s Mum, and tells the story of the time after her murder. The perpetrator is a man who had committed previous attacks on young women and should not have been free to commit this horrendous crime.

Once again, life has been lost due to Police Corruption and the lack of accountability. The force's web of deceit is hard to avoid, especially when someone's father is employed by them, like Georgia's.

This is a read that is both necessary and uncomfortable, yet it will also break your heart and bring you to tears. This reading left me with mixed emotions - angry and disgusted, yet respectful of Georgia's loved ones.

For readers who are fond of non-fiction literature, this is a must-read. Caution should be taken as the graphic details of what happened to Georgia may be triggering to some readers.
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A very sad and gritty true life story. It was horrible to read the awful things Georgia and her family went through. HArrowing.
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As the mother of a teenager I can't even begin to imagine what Georgia's parents went through, and the fact that her death could have been avoided if the police had done their jobs properly makes it even sadder.
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Such a sad read . I’m have watched the documentary about Georgia which was also harrowing . Her family seem so lovely. Emotional read.
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Part memoir, part true crime, Our Georgia - The Devastating Murder of My Daughter By a Killer Who Should've Been Stopped by Lynnette Williams and journalist Robin Eveleigh is one of those books that's hard to put down. 

Lynnette Williams lives in Wilmington, Shropshire, England, is married to a police officer who works for the West Mercia force, and has several children, including a daughter named Georgia. While life wasn't completely idyllic, it certainly was good, up until something horrific happens: Georgia Williams, only 15 years old, goes missing in 2010. When her body is found, things begin to unravel, as it turns out that the police knew quite a bit about her killer, Jamie Reynolds, but did nothing until he committed this horrible, depraved act.

I'm not going to describe how Georgia died, where they found her body, or what happens to Jamie after he's arrested. I'll let you find all of that out when you read the book. However, I will mention the important things here: Georgia didn't deserve to die the way that she did, and her parents do a solid job of memorializing her in the book.

Some memoirs about dead or missing loved ones tend to gloss over the details and make their child, friend, neighbor, or other family member sound like a saint. Not this book. While Georgia is described as a loving and trusting person, she's also made to seem like a real human being (which she was), flaws and all, making what happened to her hurt even more.

Once Williams and her remaining family members find out what happened to Georgia, the true crime portion of the book kicks in. Readers find out about Jamie Reynolds' past, his twisted fetish for redheads, and what he managed to get out of trouble for before he set his sights on Georgia. This portion of the book will tempt you to throw it across the room, because the manner in which the police treated him beforehand is so very frustrating.

In the end, Jamie Reynolds pays for his crime, and Georgia's family is left to pick up the pieces. You'll feel for them as well after reading this book.
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This is a very upsetting read, knowing Lynnette well having worked with her for several years I can just imagine the pain that her, Steve, Scarlett and the extended family have gone through with this and as I know her I can envisage her saying the words and her face as she relived the whole situation writing this. 
Obviously being local I know of some of the locations and people mentioned in the book and knew of the case but to learn some of the bits that went on behind the scenes and the trauma that the family have gone and are still going through is heartbreaking.
Congratulations Lynnette on having the courage to do this and hopefully you will find some closure in getting your thoughts and words out in public.
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Nothing hurts more than the death of your own child. Death at the hands of a vicious monster hurts double and even triple. Why? Find out by reading Lynnette Williams' harrowing book, Our Georgia: The devastating murder of my daughter by a killer who should have been stopped. It is a shocking story full of pain and tears. I met Linda (mom) and Steve (dad) Williams and others there. The book is dedicated to the memory of Georgia Lynnette Williams. The girl had her whole life ahead of her. It was brutally taken from her. Leaving an open wound in the heart of her entire family. Together with Georgia's parents and the police, I was looking for a live girl. Later, the girl's body was found. Who was the perpetrator? Did he get the punishment he deserved? That's what you'll find out in this book. It's worth reading. Here you will find Georgia's parents' struggle for truth and justice. The guilty should be given the punishment they deserve. The beginning and middle of the book were very good. The end of the book bored me a bit. I don't know why it turned out like that. Nevertheless, I encourage you to read it. Georgia was 17 when she was brutally murdered. 

