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Horse and Zebra Lend a Hoof

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After a storm damages friend Llama's house and Llama breaks a leg, both horse and zebra lend a hand getting Llama's shed repaired. Emergent readers are treated to two different perspectives for getting things done.

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The publishers gave reviewers this volume in the wrong format for adobe digital editions, so I could barely see any of the artwork, but the story seemed snappy and strong enough, with the post-story matter proving ideal for certain young audiences being guided into thinking about different ways to help, and how friendly we can be to those in bad situations. Three and a half stars.

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Horse and Zebra never disappoint! In this story our friends horse and zebra are "lending a hoof" to a friend. But in true Horse and Zebra fashion nothing can be simple.

As a parent, I really like the way this story shows that helping friends can look so many different ways and that no one way is the "right" way to lend a helping "hoof".

My kids love the Horse and Zebra dynamic and that even though they don't always see eye to eye, they are still the best of friends.

I would like to thank Netgalley and the publishers for allowing me to share this story with my children. I received an advance review copy for free and am voluntarily leaving this review. All of the opinions are my own.

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This is a nice animal-friends story about how different people contribute in different ways. The primary themes are friendship, helping others, and acceptance of others' strengths. It is approximately 20 pages long, with beautiful illustrations in black and white. The author includes a "Think About It" section at the end for parents or teachers to talk to kids about the idea of helping others, how they like to help, and teamwork. There is also an "Activity" section that suggests ways the reader can help someone else.

I would classify this as a LIFE SKILLS book for very young children through 3rd grade. As a parent I would like it to teach kids the skill of friendship, and being a good helper. It is due for publication August 1, just in time for the new school year!

Thank you, Jolly Fish Press, and NetGalley, for providing an eARC for review consideration. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Horse and Zebra Lend a Hoof is a children's book written by Whitney Sanderson, and illustrated by Angelika Scudamore.

Summary: Llama's shed has been destroyed by a powerful storm. Can Horse and Zebra save the day?

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this story. I love how Llama's friends pitch in to help, and the overall story line and pictures are really cute.

The story also has some really wonderful talking points for parents to have good conversations with their kids-not only about helping others, but not assuming the worst, and learning that everyone has gifts they can use to help in their own ways.

This is a fun and engaging story that can be read again and again, and I liked it!

This is the second book I have read in this series, and I hope there are many more to come, because they are truly enjoyable.

I would like to thank North Star Editions for providing me with a digital copy of this book in exchange for my review. Thank you!

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The review ARC I received had one story, Horse and Zebra lend a hoof. The anthropomorphic characters find that after a storm, their neighbour needs help. They each help in different ways. Horse, who is a girl, decides to mend the roof of Llama's barn. Zebra, who is also a girl, decides to concentrate on what the injured Llama would like while he is recovering.
At the end, readers are asked to compare the two approaches.
The illustrations are in greyscale in my copy, and quite simple and cheerful. Early readers will have no problem following each page.

I enjoyed this quick story whose reading level would suit readers about four years old who, though, could not be expected to mend a roof. There did seem a disconnect between reader age and character age.
I read an e-ARC from Net Galley. This is an unbiased review.

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Thank you so much to Jolly Fish Press and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

After a huge windstorm comes rushing in, Horse and Zebra check on their closest friends and find that Llama is in the hospital with a broken leg. Horse decides they should help rebuild his shed house that got destroyed but gets annoyed when Zebra isn’t helping at all.

This was so adorable and the characters were each doing such different things but both were actually helpful and kind. Horse was working really hard to make sure that everything was perfect for Llama and was so confused why Zebra seemed not to be helping at all. I liked that the story was almost like a mystery as you don’t know exactly what Zebra was up to at all.

I love that this shows to children you can be helpful and kind in so many different ways. That being a good friend or a good person doesn’t have to come just from one good deed, but from many possiblities.

Horse and Zebra is such a cute book series, they are beautifully illustrated, they are easy and fun to read. They tell really great stories and even have fun actives at the end. I think young kids that are just starting to read independently would really enjoy these stories.

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Horse and Zebra Lend a Hoof is a great book that teaches about helping others and has some great activities young kids can either do on their own or get help doing.
The pictures and story were very cute

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I thought this book was very cute. I will definitely use it with my students. I enjoyed the activities and questions to use with my students. I will use this in my class when teaching young children about being helpers in class, in family, and in life. How helping can cone in different ways.

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My 3 and 5 year old boys and I have read Horse and Zebra Bake a Cake (and really enjoyed it) and in Lend a Hoof they're up to more shenanigans. Horse and Zebra are best friends but they're complete opposites. But they always find a way to work together to get their task at hand completed. In this story, there's a storm that destroys Llama's shed and breaks his leg. While Horse was rebuilding the shed, she got grumpy because Zebra wasn't helping. As it turns out, Zebra was busy all week doing personal chores for Llama. I love the wholesome lessons in these books. There's discussion questions and an activity for your children at the end too. We also love the illustration.

Overall, highly recommend this book and the whole Horse and Zebra series for young children. They would be great for early readers too.

Thank you to NetGalley and North Star Editions for allowing me access to an eARC in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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What a charming book.
A big storm cause chaos for Horse and Zebra, two friends as their good friend Llama breaks his leg. Horse and Zebra offer to lend a helping 'hoof' while Llama is in hospital. But Horse feels like she did alll the work on fixing the shed, while Zebra faffed around baking cakes and going through Llama's knitting stash. Little did she know Zebra was also helping, by visiting Llama everyday. There are different ways to help.
My four year old and 2 year old give it a solid 5 stars. It was engaging, super sweet illustrations and had a slightly quirky/ different way of looking at things.
Lovely book and we will be reading it again tonight!

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Loved it!! This book has such a good lesson within it! You can be a good friend in so many different ways! I do wish the illustrations were in color.

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