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This novel turned out not to be what I expected. I was ex ited and prepared to love this one as much as I enjoy being in the kitchen, baking, & sharing food with those I love. I will still recommend this to people, it just wasn't for me.

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This book took me by surprise in the absolute best way!

Tori Moore teaches high school chemistry through cooking (total Lessons in Chemistry vibes) and is navigating new waters as she’s semi-recently divorced and her kids are leaving for college in the fall.

Her twins secretly enter her into Bake-o-Rama, a baking challenge show over the summer and while Tori is skeptical at first, it pushes her out of her comfort zone and she leans into it just like she encourages her students to do.

Kendra is a celebrity chef, restaurant owner and the *Simon* of the Bake-o-Rama judges. Kendra’s brother/business manager has told her she needs to soften her harsh edges and start prioritizing her personal life more than her business life.

There’s a strict rule against judges and contestants having contact during the show but Tori and Kendra are both feeling some sparks between each other.

I thought the balance of food and romance and life changes was perfect. 😘🤌🏻

I felt so much joy reading the Bake-o-Rama scenes I felt like I was watching a baking show competition!

If you’re in need of a feel-good read do yourself a favor and check this one out.

Out this Tuesday, 10/10!

Thanks to #netgalley the publisher and the author for a copy of this e-arc!

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A cooking show romance with heavy emphasis on the cooking show. Tori Moore is a wonderful home baker and chemistry teacher by profession. Her twins entered her in a tv cooking competition called the American Bake-o-Rama. If Tori wins the prize money could help her open the bakery she has always dreamed about. Kendra Campbell is a judge on Bake-o-Rama. She has a successful cookie chain of stores but her signature restaurant is being priced out of its location. Being a judge helps her bottom line and exposure for her businesses.

To me this is fun women’s fiction with the focus on the cooking show and a bit on the personal lives of the two women. There is a spark between the two women but the format and rules of the show allow for the barest of contact or interaction. I’d say less than five percent of this story is romance based and I hope it is marketed that way. I am someone who is disappointed and will mark down if I’m expecting a romance and that isn’t the focus. I will gladly read general fiction or romance but I want to know what to anticipate.

This is a fun and wholesome story. And if you enjoy cooking shows that will help you like this even more. Thank you to Random House Publishing Group for the ARC via NetGalley and I am leaving an honest review.

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British Bake-Off but make it American with a queer romance! <3 I'm a sucker for British Bake Off, culinary competitions, and romances so this book was right up my alley. Super quick read even though the book periodically seemed to drag a little bit. I really liked the main characters, Tori and Kendra and their VERY slow-burn romance. The notes back and forth were adorable. My only wish was that we got more at the end as it wrapped up and ended way too fast for me.

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A fun, engaging romcom! Toni is a high school teacher who also has a long-standing love for baking. After experiencing a messy divorce, Toni is struggling with self-doubt...and thanks to her twin teenagers, a spot on the hit TV competition show American Bake-o-Rama just might be exactly what she needs. If Toni wins the competition, all of her dreams could come true. Once she arrives on set, she catches the eye of Kendra Campbell, notoriously ruthless celebrity chef and a judge on Bake-o-Rama. For Kendra, there's a lot at stake, too—the show is her ticket to financial security. Their contracts state that nothing could ever happen between the two...but what will happen when, amidst weeks of cooking challenges and kitchen mishaps, sparks begin to fly between Tori and Kendra?

As someone who never misses an episode of The Great British Baking Show, I knew I would enjoy this book, and I was right! This was a well-written and entertaining look into what it's like being on set of a baking competition, as well as the drama behind the scenes. The romance was sweet and charming, but did take a little bit of a backseat to the individual character growth that Tori and Kendra went through. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and found it to be such a fun, lighthearted read! Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.

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Pretty cute rom com, great for Bake Off fans. For me there could have been more of a progression in the relationship, it was a little abrupt and not much was expanded on post show. Nice to have romance leads in their 40s and not barely out of college or high school.

