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Burger lovers - this one's for you!

Almost every type of bun, bread or wrap was used or suggested for the tons of recipes in this beautifully illustrated cookbook. The burgers looked so delicious!

The author does provide some recipes for the different sauces he lists in his recipes, but you can also use store-bought mayonnaise, BBQ and Teriyaki sauce..

The Hawaiian Pineapple Smash Burger has simple enough ingredients.: two pineapple ring slices, some mayonnaise, Teriyaki sauce and ground beef - plus some basic condiments - will result in a feast for your eyes and your stomach!

The Texas BBQ Smash Burger lists Texas Toast Bread, Monterey Jack Cheese and 4 large onion rings as a few of the ingredients for this towering masterpiece! (It looked downright yummy!)

For you health conscious burger eaters, the California Smash Burger with Avocado, Bacon, and Ranch dressing should hit the spot! (In my opinion, bacon is not necessarily high on my list of healthy foods, but... whatever!) This looked and sounded fantastic!

Want some more tantalizing burger suggestions? Try the French Dip Smash Burger, the Onion Soup Mix Smash Burger, the Italian Smash Burger (WIth, you guessed it, PIZZA SAUCE!), the Lettuce "Wrapped" Smash Burger (for the NO CARB'ers out there), the Donut Smash Burger (using two glazed donuts!!! Hmmmm!), the Bacon Guacamole Smash Burger, PEANUT BUTTER SMASH BURGER!!! - which has you adding a tablespoon of creamy peanut butter, bacon AND 4 dill pickle chips!!! Oie! The Mac'n'Cheese and the Cheddar on Rye Smash Burgers both sounded tame by comparison, but I was grateful for the tamer ingredients! There is even a Copycat Big Mac - Smash Burger Style recipe!

The author also ventures into pressed paninis and wraps: there is even a Cheesy Vegetarian Pressed Sandwich recipe that will save the day for that unexpected vegetarian guest!

. This is a very versatile, often entertaining, cookbook: your mouth will definitely water a time or two - or three! Highly recommended! My thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for an ARC of this cookbook in exchange for an honest review.

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I think I’ve just died and gone to burger heaven. One of my all-time favourite meals is a good burger and this book is full of amazing delicious looking burgers. There is so much selection to choose from and they don’t necessarily have to be in a bun. I can’t wait to start working my way through them all. The photography really does justice to the gorgeous looking food.

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Thank you NetGalley for this E-arc in exchange of my review.
Actually I shouldn’t thank you at all, as I am sure to put 20 kilos after wanting to try and eat all the recipes ! I could have eaten the book if it was not on digital ;). The pictures looked really appealing. I have to say I absolutely love smashed burger and always looking for the best ones to eat. When I saw this book, I thought that I had to have it and I had to try it. I am at the review phase, didn’t try yet but not going to be long before I pick one of the awesome recipe.I have to say I am also curious about some recipe like the donut smashed burger. The recipes look fairly easy to do and has a good variety of ingredients and combinations of taste, that make the recipe looking really good !
If you are like me and will be happy to sell your soul in exchange of a smash burger this book is for you !
I really can’t wait to try the recipe and also I think it could be a nice book to offer to people, I already have some people in mind.

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I would 100% buy this book in store if I saw it. The recipes were great. Easy to follow and super yummy.

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Thank you Quarto Publishing Group – Harvard Common Press and NetGalley for this advanced copy of Smashed by Adam and Brett Walton. This is definitely a cookbook that I will buy for my dad and father in law. They both love to grill and both love a good burger.

This cookbook has a lot of variety including beef, chicken, vegetarian, pastrami, shrimp etc. Most of the recipes are pretty simple. There’s seriously something for everyone. The pictures had me salivating. We can’t wait to try all of these recipes.

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LOVED. We tried so many recipes in my household and maaaan… each was so delicious! The recipes were easy to follow, some of them were incredibly unique, and a lot of them you can modify without changing the recipe dramatically. The large, beautiful photographs made you hungry while reading, which is perfect as you navigate new recipes! The ease of use alone was what made this book stellar for me, and my husband is grateful for new recipes to try out! Thank you for the opportunity to read!

