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3.5 Stars. This is the fourth book in the Once Upon a Wedding series but can be read as a stand alone, in fact I’m not even sure who the previous couples in series were. I always like Harelquin Special Editions, but they are not my favorite category. This book had very good bones, but I felt like some things were dwelt on too long while other things I would consider more important to the characters were breezed over. I especially felt that the ending was way too rushed. I liked both Reena and Akash. Both were messy and had their own personal issues to get through in addition to the issues with their relationship. I enjoyed the side characters and will have to check out the other books in the series.

Thank you to Harlequin for the digital ARC and Gifted Copy in exchange for an honest review.
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So good to return to this series once again
After the fall out from an event caused pain.
It caused Reena and Akash to each go a separate way-
Heartbreaking for both, whatever they say.

However, Reena's father brings another surprise
A backer to take over or help, she'll soon realise.
Akash is giving her a chance to earn back the hotel
But will working together ever go well?

With family drama, the business and more,
Their romance is something that's been shown the door.
But can they both resist the other?
That's something they're about to discover!

A heartwarming read, with Aunties as well
Determined to encourage others to do as they tell.
Can Reena and Akash overcome mistakes from the past
To move on to romance that has a chance at last?

Another great read, now I need the next book
I can't wait to take more than a look!
All four books I've read so far have been great
No wonder for book five I can't wait!

For my complementary copy of this book, I say thank you,
As I share with you this, my honest review.
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She’s desperate to save her family business, Reena made a decision that cost her her relationship with boyfriend Akash. Akash offers her parents the financial backing to keep the business afloat, but now Reena is forced to work with the man who broke her heart. Can they learn from their past mistakes and build a better future together?

I love this fun, upbeat series. Reena and Akash are relatable characters, flawed but likeable, and willing to grow. They have a ton of chemistry together. Complicated family relationships and business struggles add texture to the novel without distracting from the romance. I look forward to reading more from this author
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I'm not really a fan of second-chance romances (and I guess that's on me for picking this one up without reading the blurb). But I feel like the reason for a couple breaking up and getting back together has to feel solid and warranted from the start, and I just didn't feel that from this one.
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I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions are my own. 
This was another solid read from Mona Shroff, with a solid blend of tropes. Reena and Akash are both ambitious people who had a fling that didn’t work out, and now have to work together, and I liked seeing them navigate this situation. Both are complex and vulnerable, and it was beautiful to watch them find their way back to each other, while navigating their other obligations and desires.
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Good book. Reena appeared in the previous book, No Rings Attached, as the catalyst that brought Sonny and Sangeeta together. Ever since she was a little girl, Reena wanted to be the one to run the family's hotel when she grew up. Her laser focus on this goal skewed her priorities. At the end of the previous book, we saw that she was willing to allow a wedding that would save the hotel financially go forward, even though she knew the groom was cheating on the bride. That decision had far-reaching complications.

In this book, we discover Reena and the bride's brother, Akash, had been in a secret relationship for six months. After meeting and connecting in Vegas, they continued to see each other back in Maryland. Each had opened up to the other about their dreams. Reena and her desire to run the family hotel, her plans for it, and that the hotel is struggling financially. Akash is part of his father's real estate firm but dreams of branching out on his own. He disapproves of his father's methods but can't change them. Their feelings for each other are strong, and each has visions of a future together.

When Akash discovers Reena's part in his sister's wedding disaster, he is understandably hurt, angry, and disgusted. That Reena would put business ahead of people and their feelings made him believe he didn't know her as well as he thought. She was stunned when he ended their relationship over it, as she believed he would understand her actions.

Because of that bad decision, the hotel and Reena's dreams are in trouble. She is shocked when she finds out her father has acquired an investor who will buy fifty-one percent of the hotel, giving them the money needed to solve most of their issues. Reena is stunned to discover that the investor is Akash, who now has the power to help or hinder her plans. If they are going to make a success of the partnership, they will have to find a way to work together.

I spent much of this book wanting to shake Reena and tell her she was being a selfish witch. Her methods of saving the hotel made her a terrible boss, and she was well on the way to losing everything. Akash has a much clearer idea of what needs to be done and the heart to see it done correctly. It takes both Akash and Reena's intern, Kirti, to open her eyes to the changes she needs to make. Once Reena changes her attitude, there is no stopping her, and I enjoyed seeing her reach her full potential. I especially enjoyed the scene where Reena's apology to a wronged employee became a surprise benefit for the hotel.