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There's a teacher. There's a baking competition. There's a surly jaded chef. There's mystery. There's intrigue. There's a crush that is contractually not allowed...

This book is so fun- from the science/home-ec class to finding a group of people coming into their own, to baking competition to the matters of owning a restaurant, this book is a slow burn, ultra innocent romance that fits the way the characters were set up. It's kind of refreshing to have a book that doesn't swear, enjoys the slow crush of a possible relationship, people who enjoy their families, and noting the difference in "wow she's mean" and "there's no favors in sugarcoating big mistakes in a kitchen."


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High school teacher, Tori Moore becomes a star of one the the most popular cooking shows in American where amateur bakers get their chance to prove themselves as Best Baker. Kendra Campbell is one of the celebrity judges on American Bake-o-Rama and has a reputation of being the ruthless judge on the show. Both women are at crossroads in their lives, Kendra trying to figure out how to keep her restaurant afloat and Tori starting her life as a divorcee and empty nester. When the two meet, sparks instantly fly, but the bake off competition means that anything beyond a judge/contestant relationship is off limits.

Overall this was an enjoyable read, but it was very different than what I had expected. I went into this thinking it would be a lot of romance and a little baking show, but it was the opposite. The romance between Tori and Kendra is a very slow build, almost to the point of this book not seeming like a romance at all. The dialogue and storyline was heavily centered on the baking show and we r into great detail about every dish and episode, a bit much for me. I really enjoyed both the characters of Tori and Kendra and liked the poring, but I feel like any relationship they had got overshadowed by the Bake-o-Rama. I did enjoy this book, it was just really different than what I expected. If you are a baking show fan and want a little romance tied in, this book is for you!

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book!

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Love at 350 is about Tori, a high school teacher who has taught a baking science class at a local high school for many years. She is recently divorced from her wife and her children are soon to leave for college. Unbeknownst to her, they enter her into a reality TV baking competition. Here Tori finds an undeniable attraction to one of the shows' judges - Kendra. A relationship between the two of them is strictly forbidden.

I love the reality baking show premise. I also loved how much detail went into describing each of the recipes throughout the competition. The cast of the show was quite lovable. As a relationship between Kendra and Tori is strictly off limits, the romance is bubbling under the surface. I enjoyed this book. It was a sweet read and I loved hearing about all of the recipes.

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Know in advance that this is more a book about a cooking competition and finding confidence in yourself than a romance and you will find this a satisfying read. Tori's a teacher whose kids signed her up for the competition being judged by Kendra, who wants to get out of her rut and her comfort zone. Yes these two feel an attraction but that takes a back seat to the ins and outs of the competition (and boy do the treats sound yummy). Peers has written good characters who will make you smile (and you might chuckle once or twice as well.). Thanks to netgalley for the ARC. Light and fun.

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📚: Love at 350° by Lisa Peers (@lisapeersauthor)
⭐️: 4/5

�How much fun was this book?

Taking place under the realm a 'la Great British Bake Off/Top Chef, Love at 350° is such a fun rom-com book where food is definitely the love language at hand. It's a feel-good & fun story, where the one major downside is craving a big pile of cookies (or cake, petit fours, rice pudding, creme brulee, or homemade bread) alongside for the read.

Minus one star for the reality show plot overshadowing the romance for so much of this book. This isn't a spicy read - but not to worry it doesn't feel less because of it. (But I want to hear what's next for Kendra and Tori - @lisapeersauthor, we need to know!)

So many thanks to @penguinrandomhouse for reaching out with this complimentary egalley. Love at 350° is out this week, October 10th!