Thank you very much NetGalley for this ebook.
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Our Georgia is a personal account of Lynnette Williams' fight for justice after her daughter, Georgia Williams, was brutally murdered by a man with a long history of violence and abuse towards women. Williams takes readers on a journey through her grief and frustration as she navigates the criminal justice system, discovering loopholes and broken policies that allowed the killer to remain free and continue to harm others. The book is a true testament to Williams' strength and resilience as she transforms her pain into a fight for change, tirelessly advocating for improving domestic violence laws and better police training.

One of the standout features of Our Georgia is how Williams highlights the failures and flaws of the criminal justice system. The book cites several instances where the police ignored crucial evidence or failed to act on leads that could have captured the killer earlier. Williams also sheds light on the rampant issue of domestic violence and the lack of resources available to victims. Her story is a stark reminder that the system is far from perfect and there is much work still to be done.

Furthermore, Williams' writing style is both engaging and heart-wrenching. She doesn't sugar-coat her experiences or emotions and instead presents a raw and authentic account of the tragedy. Readers will feel as though they are right there with her through each step of her journey and will have a newfound appreciation for her bravery and strength. This is made even more profound given that her husband was a serving police officer at the time of Georgia’s murder.

In conclusion, Our Georgia is not just a book about loss and tragedy; it's a call to action. Williams' story is a powerful message of perseverance and standing up for what's right. Her book exposes the brokenness of our criminal justice system and shines a light on the issues of domestic violence and lack of resources for victims. Reading this book is not an easy feat, but it's essential to fully comprehend the atrocities that occur in our society and to take action to prevent them from happening in the future. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a meaningful and inspiring read.
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Our Georgia is a shocking and deeply emotional true crime memoir regarding the harrowing and brutal murder of British teenager Georgia Williams in 2010 at the hands of disturbing degenerate Jamie Reynolds who had harboured some extremely deviant fascinations since the tender age of 15. Detailing the run-up to the crime as well as the crime itself and its devastating aftermath not only for Williams's family but also that inflicted on the wider community of Wellington as a whole, it rapidly becomes a visceral and truly emotive read throughout. 

As a cynic and a true crime enthusiast, these two things often converge when I hear stories such as this which are sadly all too common. Here, the police were not only careless in innumerable instances about Georgia's case, which is bad enough when you often have only one chance to get something correct, but they then decided the way to go, stupidly, would be to then cover up their indiscretions.

To lie, deceive and place the blame on everyone but themselves. This naturally just made them look even worse. This was a case that took over the British headlines at the time due to its detail and severity and the fact that even when your father is a high-ranking member of the police force, and you are murdered, his employers are not immune or averse to lying to you, either.

A horrendous story that has everything - an innocent victim, a twisted murderer, helpless parents and a useless and less-than-truthful police force. I'm pleased the family decided to out the truth and tell their story. It's the least they deserve. A compelling yet ultimately heartbreaking tale of freaks, faults and failures. At once a haunting personal story and a critique of modern policing. I hope the family manage to find some closure.
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Gripping true crime account.

This is a memoir by a mum about her daughter's murder. Georgia hadn't quite been 18; she should have had all her life ahead of her.

It was easy to read, no waffle, just hard facts, and fast moving. Horrendous events, but an engaging read. Not just concerning the crime: there's lots of background-Georgia's childhood, family life etc.

A case I'd not heard of before, it was simply, and sensitively written. A terrible tragedy but gripping reading finding out how events unfolded, and how they caught Georgia's killer. An excellent book, but it seems wrong to say that, or that I enjoyed reading it-how could I, it's a family's worst nightmare-but I want to give credit to how Georgia's mum has presented this account of her life.
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This book never got going for me.  The writing was too slow and I ended up not caring about the story at all.

I am very picky about the books I read.  I need them to go at a quick pace and don't care much for a ton of  details and this book just bogged down.

I do appreciate how hard it is to write,
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I hadn't heard of Georgia before but I certainly won't forget her now this was a very sad read and her poor parents done an amazing job trying to get justice for her
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