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The Playlist of My Life

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Finally a music guided journal I am using.

Music plays such an important part in our lives and this journal is an easy way to reflect and connect with our connection with it.

This journal has prompts and is simply laid out. How many times do we stop to think WHY we like or dislike a song.
The prompts can be thought provoking. This is a journal that many will come back to over time.

A must have for all music lovers and a great gift.

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for this advanced E-book edition in exchange for my honest review.

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After you linger over your favorite moments in music- or the music of your most important moments, your journal The Playlist of My Life will be a vivid record of who you were and what you were listening to at intervals throughout your life. Another reviewer had an astute observation that children, older or grown, can experience parents’ earlier life firsthand by examining their completed journal. It could be a keepsake.

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The Playlist of My Life by Devon Frederickson is a creative and engaging guided journal that is perfect for music lovers of all ages. The journal prompts readers to reflect on their favorite songs, artists, and concerts, and create their ultimate playlists for every occasion.

The journal includes guided musical prompts, space for journaling about your favorite musical memories, and list trackers for self-love, breakups, karaoke, and more. The journal is also filled with inspiring quotes from famous musical artists, making it a great gift for anyone who loves music.

The writing in The Playlist of My Life is engaging and prompts readers to think deeply about their emotional connection to music. The guided prompts are thought-provoking and encourage readers to explore their musical tastes and preferences. The space for journaling about musical memories is a great way to reflect on the role that music has played in one's life.

Overall, The Playlist of My Life is a must-have for anyone who loves music. It is a creative and fun way to reflect on your musical journey and create playlists for every occasion. Devon Frederickson has created a beautiful and inspiring journal that will be treasured by music lovers for years to come.

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the perfect gift for anyone who loves music! but they don't have to be a musical genius. they just need to let it take over them when they're happy or sad or inspired or for any of those that pick up the motivation to do chores once they hit play.
it has so many fun prompts and a ton of music genres to pick your favorites from.
the design is clean and simple, in a very good way, it doesn't take away from the book.
and I love the lyrics in between prompts!

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It seems like this book was created by someone who has little real interest in music - everything seemed super generic (and often kind of cheesy), and I was hoping for something unique and creative.

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Even if you're completely faithful to your Kindle (or other e-reader), you'll want to have a physical copy of this book - trust me! It's more of a work journal than anything else & each section has areas to fill out with memories of life events and the songs that changed your world. It helps guide you to find the very best songs that capture your emotions and experiences.

I highly recommend as a gift for anyone on your list that loves music!

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As someone who lost their parents relatively early I think this would have been an awesome journal to have of theirs. Music tells so much more than words sometimes. Listen to a person’s favorite song and hear what they are trying to tell you without telling you.

That’s the beauty of this journal. Whether you share it or just reread it 10-30 years down the road. It’s a snapshot of who you really are.

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Well this was great fun and a bit hard on the little grey cells, as Poirot would say. 😂
I do love a good tune and over the last few years have been part of a WhatsApp music themed family group, in which a new theme is thought up for a new playlist to be made by members of the group. Sometimes all the different styles of music can make a really good playlist, other weeks it’s just average. It’s great fun and this book really reminds me of it. I’d say this book is really aimed at younger people, but I think you can adapt it and miss certain chapters that aren’t relevant to your own stage of life.
There are loads of chapters, and lots of space to fill in your answers, so lots of lists about different sorts of music you enjoy and the reasons why. The first list is all about what music means to you, which is actually a really hard question. Well it was for me. I know I like music but I don’t really think about why I like it. Now you probably understand why I said this book is hard on the little grey cells, right at the beginning of this review! 😂
Highly recommended for music lovers of all ages.

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The Playlist of My Life is a personal journal that focuses on music and the impact that it can have on our lives and personalities. The Playlist of My Life was a fun journal to fill out with some interesting and provoking prompts. It was fun to consider journal prompts through the guise of music!

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"The Playlist of My Life" by Devon Fredericksen is a melodic journey into self-reflection and nostalgia, bridging the tunes that underscore our lives and the memories they evoke. For music lovers and avid journal keepers, this guided journal offers an engaging exploration of our soundtracks.

The prompts within the journal provoke deep contemplation about our musical preferences, pulling at the heartstrings of treasured memories and linking these to the songs and artists that shaped these moments. This immersive, emotional voyage, as experienced by other reviewers, reveals the healing power of music and encourages introspection about not just our favorite songs but those that don't resonate as strongly and why that might be.

As a neurodiverse individual with strong ties to songs and their corresponding moments, I found this journal to be a wonderfully effective tool. I vividly associate music with pivotal scenes from films, TV episodes, and, more recently, personal life events. This journal guided me through these recollections, helping me solidify the connections, ultimately leading to the creation of a Spotify playlist that serves as a trip down memory lane.

While the book wonderfully captures the essence of our relationship with music, I would have appreciated additional space for more in-depth journaling and capturing the breadth of my musical journey. However, the book's strengths greatly outweigh this minor critique.

"The Playlist of My Life" is a journal and a personal chronicle of the significant moments in our lives tied to music. As a keepsake or a gift, it appeals to a wide age range, reminding us of the joy and comfort that music brings our lives.

