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3.5-3.75ish stars

I love this writer’s books. Her last one wasn’t my favourite, but most of her others have been big hits for me, so I definitely wanted to check out her newest release, even if the blurb didn’t make the initial concept sound super appealing to me, if I’m honest. It’s also part of the reason why it wasn’t the top priority in my reading list. I’m glad I read it, I liked it more than I was worried I would, and it definitely had elements of some of her older writing, which was a lovely surprise. However, it isn’t quite the type of story I hope for from this genre, and I’m hoping that it’s not a sign of what’s to come from the writer in the future. Fingers crossed that I’ll love her next one even more!
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It is with a heavy heart that I announce my break-up with Ruth Ware. We’ve had some great times together (The Turn of the Key) and some good times (The Death of Mrs Westaway, The Woman in Cabin 10). Lately, Ruthie has been treating me horribly. I try to remember my love for her from the old days but I cannot tolerate this mistreatment anymore and ZERO DAYS was the last straw. Goodbye my Ruthie. I’ve loved you but you didn’t always love me back. You are no longer an auto-buy for me. 😢 💔

Let me tell y’all about the straw that broke the camel’s back aka ZERO DAYS. Plot - This lady and her husband are hired by companies to break into buildings and hack/ test their security systems - “penetration specialists”. 🤭 She finds her husband dead. She is a suspect. She takes off on the weirdest and most unrealistic run from the cops while trying to solve her husband’s murder.

It sounds better than it is. It tries to be a fast paced, action packed thriller but ends up being a mediocre, cringey, ludicrous, eye rolling, predictable and wholly underwhelming story.

Recommend to a friend? No friend, don’t do it.

Random thoughts while reading:
- What are they even counting down to?
- Give me more ppl and backstories so I can investigate and have suspects!
- I hate being trapped in this lady’s head!
- Disappointing.
- Commentary is useless and repetitive.
- Repetitive (lol)
- Her main skill is being able to break-in anywhere and yet she is out there sleepin on the streets and in the fields. 🧐 Make it make sense.
- Bruh wtf does Helen (the sister) do? How did she explain all that tech shit?
- Not her taking off the engagement ring from the dead husband and “remembering the feel of him in my mouth” 😂 what am I reading?!
- “3 cop cars? Who the hell did they think they were dealing with? Osama bin Laden?” Uhm, I think there would be more than 3 cop cars for him.
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I’m a huge fan of Ruth Ware but this isn’t one of my favourites from her. I did get through the book pretty quickly still but something didn’t quite hit the mark for me. I feel like parts of it were drawn on and could have been shortened. I did like the unique premise and it did keep me guessing. I just feel like it could have been shortened and some details left out. Otherwise, the action and execution of the story were okay. I would recommend this to anyone that is a fan of the author’s work and anyone that likes action packed thrillers.
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Not my favorite Ruth Ware but still entertaining! I found the story started story but slowed around the halfway point. A good quick thriller fix!
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In ZERO DAYS Jacinthal Cross known as Jack and her husband Gabe are hired by companies to test their security systems. Jack does the groundwork and Gabe does the computer hacking. Late one night while on assignment things start to go wrong. Jack loses contact with Gabe and she is eventually apprehended by the authorities. Jack does get released though it takes some time to get her explanation corroborated. 
After a long night Jack arrives home only to find the man she loves has been murdered.
After being questioned by the police Jack quickly comes to the realization that she is the police’s number one suspect. Jack also realizes it is up to her to find Gabe’s real murderer and the chase begins.
I did like ZERO DAYS although I do agree with other reviewers it wasn’t too hard to figure out who the guilty party was early on in the story. This wasn’t my favourite Ruth Ware novel but I did find the computer hacking theme interesting.
Thank you to Simon and Schuster Canada and NetGalley for allowing me to read an advanced digital edition of this book.
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I absolutely loved this book!! I couldn’t put it down.  
I just loved all the characters. I highly recommend this book.
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Thank you NETGALLEY for an e-arc in exchange for an honest review * 

So I’m no super sleuth - I read to escape and be entertained in other people’s thoughts. I hardly ever try to guess the ending in mystery books so when I am first introduced to a character and think “yep they did it” …. And they did…. You know it’s bad. 

While I found Jack and her time on the run entertaining the main point of the book and the mystery were so underwhelming the protagonist couldn’t make up for it. What’s the point of a mystery book if there’s no mystery??? 

I’ve read a few of Ruth Ware’s books and while I enjoyed 1 or 2 I’ve been more underwhelmed than impressed. This and The It Girl made me wonder how she is a best selling author? It’s standard and at times so underwhelming. The hype isn’t real unfortunately and now I’m questioning if I even feel like reading her future work.
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What a great set-up! The background of these characters was so interesting and the hook in the beginning definitely caught my attention. The main characters sister was a great soft spot check in. I loved the main character standing up for herself and figuring things out - too often in these thrillers I find that things happen to the characters, rather than them actually solving the problem themselves.
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This wasn’t my favourite book from Ware, but I can appreciate that it was a different type of thriller than I’ve read lately. I went into reading Zero Days with no real expectations or knowledge of the plot, and was surprised that it was very action packed, and almost read like a thriller episode of a TV show or movie.  The integration of hacking and the dark web to the plot was interesting and kept my attention. 
I look forward to her next novel. 
Thank you NetGalley and Simon & Schuster Canada for an ARC of “Zero Days”. 
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Thank you NetGalley and Simon and Schuster Canada for an advanced copy of this ebook. 