I enjoyed watching the rekindling of the relationship between Reena and Akash. It isn't a smooth journey. Both have issues that make believing in a future together hard to picture. Reena's "business before everything else" leaves Akash feeling that he isn't important to her. Meanwhile, Akash has abandonment issues that have made it difficult for him to believe that successful relationships are possible. Each tries to subdue the sparks of attraction between them and keep to a business-only relationship. The more time they spend together, the harder it is to ignore them and the feelings that never disappear. It takes effort and self-examination to overcome the fears that held them back. I liked Akash's big moment at the end and seeing him expose his heart and show Reena that despite everything, they belong together. The epilogue was terrific, especially the surprises Reena and Akash had for each other.

Family, and family expectations, are a big part of this book. Reena has dealt with the pressure of her mother's expectations all her life. Her mother's attitude and influence were at the heart of Reena's problems. Because of her actions, Reena also has ground to make up with her brother, Sonny. I liked seeing the changes in her as the book went on. Akash had issues stemming from his parents' divorce as a child. His childhood perceptions created a rift with his mother that affected his views of relationships. I liked Reena's influence on Akash and how she encouraged him to look deeper into those memories. There were some terrific scenes involving Akash and various family members, adding to the book's emotional impact.

I also enjoyed the glimpses into the Indian culture of the main characters. Descriptions of the food, clothing, and traditions added depth to the story. I'm looking forward to reading more of the author's books.
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Mona Shroff’s Once Upon a Wedding series is such a delight to read, and I really enjoyed book four: The Business Between Them. 

Reena and Akash had me wondering what was going on between them in book three, and we find out the whole story in their book. The Business Between Them features second chance, workplace, and enemies to lovers romance, strong family ties, and challenging childhood lessons that may not serve you into adulthood. Reena is a strong woman and focused business owner and Akash is business-minded with an eye for service. I enjoyed learning more about their families in this book and their HEA was well-deserved!
Note that I received an advanced reading copy, receipt of which did not impact my review.
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Desperate to save her family business, Reena made a decision that cost her her relationship with boyfriend Akash. Akash offers her parents the financial backing to keep the business afloat, but now Reena is forced to work with the man who broke her heart. Can they learn from their past mistakes and build a better future together?

I love this fun, upbeat series. Reena and Akash are relatable characters, flawed but likeable, and willing to grow. They have a ton of chemistry together. Complicated family relationships and business struggles add texture to the novel without distracting from the romance. I look forward to reading more from this author!

Thanks, NetGalley, for the ARC I received. This is my honest and voluntary review.
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Thank you Netgalley and Harlequin for access to this arc. 

There are things in each MC’s life that are keeping them back. Reena is … not a people person. The hotel is her main focus and she initially views everything through the lens of how it affects Lulu’s. I can understand that to her the hotel is literally her parent’s legacy. As immigrants to the US, they put their hearts and souls into starting it and building it to what it is now. Reena has grown up expecting to one day inherit it and not only keep it going but keep improving it. The woman is intense about the hotel. It will take Akash and most of the rest of the characters to show her that people come first. Once Reena realizes this – and how it affects Lulu’s – she does apologize where needed, she makes it heartfelt, and she makes good.

Akash’s Achilles heel is the fear of being left as he was when he was eight and his beloved mother left him and his two younger sisters. He overheard a conversation and, as children will do, misunderstood. That no one set him straight in over 20 years makes me wince. Once he gets hold of the correct end of the stick, Akash continues the change of course in his life that he’d already started.

I do like that Reena and Akash manage to keep things going at Lulu’s without any bloodletting. Reena discovers some home truths about how her parents were running it and relaxes into the security of fixing things which comes from the cash infusion that Akash’s money brings. She does need to be bonked on the head a time or three to get lessons that she learns fixed into her mind but by the end, I think she has. Her going to each person to whom she owes an apology helps me think better of her. But then, as in “No Rings Attached,” she flips her lid for a final conflict that had me shaking my head and asking, “Where did that come from?”

It’s Akash who spills the beans – publically too, at a 500 person Indian wedding and in front of the Aunties – about his plans, which reveal to Reena what he feels for her and moves us toward The End. The family relationships still remain a bit tangled and unruly and I haven’t forgiven Mrs. Pandya and wonder how Akash’s sister can forgive him but as Akash tells Reena, you love where you love. Plus his sister makes a conciliatory move that shows me she has class. I enjoyed watching a strong heroine in Reena (even if she does need some People lessons), mentally made grabby hands at the wonderful food mentioned (though how much chai can two people drink??) and am looking forward to Reena and Akash’s 500 person Indian wedding as well as the next book in the series. B/B-
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I just love this series and enjoy Shroff’s writing so much! Reena and Akash meet in Vegas but come home to work and more work along with some family drama- they don’t overcome the first round. Akash is that cinnamon roll for Reena and his sisters- he is a sailing dreamboat of a book boyfriend! These two now must work together and figure out how to save the hotel. 

