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I really Liked this story it was so cute! Its a story about finding love, finding family and finding where you belong in life. I loved Lizzie she had me dying laughing most of the book with her quacky personality and never knowing what's going to come out of her mouth or what she was going to do next. I really enjoyed the relationship between Gamiel and Mindy it was sweet. They both were searching for something that neither knew they needed but both of them wanted.
Ben and Esther were the wild cards for me, while they played a huge part in this story they also mellowed the story out from, young love to crazy silliness, it was like they were old souls just watching and waiting for there time o shine. Overall this was a super fun book and the author kept it clean so its suitable for all readers.

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The Amish Matchmakers by Beth Wiseman
Widowed sisters Esther and Lizzie are the town innkeepers—and the town matchmakers. But when a new tenant moves into a guest cottage at their Peony Inn, the sisters are shocked to discover that maybe this time, one of them might finally find a match of her own. Retired dentist Dr. Benjamin Stoltzfus has signed a six-month lease at the cottage—and gentle Esther and spirited Lizzie are in a surprising competition for the kind doctor’s affections. Dr. Stoltzfus doesn’t appear to be Amish, but his last name and his mysterious background have the sisters guessing—and open to the possibility of finding love again.
Things really heat up when Benjamin’s granddaughter, Mindy, comes to visit. Escaping her big-city life in Texas, Mindy has moved to Amish country to be closer to her grandfather and to embrace the simpler life she has longed for. But she’s unprepared for what happens when an attractive young Amish man, who spends time at the inn helping out the widows, runs his lawnmower right into her little red sports car. Sure, Gabriel is cute and funny and nice—but can a romance between an Englisch girl and an Amish boy end well?
As Mindy and Gabriel find themselves thrown together time after time, they forge a friendship and start making matchmaking plans of their own. Which sister would be better for Mindy’s grandfather—Esther or Lizzie? And as the two young people put their energy into playing Cupid, it looks like love and the life they’ve both dreamed of might also be finding them.
Charming Amish romance featuring a later-in-life love triangle
Stand-alone novel, but returning to the world of The Amish Inn series
This is Widowed sisters Esther and Lizzie's story.
This is Mindy and Gabriel's story. Benjamin’s granddaughter,Mindy.
This is Dr.Benjamin's story.
This story has family,faith,mysteries,friendship and more.
If you enjoy Christian fiction and Amish stories you will love this book.
I recommend this book.
The Amish Matchmakers by Beth Wiseman is a wonderful well written 5 star book.
I am looking forward to reading more books by Beth Wiseman.
I received a complimentary copy of the book and was under no obligation to post a review.

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Sweet amish romance

We are reintroduced to Esther and Lizzie, characters in several of the Ms Wiseman's Amish novels. This could be read as a stand-alone novel or better if you have read others in the series. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the new main characters of Ben, a retired dentist, and Mindy, his granddaughter. As a person of a certain age, I enjoyed the romance of the older characters as well as the younger ones. This is a very diverting and relaxing book, highly recommended.

Thank you to the publisher who lent me a time limited e-arc via netgalley with no obligation. This review is optional and my own opinion.

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The Amish Matchmakers by Beth Wiseman takes us back to the Peony Inn owned by Esther and Lizzie. I just love Esther and Lizzie. They are delightful characters. You never know what Lizzie will do next. The renter of their guest cottage, Dr. Benjamin Stoltzfus (a retired dentist) has Lizzie’s curiosity piqued. There is the tiny problem of Lizzie being afraid to enter the cottage because she believes the former lodger is haunting it. I enjoyed getting to know Ben as well as his granddaughter, Mindy. Mindy appears taken with Lizzie and Esther’s handyman, Gabriel. A relationship between the pair seems impossible since one is Englisch and the other is Amish. Of course, the same can be said for Ben and Lizzie. I laughed often while reading The Amish Matchmakers. Misconceptions, miscommunication, rivalry, and shenanigans provide plenty of humor. Life with Lizzie is never dull. They do say that laughter is good for the soul. There are touching moments as well. I love the closeness between Lizzie and Esther. They are sisters and best friends. If someone truly knows you, you cannot keep a secret from them. I like how faith was incorporated into the story. He has a plan for our lives. We need to put our faith in Him and follow the path He lays out for us. We get to see a beautiful illustration of this truth in The Amish Matchmakers. I appreciated that the author showed that you are never too old to fall in love (I am hoping there is a Mr. Right out there for me). I loved the epilogue which made sure I ended the story with a smile on my face. The Amish Matchmakers has family, friendship, love, and faith. The Amish Matchmakers can be read as a standalone, but you will be missing out on some entertaining stories. The Amish Matchmakers is a lively tale with compassionate sisters, a dashing dentist, a loving granddaughter, a friendly handyman, several secrets, and loads of laughter.