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My teenage son has been trying to smash his burgers so I got this him and hubby, who usually makes the burgers. Some unique ideas in here and the photos are great!

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Without a doubt, this book will have you running to the store to get the ingredients to make one of the many smashed burgers included in this book.

The book starts with a very good description as to what smashed burgers are and how to achieve the crustiness of them. The tools can be as simple as spatulas or griddle presses. The photos are very well done, and you almost feel like you could reach into the cookbook and grab the burger/sandwich for yourself. The cookbook is not just beef burgers as there are recipes for chicken burgers, paninis, and even breakfast.

For this review, I opted to make the Steak House Smash Burger which has mushrooms, onions, Swiss cheese, and steak sauce on it. There was something quite satisfying about smashing the round balls of meat. The meat flavor was fantastic even though it was only seasoned with salt and pepper. The burger once put together with the other ingredients was a mouthful of heaven. The steak sauce took the traditional mushroom and onion cheeseburger over the edge. The ingredient list was everything you would find at your local grocery store and the instructions were easy to follow.

The book is divided into the following sections with a couple of examples listed.

Big Beefy Smash Burgers (California Smash Burger and Italian Smash Burger)
Super Smashed Chicken Burgers (Nashville Hot Chicken Smash Burger and Classic Chicken Smashed Burger)
Pressed Paninis, Smashed Burrito's, and Wicked Wraps and Sammies (Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap and Cheesy Vegetable Pressed Sandwich)
Smashing Breakfasts. (Everything Bagel Breakfast Smash and Pressed Breakfast Sliders)

Each recipe includes servings, prep time, and cook time information. In addition, is a description about the recipe. The usual list of ingredients and instructions plus some have tips if you decide to toast the bun. You won’t regret adding this cookbook to your cookbook collection.

My review is voluntary and all comments and opinions are my own.

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With such delicious photography and recipes- Smashed made me crave burgers every night for a week while I was turning its pages. Loved how simple, effective, and versatile the concept is too!

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So many great recipes and was nice to see things other than smashed burgers like chicken etc. The recipes all seemed very simple to make which is nice. I think the only real complaint is that most recipes did not include pictures which is something I really look for in a cookbook.

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The pictures are making me hungry! Seriously, this cookbook takes the simple hamburger to the next level with different toppings and sauces. I can’t wait to try more of these out.

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A mouth-watering collection of easy to replicate smash burgers. The photographs are beautiful and a great reference for what the final product should look like. I just wish there was a photo for each recipe. Each recipe uses easy to find ingredients and can be made either outside on a griddle or in your kitchen in a skillet, making them accessible for any cook. The introduction explains that using two spatulas can be substituted for the burger smasher so no additional equipment is required (unless you don’t own two spatulas or a skillet). I’m always a fan of a list of tools and staples needed at the beginning of cookbooks so you can be prepared for your first try. There is nothing overly difficult but some recipes require more prep work than others, particularly the Poutine Smash Burger, but this might still be the one I try first (I love poutine!). Bonus points for including chicken burgers, burritos, and a few vegetarian options. Perfect book for the upcoming summer to wow friends at the BBQ but easy enough to make for a weekday dinner.

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I've recently started to attempt my own burger patty recipes, and this gave me heaps of great ideas.
The pictures are amazingly mouthwatering.
A great book for anyone who enjoys a good burger or panini. There's even a breakfast section, which is fantastic for breakfast on the go.
I received an advance copy of this and all opinions are my own.

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I was lucky enough to read this through NetGalley as a bookseller.
I tell you what… run, don’t walk - run to your bookshop to pick up a copy (or order one).

The recipes in Smashed are not only mouth watering but so easy to follow. If you’re just starting out, like great burgers or you’re a 5 star chef, I truely believe this is a cook book for every cook & every kitchen.
There is such a wide amazing variety of burgers, sandwiches, wraps etc etc with so many great tips & tricks to achieving the best outcomes!

