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Not for me, personally. I think this is very much aimed at a youth audience, and I feel there are other resources out there I prefer.

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(4) this is a really good book with definitions, interviews, questions, example, and games to help people explore their gender identity. It is PACKED with representation with people of colour, people with different gender identities, and disabled people. I liked how informative and helpful it was, with sections for all type of questions such as supporting a friend, being lonely, and a huge list of references at the back for support. NOTE: some of the definitions weren’t technically correct, such as lesbian being girls attracted to girl, and bisexual meaning attraction to two genders.

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I think this was a very motivating book with a lot of role models and other things to look into if you want to learn more.

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I adored this, its a perfect read for everyone, whether your an ally wanting to learn more or someone on a path of self discovery. It clearly helps you navigate gender, and highlights how gender, sex and sexuality are not the same thing and how they are different and can vary. It addresses harder topics like transphobia, all the while making sure the reader knows that above all their mental health are the most important things to keep ontop of and take care of.

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I think this is a wonderful place to start. I have really struggled with finding a way to talk to my kids about gender, without relying on stereotypes to tell them what it isn't. This book provides the best jumping off point and introduction to gender and Igbtqia. I'm excited to buy a copy for them to read!
I received an arc from NetGalley to give my honest opinion and this is it: This book rocks!

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What an amazing book for young kids and adults everywhere.

I love educational books but specially LGBTQ+ as a lot of people don't understand what someone is going through. Or we automatically but labels on people , maybe due to the generation we grew up. The guides the way for a new generation of kids and parents to evolve with the world and the people.

The front cover is so beautiful , from the text, art and colour.

Thank you Netgalley and the author for an arc copy of this book .

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I liked the concept and idea of this book!

Unfortunately, for a book meant to teach children about gender, it wasn't very inclusive.

There's a part about sexualities that I thought was especially disappointing! "Gay" and "lesbian" isn't mlm and wlw, nonbinary people exist; bisexual isn't being attracted to "both, boys and girls", it's being attracted to two or more genders; and the definition of asexuality was entirely faulty in addition to the absence of explanation on aromanticism...

There are also several instances mentioning a "chosen gender". While this may be true for some trans people, the majority I've spoken to (including myself) wouldn't describe their gender as having been a choice.

Additionally, it was mentioned that a social and/ or medical transition are key to making a person trans. However, these things aren't accessible or even desirable for every trans person and that is alright. The only thing that makes you trans is identifying as such.

These are all mistakes that happen regularly. However, in a book meant to be about gender, it's not great.

There were some redeeming lines for sure but not enough to make me enjoy it.

– a transmasculine nonbinary gay person frustrated about their existence being ignored

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Thank you to NetGalley and Jessica Kingsley Publishers for providing me an eARC copy of this book! And truly thank you to Ben Pechey for writing this book! While it is definitely aimed at younger readers, I think that people of all ages, especially those who are not sure where to start on their journey, can find meaning and value in this book. It is lovely every step of the way, and provides a very conversational, caring, and supportive approach to exploration of gender, an extensive resource list, and fun games along the way! I think it would benefit kids everywhere for this to be as accessible to them as possible, and would provide such a strong way for parents to better understand their children. I highly recommend this book, and hope it becomes a massive success.

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Your Gender Book, is a great resource for all ages but definitely a great resource for younger audiences looking to understand or explore gender and LGBT+.

This book includes break downs of terms, examples, history and all in a really easy to understand way. Best of all it doesn't make the reader feel trapped or confined in their journey either of self exploration or understanding. Finally the drawings are adorable and fun.

Definitely grab this book for yourself, a love one exploring or a resource for your library.

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Love the tone and accessibility of this book for younger readers. The second on using They/Them even has a little history lesson and shows how this is not "grammatically incorrect" and even lays out the arguments for someone who ends up with a back and forth with the grammar police.

I really enjoy all of the images in the book, the "key takeaways section" and the overall efforts to create an inclusive book that helps folks see themselves in the pages. It also doesn't take itself too seriously and has a great sense of humor. This is definitely a book I would buy for my kids, for kids I know exploring their gender identity, or our schools.

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Thank you netgalley and Jessica Kingsley Publisher's for allowing me to read this book. Firstly I wish this book had existed when I was younger. A concise easy to understand starters guide to gender and the LGBTIQA+ community. Aimed at early teens this is essential reading for everyone regardless of Sex or gender. It's great for understanding the community and any feelings you may be experiencing. I especially loved the quizzes at the end of each chapter and the overall message of kindness.

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Thank you Netgalley for the ARC of Your Gender Book by Ben Pechey.
I would have loved to have this book as a child!! I hope this gets into the hands of so many young readers, libraries, and programs. For me, it wasn’t as helpful as it might have been a few decades ago but was still worth reading. I loved seeing what this generation will have access to and hearing about people I have not before, so I have some googling to do!
I do wish it was written sometimes with a little bit more of a broader International English, as there were a few very specific British terms. I could easily search this on my kindle but I assume based on the formatting and chapter games that this is going to be more of an in-person read.
Can’t wait to see it in libraries!

