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We all have secrets that impact our decisions, this family has uncovered a town full of them and a path to mending fences, friendships, and finding closure. What if you could have a second chance with the one who capture your heart?

Gillian Armstead returns home in an attempt to take care of her children. If only her soon to be ex-husband would let her move on. Will the unresolved obstacles impact her family, future, and hope for love?

Nicky never imagined he'd get a second chance with Gillian after she left all those years ago. Will he allow himself to give her his heart again?

If they can overcome their fears, work through a "curse" and navigate through family expectations they might discover something amazing.

Angelina is a master storyteller who brings to life characters with layers of depth, a town rich in culture, and a spicy romance that will tug at your heart. Don't miss this must read

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This was a STEAMY, emotionally charged second chance romance between two childhood Mexican American friends turned lovers who have been apart for over ten years and are reunited when recently divorced Gillian returns home to her small town of Freedom, Kansas with her two children to help take charge of her life again.

Nicky is an artist now and home to help paint a mural. He was Gillian's first crush and first lover and the one who got away. From a damaged family and grieving the death of his brother, Nicky is running from a curse. Now the two have to fight their undeniable chemistry and see if a future together as more than just lovers might be possible.

Full of magic, curses, phantom dogs, HOT sex, psychological baggage and a lovely fight to save the Jillian's family bar. I loved seeing Gillian recover from her controlling and emotionally abusive ex, reconnect with her sisters, take back her power and fall in love again.

REALLY great on audio narrated by Stacy Gonzalez, this book also has good autism rep (Gillian's son is neurodiverse and has special needs). This is the second book in the Milagro Street series and it could be read as a standalone but you'll definitely want to read EVERYTHING else Angelina writes.

She is a new fav author able to write sizzling love stories with ALL the feels!! Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an early digital copy in exchange for my honest review. I can't wait to read the next book in this series!

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Literary brujeria. I saw that in pinned post on @angelinamlo IG and as a Cuban-American who grew up in Miami and had a very outsider experience to Santeria, I was both intrigued and nervous to read this book.

El cuco scared me as I kid, so I don't mess around.

I'm so glad I did. Angelina weaves this dynamic range of emotion in Gillian alongside her attempt to find herself again. The interweaving of brujeria allowed the reader to obtain a deeper sense of how this once powerful woman, works to rediscover herself.

An absolutely incredible story.


Thank you to @netgalley and @harlequinbooks for this ARC, my review & opinions are my own.

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I am always searching for romances by BIPOC authors (especially those written by Latinx authors) so I was over the moon to discover After Hours on Milagro Street last year. And I’m so happy to say that I loved Full Moon Over Freedom even more. This book was the perfect blend of spicy and sweet, with the added bonus of a huge Mexican American family and all of the love (and drama) that comes with it.

Full Moon Over Freedom follows Gillian, “the Pride of the East Side,” as she returns home following her tumultuous divorce. She has lost her magic and believes herself to be cursed. As she’s always been the rule follower and the good girl, what better way to break the curse than to be bad? And being bad sounds pretty good when Nicky, the sexy man from her past, crosses her path one dark and stormy night.

Nicky was such a charming main male character. He was loving and protective from the very beginning of the book and while some of his actions were definitely questionable, you can tell his heart was always in the right place. It was easy to root for him and Gillian as they spent the summer reconnecting with one another. Gillian wasn’t the perfect character and I found myself quite annoyed with her throughout (mostly in the way she didn’t communicate with her family), but I loved watching her journey as she rediscovered her magic and place in the community.

This is the second book in Angelina M. Lopez’s Milagro Street series and while you don’t need to read After Hours on Milagro Street to enjoy this one, I would highly recommend doing so. In After Hours, you get to meet all of the family members you see pop up again in Full Moon Over Freedom and you learn quite a bit of the history of Freedom, Kansas. I loved that we got to see Alex and Jeremiah pop up again and again throughout this book. Fingers crossed we get Sissy’s story next.

I’d recommend this if you like:
*Second chance romances
*Single mom/sexy painter pairing
*Some seriously spicy moments
*Mexican brujeria & mythology
*Small town with a big heart

Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin Books for an advance copy.

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Gillian has always worked so hard to be perfect and to have a perfect life. So when she finds herself coming back home to Freedom, Kansas, divorced, penniless, and with no magic, she feels like she has utterly failed in every aspect of her life. In order to break her curse Gillian is determined to get good at being bad; so when she runs into Nicky Mendoza, her childhood friend and first lover, she knows he is just the person she needs to help her. But he is also dealing with a curse of his own.