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Two women meet as judge and contestant on the set of a TV baking competition... but they'll have to decide if falling in love is worth breaking the rules? Tori Moore is a high school chemistry teacher and a dedicated home baker. She auditions for the American Bake-o-Rama competition at the urge of her twin kids and the prize money would enable her to finally open up her own bakery. Tori is unsure though, after her messy divorce, maybe the money isn't the real thing blocking her from her dreams. Kendra Campbell is the notoriously ruthless celebrity chef and a judge on Bake-o-Rama. The show would allow Kendra to be financial secure. Tori and Kendra are drawn to each other but the competition forbids dating, especially between judges and competitors. Can they keep their distance through this six week slow-burn competition?? This was essentially like mixing a hallmark movie with the great british bake off. Unfortunately though, it just felt slow and I found myself constantly drifting out of the story. I didn't really find myself invested in the romance, there barely was any romance to be honest. It just kind of missed the mark for me, which is unfortunate since it sounded so cute. If you are looking for a slow burn sapphic romance with cozy baking vibes, give this a go, maybe it'll work out for you!

*Thanks Netgalley and Random House Publishing Group - Random House, Dial Press Trade Paperback for sending me an arc in exchange for an honest review*

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A sweet, slow-burn sapphic story with major Bake-Off vibes! This was cute with a good balance of tension—Kendra and Tori are totally different characters but you can’t help loving them both and enjoying their arcs. It really goes into depth with the baking competition, the romance is low-spice and almost more of a side note but overall, a really enjoyable read!

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I love queer TV show books, and this sweet and savory slow burn romance is no exception!

Tori is a chemistry teacher who loves baking. When her twin teenagers nominate her to go on a baking show, who is she to say no? Kendra is one of the show's celebrity chef judges and, according to her brother, needs to learn some compassion. Tori and Kendra definitely take notice of each other, but there's a no fraternization clause in their contract. Will they follow the rules or risk their dreams?

I think the author was going for a slight twist on grumpy x sunshine, but it didn't quite pan out. Regardless, I loved the contestants, the mystery, and resolution. This was an extreme slow burn but definitely believable and enjoyable. Be advised for those of you looking for Sapphic spice, this has no spice. Maybe half a chili pepper. Which I enjoyed, but others may not. I also loved that both MCs were in their 40s and looking at making distinct changes in their lives while staying true to themselves.

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I will start at the ending of this book, which left me wanting more! It is so unusual for me to even like epilogues lately or to feel like something wasn't said in a book but I would LOVE just an extra bonus chapter or anything between Kendra and Tori! I have been thinking about this book nonstop despite finishing it days ago, which also is unusual for me. This book gave me all the feels plus had baking = WIN! Seriously, though, I definitely recommend this book if you want a slow burn, almost forbidden romance that focuses on the characters but you also love baking and/or GBBO!

Love at 350° comes out next week on October 10, 2023, and you can purchase HERE! I loved this book and can't wait for more from this author!

Tori Moore scanned her classroom, checking her fifth period Biochemistry of Baking students' progress. Three of Sequoia High's star football players were pulverizing dry ice in a blender ahead of mixing it into their strawberry and chocolate bases to fast freeze the ice cream. Another team hovered around a saucepan, willing a cup of caramel sauce into existence out of white sugar, water, kosher salt, and immense patience. Some students were candying walnuts; others were making marshmallow fluff. A pair of ambitious sophomores was attempting to make a homegrown version of M&Ms. Each student had already written a term paper describing the chemical reactions and biodiversity that conjured the magic of dessert. At the end of today's class-if all went well they'd get to eat their homework. All that stood between them and summer vacation was making ice cream sundaes. With all the ingredients made from scratch.

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I love watching baking competitions. Every time I need to watch something on TV, I’m heading over to Food Network to see if they have anything about baking on. So when I found Love at 350°, a story about being on a baking competition TV show, I knew I needed to try it out.

We follow Tori, a high school teacher who is secretly signed up for this show by her twin teenagers, and Kendra, one of the judges for the show. The rules explicitly state that contestants can’t date judges, but when Tori and Kendra see each other, they decide it’s worth it to bend the rules a little.

