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A poetic novel with bits of humor, candor and life lessons. A love note to remind us all to never forget, but also to remember to love ourselves and keep moving forward even though we have been hit with grief.
I highly enjoyed this and definitely recommend.

Thank you NetGalley for the ARC.

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Big words coming to you...are you ready?

This book is my FAVORITE romance book I've EVER read.

First of all, I don't love romance, and rather than focusing on the reasons I don't let's talk about WHY this book was so great.

1. The flow of the storyline as it ebbed and flowed in past and current timelines worked really well.
2. Real emotion was weaved into this book by the author and it emitted itself to the reader. Bravo!
3. It had a level of sadness, but overall it was joyful, real and the focus was love.
4. There was a level of humor that our protagonist spoke and thought that was charming.
5. The overall feel is wholesome, kind, supportive and loving.

Now, go and do yourself a favor. Get this for yourself and for anyone that you know that loves to read. You will not regret it. It is an easy one to recommend and give to all. The only one caveat I might share is there is loss shared in this story that feels very visceral so if someone is close to that it may not be the right timing.

Thank you to NetGalley and Zibby Books for this complimentary e-book.

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The Last Love Note by @emmagreyauthor has been getting a lot of buzz lately. It’s been selected as a November @bookofthemonth pick and is an Indie Next recommendation! ⁠

If you’re looking for a book that will make you laugh, make you cry, and leave you full of hope, this is the perfect read for you!⁠

The Last Love Note is the story of a young widow, Kate, who’s a bit of a mess. Two years after losing her husband, she’s struggling to cope with work, single motherhood, and her grief. When an unexpected detour leaves Kate and her boss, Hugh, stranded for the weekend, she gets a second chance at love. But will she take it?

This book had me feeling all the feels and hoping Kate could find her way through her grief to find love again. It will devastate you in the best way. Bring your tissues.

Watch for The Last Love Note, publishing on November 28th.

Thank you to @NetGalley and @Zibby Books for an advanced reader copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Received this as an ARC via Net Galley. This was just ok for me. From the first few pages it was obvious where this was headed. Cam’s diagnosis and illness were tragic. The rest just didn’t engage me - it felt like telling vs showing and I just never felt pulled into the story. It definitely feels like writing this could have been cathartic for the author as per the author’s note she lost her husband. That loss definitely came through in Kate and Cam’s story.

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This book will make you have allll the feels. This is a story that has such depth and heart. This is a story that is perfect for anyone going through grief. Or knows someone going through grief. Honestly, this is a story for everyone because we all have lost someone or know someone that has. It is a story that is heartbreaking but also funny. A story that is touching and sweet but also gritty and raw.

I loved the characters so much. I loved this story so much. Kate is a young mother that lost her husband and is doing her best to navigate that loss while also doing her best to show up for her young son. Hugh is her boss turned good friend. You’re going to love them both. Kate is the definition of strength and Hugh is the definition of kind. He is thoughtful without needing recognition which is the best kind of support. She is real and vulnerable and shows how much beauty there is in breaking.

This story beautifully explores how grief impacts the whole support system, not just the person that directly lost someone. It also explores what happens when grief makes someone’s whole life flip upside down and how they come back from that, how they find their spark again.

“Life is short. And maybe the time will come when you feel ready for that, but there are no rules. There’s no rush. Everyone responds differently. You can’t expect anyone to understand how hard it is unless they’ve actually been there,”

This is probably the easiest 5 stars I have given a book this year. This story will impact you. This story will stay with you and I think everyone should read it. I highly recommend this one but get your tissues ready.

Thank you @emmagreyauthor for writing a story that will stay with me for some time.
Thank you @zibbybooks for another touching story
Thank you @netgalley for the early copy

This one is out November 28th.

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I love a book that makes me cry and THE LAST LOVE NOTE took that to the next level! Never have I cried in the middle of a book and continued until the last page. This felt like a meet-cute meets a true love story meets a Hallmark movie without being cheesy! I loved hearing Kate's story of how she fell in love with Cam and all that they went through as a couple and then her, as a widow and single mom. As the reader, I could feel what she was going through and the moments in which she felt her eyes were opening wider.

Emma wrote this beautiful novel that will take hold of your heart and truly look at the world differently. The next time someone is empathetic towards you, you'll be drawn to pause to better understand how they know to be so understanding and kind.

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Want to read a book that will tear your heart out and then make you hug it after it’s done with you? If that sounds like a good time I recommend this book. It’s got a slow romance, a grief stricken heroine, and a too perfect love interest. It was a good time.

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Thank you NetGalley, Zibby Books, and Emma Gray for the ARC of The Last Love Note. I was not prepared for the amount of despair that I would feel while reading this book. The beginning starts of Bridget Jones style and I loved it from the start. Then sadness takes over and you go through Kate's journey. You learn of the fairytale love that Kate and Cam for one another. That love that we all wish for. As Alzheimer's breaks her husband down physically and mentally you realize the pain and heartache the process can be. Thank goodness for Hugh, who reminds me of Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. He helps her grieve through the process and get back on her feet.

This book made me laugh out loud, cry, smile, sob, feel like my heart was breaking and then it put it all back together by the end.

If you have recently gone through the loss of a spouse I feel like this book would be extremely hard. But maybe it would be helpful to know that others struggle through the same situations.

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I trudged through the first 75% of this book and enjoyed the last bit.

Kate is consumed by grief after losing her husband. The last few years have been a blur and survival, and when she least expects it, she sees a glimmer of hope in a longtime friend.