Y’all Gillian’s journey in this book brought me to tears! As the oldest daughter of the oldest daughter’s oldest daughter, Gillian has always felt a heavy sense of responsibility to fix things and to be the strong one. So when her life falls apart she thinks she has to fix things on her own. When she finally confides in her family we see a weight being lifted from her shoulders that allows her to start forgiving herself and to learn to trust others and accept their help.

Angelina truly does a beautiful job creating a series rich with history, Mexican folklore, and brujeria! And I love seeing Milagro Street as it continues to come alive again!

Thank you NetGalley and Harlequin for the arc.

cw: infidelity, misogyny, narcissistic ex who is verbally, emotionally and financially abusive, addiction, death by overdose, grief, racism, ableism, attack by an animal

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Full Moon Over Freedom is the 2nd book in Angelina M. Lopez’s Milagro Street series. It can be read as a stand-alone, but I recommend reading After Hours on Milagro Street first. Many of the characters from the first book are in this one and the background info is helpful to know.

Gillian is back in Freedom, Kansas, with her two kids. She’s broke and has nowhere else to go because her ex-husband is a jerk. She can’t collect alimony unless she signs over her portion of the bar she owns with her sisters, Loretta’s. She needs the money, so when her sister’s husband, Jeremiah, wants to hire her to do research for a grant application to invest in Milagro street and bring it back on its feet, she accepts.

Nicky’s hired to paint a mural in the local train station, which is exactly where Gillian has to do her research, so they are forced to work around each other. They haven’t seen each other in 13 years. He’s always been in love with her, but thought she just wanted him for his “experience”. She thinks she’s cursed and feels Nicky is the one to help her break it, to help her be a bad girl, but he doesn’t want his heart broken again.

Angelina M. Lopez writes a sexy book. Because of the forced proximity, there was A LOT of sexual tension. Nicky is a cinnamon roll who is great with her kids, but also brings the dirty talk.

Although not really a paranormal romance, there are definitely some supernatural elements and I loved that addition. Having taken Chicano Folklore in college, it was fun to see a couple of things pop up.

It was also really fun to see a cameo from Roxanne Medina from Lush Money.

I was very excited for this book as I loved the first in the series and it did not disappoint. I love this series. Angelina M. Lopez has become a one-click author for me. She writes strong women and cinnamon roll men who love them and I will continue to devour anything she writes.

Thank you to Harlequin and NetGalley. I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

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When Gillian Armstead-Bancroft, Pride of the East Side, left Freedom, Kansas the first time, she did it as a perfect bruja, wife, and mother. Now she’s running away from her abusive, toxic ex with her children in tow — not quite ready to lean into her family support, not until she can break her curse. Nicky Mendoza was the one who solved her virginity and taught her everything she wanted to know as a teenager, and luck would have it he’s back in town now and may just be the one to help her go bad.

Angelina Lopez never misses. Gillian and Nicky are both such rich, complex characters with so much passion and emotion that some moments I was blushing and others holding back tears. Nicky had such sweet moments with Gillian’s children and it was a beautiful contrast to how they were treated by their father. This is such an empowering story of Gillian getting her confidence and her power back and Nicky shedding all of his self-loathing and giving himself over to the life he wants. Absolutely recommend this series!

You’ll Find —
Second Chance
Single Parent
Forced Proximity
Culturally Rich Small Town
A Little Bit of Magic

Thank you to NetGalley, Harlequin, and Angelina Lopez for the gifted digital review copy!

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I thought nothing could top Angelina's first book but I was proven wrong!

The magical realism, second chance romance, and he will do anything for her.

Gillian and Nicky were meant to be! Although they are grownups, it was like they were teenagers enjoying their time together.

Gillian went through a tough divorce and moved back to Freedom with her kids. Nicky is an artist that came back to Freedom to paint a mural during the summer. When Gillian and Nicky connect again for the first time on a road that meant a lot to them, its as if time has not passed. Gillian wants Nicky to help her get her magic back but they may have obstacles in their way that they can't help.

I loved story so much more. Nicky was really an angel!

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Second chance, small town, friends to lovers? YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!! I was so excited to return to Milagro Street to reunite with Gillian and her sisters. Partially because I wanted to see how Alex and her hot professor Jeremiah were doing but mostly because I just adored the first book so much that I needed more immediately.