I really enjoyed seeing the interactions between Kendra and Tori throughout this book! Despite both main characters being in their 40s, these two were passing notes like they were teenagers in high school! The idea that you can be so excited for love even at 40 was really cute!

However, I’m also not sure that this is really a romance. While the description of the book focuses on the relationship between Tori and Kendra, the book itself focuses a lot more on this baking competition… and the mystery when they find out someone is messing with the contestants!

This book is simple and sweet, and I really enjoyed my time with it! If you’re looking for a book that’s a little light on the romance and has some mystery elements, this would be the book for you!

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This book was fine but I was expecting more romance to it. This sapphic romance reads more like a hallmark movie where the main couple doesn't get together until the very end and even then its just one kiss. With this much of a slowburn, I think it needed more tension. That being said, baking show storyline was cute and fun. I enjoyed the friendships between the contestants. And each of the main characters own separate storylines were interesting. But the main characters really don't interact much besides some very short conversations, lingering looks, and very few notes passed back and forth. Again I think it could have benefited to focus more on the romantic tension between them to make the romance more believable. But overall it was enjoyablet, I just was left wanting more.

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Chemistry teacher Tori enters a TV baking competition to achieve her dream of opening a bakery. Celebrity chef judge Kendra is warned to appear more encouraging to increase her audience appeal. Sparks fly amid kitchen chaos, but off-screen contact between contestants and judges is forbidden. Will the coveted prize shift from money to love?

This entertaining novel is more women's fiction than romance. There's little interaction between Tori and Kendra off-camera. The plot is engaging and well-paced, but more time is spent on baking than on the relationships. If you're looking for a low-heat sapphic novel, this book is for you.

Thanks, NetGalley, for the ARC I received. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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Great British Bake-off. Sapphic.

Tori is a divorce home baker that lives by a certain routine until her kids sign her up for a Baking show just before they leave for collage. Kendra is a well know chef/baker and the judge of said baking show Tori is gonna be in. Both Tori and Kendra feel an attraction towards each other but can't act on it because of the shows contract, so there is very little romance in this book.

The book is more baking show heavy with little moments between Tori and Kendra. I wouldn't call this a romance first because you barely them on a date or going out or romantic moments between each other away from the show. I will say the way the whole backing show goes is very similar to GBBO. I assume this was the point. I would've given this a better rating if it had more romance, it was still cute and I enjoyed it.

Thank you NetGalley for the e-arc version of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley and am voluntarily posting a review. All opinions are my own.
As a lover of all things food and all things sapphic, Love at 350 was made for me. It’s not the first sapphic foodie romance ever, of course, but it’s quite likely the best in the food department. It’s just overloaded with descriptions of the preparation of baked goods, not to mention some cooking-show drama that is as juicy in fictional form as it is in its “real-life” counterpart.
The two leads are also really great, especially Tori. She’s a high school teacher who has always had a passion for cooking, who ends up entering a cooking competition, American Bake-O-Rama at her children’s behest. She’s very much at a transitional stage of her life, being a single parent to children who are about to leave for college, and contemplating if teaching is something she still loves, not to mention picking up the pieces after her messy divorce.
Kendra’s arc complement’s Tori’s pretty well, despite coming from a different background from her, and she’s struggling to navigate juggling her numerous businesses and other professional commitments, and is trying to switch up her image as a Bake-O-Rama judge to be softer and a bit less ruthless.
The romance shares page time with the reality-show drama, and whether that works for you will depend on your preferences. While I’m rather picky in this regard, I did feel like Lisa Peers managed to make Tori and Kendra’s attraction and chemistry apparent, and I particularly liked the notes that pass between them, adding a level of intimacy to contrast with the public nature of the competition.
While this is a case where your individual preferences will determine how much you will enjoy this book or not, I personally really liked this one. With that in mind, I recommend giving it a try if you love foodie romances or romances with fairly equal emphasis on the central couple and the external reality show plot.

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