Despite its simplicity, this journal holds an unexpected depth that makes it more than a nostalgic trip. It offers an opportunity for introspection, prompting you to dive deep into the recesses of your mind to explore your relationship with music, all while documenting your musical journey. Thank you to Devon Fredericksen and Penguin Random House for the e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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The Story of You in Song!

Your first kiss, sweet 16, graduation, wedding and so many more major milestones generally have songs that we associate them with. This is one of the reasons I was ecstatic to stumble across The Playlist of My Life by Devon Fredericksen. I had been looking for some way to leave my kids a list of my favorite songs. I lost a lot of people when Covid hit and I wanted some way to honor them. I thought playing the music they loved at their funeral would be one way. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what their favorite songs were. That got me thinking about how the story of one’s life really could be told through song. And I want my kids to know my story. I am so happy I now have a way! The Playlist of My Life is like a journal but with well thought out writing prompts (and plenty of room to write). Music related quotes precede each entry. Then, the entry will ask you to choose a type of song or songs befitting the prompt and write the response requested. Like picking a theme song for yourself and why you chose it. There are also fun entries that ask you to explore the music you like and record (pun intended) the outcome. This is such a fun book!!! There are only two things I wish it had: room to add a snapshot that captures the memory or mood, and a table of contents. The book comes in at 161 pages so it is quite substantial and a picture could be tacked in the free writing area. Regardless, I’m nitpicking because the book is outstanding! I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review but I fully intend on buying quite a few for gifts and summer activities. I have several family members who would love this! My thanks to #DevonFredericksen, #Zeitgeist and #PenguinRandomHouse for my copy.

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I loved this!

This was one of those journals that you can fill the whole thing in and then get a new one in 2 years time and have completely different answers. Some of the questions are deep and personal, and it makes you think, some are light hearted and almost creative. All of which is designed to encourage you to actually stop and listen to your music. Take it in rather than having it on in the back ground, this one at least.

It's encouraging you to try something new, and figure out if you like it then what mood does it create for you. As someone who is ALWAYS listening to music this would be amazing for me to work out my personal trends with listening and how often I come back to certain artists.

Some of the questions are hard to answer because there is so much music and having to single stuff down to "if you could download 5 songs before you were stranded"... this is hard. But I love it.

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The Playlist of My Life is an awesome music related journal. It contains some really thought provoking prompts as well as some lists. I plan to get a hard copy of the book so I can actually write in it. I love music a lot and some of these prompts really had me thinking about my music in a different way.

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Music has always been important to me, both personally and in terms of the career path I chose. The Playlist of My Life offers music fans a chance to look back on the music they loved and still love, with an array of prompts for creating playlists and learning more about the genres and artists they enjoy.

Some of these prompts focus on a specific genre or mood. Some focus on a time in your life. Still others inspire a bit of fun research, whether into a genre's history or into a singer's zodiac sign.

Many of these prompts are thought-provoking, and others are pure fun. I will certainly be making several playlists based on the prompts here. While I was mentally answering most prompts as I read, others I'll have to go back to after some deeper consideration.

The Playlist of My Life also includes several quotes by famous musicians, which only adds to the immersive and focused experience.

If you're a music fan or if you have people in your life who love music, The Playlist of My Life would make a perfect gift. It's something you can return to again and again as you make new playlists based on the prompts, keeping music infused in your everyday life.

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This is such a simple book but so great in it's ability that makes you want to sit and hunker and explore the recesses of your mind and what music you're drawn to and why and what you might need from music to lift you and elevate your life experience with music!

It is loaded with quotes about music which is nice but what I really enjoyed about it is that it made me think and then evoked these great moments in my life where music was such a huge part of it. I still identify such happy moments with the artists where those feelings were so good. Like Pete Frampton's ''Baby I Love Your Way', etc.

This book would be such a wonderful gift for such a huge age range. Music brings so much to our lives and this book helps to make that time for joy.

I would love to thank NetGalley and the publisher, Penguin Random House for the opportunity to read and review The Playlist of My Life by Devon Fredericksen.

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This was so good and yes we all have a soundtrack to each of our lives. I highly enjoyed this book. I will be buying one for my husband.
I just reviewed The Playlist of My Life by Devon Fredericksen. #ThePlaylistofMyLife #NetGalley
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The Playlist of My Life by Devon Fredericksen is a journal and expressive writing tool for music lovers and journal lovers alike. In this guided reflection journal there are prompts for the reader to recall songs connected to memories, music videos that elicit certain emotions still, and pages to create special playlists to help pair specific music to certain seasons of our lives.

I enjoyed the quotes throughout the journal spotlighting musicians who are well known and their thoughts about the healing power of music. I also like that the journal doesn't just ask us about the songs we love but the ones we don't like as much while encouraging us to consider why.

"Music has the power to make us more mindful" - this is the core message of this journal. If you are someone who loves music and listening to music and simply wants to become more curious about your relationship to music then you should definitely pick this journal up!

Thank you to the author and publisher for the e-arc copy!

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I love the idea of a guided journal and I think this one could be so powerful for someone looking to reflect in a way they may not have thought about before. With different prompts like who is your favorite artist and why? and what would your theme song be? (in more elegant words than that) this book serves as a great way to escape the busy world and reflect on something that brings peace to so many people, music.

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Cool music journal with good prompts. Aesthetically pleasing and a great way to document your life as music.

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