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Mr. Whiskers and the Shenanigan Sisters

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I’m far from a middle grader but couldn’t pass up this book. Why? Because I love covers and Mr. Whiskers looks a little like my pooch. And… one of my ulti-mutt favorite words is shenanigan. How could I not read this absolutely wonderful story about a stray dog? There are the shenanigan sisters, a pseudo FBI agent, more dogs, a pirate chest, and of course a secret room… I loved all the dog puns revolving around the mystery. It was a “ruff” case but no worries, Dad is saved. My thoughts? It was doggone good! Who wants a treat?
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OMG this was so much fun and I literally was cackling at Mr Whisker's puns and the names he called humans.  I found Mr Whiskers a very charismatic character so look out Scooby Doo you have competition.

I loved Misty and Zelda as they seemed to be very clever and were able to tell when someone was telling lies unlike the adults and they were very resourceful too.

Again I am not going into spoiler territory but I will say that I loved the way Wendelin wove scenes of San Francisco throughout the story and I felt like I was there.

I would love to see these characters again and for the reasons above I am giving the wonderful Mr Whiskers and the Shenanigan Sisters 5 massive stars.
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I've loved Wendelin Van Draanen's mysteries since the first Sammy Keyes a million years ago. This one is aimed at a slightly younger audience, featuring two sisters (ages 10 & 11) and a stray dog who set off to find their father who has been dad-napped. Told from the point of view of Mr. Whiskers (or Whisky for short), the sisters follow clues across Berkeley to find their father. It is a fun, quick mystery for  grades 3 & up.
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Thank you to the publishers and Netgalley for my e-ARC of Mr. Whiskers and the Shenanigan Sisters!

🐕 want to read a book from a dog’s POV
🏠 live in a haunted house full of secrets
🪙 ever found hidden treasure 
🌽 love corn on the cob


Mr. Whiskers is a street-wise stray dog with a nose for trouble and a fondness for two girls he calls the Shenanigan Sisters. So when Misty and Zelda’s professor father is kidnapped, Mr. Whiskers follows that car, picking up vital clues. 

Then the two intrepid girls and one great dog follow the trail through the streets of San Francisco, discovering hidden passageways, buried secrets, and even pirate treasure. 

But will they be able to rescue Dad? You bet your best biscuit, they will!


This was such a cute read that really grabbed my attention right from the start because it’s told entirely from the dog’s POV! Mr. Whiskers is a stray pup that’s become a companion to the Nanigan sisters, and when he helps them find their kidnapped dad, they form an even tighter bond. I loved all of the silly dog puns throughout the story and enjoyed that they made their way all over town. The girls are only 10 and 11 but were wise behind their years! I also loved that the dog called them the Shenanigans and the dad Henanigan! I can’t wait to see what these girls and their pup get up to in the future!
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Omg, I love mr. whiskers, is he not adorable? And I love how he nicknamed the Nanigan sister the Shenanigan Sisters, lol. That just ticked me pink. These sisters are just the sweetest and most curious and Mr. Whiskers makes a great companion for them. And when their dad, a college professor is kidnapped by an “FBI” agent, the girls know something suspicious is up and only they and their loyal dog friend can save him. Dad’s parting words left them with some clues that will lead to a secret room in the boarding house they are staying at, a wild bicycle ride around town and to straight to the heart of the mystery which will surprise everyone involved. It’s a tail-wagging good time and it will leave you howling that the next book is a long time coming.
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Their father gets kidnapped and they go looking for him.
Knopf Books for Young Readers and Net Galley let me read this book for review.  It will be available on October 3rd.

The FBI came after their dad but they knew that they were not FBI agents.  He had found gold coins and they wanted them.

The girls were determined to find him and their dog helps them.  

Will they manage to find him and still have the gold coins?

It's an adventure that will keep your attention...
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From the perspective of a street-wise, slobbering canine, comes a laugh-out-loud, rip-roaring middle-grade mystery that will leave its readers begging for more wild and crazy adventures with Mr. Whiskers, the Shenanigan Sisters, and a cast of interesting supporting characters who will keep  readers trying to guess their next moves.  .The illustrations throughout the novel depict the storyline perfectly.

Wendelin Van Draanen delivers another delightful, creative story with her extraordinary use of language, unforgettable characters, and plot development that keeps the reader's attention from the first words::  "I smell trouble" to the final page and illustration.  Wendelin never fails to bring her stories to a satisfying conclusion and leaving you wanting more from the mischievous Mr. Whiskers and his sidekicks, Misty and Zelda.  Pre-order your copy and join these irascible characters as they discover a skeleton key under the feet of an urn that will lead them to unlocking the door to misadventure and hilarious antics.
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