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White and faded is treat to the eyes, it is so aesthetically pleasing that I actually finished it just as I received the ARC and yet I choose to not review it as I wanted to take my sweet time with it.

"In letting go of bitterness I picked up lightness in my spirit."

Intermingled with her life experiences, white and faded also is about Janet's personal growth and development aling with her true talent of curating beautiful and antiques for homes. Her attention to details is unique and she also provides us with tips to follow when buying antiques.

In her own words "To me, those pieces of furniture still in their original coatings display the love, pain, and rejection we all have experienced to some extent in our lives."

She is also firm believer of restoration as life has taught her that beauty needs appreciation and care. "Restoration takes time. Beauty exists in our original
design and even in our chips and scars. And when someone stops to really love, appreciate, and listen
to us—oh, the stories we can tell them."

The book is full of positive affirmations enmeshed with her life's journey and also journey of past Janet to present and how exactly that took place over the years.

Lastly I will end it on the note

"Remember this: you are loved, beautiful, and wanted, and you were never intended to live under
condemnation or oppression. Wherever you are on your journey, I hope it’s a path of restoration from
what is and hope for what is to come."

Thank you Netgalley and Janet Parrella - Van Den Berg and Thomas Nelson Zondervan gift publishers for the ARC in exchange of an honest review.

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I enjoyed every aspect of this book, but especially the beautiful photos of the author’s dreamy home. She uses her process of renovating and decorating her home as a metaphor for her life. Gave me inspiration for a few things in my house and for myself.

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This book is absolutely breathtaking…..the photographs are stunning and so inspiring…simply magical. What I really loved was how genuine and heartfelt Janet told of her journey and how she arrived at this season of her life. It is a home decor book with some DIY tips and restoration strategies but, it is sooo much more…. it is her story of healing and her quest to make a new (to her) home a safe and calm haven full of light and new beginnings. Each page, a little reminder to enjoy the simple moments and appreciate both the “White and Faded” that life brings you. This book was preordered for me as part of my Mother’s Day – it was worth the wait and a gift that I will cherish always.

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This is a short book, but it's filled with tips for buying antiques, decorating ideas and including the seasons in your home decor. It may be a bit hard to apply some of the seasonal ideas to Australia, unfortunately. However, I love everything white, and this volume has stunning pictures, and suggestions which are sure to inspire every reader! I also found Janet Parella-Van Den Berg's story of obtaining self-confidence interesting.

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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This fabulous book is a must-have resource for anyone wanting to update or re-decorate their home.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this Arc in exchange for an honest review.

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This book is not just a bunch of pretty pictures. It offers practical advice on purchasing antiques and doing your own renovations. I really appreciate the design tips to give your home more of a timeless look overall. I definitely want false walls in my house now to hide my TVs! The chapter on incorporating fresh flowers in your home décor was my favorite.

Including tips and tricks on how to keep this aesthetic with kids and pets was super helpful as well because lets be honest: we all see pictures like this and think, "I could never keep my home looking like that!"

The only thing I felt the book was lacking were more specific examples of products and labels that have that "clean" timeless look displayed in the photos. I would like to know where to purchase those.

Thank you, NetGalley and Thomas Nelson and Zondervan Gift for the ARC.

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3.5 stars, rounded up to 4.

I especially loved the photography in this read! White isn't typically my go-to color, but reading _White & Faded_ made me appreciate it anew. I also recently underwent a cross-country move, which prompted the mother of all "spring" (more like, late-summer) cleaning! The book helped get my creative juices flowing again, and consider what I might like to do in both my temporary residence and down the line.

There's some talk about being one's best self (an admitted pet peeve of mine), hence my rating, but I did appreciate how the author wove her faith in aside from that and shared her journey.

I don't have a defined sense of "style," per se, at the mo'--but it's always fun to see others', and incorporate the best of them into my own--however long they may last. I especially enjoyed the tips for seasonal decorating at the end; very interesting, and inspiring.

