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I just loved this book! Uganda needed to relocate a population of Nubian giraffes after a major construction project was announced. This book is the story of how they were able to find new homes for the giraffes, how they transported them, and how they thrived in their new homes. The pictures were great. I think kids would really enjoy this book, especially the picture of the giraffes riding in the back of a pick up truck!

Thanks to the publisher and to NetGalley for the chance to read this one.

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This book had so much information! There were wonderful pictures. I had no idea about how the giraffes needed to be rescued. There was also a good amount of details about giraffes as animals in the book.

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I’ll admit I’ve never known a whole lot about safari animals like the Giraffe. Always fun to see them at the zoos, yet I’ve never really looked very far into learning about them. This title is an effective short burst of education on Giraffes while telling the tale of their rescue, which must have been quite the endeavor!

A great tie in to saving endangered species and how we can help conserve the lives of these animals, even when it may seem impossible to do so.

The pictures are incredible and provides a great window into the rescue of these gigantic animals.

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After oil was discovered in Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda, home to nearly all the country's critically endangered Nubian giraffes, conservationists hatched a plan. In 2015, they embarked upon a risky endeavor to move some of the younger giraffes to safer territory. Hoping to promote breeding by carefully selecting giraffes for the move, the painstaking plan included multiple layers. From building a boma, to amassing trucks and a barge, the journey of the Nubian giraffes to their new home took multiple days.

As a giraffe lover myself, I was excited to read The Great Giraffe Rescue. This book was written with middle grade students in mind and would be a good addition to both school and home libraries. I learned some new things about Nubian giraffes and thought the story of moving the graceful creatures to their new habitat was interesting. With great accompanying photos, I would definitely recommend this book to the target audience.

Disclaimer: I was given an Advanced Reader's Copy of The Great Giraffe Rescue: Saving the Nubian Giraffes by NetGalley and the publisher. The decision to read and review this book was entirely my own.

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Susan Markle’s The Great Giraffe Rescue offers young readers an up-close look at the world of Nubian Giraffes living along the Victoria Nile River in Uganda. Her story shares efforts by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation to relocate these magnificent creatures.

Murchison Falls National Park was home to nearly all the country’s Nubian giraffes, until oil was discovered nearby. Conservationists needed to devise a plan that would move them across the river where they would be safe from the impacts of drilling—but there was no bridge and giraffes can’t swim.

So what did they do? They moved the world’s tallest land mammal by barge! Follow along as this team of animal experts transports the world’s tallest land animal to a new home. Exciting imagery and fun, fact-filled pages will leave young readers wanting to visit their new friends in Uganda!

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To me the subject matter was rather intriguing for I hadn't heard of this particular rescue and as such I was hoping to get to know more about all the facets that were included for this operation.

As a whole <i>The Great Giraffe Rescue</i> does a rather decent introduction to the rescue by introducing the reader to explaining the problem for Uganda's Nubian giraffes, the steps taken to fix the problem when it was just a thought and everything that needed to be done to get the plan done. Furthermore interspersed throughout the telling the reader is provided with facts that focus on this particular subspecies and the steps that helped to get these giraffes moved before finishing up with other similar operations.

Probably given to the fact this book was made for children and was meant to be short unfortunately there weren't included the details that would have been most interesting to get to know. These missing details could have answered how big are sub-adult giraffes and whether they may been more prone to danger without older giraffes as well their initial success/failure rate, what it took at least for the first satellite group to get anchored and even the fact to compare the acclimation of groups like the southern Victorian River giraffes who were colonizing a new location versus the Kidepo operation in which sub-adult giraffes were being added to an already existing population.

Otherwise the book was illustrated with full-page and brightly colored photographs that captured some of the more interesting aspects for readers who may not have a chance to participate in similar operations in their own homelands. Furthermore the text was included yellow boxes that were attached to each other thus helping the text to visually flow from one aspect to the next.

And for readers who do want to know more there is a note from the author in the back of the book explaining how she chose the subject, some more basic to-know giraffe facts and also a glossary for young readers.

All in all it was rather a decent book about animal conservation and one that hopefully will have a more detailed edition in the future for readers who just want to know more.

**I received a free copy of this book through Netgally in exchange for an honest review.**

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This wonderful new book by Sandra Markle is all about giraffes in Uganda. It turns out that several years ago, a huge oil deposit was found right where most of the giraffes were living. A plan was hatched to relocate some of the giraffes. This is an interesting look at how the scientists tracked the giraffes and moved them to other parts of the country. The kids are going to love this one!

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My third-grader and I found this story of a giraffe rescue operation interesting. We read it all in one night as a bedtime story, as kiddo refused to allow me to stop reading. They were amused by some of the funny giraffe facts and paid close attention as the rescue operation progressed. We both learned quite a few things about giraffes and about the difficulties of giraffe conservation efforts.

It reads more like an article or paper than a book, and it's too dry and has too many less-than-exciting details for a lot of kids to retain interest in it, I think, but for my kiddo it was just right. The pictures helped, I think. There were also places where we'd turn the page and the threads of the story would suddenly seem tangled and slightly disjointed, as if there were some information missing or I'd flipped to the wrong page (I checked, and I hadn't). I'm not sure what was going on there.

Still, it was interesting and kept my zoology-loving kiddo's attention. I would recommend it to older elementary students who are interested in science.

*Thanks to NetGalley and Millbrook Press for providing an early copy for review.

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Short chapters with catchy titles, an attractive and colorful format, large photos, and well-written text combine to make The Great Giraffe Rescue: Saving the Nubian Giraffes an engrossing read. Readers learn how these giraffes were declining in numbers and were further threatened by. companies drilling for oil in their surroundings. To turn this around, conservation efforts began to transport them to more supportive environments and to create multiple groups of giraffes in several settings. An uplifting, well-told, and informative true story by author Sandra Markle.

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So many fascinating facts fill this book, but the important thing is the story of how giraffe populations are suffering and why. This book highlights the incredible amount of work that goes into wildlife conservation.

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