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This is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, told from the perspective of Belle’s younger sister. So much of this was vague and unexplained. Only at the end, did we start getting the whole picture and by then I didn’t really care.

I think kids might like this story way more than I did, but I’m usually someone that enjoys children’s literature. This was very imaginative, and I enjoyed some of it, but it was lacking somehow. Characters development was nonexistent and I hated the beast. Even the sister was unlikable. I’m not sure I liked this. Mera was petulant and stubborn, while her sister, Darina, was obtuse and stubborn. The dad was deplorable and absent. Only the grandmother cared about this horrible family. So, I’m not sure this is something I would ever recommend because it just didn’t have any depth. I feel bad because Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairytale.

Thank you to Delacorte Press and NetGalley for the advanced copy. This is my honest review.

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The books in this series keep getting better and better. I highly recommend these books for kids who love the classic fairytales but are wanting to branch out. They're not so familiar that they feel stale, but they still follow the general stories we all know and love.

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Fairytale retellings can be hit or miss for me but I absolutely loved this one! This beauty and the beast retelling was whimsical and lively and beautiful. I loved this authors take on the classic and I absolutely adored the characters. The descriptions and details were painted so vividly.

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I've always loved fairy tale retellings and thought the Sisters Ever After series has a great way of creating new stories. Leah Cypess has a great writing style for the genre and it worked with the Beauty and the Beast setting. I enjoyed getting to know these characters and how they fit in the fairy tale world. It does everything that I was looking for and am glad that I read this. I hope this series continues and can't wait to read more from Leah Cypess.

"When the queen commanded her pack to hunt in the human world, she left them a gift: a flower from the Realms that, when eaten, gave them the power to shift into human form. So that they might better survive in the world that humans were making over to their liking. It was an unwise decision. The queen did not understand the temptations of humanity, and so she did not foresee the consequences of her gift"

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