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What a beautiful, honest book. I loved this story of love after loss, and the story's excellent pacing kept me interested and invested. The pain of grief is specific but made universal by Grey's writing, and the enduring love that's written across these pages is a hopeful testament to connection.

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This was a very personal book and heartfelt book for the author. She writes with a passion about love, loss and hope as she experiences widowhood and single parenting at a young age. The book had some humorous moments as she navigates this new life and does some much needed soul searching as she discovers who she truly is and what she wants from life. #SelfDiscovery #TheLastLoveNote #EmmaGrey #NetGalley

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A beautiful but heartbreaking story. Bring your tissues especially if you have experienced a close loss like the main character. What I did enjoy that throughout there was always the presence of hope and that things would slowly be easier. Thank you to NetGalley and Zibby Books for this ARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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This book started off uproariously funny, took a serious turn and tugged at the heart strings on every page. Kate just lost her husband to early-onset Alzheimer’s and is struggling to find her way with her young son. Navigating between loss and grief, hope and possibility, Kate’s conflicted on what her future holds. When a business trip turns into a weekend away with her boss, Hugh, Kate finally processes her grief and starts to make plans to heal herself. There on the beach, secrets are revealed, feelings are uncovered and unexpected plans are made. This book had me at hello with an unexpected grenade, neighbor-watching and a trip off the treadmill. But it kept me reading with its relatable characters and the emotional journey they took me on….and sticky notes.

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Kate is a widow at 38. The story goes back and forth between present day and her life with Cam (her deceased husband) as he is diagnosed with Alzheimers. It is a heartbreaking story but it is done with just enough humor to keep it light. Kate is a delightful character as she deals with heartache and day to day life, and eventually dealing with life Cam.

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This book has heart, by the truckloads! I know it will appeal to many but it was not for me.
It was apparent from the early pages that this author suffered an incredible loss at a young age and exposing her heartbreak by writing this novel was a personal journey. How can a reader really critique that experience?

I take my task of providing my honest reading experience very seriously, and my review is based upon the editing and mechanics of the finished product. The basic premise of the novel was compelling and kept me reading but here are a few of the things that bothered me:

* Ms. Grey’s humor was the bright light within the pages and had me wanting more.
* The side characters were the crazy bunch who informed Kate and how she navigates “life after”. I would have loved more development of some of them.
* The timeline back and forth took me out of the plot and left me feeling disjointed. I appreciated the backstory fill in points but there were too many back and forth (2 years before, 4 years later etc.) to keep me fully invested in the continuity of the story.
*The cadence of the novel felt frenetic. Some parts were too drawn out (leading to predictable outcomes) and others felt incredibly rushed. At about 75% I considered giving up, but was compelled to figure out exactly why this novel wasn’t working for me. I am known to be overly empathetic in my reading, so these feelings surprised me. My first thought upon completion was that I bet they were under a publishing deadline. This was disappointing.

It’s nearly impossible to give a star rating to a book that hits so close to the author’s heart and experience. I keep my social media platforms “positive only” and refrain from posting negative reviews. I appreciate the early copy in exchange for my honest opinions.

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What a complicated, gut-wrenching, affirming read! After a crushing loss, the main character Kate Whittaker tries to regain her footing and reclaim her life. I loved how the author told this story out of order. I always appreciate a mystery in a book, even if it isn't mysterious, and when it's revealed what happened to Kate's husband empathize with her main character even more for what she had to suffer. Grey skillfully applied just the right amount of plausible romance that kept me tuned into the story (instead of reading with disbelief). The last third could have been a little tighter, in my opinion, but this is a beautiful, complicated story I'd recommend to contemporary fiction readers seeking a rich interpersonal story, and those who enjoy romantic fiction. Thank you NetGalley and ZibbyBooks for the opportunity to read the ARC.

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The Last Love Note is a lovely tribute to the authors love for her husband who died from a heart attack in 2016. Her love and grief shine through this novel about Kate, her husband Cam, as well as the people who are there for her when her life is falling apart. It is also a romance, both between Kate and her husband and the man who has always been there for her.

I found the story both heart wrenching and heartwarming and was very much invested in both the main characters well as the supporting cast. If you enjoy romance with depth I think you will find that the Last Love Note will touch your heart, but be warned it is not a light rom com.

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I did not finish this one, it was not for me, I couldn't relate to the characters, and just did not care for the story.

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This novel centers around Kate, a thirty-eight year old grieving widow of a sweet toddler named Charlie.
Her grief comes on the heels of loss, mostly associated with the death of her young husband due to dementia.
The deep ,respectful way this grief is written about comes from one who is not a stranger to loss herself asEmma Grey draws from the grief she experiences over the loss of her own husband.
Grey must have done much research as well, as the description of the patient suffering from dementia as well as the people in the life of one with this disease seems authentic.
This is truely a love story. The love of Kate for her husband, her child and eventually herself.
Many layers in the grieving process are fleshed out. while heatbreaking I also has healing and encouragement.
I am so happy I took a chance on this one.
In a way I can see how this book would be considerd the last love note from emma Grey to her husband; a touching tribute.

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Kate and Cam have that fairy tale marriage that every rom-com sells. With one small son and another on the way, they can only imagine how perfect the future will be, even with Kate starting a new job and having doubts about being able to handle two children under the age of two. When she and Cam have a car accident one day it leads to devastating news and an amount of grief Kate isn't sure she'll survive. I loved this novel for its heart, its optimism and the way it handled grief as an ongoing creature that one has to choose to move past.

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