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While geared towards a young-adult audience, this book would be helpful for anyone who has ever wondered about their gender or was unsure about themselves. This book was a wonderfully affirming and I enjoyed the comprehensiveness of this book. The one aspect of this book that I thought was interesting that wasn't mentioned was that the author made no difference between sexual and romantic attraction - even though they specifically call that out when describing asexuality. The key takeaways from each chapter provide good summaries of the chapter along with a way to review what was learned in a fun and engaging way. Overall, I really liked this book and it is a good primer on gender and the nuances of exploring your own, but I do wish the author had included a section on romantic attraction as that can also play a big part in questioning your gender. 4.5 Stars.

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This felt really fulfilling and affirming for me. Though I’m probably a bit older than the target demographic, it’s really lovely to see books like this and I think if I was younger and less repressed, I would find this incredibly insightful and would probably have made me realise my gender funk much sooner!

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"Your assigned sex does not define you." - the best sentence in this book.

This is a book full of questions, and moving through the pages, you might pick up some answers, as the author picks up your hand and leads you through this guide as a most kind gender mentor.
It is all written in a very kind and understanding language that makes you feel taken care of, and I'm sure even the shy kid hiding in their hoodie or behind their book will be able to raise their hand and ask questions throughout.

As an adult the quiz at the end of each chapter makes me feel like I'm a kid in school again, but it doesn't retract from the 'adult' experience at all, as it's easy to skip and continue reading.

It is very obviously written for pre-teens and teens, and that's awesome, because this book explains a lot with precise and clear language, that I think can be very helpful, compared to scouring Google and potentially getting VERY misinformed along the way.

It's also very neurodiverse friendly, as each chapter is outlined in what order things are going to come, which can potentially make it easier to leaf through if you're looking for something specific, or just prepare yourself for what comes next.

There's a whole chapter on feeling lonely as a queer person, and I think many would have something to take away with them from this specific chapter.

And this is also a very specific instance where I feel this entire book is a great help, because not everyone have a huge friend group, or a friend group at all, where they can safely explorer all these questions, and I think this little guide and handbook would be great for them who's alone, or lonely, in their exploration of these topics.

All in all, this was a really nice and educational read for the young audience, and it's very neurodivergent friendly, which is nice.

The reference list of resources and people in the end was a nice touch too.

I wish I had this guide when I was a young teen with questions.

EDIT: Maybe, depending on the shirtstorm that may arise, cut Lizzo from the book.

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This book feels like it’s targeted for younger audiences, and I really enjoyed that about it. If you’re 12-16 ish and confused about your gender identity, this book is for you.

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Thank you to NetGalley for giving me an E-Arc of this book! Your Gender Book: Helping You to Be You! by Ben Pechey is a good guide to understanding gender and everything surrounding it. The book is great for those questioning their own gender and those who would just like to learn more for the sake of someone around them or in general. It goes through a variety of information in a kind and easily understandable manner. It provides further reads to help with your understanding along with interactive games/quizzes to help gage your understanding. The only issues I have is that sometimes the conversations lack nuance and while this is an introductory book, I still feel as though there could have been some more complex descriptions of topics. I also found the online resources and phone numbers to only be for UK readers and I would just like to warn readers of that. Overall, this book is great for those who would like to learn about gender and people who are questioning.

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I found reading very enjoyable and it taught me a lot. I find the book very nice and it helps to learn about a topic that is often underestimated, thanks also to the help of the quizzes that are present in the book.

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This nonfiction book is great for anyone who identifies as gender diverse or is friends or family of someone who is and wants to know more. It is geared toward children. Based on the tone of the author, sweet, positive (but realistic) and a little bit joke-y, I think it would be best for ages 8-10!
Each section explains things well in a very organized layout with sections, followed by summary points and a fun little activity like matching, self-reflection, or a crossword.
There are several UK specific words and statistics but I don’t think it takes away from how warm, inviting, readable, and affirming the content is!

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I received a digital Advanced Readers Copy from Netgalley and all opinions are my own.
I think this would have helped me a few years ago when I was figuring myself out.
This isn't a book that can tell you yes you are trans or non binary but it'll explain some of the concepts and will hopefully make you a bit less stressed about it all.
I like how the information wasn't just a huge block of text and was broken up with puzzles and activities as well as it telling you exactly what you were going to learn at the beginning of each chapter. And recaps at the end of the chapter too we're helpful.
One thing I found a bit odd was how the language seemed to yoyo from kids level language to harder to understand terms and concepts. Yes gender is hard to put in simple terms sometimes but the language used just didn't feel consistent. There were several metaphors and figures of speech that didn't really work too.
Over all I'd recommend it to younger readers who want to learn more about gender.

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