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Readers who love Amish fiction will enjoy this book. Two old ladies known for their matchmaking become enamored by a retired dentist renting a cottage from them. Sisters Lizzie and Esther are so different from each other but their love for each other is remarkable. I loved the humorous discord between the sisters as they play matchmaker for each other with the dentist. Real life issues of health, love, faith and religion are addressed in a thoughtful manner. Recommended.

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This is a book that highlights that you are never too old for love. Lizzie and Esther are widowed sisters that run an inn and two cottages. Both of them are warm hearted, but Esther is the practical one. A widowed retired dentist Ben rents their small cottage. Both sisters want to match each other with Ben. A sweet secondary romance blooms between Ben's granddaughter and a young Amish man. I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. I really enjoyed reading this book. Inadvertently, Lizzie adds many amusing moments in the book. I liked seeing Mindy and Gabriel wrestle with seemingly incompatible ways. I also like learning the reasons that Ben settled in their community. The wonderful caring characters make this story delightful.

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The Amish Matchmakers is a fun story when two sisters, Esther and Lizzie, the local matchmakers. Of all things, each sister decides to be matchmaker for each other. They both decide that they should match each other with their new Tenet, a retired dentist named Benjamin Stoltzfus. What fun these sisters get into.
The Peony Inn is such a great setting for this story and Beth Wiseman does not disappoint in sharing another story with these adorable sisters. The story moves smooth, and although there are serious health issues discussed, it doesn’t put a damper on the story.
Also the characters of Mindy and Gabriel are just precious. It is so interesting to see their story unfold.
My thanks to Zondervan Fiction for allowing me to read an advance copy of this book. I was NOT required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own. I highly recommend this 5-star read. Publication date is October 17, 2023.

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Seventy-seven-year-old Esther and Lizzie, her younger sister by two years, run the Peony inn. They are also well accomplished matchmakers in the community. They each set their sights on the retired dentist, Dr. Benjamin Stoltzfus who just happens to be an English widower who is renting one of their cottages. Each woman thinks he would be a good match for her sister. That is, until one starts having feelings for the man.
I love this story. It is filled with feeling, a touch of mourning, issues that the elderly population deals with and wonderful humor. I want to thank Beth Wiseman, Zondervan and NetGalley for my copy of this book. This is my own unsolicited opinion. It is a sweet and meaningful read. Ben has a surprise, Esther has a secret and Lizzie has great quirks, energy and quite the imagination. Ben's twenty-two-year-old granddaughter, Mindy has an important role too. I loved this book. There's a good mix of faith, family love and romance.

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Romance and Laughter

I greatly enjoyed The Amish Matchmakers. The story line, which included romance and humor with a touch of intrigue, as well as the characters, made it fun, engaging and just a joy to read.

One of the things that was so enjoyable was the banter between sisters Esther and Lizzie. It was entertaining to see the matchmaking tables turned with the matchmakers finding themselves on the receiving end of things. Another thing was the friendship and relationship between Mindy and Gabriel. I loved their interactions and watching their friendship grow while wondering what the end result would be. I also loved the realistic and heartwarming relationship between Mindy and her grandfather which added another special touch to the story. That combination of events will touch your heart and keep you smiling which is what makes this such a special story and one that I highly recommend.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are voluntary and completely my own.

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Esther and Lizzie are widowed sisters who run the town inn. They also enjoy playing matchmaker! When a new tenant moves into the guesthouse at the Peony Inn, the sisters are shocked that they may have found a match for one of them! Dr. Benjamin Stoltzfus signed a six month lease. The sisters are in competition for Dr. Benjamin's attention. Although he is not Amish, his last name makes the sisters look twice.

Mindy, Benjamin's granddaughter visits often to check on her grandfather. When an Amish man bumps the lawnmower into her car, Mindy does not expect for him to be so cute! Gabriel is also kind and funny, and the two become close friends. Mindy and Gabriel debate which sister is the better match for Benjamin while also learning more about one another.

This is a cute story. I do not particularly love the love triangle trope, but this was done nicely. The banter between Esther and Lizzie makes me giggle. This focuses on great messages of family and love. It is part of a series but could be read as a standalone novel.

Thank you to @netgalley and @zondervan for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review.

