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In "Attuned" by Thomas Hübl, readers are presented with an extraordinary and enlightening resource that extends its guidance to individuals, therapists, and various professionals dedicated to fostering healing and unity in our interconnected global community. Hübl's profound teachings on mysticism and the art of healing have touched the lives of countless individuals worldwide, and within the pages of this book, he unveils a visionary roadmap for tapping into the collective power of human consciousness to confront the pressing challenges of our time.

"Attuned" not only offers transformative insights but also provides practical exercises and approaches for cultivating self-awareness and establishing profound connections with others. Readers will discover invaluable practices for nurturing resilience, achieving emotional equilibrium, and harmonizing their nervous systems amidst the chaos of the modern world. Moreover, Hübl generously shares wisdom and support for group facilitators, addressing ancestral trauma, and fostering open and transparent communication.

In its essence, "Attuned" emerges as a timely and indispensable literary masterpiece, urging us to embrace our inherent interdependence and encouraging us to collaboratively pave the way towards a new era of collective harmony and healing. This book stands as a guiding light, inspiring us to mend our wounds, harness the untapped potential of our shared humanity, and embark on a transformative journey towards a more harmonious and united world.#Attuned #NetGalley

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Understanding the sources, the individual and collective consequences, and the healing of trauma has gained momentum in the fields of medicine, psychology, neuroscience, and spirituality in recent years. Thomas Hubl’s newest offering is a comprehensive, compelling book that integrates ancient wisdom, mysticism, and modern quantum science in assessing the interdependence of all life.

In Part 1 the topics of stress, inner body attunement and transparent communication become the foundation for exploring how we connect or disconnect in relationships. The “Three Sync Practice” is a guide into deeper inner awareness to foster coherence between the body, the heart (emotions) and the mind. This, in turn, allows for greater relational attunement.

Part 2 provides background information leading to practices for healing Ancestral as well as Collective Trauma. I found this material illuminating, particularly the author’s practice entitled Global Social Witnessing. The Epilogue is an inspiring vision for what is possible for humanity and the planet if we heal the trauma sourcing so many of our personal and collective issues that threaten our very existence.

My one issue is the writing style felt at odds with the author’s premise. Overall, the tone felt formal and intellectual with little emotional connection. The examples of dialogue with clients did not reflect the whole-being attunement so eloquently described throughout the book. There is also a significant amount of terminology that requires a broad exposure to related fields.

This book is a valuable contribution to the growing awareness of the need to heal trauma on multiple levels. The recommended practices are easy to follow and offer practical means to apply the principles outlined in the chapters. This is a book that I will re-read to absorb in deeper consciousness and to practice in my personal and professional relationships.

My thanks to the author, the publisher, and NetGalley for the privilege of reviewing this book. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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Although this was not what I was expecting, I liked this. There are some helpful approaches, ideas, and exercises, even though I didn't find all of it of value. I commend the author for making this info available. We need more focus on coming together and supporting each other regardless of anything else.

Thanks very much for the free copy for review!!

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Attuned by Thomas Hübl offers a compelling and insightful guide to individuals, therapists, and other professionals who are committed to healing our interconnected world. Hübl's teachings on mysticism and healing have reached thousands of people worldwide, and in this book, he provides a visionary roadmap for harnessing the power of collective human consciousness to address the challenges we face today. With Attuned, readers will gain insights and practices for attuning to oneself and others, embodying resilience, regulating the nervous system, and more. Hübl also offers guidance for group facilitators, healing ancestral trauma, and transparent communication. Ultimately, Attuned is a timely and important book that encourages us to embrace our interdependence and work towards establishing a new level of collective coherence, healing our wounds, and unlocking the potential of our world.

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Part I of this book propose a core awareness based practice caled transparent communication,a practical tool for a sense of relationality. Parr II applies the essentials of transparent communication for individual, ancestral and collective healing from trauma. Throughput this book, you will find an explanations of scientific and mystical theories alongside guided awareness exercises. Book is a little too abstract for my taste but the exercises are useful. Notes. Resources.

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