I received an eARC of the book from the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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A lovely book with stunning photos and lots of great tips for the home (from decorating, to renovating, to holidays). A good one to buy hard cover to peruse.

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Great balance of text to illustrations. Beautiful pictures. The text is appropriate content and length for each picture, well written and imaginative.

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Although the interior design element of this book was very interesting and informative, it was the authors story of her life and resilience that spoke to me most. I loved the way she sypathetically handled the issues she has had in life, not apportioning blame but handling life in a positive and nurturing way. Once I started to read, I was carried along and could not stop. I will certainly revisit this book often.

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"White and Faded" is a delightful book. I love the way the author shared about herself and her personal story. She felt so much like she could be anybody's friend--someone you could sit and have coffee with and just chat about anything and everything. The pictures are lovely and offer a peaceful invite into a relaxed environment. I felt very calm while reading this book and often found myself smiling as I read through Janet's story.

I'd recommend this book to anybody who enjoys home and lifestyle. It would make a great coffee table book and would be a wonderful house-warming gift!

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This is an absolutely stunning and must-have resource. It is full of lovely photography. This is one I'll return to again and again. Many thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for the advanced copy of the book.

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Thank you NetGalley, the publishing company and the author for the advanced reader's copy of this publication.

This book is outstanding. I will be adding it to my personal collection upon release. The photography and the writing is above and beyond expectations. I loved every page!

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O love all things white so this book was right up my alley. The pictures are beautiful. She give lots of helpful ideas as to how to curate a home. i liked the book and would recommend.

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What a lovely journey of self and recovering rolled into beautiful decor and artistic flare. I have always been a fan of white in my home, it is a look can be enhanced easily, and one that gives time to relax and breathe. I also like antique/older style furniture. Furniture that is solid, well designed and made, that can be restored to fit in any home. The look in this book is elegant, a little touch shabby chic, but mostly peaceful and calming. And the journey of the author through the book is defining. Thanks you NetGalley and the publishers for the DRC

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This book has pretty pictures and is very aesthetically pleasing. It is simple and straightforward and gives insight into selecting decor for your home. Additionally, the white theme that permeates the book leaves the reader with a clean and peaceful feeling. Using this book as a guide, readers can redesign their home environments based on recommendations from the author.

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While this book has an ethereal quality and had beautiful photos, this all-white theme seems to be regurgitated and recycled, faded if you will, over and over, and feel a bit tired at this point. So many of the photos are photos of just an ordinary item with a plant or flowers.

I am not doubting its sincerity and minimalist quality being desirable it was more that I didn't find anything new or unique that hasn't already been done before in a book about all white. The great thing about an all-white room is that flowers and pets stand out in them beautifully.

I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher, Thomas Nelson for the opportunity to read and review White and Faded by Janet Parella-Van Den Berg.

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This is a beautiful book filled with gorgeous photos and great tips for decorating in the author’s style. I appreciated the advice about topics like how to have a white home while raising five kids and how to tell antiques from vintage pieces and replicas.

My own style is far more colorful and boho, and I have never been a big fan of the whole genre of rich, beautiful people sharing photos of their restored English estates. That said, the author’s gentle tone and sincere advice about not just decorating but being kind to yourself won me over. My home will never look anything like the author’s homes but I enjoyed the advice and the look inside hers.

I read a temporary digital review copy of this book via NetGalley.

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White and Faded : Restoring Beauty in Your Home and Life is a beautiful book full of stunning photography and glorious interiors. Everything has been staged to sing to your senses and you will savour all the visuals. There is also plenty of advice snippets and wise words in the writing which is interwoven with the authors' own story. The business is advertised throughout, but it doesn't really matter. I loved the style and the book would be one I would keep on a coffee table and dip in and out of. It would also make a beautiful gift.

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Absolutely stunning! The pictures and words were beautiful. It had great advice on how to collect antiques and effortlessly incorporate them into the aesthetics of your home. It put it in a way that wasn't overwhelming or scary (let's be real, antiques scare me sometimes!) She uses these things to warm up spaces and make them your home.

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