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When you see the word "matchmaker", you think of putting people together, this time it was the matchmakers time to find someone - and they were not even looking!
Lizzie and Esther run a small hotel called the Peony Inn, along with three small cottages without electricity, and they had just rented one to an English gentleman.
Lizzie and Esther were in their 70's, Lizzie had no ailments, but Esther had diabetes and arthritis and moved slowly, while Lizzie even ran after chickens!
Lizzie decided to go over and meet their new renter even though she was afraid that the house was haunted by Gus, a former tenant.
Benjamin Stolzfus only relative, his granddaughter Mindy brought him groceries, candles and ice cube trays to help him air out the cabin and adjust to a prpane refrigerator.
Lizzie came over as Mindy was leaving and found out that Gabriel, their handyman, had run into Mindy's car by mistake and she invited them over for a pot roast dinner, but only Ben was free to accept the invitation.
Ben enjoyed eating and visiting with Lizzie and Esther, and Lizzie was bright and talkative and she even flirted with Ben!
You will enjoy reading about this Amish couple and their hijinks, and how they both fight over Ben!

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The Amish Matchmakers was the best yet in Beth Wiseman’s series about the Peony Inn. I love all of the books , but this one had me laughing so much I didn’t want it to end . Esther and Lizzie both having a crush on their newest tenant, a retired dentist, was intriguing from the get go. You wouldn’t need to have read any of the other books to read this one, but you’ll want to when you’re finished. Thanks to NetGalley and Zonderland for the advanced copy to review. All opinions are my own and was not required to give a positive feedback.

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I love Beth Wiseman's Amish Fiction- she is one of the best author's in this genre. In this installment, she tackled a romance between one of our beloved Peony Inn sisters and a new character. The widows have been one of the staples and highlights of this series and reading this book felt like returning home. Warm and cozy, full of heart and mirth. Tackling a romance between characters that are in their 70s has to be handled deftly not to create agism stereotypes and while two of the three older characters have health problems, I think it is probably realistic. Lizzie is quirky, but I think she was just as quirky as a twenty year old then a 70 year's just her personality. I think she handled the romance well as the younger romance that was also featured. The epilogue sealed the book for me...because there was hope for the other beloved widow to find her second love, which I was rooting more book for the sisters, please?
thanks to #Zondervan fiction and #netgalley for the ARC.

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I typically love Amish fiction, in particular this author. But, wow this one was not very good. I found myself skimming and being annoyed with the two main characters.

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I think that this book was an enjoyable story to read. All the characters in this story were memorable and charming throughout the book which is a real page-turner. It's a fun book to read as the sisters in the story have a delightful time making their guests at their inn feel welcome while also trying to match up their friends and family. This is one book I won't forget as I look forward to reading more books by Beth Wiseman!

*Thanks to NetGalley & Zondervan Publishing for an ebook copy in exchange for my honest opinion/review!

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Beth Wiseman tells a wonderful story about two old sisters Esther and Lizzie who run a bed and breakfast. When a handsome older retired dentist shows up and rents one of the cabins on the property, the two women find themselves secretly trying to match him up with each other. Esther knows that her health isn’t good and is hiding her Parkinson's. She feels if Lizzie had someone to love, she wouldn’t be left alone. Lizzie worries that Esther will need someone to care for her as she ages, so she wants the dentist for Esther. Unfortunately, Lizzie finds herself more and more attracted to the man for herself.

In the meantime, Ben (the old dentist) has his own secrets about his health and his past and has moved to the cabin to be close to his granddaughter, Mindy. Mindy loves her grandfather and after visiting him finds herself falling for the attractive Gabriel who help around the sisters’ property.

The story moves seamlessly between the sisters’ schemes for Ben, and Mindy and Gabriel’s growing attraction. Ben isn’t Amish, neither is Mindy - a problem for any future love match. The sisters discover a jealousy that hadn’t ever existed between them. The tug and pull of love versus loyalty, versus family keeps the reader turning the pages.

Being an older reader myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the love story of the sisters and the dentist. It is sensitively and delightfully written. It is rare to find a romance novel these days that wants to tackle love stories for people who are older and this one does so brilliantly. And of course, Mindy and Gabriel’s young love is passionate and sweet and balances out the other story. This was a really delightful read.

I received an advance reader copy of this book for free and I am leaving my honest opinion voluntarily.