In Full Moon Over Freedom, we focus on Gillian and Nicky who were involved as teens (he taught her about sex). Now they are back in Freedom, Kansas as completely different people who no longer know each other but are still very much in lust. Gillian is trying to figure out who she is after leaving her abusive asshole husband and Nick is just trying to keep his heart intact. The more the two try to fight their attraction to each other, the more explosive they become and woah boy, hold on for the ride.

I thought Gillian's trust issues and lack of ability to ask for help (hello eldest daughter) were completely relatable. I enjoyed watching her let her walls down and let people in almost as much as I enjoyed the romance.

Full Moon Over Freedom was sexy, funny and a joy to read.

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I Received an e-arc copy of this book from NetGalley in return for an honest review!

For every happy ending there is a little bit of magic that makes it all come together beautifully. At least thats how epic this one was literally. I was not ready for the details and rich history that made this story a page turner. With dual point of view and a past that shaped who they were today, Nicky and Gillian were a second chance story I didn't realize I needed to read. 
Gillian, a single mom of two on the tail end of a messy divorce is forced to move back to her small community where she grew up. However, the move back home temporarily for the summer is not the low key opportunity Gillian craved. Her high school fling Nicky is back in town on family business and accidentally runs into Gillian on a particular highway that holds memories to this date that has plagued him in more ways than one. Both, clearly not ready to face the way things ended 13 years ago rediscover what was lost, what was always there and what can be gained now in this second chance romance packed with reminiscing moments, family drama, women supporting women, scotch bonnet type chemistry and some historical paranormal with a dose of Mexican Brujas! 
The way in which Lopez weaved these themes all together with the romance was everything not expected but absolutely appreciated. They fell in love in a truly hopeless time in both their lives yet surrounded by a beautiful community.

The last few pages had me clutching my pearls. A page turner nonetheless! 

Happy reading!

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Angelina M. Lopez must be a bruja herself to perform the magic that is Full Moon Over Freedom. The second book in her series about the Torres sisters that takes place in Freedom, Kansas, FMOF is big sister Gillian’s book. Fresh in town after running from a narcissist ex, Gillian runs into (actually almost over) the last person she expects to see—Nicky Mendoza, the boy she asked for sex lessons as a teen, friend to her since 5th grade, looking just as delectable as Gillian last remembered him. This alone should have you clamoring for this book; Gillian and Nicky’s chemistry is off the charts and I am 100% here for it. Lopez writes about the average insecurities we tend to have about our bodies as beautiful strengthening characteristics—I loved this about her writing. There is magic in the air in Freedom and a little belief in supernatural folklore with phantasmas and magical strength is inherit to loving this story. If you can give in to the notion that witches are real and spirits exist then you will adore Gillian and Nicky’s story.

What you can expect:
-he secretly falls first, still pines years later
-neurodivergent representation
-witchy magic
-Mexican American community and family importance/love
-second chance romance
-she’s a divorced mom of 2
-he’s an artist
-emotional and sexual tension
-women empowering women
-dirty sex—the kind you want but no one writes about

I’m excited to see what Lopez writes in the future. I loved Gillian’s story more than Alex’s (I think it is a character preference), and am hoping maybe we get a story for the youngest sister, Sissy? I would suggest reading After Hours on Milagro Street first to help with family and sister identities and for establishing Gillian’s role in the Milagro Street revitalization. A big thanks to Harlequin for my advanced copy. All opinions are my own.
4.5 ⭐️

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Another Gripping book by the Awsome Angelina M. Lopez.
It has Fun, Angts and tribulations. Of course with the right amount of steam. A must read for sure.
Thanks for this ARC. The opinion expressed here is my own.

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I have been sitting on writing this review for weeks. I love everything Angelina M Lopez writes. She manages to incorporate bonkers plots, "unlikable heronies" and men who fall for them. And writing this review is hard because I just have this to say: 😊 😍 ❤️ 😀 ☺ 🔥 💖

That's it. Nothing coherent. The Milagro Street series continues to deliver a mix of relatable family conflicts, Mexican American history, women making hard choices and learning to prioritize themselves, small town dynamics, and plenty of supernatural elements. OH and open door, and dare I say, even open legs, content.

(If you have read Lopez's Filthy Rich series, you may recall that Book 2 was harder and more raw than Book 1 and that continues in this series. Check CW.)

Thank you to @netgalley and @harlequinbooks for the ARC of this book.

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AHH first of all Angelina is the new Queen of small romances, she does them better than most. Also we love a BIPOC family it's just warm and full of laughter and light.

