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This book had some great things going for it:
-characters with interesting backgrounds 
-interesting background
-intriguing plot and story arc

And a few things I thought could be improved:
-I know the author mentioned that she signaled with "xox" whose perspective we were in, but it was hard for me always to know whose perspective I was reading from. I would hope the author would consider changing it and inserting the name of the character's perspective we're in instead of the "xox". It's a fiarly common practice, and it would have been a huge help. Some of what kept drawing me out of the story was simply trying to figure out whose mind I was in and what was going on. 

-Given the interesting character backgrounds and background in general, I would have loved to see more of that explored. 

Candidly, I knew pretty early on that this book wasn't for me. While this book didn’t work for me because of what I mentioned above, I think the author has potential. I think this book would have benefited from a bit more developmental/substantive editing and beta readers. I wish the author well on their journey.
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Unfortunately DNF this book at 20% in. It was half in third person and half in first person. At the beginning it does explain that which is helpful but I questioned how it was going to go with two different types of writing. And that maybe would’ve been fine if it was only from Jerry and Ali’s perspectives but there were a few parts that were from Ali’s friends perspective and that threw me off. I spent way too long trying to figure out what was going on. The way it was written took away from the story completely for me.
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I received  complimentary copy of When Jerry Met Ali in exchange or an honest review.  It's embarrassing to admit, but I read this book and can't remember a thing about it.  I'm pretty sure that is a strong indicator that this was not the right book for me,.
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Not a bad book overall. Took some getting used to figuring out which narrator was talking. I didn’t like that the sections weren’t labeled with the name and I didn’t love how much the stories over lapped. Different story than your everyday romance. I like how it tied in at the end.
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Not good. Pretty boring, no heat. No spark really.
It went nowhere, fast. The characters were boring. Where is the erotica?
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Where do I begin...? Do I begin with the disjointed POV narratives? Or maybe the flatter-than-roadkill characters. You know what?  How about I start with the subtle oh so not subtle CHEATING shoved down our throats that is then so flippantly 'laughed' off...?  

The amount of exposition in this book should be criminal. Especially since we're provided that exact exposition in, sometimes, three POVs.  Oh, and let us discuss that third POV, which is just thrown at us without even the courtesy of a 'hello, my name is..., and I'm relevant because....."  Then we learn later the third POV is just added for some relationship-ruining kink. Ha ha, cute.

I don't even want to talk about the ending, but sliding over a room key does NOT a-HEA-make.

Honestly - awful & ruined my evening.
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This book was hard to read. It had numerous grammar errors and I did not enjoy the constant changing POVs without being told who was talking. Certain scenes were played over and over when POVs were changed, which I felt like made the book more drawn out then necessary.
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Jeremy and Ali have almost an instant attraction. This attraction cannot be denied. This was a steamy book.
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A creative book that is easy to read and flows fast. The plot moves along quickly along the erotic genre, with some scenes described. Detail and tension are missing from the story, but this is easily overcome with the twist at the end of the book.

Overall a quick and easy read
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Very spicy and short read
Goes between Allison and Jeremy’s perspectives of things and their whirlwind relationship.
If you need a quick read. This one isn’t bad
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I absolutely loved this charming and captivating romance, I couldn't put it down. So well written and a great cast I was drawn in from the start what a great writer.
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When Jerry Met Ali is steamy, vivid, and engaging. The way this story is written allows the reader to immerse themselves into each main characters’ experience of events. The reader is taken on a sensual journey of discovery and pleasure, leaving them both satisfied but wanting more. Eagerly looking forward to the next installment of When Jerry Met Ali!
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