I’m in Australia & I was a little unsure if this would be in imperial measurements but was happily surprised to find it’s in both imperial & metric. Another great feature is the clear pictures - we all love a cookbook with pictures right? This is another tick on the list for great cookbooks!

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Lots of awesome recipes in this book -- I just wish they had more photos to go with those recipes. I don't understand folks putting together cookbooks and not including full color photos of each recipe. I want to SEE the finished product.

That being said, this book was great -- lots of fun and interesting recipes, easy to follow recipes, normal ingredients not a lot of crazy stuff not in your pantry already. I've tried the Texas BBQ Smash Burger as a chicken sandwich and it's so good! I'm planning to try the Pressed Monte Cristo French Toast Sandwich next.

Thank you to NetGalley, the authors and publisher for a digital, temporary ARC in return for my review. I wasn't aware of these authors prior to reading this cookbook, but I'll be watching for more from them!.

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The pictures in this book will certainly make usual. So many yummy recipes.. instructions on how to make were great. They also included how to make the sauces for them. It’s great that they had recipes for more than hamburgers. I’ve already tried a few and I can’t wait to try many more. I highly recommend this cookbook for anybody who likes to grill burgers.

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My spouse is a burger fanatic, so I jumped at a cookbook with unique recipes to use with my griddle. The authors have classic burger offerings, and then delight with more unusual options. For instance, there is an all double beef burger on a donut bun. There are at least 8 or 10 different recipes I would try in a heartbeat IF there was a photo included. But there isn’t. There are nowhere near enough photos for the recipes. How can you feature a “Donut Smash Burger” or “Mac n Cheese Burger” but not include a photo? Missed opportunity here.

Healthier eaters will find options to enjoy, although I suspect the items I mention above are not it. There is no standard given with the recipes by a diet association, but I sort of suspect it! Healthier fare is not the majority of the cookbook, but do we really eat a smash burger for that reason?

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"We knew that if you simply SMASHED EVERYTHING, there'd be something for everyone to enjoy!" This from the books introduction seems to be the main concept of this wonderful cookbook.

It has a plethora of variations on the popular Smash Burger but goes beyond that with burritos, panini and wraps, with lots of drool-worthy pictures.

The Walton twins give advise on tools and tips you will need to make the best smashed foods to feed yourself and impress others.

I received this ARC from Quarto Publishing Group – Harvard Common Press and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, thank you so much.

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This is a fun cookbook for making smashed burgers. About 2/3 of the book are variations of smashed burgers and the rest are smashed chicken burgers, wraps, breakfasts and such. There are photos of about half of the recipes. No nutritional information is provided. Some recipes are given for various sauces. It’s not well suited for people with special dietary needs other than a token recipe or two.

The elephant in the room is that most of these are incredibly unhealthy. The authors are twin men in their thirties whose family apparently loved these kinds of recipes and from the way they talk, they’ve already lost both parents. I speak as someone who’s lost a lot of loved ones too soon from diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Perhaps it’s time to stop being quite so preoccupied as a society with fixating on tasty but harmful foods. Just because you can make a smashed bacon cheeseburger with glazed donuts as the bun doesn’t mean you should.

That said, it’s a well done cookbook and the smashing technique is well explained.

I read a temporary digital review copy of this book via NetGalley.

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The cookbook Smashed caught my eye as I've seen more online about cooking burgers on a flattop vs grilling and we recently just bought a flattop to go on our grill. The book contains only 60 recipes (the ebook was only 146 pages long) and the majority are a variation of the basic smash burger recipe they have, with each new recipe only having variations in toppings, sauces, cheese varieties or buns. The remainder of the recipes were for basic grilled/deli sandwiches, wraps and chicken sandwiches (which were similar to the beef burgers but chicken). This might be a very good choice for a very beginner cook, but a more experienced, creative cook will already know how to change up toppings/sauces/buns/cheese on a basic burger and might not find this cookbook as useful. . The pictures were wonderful as were the explanations for how to do the "SMASH" on the flattop.

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