These could be read as standalones but so much better as a series with the connections! Get ready to be hungry for chai and the amazing food. I can’t wait for book five!!
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This is a fun enemies to lovers, second chance, workplace romance. They had a romantic fling but it didn't work out. Though he has feelings and shows up at her work being a new investor and ruining her day. Through her new ideas to keep her family business afloat she learns a lot about herself and her feelings for Akash. Reena was a strong female character who was self-sufficient and ran her own business. Love strong female characters!
There were a lot of family dynamics and misunderstandings that shaped them, that were brought to light. This helped them in a way come back to each other.
✨ Love this cover and their outfits! 😍

Thank you harlequinbooks and harlequinpublicityteam for the gifted copy.
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The Business Between Them is yet another great addition to the Once Upon a Wedding series by Mona Shroff! I think this might be my favorite novel in the series now. I have really enjoyed Mona Shroff's previous second chance romance stories. The tension, pining, yearning, and angst is always so well written, and the case was no different in Reena and Akash's story as well. It was refreshing to see Reena be a self-determined entrepreneur as a woman of color, even if her career and business often hid what was really important in her life, as this role is typically given to the male main character in romance books. I look forward to the fifth (and I believe the last) novel in this series, following Param after his failed wedding in No Rings Attached!
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This book has amazing character growth and I loved it. I especially loved that it was both Reena and Akash that grew and changed throughout the book. It was also fun to revisit characters from earlier in the series to reconnect with their lives. 

As always with Shroff's books I loved the Desi culture infused into the whole book. She always makes me want to go get the foods mentioned. I also love learning about the family customs. 

I'll be honest I didn't like Reena much but I do appreciate a book with a good story of redemption and forgiveness so she definitely provided that. 

I thought the steam in this one was perfect. It was still closed door like all her books but we got some glimpses that added just a little more to the story. I loved the passion in this one.

I cannot wait to see what Shroff writes next.

I received an advanced copy of this book through NetGalley. This is my honest review.
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I was provided an arc e-copy by the publisher Special edition by the author Elizabeth Hrib. I'm giving my honest review. 

The Business Between Them was a delightful read a enemies to lovers second chance at love I fell in love with this story a 5 star read 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Happy Reading 
Lisa 📚
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Reena Pandya's lifelong dream has been to own Lulu's, her family's boutique hotel. Unfortunately,  the hotel has been financially unstable for a while. In an attempt to possibly help save the hotel, she ends up betraying the man she loves.
Akash Gupta thought he had found the love of his life in Reena. However, he can not get past the hurt she has caused his family. He had shared so much with her, including his dream to leave his father's company and start his own business. 
When Akash's latest business deal forces him and Reena to work closely together, they both have a hard time balancing their deep feelings and anger towards each other.
This was the fourth book in the Once Upon A Wedding series. I have really enjoyed these lighthearted and sweet stories. I always look forward to the next installment! 
Thanks to Netgalley and Harlequin for the advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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The Business Between Them by Mona Shroff is an enemies to lovers, second chance romance packed with loveable characters both new and interconnected, their families, and more shenanigans that we have patiently waited for in the Once Upon a Marriage series. While there are interconnected characters this story can be read as a standalone. However, I highly recommend reading the others in this series for the full adventure. 

Reena Pandya has waited a lifetime to take over her family’s boutique hotel but due to financial mishaps and poor business decisions, those dreams are about to change. When Reena discovers that her parent’s solution  involves the one man she betrayed, will her heart and pride survive the transaction? 

Akash Gupta wants to build his own empire and branch out away from his father’s business, will he find the right moment to share his change in plans? When his latest business acquisition now involves working alongside his ex, is it a second chance for love? Or, will secrets surface that destroy his future and break his heart, a second time around? 

Mona Shroff writes picture perfect stories that take us on an emotional journey with her characters as they navigate secrets, obligations, and family expectations through the highs and lows. Upon reflection they will recognize that their weaknesses and faults do not equate to failure and that sometimes not coming in first is worth more than gold.    

Find a cozy chair and curl up with this story that will wrap you in a blanket of vibrant colors and envelop your soul.  Pour yourself a cup of chai and pick up a few cookbooks, you'll be whipping up tasty treats after you turn the last page from all the delicious treats they eat . ;) 

This sweet romance with behind closed doors intimate scenes has plenty of sweetness to put a blush on your cheeks, and your heart full of joy. ;) While this is a sweet romance the chemistry between Reena and Akash is palpable and this series is perfect for tv - Netflix? Amazon Prime? . 
Thank you Mona and Harlequin for the chance to read this advance copy. This book is refreshing, exciting, and perfect for your next bookcation.. I see that another installment is on the way.which means more exciting book adventures.
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