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This is the second title I have read from Michelle Shocklee, after her 2023 Christianity Today Book of the Year award and Christy finalist. She is becoming a master of telling a historic tale while showing the impacts in the future. The characters are written where you quickly empathize with their situation while enjoying seeing how Bertie and Songbird’s decisions made in the early 1940’s impacted many lives over the years. Highly recommended to readers who enjoy stories that are compelling, with a little romance. Fans of Tracie Peterson who are looking for another author will find Appalachian Song a very satisfying read.

I received an ARC ebook from NetGalley and the publisher, Tyndale House Publishers, in exchange for an honest review.

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Enjoyable Characters, Friendship, Laughter, Romance

I find Amish fiction quite enjoyable and was excited to read Beth Wiseman’s newest book The Amish Matchmakers.

Retired dentist, Dr. Benjamin Stoltzfus decided to move to Indiana to be near his only grandchild, Mindy. He has rented a small cottage at the Peony Inn. It is a bed and breakfast run by two Amish sisters, Esther, and Lizzie. They have a reputation for matchmaking. Now it seems they may have another match in mind, unbeknownst to one other. Things may get a little complicated.

I enjoyed reading this book, mostly because of the likable characters. Esther and Lizzie, especially Lizzie, are very different than most characters in Amish fiction. Lizzie has taken a liking to reading romance and true crime novels. She does not hesitate to speak her mind and has become superstitious. Esther is more sensible and down to earth, and tries to rein Lizzie in. Benjamin is a bit of a mystery and he has some secrets he is not ready to share. Ben’s granddaughter Mindy visits him regularly. Following a car mishap, she meets Gabriel who helps around the inn.

The characters are enjoyable and funny. Ben’s not the only mysterious one. It seems that each character has their own secrets they don’t want revealed. Esther and Lizzie are caring towards one another and welcome others into their lives. I liked Mindy and Gabriel’s relationship. They were caring, responsible, and level headed with a little romance.

I like Amish fiction because their world seems a little simpler and less complicated. I enjoyed reading The Amish Matchmakers by Beth Wiseman. While I don’t fully understand the issues surrounding an Amish person being involved with an Englisch person, I appreciated how that aspect of relationships were approached. I also appreciated that this novel was clean.

I recommend The Amish Matchmakers by Beth Wiseman. It is a good and enjoyable story with likeable characters. This book will be published October 17, 2023

I would like to thank Zondervan Fiction and NetGalley for the opportunity to read a complimentary copy of The Amish Matchmakers by Beth Wiseman. I was under no obligation to give a favorable review.

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This a delightful book by Beth Wiseman. It centers around two Amish sisters, Esther and Lizzie, who are widowers and enjoy matchmaking the side. They own a bed and breakfast, The Peony Inn. A mysterious man wants to rent their cottage out for 6 months. Then they meet his granddaughter, Mindy, who was kept from her grandfather as a child. There is also a young Amish man , Gabriel, who becomes close with Mindy. You will have to read this book to see how everything comes together with God’s timing and plan. I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.

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Beth Wiseman has become one of my favorite authors within the Amish fiction genre, and I was looking forward to diving into this one. Such a fun, original idea for a story, and I was quite surprised by just how fast I was able to read through it.

I hadn't actually read the Amish Inn series before picking this one up, but I personally thought it read perfectly as a stand alone, with only a few mentions of occurrences from the previous books. Sisters Esther and Lizzie run the town's beloved Peony Inn, and are known all around for their matchmaking shenanigans. Only at their ages, they never thought they'd end up turning their talents towards finding each other a new love. When a retired dentist named Ben decides to rent one of the cottages on their property, both feel an instant connection with him, but aren't sure where they could see anything possibly going when Ben himself isn't Amish. Things turn even more complicated when Ben's granddaughter Mindy appears to be falling for the sisters' hired hand Gabriel, and happily ever after seems to be an impossibility. However, God always has a plan for His children if we're willing to trust Him, and this story ended up being a wonderful illustration of this truth.

Full of heartwarming moments, shenanigans and silliness what will have every reader laughing out loud, and a lovely reminder of the importance of faith throughout every circumstance we face, The Amish Matchmakers is another wonderful title from best selling author Beth Wiseman, and is truly unlike anything I've ever read before.

A couple of elements truly made this one stand out within the genre, and I loved how the plot twists and turns in ways I never saw coming. If you're a fan of Amish fiction, you're definitely going to want to pick this one up as I can guarantee you're in for a fun surprise.

Final Rating: 4/5.

Thanks so much to Zondervan for allowing me to advance read and review this title!

I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary advance reader copy of this novel from the publisher (Zondervan) via NetGalley. I was not required to give a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and this is my honest review.

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