There's just something about this story that was SPICY in the best possible ways while also having soap opera vibes that make you literally gasp and your eyes widen.

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📝 Gillian is headed back home to Freedom, Kansas after a nasty divorce from her ex. She's hoping that being home for the summer can help her figure out what to do next for herself and two kids. But being back home is the last place she wants to be. For starters, she's lost her magic, and her relationships are strained with her family. Also, there's none other than Nicky, the one man who was her first everything. Is being in Milagro a bump in the road, or is it the exact place she needs to be in order to heal?

What I 🤍:
✌️ Book 2 in Milagro Street Series
👻 Ghost Story- la llorona
❤️‍🩹 Healing from Trauma
💕 "It Was Always You" Romance
💪 Revitalizing Your Hometown

This book follows up the events after "After Hours on Milagro Street" with many of the characters we've met and loved before. 💕 Hi Alex & Jeremiah! 💕 This story focuses on Gillian, the oldest of the three sisters, and the continuation of revitalizing Milagro Street. While this book is marketed as a romance, I felt it was more like Magical Realism mixed with romance. It also focuses heavily on healing and recuperating after a divorce. This book was emotional, spooky, and very spicy! It has something for everyone.

Prince's Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Steaminess: 🔥🔥🔥🔥 (Several Open Door)
Read If ➡️: You want a romance highlighting BIPOC characters and the strength of women.
Read 📅: Summertime
CW ⚠️: Divorce, Toxic Masculinity, Animal Attack, Ghost Story, Child Dispute, Racism

The part I love most about this series is how Lopez writes this as a love story to all Mexican-Americans. This story also layers a nod to all women who have been silenced and marginalized by toxic masculinity. There is depth and heart to this story. My only wish was that there was more focus on Gillian and Nicky's love story, but I also felt very satisfied throughout. And WOWZA...the swimming scene.... 🥵 I am hopeful there will be Book 3 about Sissy, the youngest sibling. 🤞

A huge thank you to Angelina Lopez & Harlequin Romance for a copy of this book. Full Moon Over Freedom is out Sept. 5!

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really good book and kept me on my on my toes of what would happen. really enjoyed the characters and their journey and would read this author again.

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I did like that this one was really steamy (and I had already been hearing so much about this one), but otherwise, something about the writing style wasn't really for me.

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Angelina M. Lopez delivers another knockout book with her latest release, Full Moon Over Freedom, which comes out on Tuesday!! This is the second in her Milagro Street series, and you may recall I very much loved the first one. In fact, I’ve read and loved all of Angelina’s backlist. She’s a romance writer who *knows* and loves the genre; her passion for the craft and the genre is clear to the reader.

So about this particular book: our main character, Gillian, is fantastic. She’s complicated, she’s backed into a corner, and she’s imperfect. To me, that makes her such a joy to read. She’s also a mother and a bruja, and there are so many Latinx—particularly Mexican—historical and cultural elements in this novel that I’ve never seen in a romance book before. Nicky, our love interest, is the perfect tortured artist with his own magical journey. God these two are so fantastic to read. I love a second chance romance and I know how hard they are to execute, yet Angelina does a phenomenal job. Did I mention this book is so so sexy? Because it totally is.

In a way, the whole Milagro Street series feels Angelina’s love letter to magical realism, which is a sort of cultural touchstone for Latinx literature. Full Moon Over Freedom really leans into this without sacrificing the heat and passion Angelina’s known for. It’s a romance novel through and through, but it’s also so much more than that! What an unforgettable book and one of my favorites of the year! 💜

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I love this author and her first book in this series and when I had the honor to read book 2 and got to be entranced into the world of Mexican folklore, ghosts, magic, romance, I was all for it!!

We get to meet Gillian the older sister who everyone thought had it all together, but when she is in the middle of a nasty divorce, with kids and she’s broke, she’s back home to Kansas and in a town she didn’t want to come to. When she bumps into her first love Nicky, we all know there were higher powers that brought them together again. This second chance romance kept me glued to my kindle I couldn’t put this book down.

I love how Gillian uses her ancestors, and her craft to guide her out of this wild situation she is in. It was sad to see what Gillian was and what she became because of her marriage, but seeing her flourish and become the woman she was always destined to be was even more inspiring…

I’m telling y’all this author did it yet again!!! This book was pure Magic!

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Full of magic, ghosts and second chances, this book had the makings of a 5 star read by fell a bit short for me.

Gillian + Nicky
Small businesses
Small town
Slow start
Family & community ties
Second chance romance
Cheating & lying about it

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