Ruth Ware’s thrillers are typically gothic and dark. If those are the books you like then this may not be your favourite. I, however, thoroughly enjoyed this book. This is an edge-of-your-seat, anxiety inducing thriller which is right up my alley.

Jack and Gabe are pen testers - hired by companies to break into their facilities to test their security and provide feedback and solutions. After a long night after a job goes south, Jack arrives home to find Gabe horrifically murdered. She quickly realizes she’s being set up and goes on the run. She needs to find out what happened to Gabe before the police find her. 

While I found it hilariously obvious who killed Gabe very early on, the motive remains unknown for quite some time and the suspense remains strong so I don’t feel that it ruined the book for me. 

This was a page turner for sure and as many others have stated would make a fantastic movie if optioned!
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Ruth Ware does it again with this twisty, mysterious suspense novel. I was hooked throughout. Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the advanced copy.
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I feel like this one started off good but then kind of lost me on the way. I was really into the beginning, wanting to know what happened with Gabe but then I found it got a little repetitive. I did like the technology aspects, definitely learned some stuff!
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4.5 stars

Zero Days is another fantastic novel by Ware. I loved the relevance to today with the coding, BitCoin, encrypted messages, social media & software. 

The FMC was fabulous as was her sister and I loved the ending. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Simon & Schuster Canada for an advance copy!
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Ruth Ware is one of my favourite thriller authors, and she didn't disappoint with this one! While I did find it a bit more predictable than usual, I really enjoyed the technology angle, and it kept me in suspense all the way up until the end.
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Zero Days had lots of promise.  I wanted to enjoy this book more but struggled to.  At times it was interesting, but in the end too predictable.  If you are looking for an easy, give-little-thought read, then this will fit.
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Maybe 4.5 stars. Good story. Jack goes through quite a bit (maybe too much to be believed). Recommended.
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Zero Days by Ruth Ware is a psychological thriller about a woman who is trying to clear her name and find the real murderer of her husband.

First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Simon & Schuster Canada and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

My Synopsis:    (No major reveals, but if concerned, skip to My Opinions)
Jack (Jacintha) Cross and her husband Gabe are "penetration" testers, hired by companies to break into their companies to determine if their security is good enough.  Gabe "hacks" into their systems, and Jack is on the ground, physically entering the buildings to see how far they can get.  After a particularly harrowing break-in, Jack arrives home to find her husband's throat has been slit.

Jack soon discovers that she is the primary suspect.  Afterall, it's always the wife, right?

But Jack refuses to accept imprisonment for a crime she didn't commit.  She runs.  She is determined to find out who killed the love of her life.  Her hardest task will be figuring out who she can trust.

My Opinions:
This was a really fast-paced thriller (although it got a little "wordy" occasionally.  There was plenty of action.  Jack may have been a little over-the-top in her abilities, but she was a great character, someone you could root for....even when you both knew she shouldn't be doing something.  Okay, I admit to really disliking the "ring" business.

I also had identified the perpetrator early on, but not the extent of involvement, nor the bigger picture.  That was entertaining, but I think we could have used a few more suspects.

Overall, it was an interesting premise, and a good book.
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Thank you Simon & Schuster Canada and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. Love this cover. Washing your face in the toilet is unacceptable though LOL.
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There are some authors I have come to know for their signature writing style or tropes they are known for, and I rely on them for that. Ruth Ware, known for being the "Agatha Christie of our time," is one of those authors, with her unputdownable, fast, tightly woven thrillers that keep me on my toes. She strays from that Agatha Christie feel and creates an adrenaline-driven action but predictable story that missed the mark for me with Zero Days. While I love being surprised by authors trying something different, Zero Days didn't surprise me in a good way.

Zero Days started out strong with one of my favorite tropes, race against time, as Jake races to clear her name and find her husband's murderer before the law catches up with her. I was on the edge of my seat with the story's fast pace until we were told of Jake's every move, and that slowed down the story so much that I started to lose interest. When something did happen, it felt predictable rather than layered, unlike Ruth Ware's usual tightly layered twists and turns I love.

Even though this was not the best for me, I still love Ruth Ware and think Zero Days is worth the read if you like an adrenaline-driven chase over the suspense of who did it and why.
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Jack and her husband Gabe are pen testers. After completing an assignment together Jack comes home to find her husbands been murdered. Jack becomes a suspect in Gabe’s death, so she goes off grid to find out what really happened to Gabe. 

I really enjoyed this Ruth Ware book. The storyline was unique, with loads of twists. Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for the ARC.
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